Strangers react quickly,Slide a knife straight from the sleeve and stick it to Yu Zhe’s neck,The blade presses the artery in the neck straightly,As long as he does a little bit,The person in front of you will undoubtedly die。

But Yu Zhe is not a fuel-efficient lamp,Almost at the same time that person shot,He also thrown off the butterfly.Butterfly knife,Directly on the person’s abdomen。
gradually,The footsteps are getting closer,The last person in Yu Zhe’s plan went straight into the bedroom,The two looked out towards the gap in the closet,I didn’t dare to relax for a while,The silent confrontation made the atmosphere in this small space extremely tense。
Yu Zhe’s enemy wandered back and forth in the house,No abnormality in the closet at all。
The two stared at each other tightly,It’s not a solution,The strange man first sent a signal of peace,Raised another gloved hand and shook his head gently at Yu Zhe,Then slowly moved the knife away from Yu Zhe’s neck。
Yu Zhe sees it,Also took away the knife in his hand,Subconsciously swallowed,Heart rate is not reduced。
Strange man holding a knife in backhand position,Stretched out a finger and made a silent motion,Then look outside the cabinet,Turn around while someone outside the cabinet,Teng broke out,Like a swift leopard,When people outside the door didn’t react,Control it directly from behind,Right hand stroke,Blood gushing out,Stained the sheets red。
The stranger let go,The person in his hand fell softly to the ground。
Yu Zhe was shocked,I made no sound when I covered my mouth with my hand,Everything is done in a few seconds,Even now,He realized,The last person in today’s revenge plan just died before his eyes。
this moment,His heart was shrouded in an inexplicable fear,He became overwhelmed,A thought flashed in my mind,Just flee here。
While a stranger examines the body,Yu Zhe rushed out of the cabinet,Ran toward the door at a flying speed,But he was still found。
The strange man can’t care about the corpse,Just follow Yu Zhe’s direction,Just when he was about to step out,Grabbed his collar,Drag him back again。
Yu Zhe can’t take care of so much,Took out the knife and swung it indiscriminately,The action seemed naive and ridiculous in the eyes of the strange man。
I saw that person and didn’t fight back,Dexterous dodge,Use the knife in your hand to block,Several rounds down,Yu Zhe can’t hurt that person at all。
That stranger knows almost about Yu Zhe’s strength,And I’m not interested in accompany him to continue to mess around,Put the knife directly into the sleeve,Stretch your right hand forward and grab Yu Zhe’s wrist,Homeopathy,Turned his whole arm over,Push forward,Push him back to the ground。
Yu Zhe tried several times,Can’t get rid of control,Simply stop resisting,At the mercy of others。
“who are you?”Strangers speak first,Voice is low,With a little accent,The question is very concise。
“Yu Zhe。”
“Why are you here?”
“Take revenge on the person you killed。”