No time to exercise, keep your fingers healthy

No time to exercise, keep your fingers healthy

For many people, it may be really busy and have no time to exercise, while some people are not exercising because of laziness. In fact, if you want to exercise, you don’t have to go to the gym or need a lot of movements.Variety, hand movement is one of them, easy to operate, can be done anytime, anywhere, even sitting in the office can be, as the saying goes: “big fitness training, small fitness practice”, often with finger health careIt can achieve the effect of health care.

  [捻指通络法]The fingertips and fingers of a person are a channel of the meridian, and the acupuncture and moxibustion of Chinese medicine is called “Shijing Point”.

It is a starting and ending point of the blood circulation of the hand six.

Using the twirling method, rhythmic rubbing fingertips, fingertips, fingertips, can adjust the balance of the six blood and blood, promote the smooth flow of the meridian, enhance the vitality of the body.

The order of operation: use the thumb belly from the little finger through the ring finger, middle finger, index finger.

Going back and forth, both hands can be transported at the same time, sitting, standing, walking can be carried out, starting at 9?
21 times, slowly increase, feel comfortable, very interesting.

  [pressure finger anatomy]Because people enter the middle-aged and old, the tendons of the knuckles, the ligaments have some degenerative changes, long-term inactivity, the knuckles will be hard and stiff.

Therefore, when there is nothing to do, first stretch your fingers, then press the thumb back to the root of the ring finger, then press the index finger in the first section of the thumb, the middle finger in the second section, and the ring finger in the palm of the hand.The little finger is pressed on the line of the human line, use a little bit of strength, then stretch the five fingers, and then press the pressure, for 5 consecutive times?
7 times, I feel that my fingers are comfortable.

Comrades who often do indoor work, practice this method during rest, and clear the knuckles and tendon ligaments.

  [Plug-in and blood-activating method]The posture is sitting, the eyes are closed, the hands are pressed on the navel, the whole body is relaxed, then the hands are ten fingers open and gently crossed in front of the abdomen, the fingers and the palms are rhythmically opened, feelingIt is light and comfortable, and the number in the mouth counts from 1 to 21, 36, and 49.

The finger movement can make the blood between the fingers smooth, dredge the meridians, and adjust the balance of yin and yang.

  [Impact refers to the belly method]The posture is mainly sitting, the eyes are slightly closed, the hands are pressed on the navel, the whole body is relaxed, then the hands are slightly bent, and the hands are struck in the rhythm before the chest and abdomen, and the number is counted from 1To 2l, 36, 49, at the same time with the interdigitation exchange.

Because the impact refers to the strengthening of the finger force, opening the “Xijing acupoint”, a method of regulating yin and yang, which plays an important role in adjusting the body’s qi and blood, especially the comrades working in the organs are more reasonable.

  [Scratching the wrist]The posture is mainly sitting, the eyes are slightly closed, the hands are pressed on the navel, the whole body is relaxed, the hands are first grasped in front of the 3, 9, 21 times, and then the chest and abdomen are swung.Grab the air, make the fingers, palms, wrists, elbows, shoulders and organic activities, from l, count to 21, 36, 49 times.

For the prevention, treatment and prevention of related diseases such as knuckles, wrist joints, elbow joints and shoulder joints.

However, it should be gradual, and feel comfortable in both arms after exercise.

  The above methods can be selected in a targeted manner every day?
Two implementations, both interesting and practical.

Every time I finish, I have to collect the money. The method: blink of an eye, farsightedness 2?
3 times, rub your hands, use your palm to transport your face, use your fingers to comb, use your hands to push, use your hands to loosen your chest and abdomen, push your arms with your palms, and use your palms to rub your legs 6?
9 times.