“I don’t exclude,Just I don’t want to expose my hometown of my own.,Yourself,Otherwise, so many fans who are looking for me.,I am afraid.,I originally lived the live broadcast.,Just thinking about how many hotels in the Magic have stopped,Not being squeezed with people。”

Li Hui said with the wind.,Side, people look at the house,In addition to the kitchen,There are four houses,Two difficult three women are completely enough。
The degree of tidy of house cleaning,Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Double is also very satisfied。
“Hey-hey,God doctor,Not please ask the name,My name is Ye Shuangzhou,This is my sister.,The other three are also my good brother,good friend。”
Li Hui looked at a few people.,Not like a bad person,Instead, like a son who is looking for stimulating.。
“My name is Li Hui.,You stay here first.,Best mountain depths is not going to go,There are a lot of wild beasts, I can’t deal with it.。”
Finish,Li Hui is ready to leave,But I saw that Ye Double is taken out from the bag.。
“God doctor brother,This is the accommodation fee tonight.,Give you first,Solve you from getting back, I can’t find us, I think we run.。”
“hehe,I am talking about one hundred,What do you mean to give me five hundred??
I am not charged according to my head.。”
Say,Li Xiangtong took a picture directly,Then ride the shabby motorcycle is open,The rumbling is directly toward Zhaojia Village.。
Looking at the back of Li Hui,Ye Shuangzhou smiles:“Really a second person,It seems that the goddess of our goddess we look really not fame and fortune.。”
“Yup,Didn’t you see it??
We only receive one hundred people,This is simply a business that is lost.?
If it is not the other party exchanges, there is no problem.,I thought he was a fool.。”
Ye Shuang double, let other people feel deeply。
“leaf,Do you say that the snow is a wolf??
The monk did not answer us.?
Would you like us to broadcast it??”
“Forehead,it’s not good?
May be the god doctor to see the home hospitality,Otherwise, I saw God’s mother.,Directly disappeared,If you don’t believe, if you don’t have a goddess?,Several us will definitely be chased by the big white wolf.?”
Ye Shuangzhou is also a bit,After all, when I was afraid to the big white wolf,The popularity of the live broadcast is soaring in a short time.。
Although it is just a few minutes,But this is a few minutes, let him see the opportunity.。
Chapter 659, millions of popular live
Li Hui rushed to Zhaojia Village,Discover that it has begun,And the speed of the engineering team is indeed faster。
The division of labor is also very clear,Excavator now digs some on the road in front,Then finish flat,Twenty-cent high-censored wide steel channel is used to fix,Then the cement in the mixer is directly in the car to the truck.。
The small three-wheeled car directly poured into the middle of the steel tank.。
With the continuous filling of cement,Subsequent workers are directly responsible for stall。
After a few hours of cooling,Direct polishing machines began to throw gloss while flatting cement flooring。
Everything is fine,Cutting machine, cut a slit in the middle of the road,Used to protect road surfaces,Basic three meters, you have to cut。
If you can’t use it for a national day, this gap will not,Specifically, the cause of hot expansion,Or why cement expansion,He doesn’t know。
However, it is worthy of being that the National Day mechanical engineering team is indeed high.,Quality is also very good。
At this time, I want to leave a good impression of Li Hui Feng this time.。
After all, this time is equal to that Li Hui Feng is hot in his water.,Pulled him。
Originally some workers have decided to take it.,Because Li Hui’s direct full model,He also sent money to workers in advance.,Let the workers have left。
There are even a few times that I have already left again.。
After all, follow others,That kind is not so good。