“You won’t open the door for a long time,I thought it was a good thing to disturb you。I want to see if there is a woman hidden,The key is who is the woman you hide?”Wang Yihua said,I actually laughed out loud first。

Xia Jian made tea for her,While talking:“President Wang is really good at joking,I was seriously injured this time,Not even with a woman,Let alone hiding”
“cut!Mr. Yao said that you have a head injury,Isn’t it hurt somewhere?,What else can it do”Wang Yihua said,Deliberately glanced at Xia Jian。Made Xia Jian laugh。
” Didn’t Mr. Wang go to a field investigation recently??Why come to me when I have time?“Xia Jian held back a smile,Ask when the topic turns。
Wang Yihua sneered and said:”Yao Junli is really not friends enough,As if i would snatch you away,You got so bad this time,If not for a friend of mine in Pingdu today,I really don’t know about it。I want to break off friendship with her Yao Junli“Wang Yihua pretended to be angry and said。
”Nothing,Just got knocked from the back of the head,it’s all good now“Xia Jian downplays,Very easy to say。
Wang Yihua said:”You are now a big tree,A small city,Your venture group’s investment accounts for most of the country。Fruit company behind,I think it will be great in the future“
”indeed,My goal is the development of fruit industry in Pingdu,To be controlled by our Pingdu Fruit Company。Neighboring counties will be involved in the future,For example, Qingshan County“Xia Jianyi talked about work,Interest is coming。
Wang Yihua smiled and said:”You are recuperating,We don’t talk about it,When Yao Junli told me your address just now,Specially confessed to me,Let me sit for a while and leave,And your guard,Said the same,Otherwise I really can’t get in your door“
”Damn!How many days have it been,It’s okay long ago。How about this!Mr. Guo is back in a while,Let’s go to the fruit industry base in the afternoon,I heard it’s really good,You should also see where your five million is spent“Xia Jian smiled and said to Wang Yihua。
Wang Yihua,Eyes suddenly light up,She smiled and said:”That’s great,But you just came out of the hospital,They will scold me to death if they do“
”Nothing,I’ll call Mr. Guo,Let her arrange“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
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“No need to fight”With sound,Guo Meili came in from the door。
Wang Yihua laughed and greeted Guo Meili,Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian and said:“President Xia wants to see the fruit industry base,But you have to promise me one thing?”