Wang Youdao is extremely embarrassed,He smiled at Yao Chunni and said:“Our family is rich and blessed,I heard my mom heard that you are quite capable”

“Good brother!”When Yao Chunni called Wang Youdao,Flushed with shame,After all, she hasn’t seen the big world very much。
Chen Yueqin rushed to scream at this moment:“Chunni!Mom has a cold these days,It’s all up to you for this dinner”Chen Yueqin said,Fell asleep on the big kang。
Wang Youcai glanced angrily at his old mother Chen Yueqin,So he snorted:“How do I feel I married a babysitter”
“What do you bastard say?”Chen Yueqin got up from the kang,Staring at Wang Youcai,Looks a little scary。
Yao Chunni took a look,Busy with a smile:“What a big deal,Don’t you just cook?This is what I do best。what’s for dinner,You say,I will do it”Yao Chunni is not stupid,She is afraid that Wang Youcai will quarrel with Chen Yueqin。
The scene is still a bit awkward。Wang Youdao in order to ease the atmosphere,He smiled and said:“I heard my dad say you are going to get married in the first month,Is the time set??Do it at home or in the city?”
Wang Youdao asked,It just gave Wang Youcai a chance to play,He laughed and said:“Time has not been set,But I am going to live in the city。I mortgaged a house,After getting married, I will let Chunni work in the city”
What Wang Youcai said,Chen Yueqin couldn’t sleep anymore。She sat up again,She stared and asked Wang Youcai:“What you just said is true?”
“It’s true!I’m almost done with this”Wang Youcai said solemnly。He just wanted to see how everyone reacted to this。
Wang Degui sat and said nothing,But Chen Yueqin won’t be hot anymore,She laughed and said:“What you mean is that you don’t care about me and your dad?”
“mom!I married Chunni and became my wife,Not the nanny of this family。and also,You gave birth to three sons,Why do you keep putting this burden on me alone?Just because i obedient,If they don’t come, nothing will happen to them?”Wang Youcai said it was on fire。
Chen Yueqin was misfired by Wang Youcai’s two sentences。Wang Youdao can’t sit still,He laughed and said:“We should sit down and talk about this。Parents belong to the three of us,It’s correct that you can’t let You Cai alone raise it”
“All right!Don’t say it so nice。Anyway you are far away,Even if something happens, you can’t save the near thirst。And the boss?I called and said mom had a cold,But people just one step away just don’t want to come and take a look”
Wang Youcai gave a cold snort,Extremely unbalanced。
Niu Huiling saw that the family was starting to do housework again,She can’t sit,Picked up the son on the kang and went to West House。One room in the West House is reserved for Wang Youdao when he returns,Just use it now。