“Old Zhu,The two of them chased very close,I’m afraid I can’t get rid of them。and also,What is our escape plan,How to leave after entering the city?”

“No plan,See step by step。”
“no plan!
Chen Xiu said in surprise:“I thought you had any plans to escape,That brought me into Xiangxi,It turns out that you are so terribly chased!”
812 Ten knives
Zhu Huiwei also ran wildly,Said without a good tone:“Where is the plan!”
I haven’t thought about it,I thought Zhu Huiwei had a complete escape plan,Didn’t think about it,I don’t know this guy has no plans at all。
Chen Xiu said stiffly:“I think the first step,We have to leave Xiangxi first,The sooner the better,The farther the better!”
“nonsense,I asked you how to leave!”
“The best airplane,It’s better to be faster!”
“Where does the private jet come from?”
“Don’t you have?”
From Annan to Australia、From Ao Island to Xiangxi, I took Zhu Huiwei’s private plane.。
“That was all arranged by Zhang Haibao,My power in the world is in An Nan,Not in the country!”

“Haha,I’m afraid you didn’t even dream of it,I will make a comeback?”

When Lei Zhiting saw this,Lei Zhiting’s face,With a hint of indescribable excitement。
After all such a thing,Let’s not talk about anything else。
But put it here,How do you deal with such a thing,In fact, there is no doubt about it。
And Lei Zhiting’s side,Others see here,The more I look, the better I feel。
“Young master,Just ahead。”
When the people around Lei Zhiting finished,Lei Zhiting nodded heavily。
Such a thing,Doesn’t he know at all?
Do not,In fact, Lei Zhiting knows all about it。
But after seeing these,Lei Zhiting’s mouth,Even slightly up,Bring up an intriguing smile。
“Yep,Got it。”
“prior to,Aren’t you very capable,Then next,I really want to see,Why do you continue to toss here!”
When Lei Zhiting said proudly,At this moment,By his side,The others are looking towards this side。
After all, from the current point of view,How to solve such a thing。
Actually just this,For others,It’s also very important。
These people looked at each other,Have raised their heads to watch these。
See here,at this time,The faces of these people,All with scorching fire。
“That’s right,This time,We have won it properly。”
“That’s right,Is this still necessary?,Such a good thing is already on the surface。”
“Now,This guy named Wang Teng is dead!”

Strangers react quickly,Slide a knife straight from the sleeve and stick it to Yu Zhe’s neck,The blade presses the artery in the neck straightly,As long as he does a little bit,The person in front of you will undoubtedly die。

But Yu Zhe is not a fuel-efficient lamp,Almost at the same time that person shot,He also thrown off the butterfly.Butterfly knife,Directly on the person’s abdomen。
gradually,The footsteps are getting closer,The last person in Yu Zhe’s plan went straight into the bedroom,The two looked out towards the gap in the closet,I didn’t dare to relax for a while,The silent confrontation made the atmosphere in this small space extremely tense。
Yu Zhe’s enemy wandered back and forth in the house,No abnormality in the closet at all。
The two stared at each other tightly,It’s not a solution,The strange man first sent a signal of peace,Raised another gloved hand and shook his head gently at Yu Zhe,Then slowly moved the knife away from Yu Zhe’s neck。
Yu Zhe sees it,Also took away the knife in his hand,Subconsciously swallowed,Heart rate is not reduced。
Strange man holding a knife in backhand position,Stretched out a finger and made a silent motion,Then look outside the cabinet,Turn around while someone outside the cabinet,Teng broke out,Like a swift leopard,When people outside the door didn’t react,Control it directly from behind,Right hand stroke,Blood gushing out,Stained the sheets red。
The stranger let go,The person in his hand fell softly to the ground。
Yu Zhe was shocked,I made no sound when I covered my mouth with my hand,Everything is done in a few seconds,Even now,He realized,The last person in today’s revenge plan just died before his eyes。
this moment,His heart was shrouded in an inexplicable fear,He became overwhelmed,A thought flashed in my mind,Just flee here。
While a stranger examines the body,Yu Zhe rushed out of the cabinet,Ran toward the door at a flying speed,But he was still found。
The strange man can’t care about the corpse,Just follow Yu Zhe’s direction,Just when he was about to step out,Grabbed his collar,Drag him back again。
Yu Zhe can’t take care of so much,Took out the knife and swung it indiscriminately,The action seemed naive and ridiculous in the eyes of the strange man。
I saw that person and didn’t fight back,Dexterous dodge,Use the knife in your hand to block,Several rounds down,Yu Zhe can’t hurt that person at all。
That stranger knows almost about Yu Zhe’s strength,And I’m not interested in accompany him to continue to mess around,Put the knife directly into the sleeve,Stretch your right hand forward and grab Yu Zhe’s wrist,Homeopathy,Turned his whole arm over,Push forward,Push him back to the ground。
Yu Zhe tried several times,Can’t get rid of control,Simply stop resisting,At the mercy of others。
“who are you?”Strangers speak first,Voice is low,With a little accent,The question is very concise。
“Yu Zhe。”
“Why are you here?”
“Take revenge on the person you killed。”

