China did not live up to the world economy

[15] National Bureau of Statistics data released preliminary accounts, the first half of this year, China’s economy grew%, far exceeding the agency expected, indicating China’s economy strong toughness and vigorous vitality. Under epidemic context, the importance of China in the world economy is particularly prominent.

The first half of China’s total import and export trade in goods rose% year on year positive growth in China’s foreign trade for 13 consecutive months, fully confirms the global supply chain, "China Circle" extraordinary compression toughness and capacity to deliver.

  From supplies to fight the epidemic of electronic products, from construction machinery to withstand the pressure of financial innovation …… China, with extraordinary supply chain advantage, pulling the main global markets, expand internationally, "Contagion" relay, in order to meet the global, clear the capital market channels , countries rush to the rescue of the people’s livelihood at the same time, it gave birth to more new formats, new technologies, new financial products, contributed valuable source of dynamism for the world economy.

  As Honeywell China President Lin Shiwei said, many foreign companies operating in China in the past has always stressed, "In China, For China."

Now, with China’s position in the global supply chain, global service began. "China’s economy has new advantages, from China, but for the benefit of the whole world.

"In Moscow, Chinese enterprises developed the production level of 11 meters of large diameter shield tunnel through this week’s first complete tasks; Central Asia’s largest wind power project in the southern city of Zana Tasman Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan joint venture will soon completed; in more than 20 European countries, has more than 1,800 vehicles BYD electric buses are being put in operation or on order, the cumulative reduction of more than 70,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from local …… from providing products to customized services; from the operation of the project, to strategy docking.

China’s economy in the optimization and upgrading, stabilize and repair the global supply chain, to promote the free flow of production factors, matching the third-party market cooperation, and promote a high level of building an open world economy, opened up from the "win-win to win," the inclusive development of a new realm.

  Projects in Africa, the shareholders from Europe, from the Chinese general contractor, subcontractor, from multi-national team, syndicated loans provided by the multi-national bank …… In recent years, accompanied by "all the way along the" International cooperation to develop in depth, such a single global project polymerization collaboration scene of resources started to become the norm. Under "along the way" to lead the initiative, the field of foreign trade and economic cooperation has expanded, Sankei intermediation of deepening the connotation of the Chinese economy to improve global market supply, output has been achieved by the products to technology export, exports of services, to the model output, development jumped philosophy output, contributing source of living water for the world economy oceans. After several decades upgrade evolution, global role of China’s economy, is the world’s factory to achieve the transition from supply chain hub, try switching from the engine to increase R & D center, leading brewing jumped from concept to emancipate the mind, continue to meet the new era the new Chinese economic expectations, new demands. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.