As long as you are three more and one less when you eat, it is very difficult to get sick!

As long as you are “three more and one less” when you eat, it is very difficult to get sick!

When eating, we try to promote body regulation by eating nutritious food.

Sometimes I worry that food will hurt my body. I can’t help but ask if the doctor has some foods that are high in nutrients, so that they don’t hurt the body, and often get no response.

Indeed, there are thousands of kinds of food under the sun, but considering the nature of food, personal physique, it really needs to vary from person to person. For example, if someone eats an apple and is good, some people will have a diarrhea. It is obvious that the diet is not general.

It is not difficult to want to care for the body.

Then we must pre-three or more principles, what should we do?

In a multi-protein diet, it is necessary to use more protein as the basis of life. The role of protein is self-evident. It promotes the synthesis, decomposition and renewal of energy. At the same time, it absorbs the body’s protein and promotes metabolism. It ensures the body.Growth, breeding.

Common protein-containing foods, including eggs, lean meat, fish, shrimp and other meat proteins, also include plant proteins such as soybeans.

You can’t think that eating meat will cause too much to eat, and you should combine meat protein with plant protein.

By absorbing these proteins, it can supplement amino acids, promote supplemental secretion, and control energy by longer energy.

Vitamins and vitamins are also essential nutrients: Vitamin A is good for promoting eyesight and maintaining normal visionThe wound has a rapid healing effect; vitamin C can resist oxidation and delay aging; vitamin D can promote calcium absorption and promote bone development.

The body can’t synthesize vitamins. More often, it needs to be taken from food.

For example, vitamin A deficiency can be absorbed from dairy products, animal liver, celery, and pumpkin; vitamin B1 can be absorbed from coarse rice, whole wheat bread, peanuts, and sesame; vitamin C can be obtained from red dates, cherries, and spinach.

Multi-mineral absorption of mineral-containing foods can promote bone development and maintain dental health. Inorganic salts can promote enzyme activity, which is very good for synthetic hormones. In addition, mineral absorption can maintain electrolyte balance, effectiveMaintain cell osmotic pressure.

When iron deficiency is caused, it will cause anemia. Lack of zinc ions will affect mental development, and lack of copper ions will cause coronary heart disease.

The same can be supplemented by diet, spinach, lean meat can supplement iron ions; animal liver, fish, shrimp can supplement copper ions; kelp, seaweed can supplement iodide.

Although salt is an indispensable substance for life, excessive intake of salt is also harmful to the body.

Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure, myocardial infarction. At the same time, the food that is eaten is too salty, and it may cause hardening of the blood vessels, causing a burden of high blood pressure and edema. It is best not to consume more than 6g of salt per day.

When you eat more than three, you can say so much. I hope that you can know more and stick to more than three and one less diet, which can promote your health.