“or,I am going with you.。”

“Hey-hey,This is something between men.,What are you going??
And I am going to fight with each other.,I just want to take the other side, don’t move.,After all, I don’t want anyone who is unfavorable to you.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also got up and sorted up。
When I left, I didn’t forget to look back at the perfect body of Qin Xue.,Beautiful face。
And Qin Xue looked at Li Hui’s back,If you want to think that if she is just a bold,It is very likely that you have already rolled up the machine with the other party.。
Especially the massage method that Li Hui Feng is thinking,She can’t help but feel the kind of arming from the heart.。
I can’t help but think of Li Rong,The rest of the three apples are also ready to finish,See what changes can you make yourself?。
Li Hui Hui left Qin Xue’s residence,Follow the address given by Sun Yaru to the hotel where the school is not far away.。
To the hotel,Li Hui Feng directly in accordance with the guidance of the other party, in front of the room。
At the entrance of the room,Li Hui Picks up the phone and dialed Sun Yaru’s phone.。
“Hey,I have come.,Open the door。”
Sun Yaru did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually came so fast.。
When you open the door directly,When I saw that Li Hui’s moment, I was rushing to kill, and I took Li Hui.。
Then I cried in Li with the wind.。
The tears of the bean is also very soon, and the chest clothes of Li Hui Feng.。
Feel the body of Sun Yaru,That feels that he is not a sway.,But soon recovering calm。
After all, he is no longer a lot of the wind.。
If this is before,He said that he would be happy to be happy by Sun Yaru.,I can even sacrifice myself for each other.。
However, since the other party fell into himself once,He didn’t have a half-point love for Sun Yaru.。
Sun Yaru hugs Li Hui Feng’s moment,Some amazed in the heart,The strong chest is a soft, the woman’s woman, the woman’s woman is simply a few days.。
Especially the taste of the sun in Li Hui,Let her feel a lot of regrets in her heart。
Before she didn’t look down on Li Hui,Just want Li Hui to become a dog under her pomegranate skirt.,But I never thought that the taste of Li Hui Feng was so good.,The body is so strong。
Those patterns who have played with Lincheng together,Sun Yaru did not help but increase a bit of confidence in today’s things.。
“Have you been crying??
Lin Cheng?”
Feel Sun Yaru is no longer so twitching,Li Hui Feng is very calm and putting the other party from his own arms.。
“A style,I know it wrong.,I am sorry for you.,You hit me.,I will never have some complaints.。”
Sun Yarru said,On the side of your face, I called a slap in my face.,Just when she wants to play the second slap in her face.,Li Hui Feng is reaching out to stop。
“You are wrong, not bad, there is no relationship.,If you want to continue playing,Then continue,I will stop you from,After all, you are not my love.,You don’t love me,The trick is still a good distance from each other.。”
Li Hui said this,I saw it on the left and right.,He always feels Sun Yaru invited him to have any good things today.,If it is not framed,He will feel a little strange。
How did Sun Yaru didn’t expect that she was embarrassed?,Li Hui actually does not have a point of reaction。
If she knows that Li Hui has been with Qin Xue.,She even doubts that Li Ping is not a normal man.。
“A style,Can you listen to me??”
“no need,If Lin City is here,Then I will go first.。”
For Sun Yaru,Li Hui’s heart will always keep a call,It may be that a snake is biting ten years old.,It may also have the inheritance of Shennong.,Some of his predictive feelings will be enhanced.。
“A style,I am actually in your own.,Just just don’t do it.,They will tell you,And they say that killing someone is a dish for them.,I have wondered you before.,I am afraid that you are hurt.,I don’t do it so much.,You can really entangle me again.,Do you know how terrible??”
The more you say that the tears that have already stopped in the eyes of Sun Yaru.。
This time,She did not pounce into Li Huifeng,Instead, I walked directly into the house and cried in the white bed.。

