“Tongz……Is it a person in Fuyang Wangfu?”

I heard the words of the Chu Deirers.,Song Duanqiao is somewhat wondering why Chu Deirers will think so:“Do not,Since it is a Miginal master,That is likely to be a person in the King of Jinhe,I have heard it.,King of the golden wheel,There is one person to cultivate the Snow Mountain Handprint,Zen‘One shot two scrap’resemblance,Do your best in the palm……
Ten eight nine is this person!According to this person, in the golden wheel, king, sit down,The status is second only to the smell,Can’t think of……Ganzhi!”
Mt.,Snow Mountain Big Hand Print,Like avalanche,One after the savings“Vent”。
Shaolin“One shot two scrap”Same,After the palm,It will have a bitmap……
Use this to attack the enemy camp,Regardless of success,Both is dead!
Chu Deirers heard the words——This is also called Zhao Min.,Jin Wheel Nationality and Yanyang Wang are not all the way。
In Yue Yuan,Jin Wheel is the master’s south,Yanyang Wang wants to enter……
And since it is a Miginal master,I want to come to the hand of the gold wheel.!
If it is not the battle with the alone,Just only three days,This palm is on Zhang Zhen people.,It is also not necessary to break his body.。
Even if it is just a battle,Zhang Zhen people have no touch、Dedicated for three days,Will not be serious?!
However, it is unfortunately.,Zhang Zhenren after the battle,The heart is also affected by the unique“Sharp”Touch,The closure is not completely injured.,Also changed to your own strength……
At that time, it was the most negligent body.!
“How is Zhang Zhen people injured??Mongol people can know?”Chu Deiren asked quickly。
Song Yuanqiao hesitated and said:“The teacher is not too bad,To restore it to people,At least months,And the master is attacked.,There is also a high-end master.‘visit’Wudang,I didn’t find my brother.,Still the teacher, shout, the opponent!Very likely……It is the golden round of the king.。”
Means of,Zhang Zhen people are not completely powerless,Not countless“No”,It is very likely that the more it is、The more injured。
However, since it can also be shocked by the gold round,Can you understand,Why did the Mongol are just a soldier?,No specific action。
At this moment,A Wudang disciple does not care about two people,Diameter“Hurt”Bring together:“Handabe!The mountains have been handed over……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 666 War book
“War book?”Song Duanqiao is so angry with yourself.。
Do you want to face?
Another attack、Alien the Chinese test,It is now a bright look.,Come to the battle?
I took a young disciple.“War book”,Tearing the letter and watching,Song Duanqiao’s face is more iron。
If it is Yu Er or Moqi,Chu Deirers may take together,But and Song Yuanqiao,Chu Deirers still did not make,Hon old asked:“Song Gate,What is written??”
“Hey!”Song Yuanqiao sighs,Handed a war with the Chu Deirers。
Sure enough, Mongolian teacher、Golden wheel!
This battle will know when you look at it.,Someone、polish,And ten eight nine is the Han people。
There is no nutrition in the previous half.,In short, it is said that the Jinhe Wang Wang is very admiring Zhang Zhen.,Although Buddhism is different,But the King of Jinhe is a Mongolian teacher,Willing to invite Wudang to exchange……
Mid section,It is also pity the people’s suffering.、It is also suffering from Song Ting.——in short,Mongolian、Southern Song,I hope that Wudang does not go against the sky.。
Finally is the most important thing,Mouth sound“Don’t want Wudang injured too much”,Therefore, I want to order a gentleman.。
Tomorrow,Jinhe Wang Wang will go to Wu Dangshan,A battle with Zhang Zhenren!
If Zhang Zhen is win,Then Yunyuan returned to the troops,If it is a gold wheel,Then Wu Dang Fengshan Ten Years……
As for non-prompt?
People don’t answer at all.,A pace of attacked。
“Zhang Zhenren now……”Chu Deirers are worried about Song Duanqiao。
Song Duanqiao shook his head。
Suspected gold round from the night,When Wudang exploded,Zhang Zhen people can still shoot it.,It should not be completely unable to shoot,Otherwise, the golden wheel is not committed to fight.,It is not more painful to go directly to the army.?
Wudang Mountain is not a Lingbi Palace、That kind of dangerous……
Obviously the golden wheel is still afraid of Zhang Zhen people,So I want to use the way.,Wushen Fengshan。