“Haha,I’m afraid you didn’t even dream of it,I will make a comeback?”

When Lei Zhiting saw this,Lei Zhiting’s face,With a hint of indescribable excitement。
After all such a thing,Let’s not talk about anything else。
But put it here,How do you deal with such a thing,In fact, there is no doubt about it。
And Lei Zhiting’s side,Others see here,The more I look, the better I feel。
“Young master,Just ahead。”
When the people around Lei Zhiting finished,Lei Zhiting nodded heavily。
Such a thing,Doesn’t he know at all?
Do not,In fact, Lei Zhiting knows all about it。
But after seeing these,Lei Zhiting’s mouth,Even slightly up,Bring up an intriguing smile。
“Yep,Got it。”
“prior to,Aren’t you very capable,Then next,I really want to see,Why do you continue to toss here!”
When Lei Zhiting said proudly,At this moment,By his side,The others are looking towards this side。
After all, from the current point of view,How to solve such a thing。
Actually just this,For others,It’s also very important。
These people looked at each other,Have raised their heads to watch these。
See here,at this time,The faces of these people,All with scorching fire。
“That’s right,This time,We have won it properly。”
“That’s right,Is this still necessary?,Such a good thing is already on the surface。”
“Now,This guy named Wang Teng is dead!”