Love in the reception room·Dracula waited for about fifteen minutes and then became anxious。

Something seems wrong。
Even if this company is big,Even if John’s working place is far away from here,But it won’t take so long to get on and off the elevator, right??
Is it really dangerous?
Love·After Dracula looks at the watch for the third time,Decided not to sit still。
He stood up,Want to get out of the reception room。
But just opened the door……
“Hello,Please go back to the room。”
Very polite words,But standing at the door are two security personnel,And it’s Huaxia。
Love·Dracula feels a little confused,Panic followed。
Reason keeps him from arguing,But according to the other’s gesture,Back to the house,Then closed the door。
Obviously,He is under house arrest!
His judgment is right。
Love·Dracula hates it!
He hates the loose style of the embassy,If he can come with the military attache this time,Obviously not to encounter this situation。
Back to the reception room,Love·Dracula took out his phone for the first time,Then I found out by accident,There is no signal?
Obviously,Electronic interference!
He didn’t make a mistake in judgment at this point。