“Zhu Minglang。”Zhu Minglang said。

“Depends on your dress,It’s not like really poor,Mostly for the so-called dragon,Bought too many expensive materials,In the end there is no dragon。Shilong is very particular,Not to say which little creature you saw,Full of spirituality,Is the dragon of the future,Little creature with aura,It may be refined,Live longer。”The man who claimed to be Luo Shaoyan gushed。
“You know the dragon?”Zhu Minglang raised his eyebrows。
“of course,Our Luoshan School,Once a prominent sect,Even some of Zi Zonglin’s seniors,Have come to our Luoshan Sect to ask about the dragon knowledge,It is no exaggeration to say,Their Zi Zonglin’s widely spread method of learning dragons,Copied from us,Our Luo Shanzong is too low-key,Too much hermit life,So that no one knows。”Luo Shaoyan said proudly。
“Row,Then look at how long my little cute can transform into a dragon?”Zhu Minglang pointed to Xiao Qingzhuo who was eating round on the table,Asked。
“Are you kidding me,Just it?If it can transform the dragon,I drank the sea water of Nihai!”Luo Shaoyan said with contempt。
“Oh,So it seems that your dragon knowledge is not very good。”Zhu Minglang sighed。
“Bullshit,I’m out of the mountain this time,I’m going to enter the highest school of Dragon Training Academy,When my reputation in the Dragon Training Institute spreads,You guy who’s still pleasing an old woman,Don’t run up and get close to me,Take a drink with me today as a show off!”Luo Shaoyan said with high spirits。
“So you went to the main campus of How to Train Your Dragon,I should also visit in a few days。”Zhu Minglang said。
“People should be down to earth,Want you to have savings,Just be cruel,Buy a fake dragon young dragon,It’s much more reliable than expecting this kind of bug,And don’t listen to those profiteers,What panacea do they sell,Facilitating cultivation,Mostly useless,Dragon Knowledge,Good use,Really like leaping over the dragon gate、Feihuang Tengda,Bad use is a lie to others!”Luo Shaoyan urges Minglangdao。
Finished talking,Luo Shaoyan went back to his room。
Zhu Minglang has to wait for Xiao Qingzhuo to slowly finish eating the mulberry leaves。
At this moment,Stables,The Raptors ate the raw meat,Seems untamable,Actually approaching the red horse wishing bright,Looks like he wants to eat horse meat。
Zhu Minglang frowned,About to get up,Deterrence with breath,At this moment, the little caterpillar on the table let out a cry,This sound is indeed no different from Xia Chong,Ordinary people don’t care,But the raptor that eats raw meat seems to be frightened,Immediately shrank into a ball,I dare not get closer to the Red Horse!
Zhu Minglang took a surprised look at Xiao Qingzhuo in the form of a bug。

“Small nine!You and you are too strong.!It is impossible to task in us.,And you are simple and simple,Especially what you can mobilize is really surprised.。”

