Changbai Mountain Management Committee Chiuxi District Committee: "Five Chemical" Work Law Promotes Party History Learning Education

Original title: "Five Chemicals" Work Law Promotes Party History Education Effective Effectiveness On the occasion of the Party’s history education Listing "Clarification" Class "clear workflow," Methodization "clear workflow," Memory "specification standard requirements," mechanism "to ensure long-standing history, create a strong part of the party Learning an atmosphere of education and promoting the study of party history education.

  Coordinate the "Mechanism" "Map". Combined with the actual development of the "Central Chiuxi District Committee" and celebrate the implementation plan of the 100th Anniversary of the Party ", forming a working mechanism, issuing three working manuals to the grassroots party organizations, establishing party history education. At the same time, the party history education and the all-year cadre theoretical learning training plan are organically combined to ensure the theoretical learning "full coverage".

  Characteristic learning "chart". Accurately grasp the goal requirements and key tasks of the party history education education, draw the study "schedule, road map". Hold the "Red Movie Monthly" event, in the district meeting room, the cinema organized party members concentrated on the red movie, starting outdoors in the square, community, village, etc. from June 20th.

Using the construction of the building in the jurisdiction to create a "party history wall" to draw the "Nanchang Uprising", "Nanchang Uprising", "M4 Movement", "The Red Army Long Query Map", etc., so that the party history education can be seen everywhere.

The "100 party members’ Bai, the micro-party class" and "Xiao Maza" preaching, through the leadership, the example demonstration Field floor.

Carry out the "small speaker" into the grassroots activity, record small story audio, send to various communities, and villages for recycling. In the "Chiuxi release" WeChat public number, the "Party history is a hundred years of reading" columns, and the story of the party history will promote the principles of all party members.

Use the "home door" red resources to improve the learning effect by watching the pavilion, walking in the Red Road.

To promote the "Party history" activities, effectively promote the integration of party history and education into the daily, and arresting often, fully set off the entire district from the top of the top and the next generation.

  For private practical "list".

Always put the foothold of the party history education in the people’s practical practice, fully launched the "People’s War" and the "big visit" event, the publicity of the people’s opinion, "I have to ask the opening", "I am a masses An important part of doing practical things.

On June 11, members of the district committee team, the main person in charge of the districts and departments were invested in Dongguan Village to convene a site meeting, convene the villages and communities "two committees" to discuss, in-depth layers of the grassroots first line, the people’s livelihood, the heart, the use of care Solve the difficult things of the grassroots level, the people ‘s troubles.

  Work style construction "template". Formulate the "Week Learning Day" and "First Topics" system, increase the supervision and inspection of cadres, assessment, forming a module template, and concentrate on the problem of "mediocrity, lazy, fear, floating, luxury" and other style To promote service efficiency, the business environment is improved.

Strengthen the demonstration leadership, the production of "old party members", "I said to the party" and other party history and other party history, and inspire the majority of party members’ entrepreneurship.

(Reporter Shiqing) (Editor: Li Siwei, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

Chinese goods are in the world, the wind is unable to stop! Japanese media said that Anta Li Ning is tight to foreign brands (2)

According to reports, by expanding sportswear product lineups covering fashionable casual clothing, Li Ning has developed a brand that is popular with young people.

Ant is another China sportswear brand that rapidly win the reputation. The Anta Sports Supplies Company operating the brand is a sports equipment company established in 1991. With the popularity of many sports events, including the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, the company maintains a stable growth.

As the Olympic sponsor, Anta sports brand has triggered the attention of people’s sportswear with the Chinese flag theme pattern.

This summer, the company provides award service for athletes who participate in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games, and sell sportswear with Olympic logo according to China Olympic players in its retail store.

Ding Shizhong, the Chief Executive Official Administration of Anta Sports, said that with the development of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the products with the Chinese flag theme pattern will have new growth opportunities. Li Ning and Anta Sports have strong revenue. 6 months ago, Li Ning’s overall sales of RMB 10.1 billion, an increase of 60% year-on-year, and Anta Sports also announced that the company’s sales increased by 60% to 10.5 billion yuan. The report also said that behind the two brands of Xinxin, the so-called Z generation (ie, after the mid-1990s, the current 20 years old) is currently 20 years old.

Chinese consumers (especially consumers who belong to this generation) are leading the trend of domestic brands.

Li Ning and Ant are at the forefront of this trend.

Dingxi City package policy promotes economic health development

Original title: Dingxi City package policy promotes economic health and development recently, Dingxi City introduced a package policy measures to effectively respond to new coronal pneumonia epidemic, actively co-evolve the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and continuously promote the city’s economic chase, as scheduled "all year roundWang "and" 14th Five-Year Plan "wonderful opening.

