Just arrived,In the face of Ouyang Feng, I don’t dare to,After the birth of a song,Only the last melody of delay,Shi is easy,In front of the door of the peach flower,Ouyang Feng、Ouyangk,And a snake slave、Snake!

Chapter 286 蛤蟆
Yun Luo and Chu Deirers pass together from the array,Dumb servings,Ouyang Feng, etc. who have a road to explore the road with a snake array,I have to be much faster.,Although I have two hours of arrival,But after the foot is also coming to the peach flower。
Just heard the pre-contamination of Ouyangki,Yun Luo is angry enough,Under the road of matte mens,From one part of the door into the peach flower。
Huang Rong knows that it is a matte servant in touch,So it will also open the door,I saw a men’s clothing——This level of men’s clothing,But there is yang, Huang Rong and Mu Qingqing!
Mu Yuqing has been vinegar,However, Huang Rong first asked step by step.:“Girl is a friend of Chu?”Huang Rong smiles,It looks very good。
Originally in an annihair Ouyang Cloud talking,Do not know why,I was really a hot face by Huang Rong.,Slightly sorry……
“No、Be right,I am the teacher of Chu Deirers.!”
Woody Qingqing、Huang Rong:???
No eye-catching county owners appear!
and……Is this direct??
Yun Luo said that he also feels wrong.,Secretary:“I mean……I am a friend of the big Song!”
Woody Qingqing、Huang Rong:……
Peach blossom,Chu Deiren,When jumped into the gate,It is back to Ouyang Feng,At this time, the shape is formed.,Slowly turn over——Original Chu Deirens also wants Yun Luo to help you save the salted fish jars,But the two will be discussed again.,I feel that I have this important person.,More amputable adjustment。
“Mr. Ouyang is a high person,But in the back of the bad words,Don’t you think it is lost??”Chu Deirers said,Slowly turn over。
Does Chu Deirers can say anyone?,Come to Ouyang’s head!
At this time, the Chu Deiren saw the Positive Face of Ouyang Feng for the first time.,I only see its high nose、Face must be brown,Very western style,Unlike the Han people,It is not a pure western region.,Ouyangk……This look is based on the Han people,Five officials have a slight westerly style。
But this Han Dynasty,It is a word rumor,Although some are a sense,But accent、Clear。
Ouyang Feng 一 一 一,But when the words are exported,But all:“Chu Shaoxia misunderstood,The old man is just looking at the daughter for the old friend.,So some unreasonable people are close.。”
“Old friend?I don’t know how long Ouyang has never seen Huangdao owner.?Twenty-three years、Still twenty-four years?”Chu Debans disdain。
“Although I am not with the brother.,But the god!”Ouyang Feng see Chu Deirers so performance,Nature is also angry。
At the beginning of October,He is still at sea,Naturally, I don’t know the second thing in Chu Deirers.,In the face of Chu Deirers,It’s inevitable or watching the mentality of a small generation。
The Chu Deiren has fully accepted the second setting of his own list.——Ouyang Fengzhuang District,When the rivers and lakes are the highest,It is better than the second!
As for God Hou intended to kill what,Already completely forgotten after the brain……
“Oh?Huangdao is not talking to me.。”Chu Deirers a pair of herself and yellow pharmacists。
“Humph,What is your relationship with the Lord of this kid??Huangdao Lord and my uncle,How can I tell you??”Ouyangk is not full。
“what relationship?”
Chu Deirers said a sound,I then laughed.,Then the entire body is blown up,Continuous silk is faint,And Ouyang Feng also feels,Not only“Special effects”,I always feel that I just,This kid has a changing style!
Then I saw the Chu Deiren hands forward.,Wrist,Under the gravity of Longhe,Dozens of small stones on the ground“lead”In front of Chu Dee,Slown……
“What do you say?!”
Chu Deirers said,The hands seem to be flushed forward.,at the same time,Slown in front of him,It seems that the organ is gun,Continuous to Ouyang Feng、Ouyang Ke shot past。
Entirely《No trace》middle“Tijulian”——A technique for continuous hidden hidden!
more importantly,If you slow down,Use it every time,All of the yellow pharmacists“Capture”。
Ouyang Feng saw,I can’t help my eyes.。