Because Wang Tianfeng saw Li Xiaoyu this time.、Jing Yun and Zhou Dak Leading the Warman Team and Several Guerrillas,That is, everyone jumped out of the ghosts before the leader search Huishan.。
Because,Can be seen from the other weaponry and equipment is not like a Communist guerrilla,Because some of them use Montonin,Original twenty refuters,There is also a charge gun,Therefore, Wang Tianfeng pursue this is another and five special agent group.,Song Qi Group,Hurricane Action Series。
“Brother,Is our purpose??”
“Reached,The senior general of the captive in Wuhan,Guangdong was changing with the devils of the devil and some patriots changed back.,Otherwise, I will not put the ghost general.,Twenty-seven!I really want to slaughter them.。”Wang Tianfeng is very regrettable.,
Guangdong fell to the devil blocking the entire coastline,Rui sharp sigh:“Guangdong is too big.,Many factory facilities have no evacuation,Today, our army has also been removed from Wuhan.,Wuhan team ended!”
“In fact, this time, Wuhan will fight, we are very tenacious.,I heard that there is also your credit.,It is you in advance to deploy the entonization route of the 11th Army and the soldiers.,Small nine,You really have to。”Wang Tianfeng praised again,
“These are all I should do.,Brother,This action Japanese know that you did it??”Qi Rui,
“Japanese only know that it is a military specializer,Specifically, I think they should guess,Less you less than you kill you。”Wang Tianfeng laughed。
“Brother,You are best to leave Shanghai for a while.,Wuxi,Nanjing,Hangzhou,Suzhou,Because the recent high school class and special service headquarters will also increase the search,And will apply it again to the rental,It is very likely that the public bureau will compromise to allow Japanese to enter the legal rental search for anti-Japanese molecules.,I have let the No. 5 agent group left.。”
Wang Tianfeng promised very much:“Let’s go to Nanjing.,The last time Guo Lianyun only killed the name called Cai Guangyuan.,There are still many traitors in the list.,This time I personally took them to kill。”
“Then I will wait for you.!correct,I have told you before I have said that the master of wine Yibei, I don’t know who it is now.,They should make makeup into Chinese in finding you,So, no matter who you, don’t believe it easily.。”Rude,
“I remember!Small nine,You help me with great efforts.,Thanks!”More than big credit,Director is more stable,Wang Tianfeng still value this,
Li Xiaoyu is also safe,And I have been reported to the film factory.,Because the Japanese officers have found her,The film plant is also very polite to her.,Although I can’t mix the female one,Female two,Female Sanna is she chose.。
Special Class and Specialist Headquarters now atmosphere,Although hijacking incidents occur in Wuxi,But it is certain that the special train is before entering Shanghai.,The chefs and bilists on the car have been converted.。
Because it is all successive,Therefore, I didn’t notice when I was investigated their identity.,Because it is said that these people are familiar with each other when they check.,And all people are communicating in Japanese。
Wine Yi Yibei puts all the hopes all in Hansu Huizi this old spy,But now she has no movement here.,Re-ask again:“Huizi,Doesn’t you have any news here??”
Hankui Huizi is scratched:“This time is really strange,Perhaps because there are too few people in the military Shanghai station.,They act too secretly,We can’t find them with the old way.。”
“Last time you also said that there is an eyebrow。”
“It is not what we find, is not what we want to find.,Instead, in some of our agencies, the talents,These are small fish, and they are also silent.,So now I caught them without any meaning.。”Hankui Huizi said,
“Is there any clue to this hijacking incident??”
“From this incident, it can be seen that the strength of the military Shanghai station is stronger than we imagined.,I have considered it,There are fifteen people with all the passengers.,Because of the military escort,So there is not so many people,But the military agent actually has a strong staff,This is really making me dare.。”Hankui Huizi said,
“Yes,According to the people of the tour group, the dessert made by the chef is very authentic.,Absolutely a professional dessert teacher,Japanese cuisine to eat at noon is also very authentic,Everyone can speak fluent Japanese,Very familiar with the etiquette of Japan,So no one was suspected of。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“This is where I let me doubt.,A Shanghai station is impossible to have so many excellent agents。”
“so,These people will not be called from other places.?”
“This may not be big,Tourism group came to Shanghai only notified two days in advance.,I judge that these people who are proficient in Japanese may be by our side.。”
“Just by our side?”
“Yes,We can disguise into Chinese,They naturally can also disguise our Japanese,Mei Huizi,Does you have such a person around you??”Hankui Huizi asked,
“How can I have such a person around me?,The person who specially walked, no one left my line of sight these days.,Never be the people around me。”Wine Yi Mei Hui is really paying,Especially the person of the special lesson is only for three or four hours a few days.,This is the case.,Others are also in the post,How can they have time to go? Wuxi。
“I just ask,Maybe they are hidden in other departments,Still you must find them。”
“Huizi,Do you really have a way??”
“We really don’t have any way in Shanghai.,Because they have hidden in the dark,So I have already shown the general,I will take Zhongjing and Qianchuan to Chongqing survey.,I must find the poisonous bee.,Who is killing God?!”
“You have to go to Chongqing!?”
“Yes!I am planning to have a young and beautiful bamboo cloud??”