These policy measures mainly include focusing on market to promote consumption, focusing on special investment, focusing project exposing investment, focusing on strong industrial, focusing on financial anti-risks, focusing services Sixty-six content.Among them, Dingxi City puts forward new model consumption in development, support traditional commercial enterprises to speed up digital, intelligent transformation, and cross-border fusion; further deepen and expand the "Blue Sky" supply chain financial model; implement entrepreneurial capacity improvement action, for eligibleCollege graduates, returning home, entrepreneurial migrant workers, etc. provide 200,000 yuan of entrepreneurial guarantee loan support.(Editor: Zhou Yu Ting, Jiao Long) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

153 collective 257 individuals have been awarded the national revitalization (poverty alleviation) system

Original title: 153 groups of 257 individuals have won the national rural revitalization (poverty alleviation) system advanced commendation Beijing June 8th (Gu Zhongyang, Yujia) Human Resources Social Security Department, National Rural Revitalization Bureau held a commendation meeting, Awarded 153 collective "National Country Revitalization (Poverty Alleviation) System Advanced Collective", awarded the title of 257 comrades, including 257 comrades, such as Zhao Yong, etc. Commending individuals enjoy the provincial-level commendation reward winner treatment. The meeting proposes that the current, "three rural" work is historically turned to comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural residence, its depth, breadth, and difficulty are not absolutely unpowered.

The national revitalization (poverty alleviation) system at all levels of the country must be an example in recognizing the advanced collective and advanced individuals who have been commended, and vigorously promote the spirit of the greatness of the greatness, work together, and work hard. New contributions in the new journey of revitalization have achieved new results.

"People’s Daily" (June 06, 2022) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian).

Division, Central, 2021, Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection, Democratic Supervision, BR Training Course

On the afternoon of November 17, the DPU 2021 Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Training Course. On the afternoon of November 17, the DPU 2021 Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Training Course.

Zhu Yongxin, a vice chairman of the Minjiang Ecological Environment, and the Changjiang Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Leading Group, attended the completion and speaking. Zhu Yongxin, a vice chairman of the Minjiang Ecological Environment, and the Changjiang Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Leading Group, attended the completion and speaking.

  Zhu Yongxin pointed out in his speech that strengthening the Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection is a major decision-making that Xi Jinping personally deployed and personally promoted, and it is related to "the big people".

As the topic of the Yangtze River Ecological Environment as the Democratic Party, no party, a new round of special democratic supervision, is an important decision made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China from the Party and National Work.

He combined with the implementation of Cai Dafeng Chairman’s regarding the instructions and speech of democratic supervision of Changjiang Ecological Environment, and the mobilization of the mobilization of Liu Xincheng’s executive vice chairman in the training class, and made a clear understanding of the Yangtze River Ecological Environment Require.

  Zhu Yongxin emphasized that the Minjiang Central Committee launched the Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work, to strengthen study and training, put through the whole process of learning to democratic supervision, to learn to do, learn, especially efforts to improve the overall situation The ability, the ability to gather together, master the ability, performance, organizational ability, and political grasping ability, negotiation capacity, cooperation ability, communication and docking ability, achievement transformation ability, and scientific supervision capacity, pay attention to solve practical problems To enhance the effectiveness of supervision, on the one hand, the form, procedures of special democratic supervision work, and the other hand, to assist the local party committee government to promote some practical problems and the practical problems that need to be solved, but also innovation. Good new era multimodian cooperation story, Yangtze River protection story, beautiful Chinese story, and promote the construction of the participating party.

  During the training class, Li Ying, deputy director of the Secretary of the Ecological Environment Department, Li Ming, a senior engineer of the National Development and Reform Commission, Feng Yong, a senior engineer, and the Director of the Central Socialist College, Wang Xiaocheng, Director Wang Xiaocheng The Hunan Provincial Committee of the Hunan Provincial Committee, the deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Ecological Environment, Pan Bing, made a special report.

  Ecological Environment Department Water Ecological Environment Management Silver Ecological Environment Quality Management Office Wang Qian, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Environment Research Center Deputy Director, the full-time deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Ouyang Jianxiong, the full-time deputy ministerial committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, the full-time deputy chairman of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, Hubei Provincial Committee, Hubei Provincial Committee, Hubei Provincial Committee, Zhou Jianyuan, Jiujiang Municipal Committee Seven comrades such as Baiping respectively speaking, exchange learning experience, introducing the experience practices for special democratic supervision work such as Changjiang Ecological Environment to protect democratic supervision.

