Anhui Shou County Wahhu Bridge officially opened the ancient city to add "Fengqiao"

People’s network Huainan October 24th (Wang Rui, Gu Haitao) "The bridge opened?" This is the wish of the residents of Wahi Lake in Huainan.

On the morning of October 23, Huainan City Shou County Wahun Bridge was officially opened. After this bridge is open to traffic, it will greatly shorten the passage of the residents of the two sides of the lake.

Because the area of ??Wasu lake is large, after a long time in the past, the residents of the Lake, the residents of the lake wanted to travel to the county, only by car, or ride when they were used, and then transferred to the public transport to arrive at Shou County. With the opening of the Wah Lake Bridge, the residents of Shouxian Town Town are only half an hour to drive to the county, and the distance between Shou County leads to Hefei has been greatly shortened. "A bridge across something, the big lake becomes a path".

The starting point of the bridge is located at the junction of Shouxian and Changfeng County. The route is subjected to Shouxian Dashun Town, Wahua Town, and Wahi Town, and passed the Tao Shi Hui Township. The town, the full length, including the long road, and the watar lake bridge.

It is understood that the project serves as a key link in the Northern region and the Hefei Economic Circle, which is an important connection channel between different urban agglomerations in the region. The mobile phone of this project will greatly strengthen the social and economic links in Hefei Economic Circles, and the North Anhui region, promote the complementary advantages of industries, resources, and human resources in urban groups in the region, and play the Hefei Economic Circles, and even the River City brought to the west area. Radiation routing, coordinated development of regional economy. In addition, the bridge is open to traffic, will also promote the resource development of Waquan Lake, improve the convenience of tourism traffic, and better lead Hefei tourism resources to Wah Lake, and positive impact on the development of the tourism economy in Shou County.

At the same time, Changfeng County’s tourism resources and Shou County tourism resources (Shou County ancient city, eight mountains, etc.) are also better connected to form a boutique tourist landscape.

Next, Shou County will take the opportunity of Wahhu Bridge to open the car, grab the economic development opportunity of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and integrate into Hefei Metropolitan Circle, actively undertake industrial transfer, and accelerate the promotion of "four" synchronization, and do a strong solid economy. Make the Vaipan Lake Bridge a "People’s Heart Bridge" to benefit the people, promoting the "Fengqiao" of economic and social development, making greater contributions to the modern beauty Shou County of the construction of economy and social development. (Editor: Guanfei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.