Li Hui’s goal has always been simple,That is to drive the whole village.,He thinks that there is a bit of tired of him thinking about it.。

“Take it easy,Aim,For example, your vegetable greenhouse,I am in the town, I know that many villages are getting,This can not promote large-scale promotion in our county?
Gas a vegetable?”
Chapter 1,77
Song Shimin is looking forward to,I hope to see some confident appearance from Li Hui’s face.。
As a result, Li Hui also swayed directly.:“I’m afraid not,After all, there are several large shed vegetables in several villages in Lotus Village.,If the county,At least there is a supply of suppliers,Moreover, our people in the county get rich and not necessarily to get the greenhouse vegetables.。”
“There are still a lot of things.。”
In the eyes of Songshimin,The greenhouse is the easiest to make the most profitable.。
Just examined the green shed,He also saw Li Hui Feng’s greenhouse。
There is a drop irrigation,Just need a worker enough,And the cultivated land of the greenhouses and even have a special team to get,It is only one hundred hundred pieces a year.。
In this way, it is better to make money in the eyes of Songshimin.。
“Xiao Li,Then do you say what else is there??”
“It is the efficiency,Make money fast,At least you can’t lose money,Can。”
This requirement of Songshimin is difficult to follow the wind.。
Now it seems,It seems that only the shacks can have such conditions.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,Then you have said this.,It seems that it is the greenhouse.,However, in the county development, I still feel a little too much.,First, farmhouse is a big problem,Nowadays, farmkens in our village are mainly acquired from Zhaojia Village.,Other villages also acquired。”
“And the farmhouse fertilizer in Taohua Village should be Shenjia Village acquisition,After all, Shen Jiacun is also a large village of pig pigs.。”
“If you want to make a shed in the county,At least half of the village or one-third of the village,Farming,Take the simplest pig pig,First of all, there is a forage,feed,Pork circle,These pre-investments are a little bit a little bit。”
“The most crucial thing is,Since raising it, you have to sell it.?
I can’t just sell some farmhouses, so simple.?
Pork price floating,Pigs, unrequited shacks, make money,The villagers of these pigs will not directly put the pigs to the greenhouse.?
After all, these are not clear,Things that do not break the law。”
“Once you don’t raise pigs,Go to the greenhouse,There will be urea without farmers.,Fertilizer,That is not green, non-polluting, vegetables.,Then the price is naturally,The price is down,Vegetable greenhouses are the same as planting food,Not making money,Investment to the head to build a greenhouse,Pig circle investment may be indifferent。”
Li Hui Feng gives the analysis.。
Songshimin also understood why Li took advantage of the wind.。
He is also the first time I know that there is so many other ways.。
The same point is also gratified to Li Hui’s eyes.。
He even felt that Li Hui’s young people were more than Su.。
Some things have not been teaching,Li Hui Feng has already understood it early.。
On the side of Shen Tiansi heard the analysis of Li Hui Feng with Deng Jiao,The two people are surprised.。
Shen Tian Si has always thought that as long as the development is building。