  The completion of the Minister of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Public Advanced Central Committee, the deputy director of the Leading Group Office of the Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work, presided over.

Mao Mengxi, Minister of Public Information, Minister of Propaganda, Yao Lihe, deputy director of the General Office, Jiang Qicheng, deputy director of the Part Government, Jiang Qicheng, and the 2021 Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Training Course Participation Line offline participation in the relationship. It is reported that some of the private capital provincial level has mobilized the grassroots organization, members and experts to participate online training, preliminary statistics, a total of 609 local organizations during the training class, grassroots organizations, and a total of 2824 people online online, significant Expanded the scope of training and enhanced training effect.

2021 schendt de eerste verkeersovertredingen van Lhasa

  Parkeer niet volgens de voorschriften, schendt de instructies voor het verbod, het schenden van de indicatie van het verbod logo … Tijdens uw dagelijks leven heb u deze verkeersovertredingen opgemerkt? Onlangs ging de verslaggever naar het Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau verkeerspolitie-onthechting om de meest voorkomende verkeersovertredingen in Lhasa in 2021 te begrijpen, om de verkeersdeelnemers eraan te herinneren om het verkeersveiligheidsbewustzijn en het juridische bewustzijn te verbeteren, en beschaafd, veilig rijden.

  Verkeersovertredingen zijn de grootste verhouding: volg de statistieken van parkeergegevens, in 2021, de meest voorkomende verkeersovertredingen van Lhasa City is "geen parkeergelegenheid volgens de voorschriften", goed voor% van alle elektronische ogen om illegale handelingen vast te leggen.

  Het is duidelijk dat "niet volgens de voorschriften" voornamelijk verwijst naar het illegale gedrag van motorvoertuigen die de hoofdweg, een speciale weg van de hoofdweg, een speciale weg, de brandweer-, blinde weg- en niet-motorvoertuigen-parkeerplaatsen zijn bezetten.

Dit gedrag cre?ert niet alleen verkeerscongestie, wat leidt tot een daling van de wegpas, en er is ook een ernstig verkeersveiligheidsgevaar, die het beeld van de stedelijke beschaving be?nvloedt. Om effectief een veilige verkeersomgeving en een schone en opgeruimde stedelijke omgeving te cre?ren, zal in 2022 in 2022 de Lhasa City Public Security Bureau verkeerspolitie Detachment inzetten in overeenstemming met de uniforme regeling van de Partijcommissie van het Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau. Doorgaan Verhoog de intensiteit van motorvoertuigen, verbetering van de wegcontrole en standaardiseer de parkeervolgorde. Hier moet de meerderheid van de chauffeurs bewust de parkeergewoonten veranderen, een beschaafd parkeerconcept tot stand brengen, bijdragen aan de soepele en ordentelijke orde van de stad. Verkeers illegaal gedrag is de tweede: schending van het tekenteken dat aangeeft dat in het dagelijks leven "de verboden lijnindicatie schenden" en "schending van de indicatie van het verbod" ook zeer gebruikelijke verkeersovertredingen zijn.

Gegevensstatistieken tonen aan dat in 2021 de twee verkeersovertredingen van Lhasa% en% van alle elektronische ogen goed waren.

  "Schending van verbodregelindicatie" verwijst voornamelijk naar schending van de verbodslijnpas, die voornamelijk de gele feiten omvat (wegstempelige scheidingsriem die kruising) en gele grote vork verbiedt (die het parkeren) vertegenwoordigt, drukt u op om de instructies voor verbodregel te schenden.

In het daadwerkelijk rijden is de vaste lijn van de motorvoertuigen gewijzigd en het rijgedrag, zoals de linkerafduring van de linkerbeurten is verboden van linksaf van de linkerverlies. Het behoort tot de instructies van overtreding van de verbodslijn; " Ban-teken "verwijst voornamelijk naar het verbod of restrictievoertuigen, voetgangers het logo van het verkeersgedrag, zoals het verbod op de weg, het verbieden van voertuigparking, enz. Is een verbodsbord. De Lhasa-verkeerspolitie herinnerde eraan dat in de dagelijkse reizen de meerderheid van de chauffeurs strikt de markering van de verkeersborden strikt volgen, dergelijke verkeersovertredingen elimineren om de reisveiligheid te garanderen.

