Tips for life: cling film is useful


Tips for life: cling film is useful

Life is a science, and if you can learn to be “lazy”, it may become more fun.

“Life Tips” teaches you to live smart.

  The cling film at home also has the following wonderful functions: It helps the sterilizer to completely sterilize.

Replace the bleach with the specified concentration in the kitchen, and then seal it in plastic wrap.

After standing for 30 minutes, rinse with water to complete the sterilization.

Covered with cling film, it can make the bleach solution penetrate into the cracks or recesses on the surface of the wooden board, and improve the sterilization effect.

  Take care of dry skin.

After bathing, apply lotion on the heel, stick a small piece of plastic wrap, and put on socks. The heel skin will become moisturized the next day.

Of course, too dry skin in other parts of the body can be treated in the same way.

  Lip care.

Exfoliate your lips before going to bed. After applying heat to your lips for a few minutes, apply a layer of lip balm or vaseline, then cover your lips with plastic wrap, and then apply a hot towel to the lips to have pink lips.

  When steaming eggs, add water to the bowl, skim off the froth, and cover the bowl with a plastic wrap.

The steamed eggs won’t have pores, and the surface is smooth and the taste is fine.

  No matter how you brush your glass or glass bottle at home, it will leave scale after drying, causing it to be very opaque. Using plastic wrap can solve this problem.

Take a clean plastic wrap and wrap it around your hand to wipe the glass. The glass will be very transparent and clean.

  Plastic lunch boxes are not easy to clean with oil.

If you encounter this problem in the future, just wipe it with a piece of plastic wrap, and the oil stains that can’t be washed off will be easily wiped off.

  Sockets in the kitchen can be sealed with plastic wrap when not in use, so that oil does not contaminate it. Just remove the plastic wrap when you use it.

  There is usually a small carpet at the entrance of the bathroom. Put a piece of plastic wrap under the small carpet to prevent slipping.

  It is difficult to remove the label directly attached to the car glass for a long time, and it does not prevent trying to use plastic wrap.