Xiamen short film week closed, the main creators of Burning and Qima Lan participated in the final review

Xiamen short film week closed, the main creators of “Burning” and “Qima Lan” participated in the final review
In the evening of December 21st, HiShorts!The Xiamen Short Film Week Awards Ceremony and Closing Ceremony were held at the Renaissance Xiamen Resort Hotel. Filmmakers from many countries and young domestic film youth gathered here to witness the birth of the best short film week.Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xiamen Daily News Agency, Yangtze River Shuyao, Deputy Secretary-General of the Xiamen Municipal Government Li Zongze, Director of the Propaganda Department of the Tong’an District Committee Lin Guocai, Executive Deputy Director of Xiang’an District Pan Quansheng, Xiang’an District Cultural Tourism BureauSecretary Cai A went in full.There were more than 300 guests and spectators participating in the award ceremony.The scene of the event.Before the start of the award presentation ceremony by the organizer, HiShorts!The organizing committee received a mysterious gift. The famous contemporary artist Xu Bing used the method of “local script” for 2019HiShorts!Xiamen Short Film Week gave a closing speech.As an art consultant for this short film week, Xu Bing expressed his appreciation and praise for the short film week to be settled in Xiamen. He said that he hopes that every year, this short film week will attract the best young directors to come to the film, letAt the beginning, the most imaginative and original image creation of my own has gained a budding opportunity and a precious memory that will never be forgotten.After many reviews, HiShorts!The jury finally determined the attribution of each unit award.In the venture capital unit, the organizing committee specially set up three awards. Jiang Shan, Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong and other famous filmmakers also attended the event.Closing ceremony red carpet, Zhang Xinyi and Yuan Hong.Photo courtesy of the organizer. The event started on September 11th. The film collection started from Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Theater Academy, Communication University of China, Hong Kong Baptist University, Central Theater Academy, Zhejiang Media Academy, Shanghai Vancouver Film AcademyThe American Film Academy, the University of Southern California, the New York University Tisch College and other student works have collected a total of 1,929 works from young Chinese directors around the world.After more than half a month of rigorous selection by the jury, a total of 110 short films were shortlisted.Awarding scene.Photo courtesy of the organizer Xiamen Short Film Week established a set of review mechanisms based on the “Oscar” benchmark, and evaluated the qualifications of the judges based on the work and practical experience.This year’s review jury has the best screenplay Amei, cartoon director Pi San, Song Yuefeng, documentary director Du Haibin and so on.In terms of foreign judging, Wu Zhengmei, the screenwriter of the Cannes Golden Palm nominated work “Burning”, and Robert Valley, the director of “Zima Lan” in the Netflix animation series “Love, Death and Robot”, also conducted a final review and cooperated with the media.meet.>>> Director “Qima Lan” of “Love Crash” came to China to share his experience. He used PS to create the winning list: Best Animation Unit: “Black Box” (Li Shuyu) Best Commercial Unit: “845 Junkai Hanging Real Hammer”(Qian Zheng) Best Growth Unit: “Pregnant Land” (Wang Haolu) Best Experimental Unit: “Aisha” (Dong Yanyu) Best Recording Unit: “Little Stone” (Qiao Jianqiang) Best Story Unit: “Some Landscapes” (Zhao Yunyi) venture capital unit organizing committee special award: Best animated short film project: “Straw” (Zhou Haoran) Best feature film project: “Treatise on Typhoid Miscellaneous Diseases” (Zhang Xinyang)评委会特别奖:《中国赛博人报告》(张大尉)桑拿、夜网 吴龙珍编辑 吴龙珍 校对 范锦春