“This is really unacceptable,This is my bottom line”Xia Jian rejected Luo Jun’s kindness。To know,Longdong Group’s stocks are difficult for others to buy,Let alone give。

Luo Jun smiled and said:“Luo Yi guessed right,She said you won’t want it。That way,I’ll give you a sum of money,It’s a little bit of my heart”
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Thanks uncle!From the current point of view,I really don’t need your money。How about this!If one day,I was short of money and spent,Will come to you naturally”
“You guys are really weird,When young people now hear about money,Just threw up,But you are fine,It’s like having a grudge against money”Luo Jun said,Haha laughed。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I want to see Luo Yi,Do you think it’s okay??”
“sure!I’m just waiting for your words,You should look at her。Ali told me this morning too,I already called,Hurry up, this Sunday will be fine”Luo Jun said,Took a long breath。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“it is good!That’s it,Let’s call if something happens。I can’t interrupt Uncle Luo’s work anymore”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Luo Jun smiled and said:“Not many people can understand me,you are the first。How about this!I’ll let Ali and Secretary Bai accompany you to have a light meal at noon!In our industrial park,Don’t run far”
Seeing Luo Jun’s attitude so determined,Xia Jian had to agree。Because he understands Luo Jun’s temper,If he loves overseas,Luo Jun will be angry。
When I came out of Jun’s office,,It’s actually past eleven。Xia Jian met Ali and Guan Tingna in the lobby on the first floor,In a while,Bai Li is also down。
They had lunch in the industrial zone of Longdong Group。Ali and Baili take turns to toast Xia Jian。The passion of the two of them,It’s really hard to resist。
The results come and go,Xia Jian drank too much before she knew it,Fortunately, Tingna is by his side,Otherwise he really doesn’t know how to get back to the hotel。
This afternoon,He spent it in his sleep,But he had a lot of dreams。In dream,Luo Yi that Xia Jian dreamed of,But Luo Yi just ignored him。
Xia Jian woke up in shock。He found out that he had a dream,As for how he got back to the hotel,He didn’t even know。
Take a look at the phone beside the bed,I found that it was more than seven o’clock in the evening。At this moment,His phone rang,Qin Xiaomin actually made the call。
First2328chapter Never before
Xia Jian saw that it was Qin Xiaomin’s call,Quickly got up from the bed。He didn’t expect the wine he drank at noon to be on top,Until now he still feels dizzy。
Xia Jian shook his head,Sober yourself a little bit,So I connected Qin Xiaomin’s phone。Asked in a low voice on the phone:“What are you doing?Busy now?”

