“Small nine!You and you are too strong.!It is impossible to task in us.,And you are simple and simple,Especially what you can mobilize is really surprised.。”

Because Wang Tianfeng saw Li Xiaoyu this time.、Jing Yun and Zhou Dak Leading the Warman Team and Several Guerrillas,That is, everyone jumped out of the ghosts before the leader search Huishan.。
Because,Can be seen from the other weaponry and equipment is not like a Communist guerrilla,Because some of them use Montonin,Original twenty refuters,There is also a charge gun,Therefore, Wang Tianfeng pursue this is another and five special agent group.,Song Qi Group,Hurricane Action Series。
“Brother,Is our purpose??”
“Reached,The senior general of the captive in Wuhan,Guangdong was changing with the devils of the devil and some patriots changed back.,Otherwise, I will not put the ghost general.,Twenty-seven!I really want to slaughter them.。”Wang Tianfeng is very regrettable.,
Guangdong fell to the devil blocking the entire coastline,Rui sharp sigh:“Guangdong is too big.,Many factory facilities have no evacuation,Today, our army has also been removed from Wuhan.,Wuhan team ended!”
“In fact, this time, Wuhan will fight, we are very tenacious.,I heard that there is also your credit.,It is you in advance to deploy the entonization route of the 11th Army and the soldiers.,Small nine,You really have to。”Wang Tianfeng praised again,
“These are all I should do.,Brother,This action Japanese know that you did it??”Qi Rui,
“Japanese only know that it is a military specializer,Specifically, I think they should guess,Less you less than you kill you。”Wang Tianfeng laughed。
“Brother,You are best to leave Shanghai for a while.,Wuxi,Nanjing,Hangzhou,Suzhou,Because the recent high school class and special service headquarters will also increase the search,And will apply it again to the rental,It is very likely that the public bureau will compromise to allow Japanese to enter the legal rental search for anti-Japanese molecules.,I have let the No. 5 agent group left.。”
Wang Tianfeng promised very much:“Let’s go to Nanjing.,The last time Guo Lianyun only killed the name called Cai Guangyuan.,There are still many traitors in the list.,This time I personally took them to kill。”
“Then I will wait for you.!correct,I have told you before I have said that the master of wine Yibei, I don’t know who it is now.,They should make makeup into Chinese in finding you,So, no matter who you, don’t believe it easily.。”Rude,
“I remember!Small nine,You help me with great efforts.,Thanks!”More than big credit,Director is more stable,Wang Tianfeng still value this,
Li Xiaoyu is also safe,And I have been reported to the film factory.,Because the Japanese officers have found her,The film plant is also very polite to her.,Although I can’t mix the female one,Female two,Female Sanna is she chose.。
Special Class and Specialist Headquarters now atmosphere,Although hijacking incidents occur in Wuxi,But it is certain that the special train is before entering Shanghai.,The chefs and bilists on the car have been converted.。
Because it is all successive,Therefore, I didn’t notice when I was investigated their identity.,Because it is said that these people are familiar with each other when they check.,And all people are communicating in Japanese。
Wine Yi Yibei puts all the hopes all in Hansu Huizi this old spy,But now she has no movement here.,Re-ask again:“Huizi,Doesn’t you have any news here??”
Hankui Huizi is scratched:“This time is really strange,Perhaps because there are too few people in the military Shanghai station.,They act too secretly,We can’t find them with the old way.。”
“Last time you also said that there is an eyebrow。”
“It is not what we find, is not what we want to find.,Instead, in some of our agencies, the talents,These are small fish, and they are also silent.,So now I caught them without any meaning.。”Hankui Huizi said,
“Is there any clue to this hijacking incident??”
“From this incident, it can be seen that the strength of the military Shanghai station is stronger than we imagined.,I have considered it,There are fifteen people with all the passengers.,Because of the military escort,So there is not so many people,But the military agent actually has a strong staff,This is really making me dare.。”Hankui Huizi said,
“Yes,According to the people of the tour group, the dessert made by the chef is very authentic.,Absolutely a professional dessert teacher,Japanese cuisine to eat at noon is also very authentic,Everyone can speak fluent Japanese,Very familiar with the etiquette of Japan,So no one was suspected of。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“This is where I let me doubt.,A Shanghai station is impossible to have so many excellent agents。”
“so,These people will not be called from other places.?”
“This may not be big,Tourism group came to Shanghai only notified two days in advance.,I judge that these people who are proficient in Japanese may be by our side.。”
“Just by our side?”
“Yes,We can disguise into Chinese,They naturally can also disguise our Japanese,Mei Huizi,Does you have such a person around you??”Hankui Huizi asked,
“How can I have such a person around me?,The person who specially walked, no one left my line of sight these days.,Never be the people around me。”Wine Yi Mei Hui is really paying,Especially the person of the special lesson is only for three or four hours a few days.,This is the case.,Others are also in the post,How can they have time to go? Wuxi。
“I just ask,Maybe they are hidden in other departments,Still you must find them。”
“Huizi,Do you really have a way??”
“We really don’t have any way in Shanghai.,Because they have hidden in the dark,So I have already shown the general,I will take Zhongjing and Qianchuan to Chongqing survey.,I must find the poisonous bee.,Who is killing God?!”
“You have to go to Chongqing!?”
“Yes!I am planning to have a young and beautiful bamboo cloud??”