  Verkeer illegale handelingen als de derde: schending van de speciale rijstroken in strijd met de "verkeersveiligheidsrecht van de Volksrepubliek China": "De weg is van plan om een ??speciale rijstrook in te stellen, in de speciale rijstrook, alleen de opgegeven voertuigen zijn MOETEN MOETEN, MOETEN ANDERE VOERTUIGEN NIET IN SPECIALE POERRUIMEN IN DE LANE INGESTELLEN. "In Lhasa," In Lhasa, is "overtreding van speciale rijstroken" voornamelijk te gebruiken voor het openbaar vervoer, gegevensstatistieken, 2021, de verkeersovertredingen van Lhasa City, goed voor alle elektronische ogen om overtredingen te verwezenlijken . Het is duidelijk dat Lhasa City Bus toegewijde rijstrook officieel wordt geopend op 13 november 2019, wat de doorgangsnelheid van stedelijk openbaar vervoer aanzienlijk verbetert, wat bevorderlijk is voor het verlichten van verkeerscongestie.

Volgens de vereisten, van 7 tot 10:00 en 17:00 tot 20:00 uur, in de twee tijdsperioden, zijn andere voertuigen verboden om de buslane en lange tijd in het openbaar vervoer uit te voeren. Parkeren het voertuig, anders zal het gestraft worden. Hier herinnerde de Lhasa-verkeerspolitie de meerderheid van de verkeersdeelnemers, die op de weg rijdt om een ??weg te maken, bewust het ontwikkelingsconcept van de "busprioriteit" en een einde te maken aan de illegale daad van het bezetten van de privéstroken, en samengesteld Ontblokt, veilige en milieuvriendelijke verkeersomgevingen.

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Anhui Mingguang: "Five Systems" Environment New Village Enterprise Building Industry

Hou Hui residents use the residential gaps to grow abutment income.

The People’s Network Hu Yusong photographed in Hou Hui Village, and many of the residents were planted after the home house. Wang Shou said, many people in the village are not at home, and the gaps next to the house becomes weeded. After the village representative conference, the party group meeting, all of them agreed to collect all the villages of these voids, and and Anhui Aiyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. conducts cooperation, signing the Ai grass plant order acquisition agreement, "enterprises provide Em andian to plant us, the village collective is responsible for daily maintenance, harvesting, waiting until Wai’s ripe, the company is not less than 1 per catty The price of the dollars will be acquired, and all economic benefits are all returned to the village. It is used in the environmental remediation of the village group or some people’s livelihood projects to truly realize the inverse interaction.

"It is understood that Lushan Village rely on existing resources and introduction companies have opened the breakthrough of the growth of the village-level collective economy. Under the policy support, Lushan Village uses project funds to build a village enterprise, build a rural tourism farmhouse project, currently built Completed, each year can bring 30,000 yuan in collective benefits. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

At 0-24 on November 6, Chongqing has no new increase!

  First, the local epidemic situation November 6 0-24, Chongqing has no new local confirmed case report.

  As of 24:00 on November 6, Chongqing has 5 cases in the hospital (Jiulongpo District, Changshou District, Banan District, two rivers New Zone, Shapingba District), accumulated 572 cases, cumulative death 6 cases of cases, the accumulated reported local diagnosis of 583 cases.

  Second, the overseas input epidemic is November 6th, 0-24, Chongqing has no new intercepts and enrollment case reports. As of 24:00 on November 6, Chongqing has a diagnosed case (input to Uzbekistan) in the event of outside the hospital, cumulative treatment of 25 cases, accumulated 26 cases of incurned cases.

  Third, asymptomatic infected people 0-24 on November 6th, Chongqing has no new increasing symptom infection.

  At 24:00 on November 6, there were five cases of non-symptomous infection (including 1 case in Singapore, the north, Changshou District, Shapingba District, two rivers New River, is being accepted. Fourth, close contactrs take the close contact to the close contact to 2,8791 people, and have been relieved 2,7594 people, there are 1197 people who are receiving medical observations. * The cumulative data in the above data is statistical data since the first case of January 21, 2020. (Source: Chongqing Municipal Health and Health Committee official website) (Editor: Chen Qi, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.

Changchun sector promotes learning education normalization

Original title: "Six-pair" action leads party members to strive for the first front, Changchun City adheres to classification guidance, accurate effort, according to different levels, different fields, different industry party members, deepening the specific carrier of "do", and creating a pioneer The theme of action, leading the majority of party members based on the position, strive to be a pioneer, to ensure true truth, and seek truth. Launching party members in rural party members leading the entrepreneurship, leading the masses to join the "Shuangfu" Pioneer Action. The city has led to the support of the support, and the party members are rich, the junction is rich, and the training is rich, and the training is rich, and the training will help rich, and the training is enhanced.

