“Old Zhu,The two of them chased very close,I’m afraid I can’t get rid of them。and also,What is our escape plan,How to leave after entering the city?”

“No plan,See step by step。”
“no plan!
Chen Xiu said in surprise:“I thought you had any plans to escape,That brought me into Xiangxi,It turns out that you are so terribly chased!”
812 Ten knives
Zhu Huiwei also ran wildly,Said without a good tone:“Where is the plan!”
I haven’t thought about it,I thought Zhu Huiwei had a complete escape plan,Didn’t think about it,I don’t know this guy has no plans at all。
Chen Xiu said stiffly:“I think the first step,We have to leave Xiangxi first,The sooner the better,The farther the better!”
“nonsense,I asked you how to leave!”
“The best airplane,It’s better to be faster!”
“Where does the private jet come from?”
“Don’t you have?”
From Annan to Australia、From Ao Island to Xiangxi, I took Zhu Huiwei’s private plane.。
“That was all arranged by Zhang Haibao,My power in the world is in An Nan,Not in the country!”