The crowd was in an uproar,Can witness a 2 billion gamble,This is definitely awesome for years。

He Shouheng also whispered to his assistant Ma Chong:“Close now,Keep outsiders from coming in,Ready for gambling,Vacant place!”
After ordering,The casino staff soon moved over to a round table,Chen Xiu and Situ Guang are sitting on both sides,There are five dice and a dice cup in front of each other。
He Shouheng said loudly:“Today I will be your notary,May have opinions!”
“I can trust Xiao Hesheng,I have no opinion。”Chen Xiu first said。
“How can your family be rich in casinos for many years,Rely on never pay a thousand,I believe you too!”Situ Guang also said。
“it is good!”
He Shouheng pointed to the dice in front of the two and said:“I have made these two dice myselfXLight perspective,Absolutely no adulteration,Guarantee fairness!”
Situ Guang nodded,Chen Xiu was wondering:“Why give me a pair of dice,Shouldn’t be me listening to him shaking the dice,Then i guess the size?”
Just listen to He Shouheng continuing:“it is good,There are three bets in this game,Best-of-three,first round,More points than the dice,Whoever rolls the most points wins!”
“bad,It’s not bigger than guess,But the size of the points!”
The way the gambling game is played is beyond Chen Xiu’s expectations,Very worried:“Bigger than guess,I still cheat with clairvoyance!”
“Control the number of dice,I can’t!”
“How is this good!”
“calm,Must be calm,There must be a way!”
Chen Xiu’s mind set off、Star Lord、The scenes of those gambling films that Liu Hua played,Gambler、Gambler、The gambler’s various oil heads popped up in his mind one after another,Fa Ge and island woman bet on dice,A classic segment of the shattered dice appeared in my mind。