Require each "Project Branch" to directly drive or support 10% of farmers in helping the village to create more than 1 getting project; each "project party member" has driven more than 3 households to create 1 get rich projects every year; organized party members Dock the help of the entrepreneurship, the knot is rich; the backbone of party members, the party members and the collaborative organization of the party, and training training, e-commerce, etc., continuous improvement of the richness. Carry out a building of a happy community in the community party members, build a harmonious home "double construction" pioneering action. The city leads the community party members to play a pioneer model role in serving the people, resolve contradictions, maintenance and stability.

The establishment of community party members to help group teams, providing 5 services such as poverty, help old, help, buildings, and helps; forming a community party membership volunteer service team, surrounding "one old and a small" to carry out purchasing, repairs, after class Waiting for the service; establish a civil mediator, social security, the city’s leading team, contributing to the construction of a happy community; forming the "Red Propaganda Group" and the cultural event team to carry forward the "red culture". In the state-owned party members, they have carried out better than job skills, and more than contributing performance.

The city further strengthens the party membership of state-owned party members and the universities of the state-owned enterprises, to promote the development of state-owned enterprises, to promote the development of state-owned enterprises to promote state-owned enterprises Contribute.

Organize the "Top Ten Arts and Slices" "Top Ten Technical Expert" "Top Ten Specialist" "Top Ten Division" and other selection activities, inspiring the majority of party members based on posts and dedication. Carry out activities such as "Efficiency, Guarantee Quality, Dump Cost", etc., leading party members to contribute results and boost enterprises to create income. In the party members of the organ, the development of the leading service is carried out, and the lead service to improve the "double band" pioneer action. The city has conducted a "transfer, excellent, promoting" transparent experience, the party’s party building and research supervision, etc.

Take the "transfer style, excellent service, promotion", and distinguish between three levels of leadership team members, departmental cadres and ordinary party members to carry out transposition experience activities; take a symposium, questionnaire survey, field visit, check information, etc. The party construction work research supervision and investigation, focusing on 22 key issues, and promoting the new jumping of the party construction.

  In the window unit and the service industry party members, we will conduct a service model, strive to be a window star "double-stricken" pioneering action. The city has implemented the "post training", carry out the "post training", and guide party members to improve the service style, transform the work style, and improve the level of service.

Combined with the actual work, clear work standards and behavioral norms, implement the "Guide to the Leading Agency" service, improve service efficiency; carry out the main content of "Ming Post responsibilities, business knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, understanding of civilization etiquette" as the main content Training activities, improve service capabilities; set up Hongqi mobile posts, party members first ponggang, party members, and selection of advanced typical, forming a demonstration effect.

  Lawn, a bright identity duties in the non-public enterprise and social organization, and the promise of Double-brightness is a "double bright" pioneer action. The city launched "bright, struggle, evaluation, construction", stimulating party members as pioneers, and makes the vitality and enthusiasm of the rate. Through a party member’s badge, a party member publicity card, a party member group picture, a party member commitment, bright party membership, show up the party members’ commitment; rounding the safety production, integrity management, civilized service, etc., set up a party member first, sign The position of the post, leading party members to strive to be a pioneer; assessing the stars, playing a role, playing a role, and practicing the privilege of the promise; establishing a party member "political archives", record party members participate in the "double bright" pioneering act Performance and evaluation results, as the basis for evaluation of evaluation.

(Correspondence Cao Ke) (Editor: Huang Wei, Qinhua).

China @ 四 川 | Sichuan Chong jointly set up the Babu Cangzhi Culture Research Center

  Xinhua News Agency, June 22 (Reporter Yang Di) was established in Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, was unveiled in Neijiang City, Sichuan Province.

This interdisciplinary, cross-regional platform specially in the study of Bashu Cangzhi Culture will contribute cultural power to the construction of Double City Economic Circle in Chengdu.

  Localism is an important carrier that continues the Chinese culture and inherits excellent tradition. The Bashu Fangzhi Culture Research Center is jointly built by the Neijiang Normal University in the Sichuan Provincial Local Work Office and Chongqing Local Region.

The three party will be "used to use, inherit innovation" as the principle, the three functions of local history, educating people, and law, scientific research, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and international exchange cooperation The function is closely combined, in the local theory research, Bayu’s old rule, the local literature, the provision of Bayu culture, the development and utilization of geographical culture, the development and utilization of geographical cultural resources, and better serve the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengyu Area. .

  The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Local Zhigan Office, the central academic committee consists of the first-class experts at home and abroad. The existing research team takes the relevant disciplines of the Science and Technology Research Institute of the Sichuan-Chongqing Institute for key members. Students are effective supplementation, and they can coordinate all kinds of resources, and all kinds of strengths have widened research and research. (over).