“I understand!”

“Sapphire flowers are useless to humans,Of Beasts,Open wisdom,The effect of enhancing strength!”
“This flower is the most delicious delicacy in the eyes of beasts!”
“It’s no wonder they attacked me!”
Chen Xiu looked at the five blue jade flowers in his hand for a while.,I feel that sapphire flowers are hot taro。
912 The attraction of sapphire flowers to beasts
Chen Xiu intends to let Gu Rimou’s sapphire flower go to the secret realm in exchange for medicinal materials that prolong life。
But now this flower emits such a peculiar smell,Attract the beasts in the forest,How can I escape Liu Yibai and others’ chase?!
“It would be a pity if I threw it like this,Take it all the way with beasts chasing,Then Liu Yibai and the others will find me。”
“by,Where did Gu Rimou go at this time??”
“He must know how to hide the smell of sapphire flowers,The man who disappeared at the critical moment!”
“Really unreliable guy!”
When Chen Xiu complained about Gu Rimou,Suddenly there was a burst in the woods“Ba Ba Ba Ba……”The sound of。
“wrong,This sound is louder than the sound of ordinary elephants,Could it be……No way!”
It’s Chen Xiu who is worried about it,Then there was a sound of trees being hit in the woods,The mammoth that was about ten meters tall came out of the woods。
Chen Xiu recognized at a glance it was the one Liu Yibai and the others besieged.。
“Gu Rimou didn’t mean to chase an elephant,What about others?”