“Zhu Minglang。”Zhu Minglang said。

“Depends on your dress,It’s not like really poor,Mostly for the so-called dragon,Bought too many expensive materials,In the end there is no dragon。Shilong is very particular,Not to say which little creature you saw,Full of spirituality,Is the dragon of the future,Little creature with aura,It may be refined,Live longer。”The man who claimed to be Luo Shaoyan gushed。
“You know the dragon?”Zhu Minglang raised his eyebrows。
“of course,Our Luoshan School,Once a prominent sect,Even some of Zi Zonglin’s seniors,Have come to our Luoshan Sect to ask about the dragon knowledge,It is no exaggeration to say,Their Zi Zonglin’s widely spread method of learning dragons,Copied from us,Our Luo Shanzong is too low-key,Too much hermit life,So that no one knows。”Luo Shaoyan said proudly。
“Row,Then look at how long my little cute can transform into a dragon?”Zhu Minglang pointed to Xiao Qingzhuo who was eating round on the table,Asked。
“Are you kidding me,Just it?If it can transform the dragon,I drank the sea water of Nihai!”Luo Shaoyan said with contempt。
“Oh,So it seems that your dragon knowledge is not very good。”Zhu Minglang sighed。
“Bullshit,I’m out of the mountain this time,I’m going to enter the highest school of Dragon Training Academy,When my reputation in the Dragon Training Institute spreads,You guy who’s still pleasing an old woman,Don’t run up and get close to me,Take a drink with me today as a show off!”Luo Shaoyan said with high spirits。
“So you went to the main campus of How to Train Your Dragon,I should also visit in a few days。”Zhu Minglang said。
“People should be down to earth,Want you to have savings,Just be cruel,Buy a fake dragon young dragon,It’s much more reliable than expecting this kind of bug,And don’t listen to those profiteers,What panacea do they sell,Facilitating cultivation,Mostly useless,Dragon Knowledge,Good use,Really like leaping over the dragon gate、Feihuang Tengda,Bad use is a lie to others!”Luo Shaoyan urges Minglangdao。
Finished talking,Luo Shaoyan went back to his room。
Zhu Minglang has to wait for Xiao Qingzhuo to slowly finish eating the mulberry leaves。
At this moment,Stables,The Raptors ate the raw meat,Seems untamable,Actually approaching the red horse wishing bright,Looks like he wants to eat horse meat。
Zhu Minglang frowned,About to get up,Deterrence with breath,At this moment, the little caterpillar on the table let out a cry,This sound is indeed no different from Xia Chong,Ordinary people don’t care,But the raptor that eats raw meat seems to be frightened,Immediately shrank into a ball,I dare not get closer to the Red Horse!
Zhu Minglang took a surprised look at Xiao Qingzhuo in the form of a bug。