Before,Yu Shi never thought that one day would face such a scene,But since it’s here,She has no reason to shrink。

What sad、Sad、There is no painful feelings,The only one who supported her to walk in front of them,Is unstoppable anger。
Korean Poems,Not cause trouble,Not afraid of things。
Korean Poems,Can chant poems and compose flowers before the moon,You can also sweep the horizon。
but,She also wanted to give Zhao Haiyi a chance to explain,Won’t act rashly。
Getting closer and closer to Zhao Haiyi,No need to say hello,He has seen her,of course,I also saw Cui Ronghao who was like a bodyguard behind her。
He was taken aback first,Then got up slowly:“Poetry,Mr. Cui,Why are you here?”
Yushi secretly laughed,This is typical,Why are we here,Of course we are here to eat!
Yushi smiled softly,Said in an unnaturally gentle tone after suppressing anger:“Haiyi,You snatched my line,I should ask why you guys are here。if I recall it correctly,You took the high-speed train to Guangzhou early in the morning。”
“I……”Zhao Haiyi was speechless。
Zhang Xiaoxue seems to want to say something,A poem“stop”’S gesture scared,I was stunned and swallowed what I wanted to say。
“No need to explain,I know。Can’t bear her,Want to spend a day with her,right?”Yushi seems to be calm。
Zhao Haiyi can’t think of a reasonable excuse,He didn’t expect to be in Shenzhen,They can run into。
“You guys are delicious,Cui and I went there。correct,I’ll pay for your meal,I’m doing it for you,Farewell you away from my life!Zhao Haiyi,We don’t,Rejoice!”Before Zhao Haiyi could react,Yu Shi has turned around resolutely,Cheerful、Without hesitation。
Cui Ronghao knows that Yushi will not suffer,Kept standing not far away watching her。But at the moment she turned around,He clearly saw the two lines of tears falling in her eyes。
The tears stung him silently,Make him feel bad。
Can’t think,Only for a moment,Cui Ronghao walked over to Zhao Haiyi,I slapped his face with my hand。
Although this slap is not particularly loud,But powerful enough,I don’t know where I hurt,A little blood oozes from the corner of Zhao Haiyi’s lips。
Finish this slap,Cui Ronghao got closer,In the ears of Zhao Haiyi,Say in a voice that only the two of them can hear:“Manager Zhao,rest assured,I won’t treat you。but,You should not be able to stay in the Guangzhou branch。”