After the red light, the traffic police is not the right to rights.

  According to Qianjiang Urban Channel, recently, a woman in Shaoxing wanted red light and was stopped by the traffic police.The woman is not only not mistaken, but takes out the mobile phone, and the face of the traffic police, the sibly said that the traffic police margin is not good.The others stood out and talked for traffic police. It proved that the woman was red, and they said: "This year is not a mobile phone to shoot, who will be reasonable.

"It is true that as a law enforcement, in order to protect his legal rights, the law enforcement process will not be tested, and afterwards, it can be submitted to the relevant departments.

However, taking a self-evolving behavior, there is no impact on normal law enforcement, and this face-to-face video is suspected of obstructing law enforcement.It is of course right, but the law-abiding consciousness should not be missing.If you have a red light, there is a mistake in the first, use the rights to cover the idea of escaping the illegal responsibility, can only be a wish.Such behavior is definitely not a rights protection.