Zheng Yao first listened to it, he would like to have a lot of ritual.:“Your boy dog thief!You have determined that he is rebellious.?”

“Six brother!If this person does not have a rebellion, how can it be used with Qin Huaide to play white andchi?!”
“makes sense!”Zheng Yao first is more interesting at this moment.,
“Six brother!You are my most admire!Can I recognize you as a big brother??”Can’t tell,But you must get the trust of the kite comrades,So in the province, it is prevented by oneself.,
Zheng Yao smiled and said:“You are serious about yourself.!You are a person with this matter,The future is also unlimited,Can you have a brother like this is the honor of I Zheng Yao!”
“Then I want to pay with you.!You will be my profous in the future.!What do you make me do, what do I do?!”Ritual,
chapter Five This risk must take
This period is still more popular.,Zheng Yao is not a sense of resentment,Instead, I feel that I can do a lot of things to do with brothers.,It is also convenient for further understanding of this.,I have a good promise:“Can you have a brother like this is my blessing?!Seeking it!”
“Big brother!Be worshiped by the younger brother.!”Qi Rui said that he will give Zheng Yaoxian,
Zheng Yao first accepted a lot of worship,Two people worshiped in the office in the office。
“Big brother!”Rui Weizhen shouted,This big brother is equivalent to crying here.!
“Brothers!”Zheng Yao gave Qi Rui a bear hug,
“Big brother!I have something to go out now.!Wait for tomorrow, please drink alcohol in the husband temple.!”
“brother!Don’t call me big brother in the future.!Follow someone else called Six brothers,I will talk to me, I will talk to others.!Multiple friends!”
“I listen to the six brothers!I’m leaving!”
Zheng Yao first looked hard to leave the special affairs department,Dark road:According to the information, he should have no relationship in Nanjing.,It seems that it is important thing to go out so anxious.!Yup!Just now, he tried to ask Huang Youxian.!not……
Zheng Yao is very curious,With the experience, he feels that he is close to the specialist office and Huang Youxian.,So I quietly followed it.。
Rui Rui left Zheng Yaoxian’s voice sounded:Complete the task of entering the efforts!awardcDifficult skill package one!
Primary micro-face management and identification skills!?Qi Rui understands that it is familiar with the new skills,It is useful to find this skill.,Don’t look at the primary,But it is a target facial microphone.、Microcarphere、Non-speaking behavior morphological performance to read face readings,This skill is a modern criminal investigation。
You can also manage your own micro-face、Microcarphere、The morphological performance of non-speech behavior misses others to judge their own,Or convey the information you want to convey!
This skill also has an important purpose—That is the performance!Most actors can manage their expressions well.,Condensation acting is a certainty of an actor,After this skill, we have also become a performance master that can control your own limbs and expressions.!
Experience familiar with the new skills,Rui Rui, in accordance with Huang Youxian, coming to Queen Bookstore,Fu Yingxue works in this bookstore,At this time, the special agent has already monitored it here.。
Qi Rui glanced over a circle of bookstores, and found several camouflage special situations.,Seeing the situation in front of him, he is in a hurry。
Huang Youxian is just a transportation.,He didn’t know where Yuan Shangqing lived in Shanghai comrades arrived.,So the special agent is temporarily no moving bookstore!They plan to make a network!
Now all this is a special agent.!How do you notify Fu Ying Snow Comrade if he guaranteed himself?!
Qi Rui knows that the special agent will not let go of people who have come into contact with Qupinbai house,I have tried to know Huang Yuxian,Once the appearance is definitely exposed!But this risk must take!
Seeing Rui Rating in the distance to observe the Queen Book House,Zheng Yao is very wonderful:What is this kid?!
Zheng Yao first observed around and suddenly found eight Dafang’s old two sinking floods to disguise into a roadside.,Not from a shock:Old second person!It seems that it is a major case.!I mentioned the bookstore just now.!Is it a case in Huang Youxian??This is rustic……
Zheng Yao first premises passing through the foreign cars in Shen Hongzhang,Whispered:“Two brother!What mission is you doing this??”
Shen Hongzhang did not look back at the bookstore,Ask:“Old six!Are you not in the Qinglong Mountain Base??”
“Have a finish!I am preparing to buy two books.,Just see you here!”