Original Twelve Episodes and Twenty Three Chapters,The upper god Sadista made it clear

“Ten thousand years ago.”The Purple Blood Demon entered the Yulan Continent in the first year of the Yulan calendar,There is no doubt about this.
Chapter Seventeen End
The sound of broken bones,Joyce·Hoover felt a sharp pain,He never felt the pain,Under severe pain,He didn’t even know that part of him was injured。Followed by,Feeling dizzy well over his head,Eyes closed,The consciousness of the whole person fainted instantly。
Wright body moves,Appearing in Joyce·Behind Hoover,He simply tore off the arm of this respected great magister。
“This pain faints,It’s really cheap for you!”Wright waved his hand,Joyce will be incomplete·Hoover threw the Gale Eagle down into the sky,“roll,Don’t let me see him again!”
Gale Eagle received Joyce sensitively·Hoover,Then flew away quickly。
“It’s probably the mercy of my men just now,Make you think I can’t kill people, right。”Wright sneered at the three ninth-level powerhouses and Hydra of the Horace family!“Tell me,How do you want to die!”
Wright does not want to involve too many innocents,Have been showing mercy,Actually from the battle,Wright did not kill a member of the Horace family,Instead, it’s a hydra attack,Kill a few fainted level 8 fighters!
But his kindness,In other words, there is a limit to compassion。
Deep“puff”The sound of,Wright hit Aya directly with his foot·Hora’s head,However, Aga·Hora and another ninth-level fighter,But dare not even resist。
As for Hydra,Lost the owner,After the contract expires,It flees in the direction of the Warcraft Mountains immediately,Wright didn’t have time to cook a monster that was enslaved and controlled.。
“Now you guys say,How to solve this!”Wright’s aura suppressed two ninth-level fighters in silence。
“Little Wright,That’s it!”A gentle and kind voice came from behind Wright,Wright was also surprised。
Gray hair,A plaid cloth jacket often worn by ordinary civilians and old women,The old lady with a good complexion is suspended in mid-air。
“Eleanor!”Wright bowed。Because of this old lady,Is the wind magister at the peak of the sanctuary,President of the Northland Magic Guild,One of the three most powerful people in the entire Northland Province,Heroes·Eleanor。
“Lord Eleanor!”Aga·Horace was almost crying with joy,This adult comes forward,At least my family won’t be destroyed by this one.!
Jenny·Eleanor ignored him,Instead, I chatted with Wright,Of course she cares about Wright’s teacher,Cromwell Saint Magister。
Wright can only answer this patiently,But I asked,Wright gradually tasted something,This teacher who can’t talk to himself,What is it!
But Wright quickly put this gossip aside,it has started“Complain”!