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Microsoft is planning to abandon the operating system,Did you change it to a short video??
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Domestic companies that clearly have the upper hand in market competition suddenly separate,Microsoft is going to acquire the International Version of SyllablesAPP,Microsoft also sold its own R&D center to competitors,And when competitors are most short of people,Substantial layoffs。
This one2020Some magic,A bunch of bigwigs who like to give pointers on the Internet have shouted that they can’t understand the business logic.。Not to mention ordinary people eating melons。
of course,Put international perspective,Direct competitors in Silicon Valley are also very confused。
For example, Wang Yufei has not been able to receive calls from many international friends recently,The reason why Changxiang Technology suddenly separated。
For such calls, Wang Yufei always tells the truth about his thoughts openly.。
I really want to say that this belongs to Wang Yufei’s concept of small family。
While not very trusting in modern management systems,,Confusion about the future technology tree,Make Wang Yufei reluctant to use equity incentives like other companies,It’s not shameful。
After all, not everyone has a sense of worry like Wang Yufei。
Because according to his idea, point the technology tree,One day Changxiang Technology may go bankrupt。
As for the big guys, believe it or not,Then it’s none of his business。
But anyway,At present, most people on the China Internet are still looking forward to enjoying technology,Or the current Yuxin Technology Service Co., Ltd. is good。According to mainstream media,The current prices of brain-computer chips and solid-state high-energy batteries are relatively cheaper in China.,Xin system is even completely free,It’s all because of the company’s priority strategy。