Ruth sneered:“I didn’t hear your voice at all,I heard the creak of the bed board”Ruth finished,I laughed first。Alice was booing on the side,Jane in the car really broke up。

Xia Jian slammed the brakes and stopped,Three women exclaimed。Alice accompanied Xia Jiandao carefully:“We are talking for fun,You shouldn’t be angry anymore!You don’t have a wife anyway,Who is good with that is your business”
“I am too lazy to be angry with you,Get off!Destination arrived”Xia Jian opened the door and jumped down by himself。Three women exclaimed,Also got out of the car。
The words of Zhangyang Village Flower Planting Base are very conspicuous。Maybe it was Zhao Hong who secretly called Ma Chuntao,So Xia Jian took these three women in the past,Ma Chuntao is already standing at the door waiting for them。
“Mayor Xia!I heard that you brought three beautiful women to visit our flower planting base,I waited for my son early in the morning”Ma Chuntao laughed and said。
Ma Chuntao dressed very ordinary,But this does not affect the charm of her mature woman。Especially her proud body,Without clothes,All give people a kind of enjoyment in perspective。
“Mayor Ma!These two yellow-haired returnees,Who is thisSZWhite-collar elite,You show them,What is the flower planting base in Pingyang Town like??”Xia Jian laughed and gave Ma Chuntao a brief introduction。
Chen Lu took a step forward very politely,Shook hands with Ma Chuntao,A few women soon got together,Xia Jian just followed them,Jane is like a follower。
He hasn’t been here for a long time,Unexpectedly, there are several new varieties of flowers in the greenhouse。Women love flowers by nature,This is not false。It’s possible that three women saw so many flowers for the first time,And the scale is so big。They exclaimed,Admired,See this as a paradise on earth。
Don’t you know,How much bitterness is contained in this beautiful side。Others can’t realize,Ma Chuntao should feel deeply。
Something that was supposed to end in an hour,The result was entangled until noon。Women are so many things,Not only to enjoy flowers,Take pictures,Ma Chuntao couldn’t get out for a while。
She found a chance to join Xia Jian,Asked quietly:“Which is the most beautiful is your girlfriend?Really hidden。Others are still worried about you,I didn’t expect you to have counted it”
“No blessing,All ordinary friends。Don’t think too much,I meant not to disturb you,I didn’t expect that someone would still inform you”Xia Jian said with a smile。

Chen Jing said,He deliberately hugged Xia Jian’s arm tightly。

Xia Jianbai glanced at her and said:“You are not ashamed,Gu Yue is still here,You rush to get started,Look after President Xia is gone,Gu Yue doesn’t clean up you”
A few people are joking,And walked into a place like a small courtyard。I saw a table under the umbrella,There are various fruits and drinks on the table,There is even a plate of snacks。There are three wicker chairs next to the table。
Xia Jianyi over,Gu Yue asked the service staff to move it and set it aside。Xia Jian’s buttocks just hit the wicker chair,Chen Jing took a bunch of grapes and delivered it to him。Xia Fei stared with anger,Xia Fei gets angry,Chen Jingyue wants to do this。
Xia Jian took the grapes from Chen Jing while eating,I looked at these three talents carefully with my eyes。I saw Chen Jing as if he had eaten Tang Seng meat,I always feel so young and beautiful。It’s Gu Yue and Xia Fei,Obviously become a little haggard。
“stop looking,We are all old”
Xia Fei found Xia Jian’s strange eyes,She smiled and said。
Gu Yue took a look at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“Women can’t stand the baptism of years,But President Xia hasn’t changed at all,More and more manly”
“You are all immortal goddesses,And i’m really old”
That’s it for Xia Jian,Can’t help but laugh。I dare to say that I am old when I am in my 30s,Those who have lived to be eight or nine years old do they say they have become fine??
Gradually,The three women became lively。In such an atmosphere,Xia Jian feels very relaxed,This time he,Eyes everywhere,The brain doesn’t have to think about problems at all,He just feels very cool,There is no pressure in my heart。
“Do you come oftenGZ?It’s okay to care about my old lady when you have time, right?!”
Although Gu Yue is joking,But the words came out of her mouth,There is always a strange tight taste。I want to,She is the daughter of the chairman of Yunmao Group,And she later became the boss of Yunmao Group。But the star shift,When she stepped down,Life is a mess for her。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Stop talking about being old,People in their early thirties are young people。Miss Gu has matured a lot,Looks more charming than before”
Since it’s all past tense,Why not let go,This way everyone will no longer feel awkward together。
Gu Yue glanced at Xia Jian and said:“So you will praise women too?”
Gu Yue’s words are very meaningful,Xia Jian naturally understands,But he didn’t continue。Xia Fei and Chen Jing listened,The two of them laughed”

