Anhui: Concentrate, "one network" gather, live "a game"

Since this year, Anhui Province has highlighted "three linkages", condensed to woven "one network", gather on live "a plate of chess", and strive to build a new pattern of integrated management network.

Strengthening the department collaboration and taking a varied law enforcement for centralized unified law enforcement.

The provincial party committee network office issued a list of network management key departments, creating a "Building Shanqing Water Show Network Space" Netcom Law Brand, held the special program of "Jianghuai, the Growth" June 1, China; Provincial Communications Administration, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Internet Information Office jointly launched a special action of " 2021", and built a benign work pattern of the contribution to the contribution.

At the same time, the Internet integrated management big data platform was completed, and the integrated local network content data center was built, and a tenacious "diamond" is forged for the provincial network. The organization of mainstream media surrounded by major themes such as the long triangulation, high quality development, and launched more than 30 network theme publicity activities.

Strengthening the construction of the local network media, introduced "Provincial Network Media to carry out positive energy propagation and performance assessment evaluation evaluation," for real-time monitoring and analysis assessment of 35 provincial network media. Organize the "Long Triangle Network Celebrity to see Anhui" activities, 3 days, microblogging topic total reading is more than 30 million. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the party, launch the theme MV "Sing to You", play the party Chinese, feel the network strong sound of the party. The work is less than 3 days, and the playback volume of each platform is over 41 million, and there are more than 240,000 interactions.

Planning launched "Tongxin to the Party Brilliant Centennial Retracence" Network Culture Season Theme Event The network product has effectively promoted the main melody and spread positive energy.

(Anhui Net Letter Office).