“or,I am going with you.。”

“Hey-hey,This is something between men.,What are you going??
And I am going to fight with each other.,I just want to take the other side, don’t move.,After all, I don’t want anyone who is unfavorable to you.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also got up and sorted up。
When I left, I didn’t forget to look back at the perfect body of Qin Xue.,Beautiful face。
And Qin Xue looked at Li Hui’s back,If you want to think that if she is just a bold,It is very likely that you have already rolled up the machine with the other party.。
Especially the massage method that Li Hui Feng is thinking,She can’t help but feel the kind of arming from the heart.。
I can’t help but think of Li Rong,The rest of the three apples are also ready to finish,See what changes can you make yourself?。
Li Hui Hui left Qin Xue’s residence,Follow the address given by Sun Yaru to the hotel where the school is not far away.。
To the hotel,Li Hui Feng directly in accordance with the guidance of the other party, in front of the room。
At the entrance of the room,Li Hui Picks up the phone and dialed Sun Yaru’s phone.。
“Hey,I have come.,Open the door。”
Sun Yaru did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually came so fast.。
When you open the door directly,When I saw that Li Hui’s moment, I was rushing to kill, and I took Li Hui.。
Then I cried in Li with the wind.。
The tears of the bean is also very soon, and the chest clothes of Li Hui Feng.。
Feel the body of Sun Yaru,That feels that he is not a sway.,But soon recovering calm。
After all, he is no longer a lot of the wind.。
If this is before,He said that he would be happy to be happy by Sun Yaru.,I can even sacrifice myself for each other.。
However, since the other party fell into himself once,He didn’t have a half-point love for Sun Yaru.。
Sun Yaru hugs Li Hui Feng’s moment,Some amazed in the heart,The strong chest is a soft, the woman’s woman, the woman’s woman is simply a few days.。
Especially the taste of the sun in Li Hui,Let her feel a lot of regrets in her heart。
Before she didn’t look down on Li Hui,Just want Li Hui to become a dog under her pomegranate skirt.,But I never thought that the taste of Li Hui Feng was so good.,The body is so strong。
Those patterns who have played with Lincheng together,Sun Yaru did not help but increase a bit of confidence in today’s things.。
“Have you been crying??
Lin Cheng?”
Feel Sun Yaru is no longer so twitching,Li Hui Feng is very calm and putting the other party from his own arms.。
“A style,I know it wrong.,I am sorry for you.,You hit me.,I will never have some complaints.。”
Sun Yarru said,On the side of your face, I called a slap in my face.,Just when she wants to play the second slap in her face.,Li Hui Feng is reaching out to stop。
“You are wrong, not bad, there is no relationship.,If you want to continue playing,Then continue,I will stop you from,After all, you are not my love.,You don’t love me,The trick is still a good distance from each other.。”
Li Hui said this,I saw it on the left and right.,He always feels Sun Yaru invited him to have any good things today.,If it is not framed,He will feel a little strange。
How did Sun Yaru didn’t expect that she was embarrassed?,Li Hui actually does not have a point of reaction。
If she knows that Li Hui has been with Qin Xue.,She even doubts that Li Ping is not a normal man.。
“A style,Can you listen to me??”
“no need,If Lin City is here,Then I will go first.。”
For Sun Yaru,Li Hui’s heart will always keep a call,It may be that a snake is biting ten years old.,It may also have the inheritance of Shennong.,Some of his predictive feelings will be enhanced.。
“A style,I am actually in your own.,Just just don’t do it.,They will tell you,And they say that killing someone is a dish for them.,I have wondered you before.,I am afraid that you are hurt.,I don’t do it so much.,You can really entangle me again.,Do you know how terrible??”
The more you say that the tears that have already stopped in the eyes of Sun Yaru.。
This time,She did not pounce into Li Huifeng,Instead, I walked directly into the house and cried in the white bed.。