Everyone went up the mountain and returned to the old house,Only Uncle Hai’s wife stayed in the village。Everyone is tired enough,Sat down and formed a circle。I heard that the ladyboy is already receiving treatment,Li Tianchou and Uncle Hai are relieved。

“Everyone just rest for ten minutes,Still work,Clean up before dawn。”Uncle Geng gave an order,Lie down on the spot。
at last,In the early morning before the sun rises,Everyone carried Awei to the tomb on the hill next to him。prior to,Xiaoliu and Xiaotian have been buried here。
When buried,Zhang Wen said nothing,Ryoko has already cried to death。
But this may also be a relief for Awei。
Sunrise Oriental,Xia Guang Wan Zhang。That kind of gloom in the dark night、decadent、Sadness,Or bloody、Fear and all kinds of filth,All fell apart,Vanish。A new day started。
In the morning,Peng Weihua and Broad Bean rushed back to their old house in the mountains,Brought back a lot of news,And found a new home for everyone。Two people in the dust,All dark circles,I want to have a night without closing my eyes。
Liu Hao strictly followed Zhu Lei’s proposal,First, set a fire at Sun Guaizi’s Xijiao home,Then I got help from Broad Bean by surprise,Stole a little thing。But it is Sun Guaizi’s most important object。
The water and the sky became an empty shell,Nobody touched it,Even the people sent by Ahao just took a look and left。Instead, Shen Mingfang’s nightclub played the most lively,Chen Bin personally brought people here。Gang fight of dozens of people on both sides,Lasted more than half an hour,Basically ruined the nightclub。The police arrested many people,Surprisingly, Chen Bin escaped again。
But what everyone is most concerned about is whether Uncle Geng and others have arrived safely and there is no news yet.,Everyone together,If there is no news after noon,I need to go down to find out。Li Tianchou took the initiative to invite Ying,Because he has one more thing to do,So we just do it together。
Bald Hai thought for a moment,The decision is to let Li Tianchou and Zhu Lei go down the mountain to find out,And agreed,If you haven’t come back the next morning,To meet at the new address,After all, the mountains are no longer a place to stay。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Eight Missing
Awei thing,Peng Weihua and Broad Bean already know,Although the two are sad,But the performance is relatively sane,Even helped Zhang Wen persuade Liangzi。Just from beginning to end,Peng Weihua never said a word to Li Tianchou,Didn’t even say hello。
It’s noon,Wen Hui, who was sent down the mountain to collect transit information, rushed back, sweating profusely,He brought back the good news that Uncle Geng arrived at the destination smoothly。Everyone is relieved,Then Zhu Lei won’t have to run,But Li Tianchou still needs to go down the mountain to complete his third thing。
Casually make two lunches,I was called by Uncle Hai to give instructions。Only then did Li Tianchou say goodbye to everyone on the road。Although everyone is very polite to him,But remember the expressions of everyone just now,Li Tianchou still has a strange smell,Unspeakable,Anyway, a little strange。
Walking on the mountain road,Li Tianchou shook his head hard and didn’t think too much。Anyway, the next day,Hai Tianzi will announce the head of Yuxing Company on behalf of Uncle Geng,Although I may not be present,But it’s already a solid matter,Can’t run away。Maybe everyone already knows some news,This is also a normal reaction。
I’m going to be family soon,The company hasn’t settled yet,It’s not a joke when so many people want to open their mouths to eat。Didn’t care,Now I feel like burning my ass。No wonder Uncle Geng repeatedly told,The first of these third things is the most urgent,The third most important,Also the most complicated。As for the second thing,Figure it out。