The book given by the Purple Blood Demon describes in detail the method of changing the fusion of the divine power。

“Change divine fusion,There are three steps,One is guided by the power of the soul,According to the Purple Blood Demon,Soul power is the key to divine power integration。Only under the guidance of the special soul power of the soul mutator,Divine power can merge。”
“Most soul mutants,Instinctively can do this,The fusion of divine power is pure fusion of divine power。And with the fusion of the profound,This quality of fusion of divine power will naturally tend to fit with the fusion of mysterious moves。For example, a strong soul mutation who is good at wind system water system,If its fusion moves implies‘Cold and sharp’,Then its aura of fusion of divine power will gradually become contained‘Cold and sharp’,This is no different from gestating artifacts。Only one passed‘Divine power and soul power’To breed weapons,One is through‘Mutated soul and the mystery of the law’To change the divine power。”
“But do this,too slow,And as the moves change,All the time spent before will be wasted。The most troublesome is,If you realize two different fusion mysteries,That divine power change is basically abolished,Because of this‘natural’Change,Is going in the direction of self-insight。”
And according to the method given by the Purple Blood Demon,Can be very‘rapid’Change supernatural,Make it fit with my own moves。
the first method,Is the most direct method。
Fusion of different laws【Basic Elements】。
For example, a water·High God of Fire Soul Mutation,If fully integrated【Water element mysterious】with【Fire Elemental Mystery】,That can easily change the quality of the fusion divine,Directly find the right one’s own fusion divine power,No difficulty。
But this is definitely not an easy way。For example【Water element mysterious】Is the foundation of the law of water,Although at the level of comprehension, it is a low-level law and mysterious,Comprehension is low,Weak power after comprehension。But just because it is basic,So between different rules【Elemental Mystic】It’s more difficult to integrate。
For example, in the law of the earth【Power esoteric】And the law of flame【The Mystic Explosion】Fusion,In fact, these two are reflected in the world,For example, during a volcanic eruption。
If analogy【Water element mysterious】with【Fire Elemental Mystery】Fusion,Is equivalent to finding a substance that is both water and fire。
This is more basic,The more difficult。
At least the Purple Blood Demon is recorded in the book,Able to do certain two laws【Basic Elements】There are still a lot of integration entry,But I have never heard of it。
of course,I just haven’t heard of it,After all, the world is so big,Although the Purple Blood Demon is extremely powerful among soul mutants,Wide range of friends,But it’s impossible to figure out all soul mutants。
This means,Call it‘Law of law’。