Sizzle!Sizzle!The snake head even made a sound like a rattlesnake,simply

Only wonderful。
“Hamrio pres caterpillar,Their mimicry ability existed before the arrival of the red mist。how about it?It’s fun!”The mutant said with a smile。
The voice just fell,The mimicking snake suddenly opened its snout like lightning,Bite on the finger of the mutant。
“Wow!It will bite?This mimicry is too realistic too!”Liu Guofeng was surprised,Blinked,Smiled。
But I haven’t finished this sentence,I saw this mutant’s face turned blue,Fell to the ground with a bang,Foaming at the mouth,It seems to be really poisoned。
This change,Surprised that Liu Guofeng snapped a shot,I took a picture of the monster on the spot。
but,Just after he shot the thing that didn’t know if it was a worm or a snake,Head up sharply,I discovered that all the fruits on the surrounding trees have begun to change。
Those fruits hanging on the branches,They all mimicked the look of a poisonous snake at the same time。
Suddenly,The world in front of me seems to have come to the country of snakes,The branches of the treetops are all snakes with their heads up,vivid,Not tens of thousands, there are thousands。
This scene is really terrifying,Creepy,Cold hair standing upright。
Rao is the evil man Liu Guofeng,At the same time facing the death gaze of tens of thousands of poisonous snakes,I can’t help but feel so scared。
Snapped!at this time,Everyone only heard the sound of a tree branch falling to the ground。
In a blink of an eye,This similar sound is endless,Like falling rain。