Kang Hui: No one is monotone, serious and moe are me

Kang Hui: No one is monotone, serious and “moe” are me
Not long ago, in 2020, the ten best books of “Shuxiangyangcheng” were announced. CCTV news anchor Kang Hui’s new book “Average Score” was selected into the “Top Ten Good Books” list in the literary and artistic category.This is the first time Kang Hui has written a book. As a review of his first half of his life, in addition to writing about his own growth, Kang Hui has also seriously reviewed the “darkest moments” in his career.”Average Score” pilots are more familiar with the rigorous aspect of his work, and now, Kang Hui is witty in some CCTV variety shows, and his humorous reaction has added a lot of “new fans” to him.The serious image in “News Network” and the private “moe” temperament, which one is closer to the real him?Kang Hui said frankly that perhaps the two together would be closer to himself.-About “News Broadcast”-Until now, “News Broadcast” will still be nervous. “News Broadcast” has been sticking to it for more than ten years. For Kang Hui, the “gold standard” of the profession has been formed, and “foolproof” is not here.It’s just a wish, it is a requirement, no matter how urgent the manuscript is, it must be done in a calm manner.He naturally also made mistakes. In the book “Average Score”, Kang Hui mentioned many of his “darkest moments”: turning “consolation telegram” into “congratulation telegram”, and unconsciously turning “can be used for nine days.”, “You can go to Wuyang to catch the turtle” is mistaken for “you can go to the moon for five days, you can go to Jiuyang to catch the turtle”, and the “snot door” incident (the nose has flowed into your mouth during the broadcast of “News 30 minutes”, heIn the process of ventilation, he sniffed twice his nose and continued to complete the broadcast).These mistakes made Kang Hui reflect: perfection may not exist, but people who pursue perfection should exist.“I ‘m not a‘ God of God ‘, and I ‘ve never seen a god. Everyone makes mistakes. This is a matter of probability, but the understanding and tolerance of others cannot be a reason to lower the standard.”” In 1993, after graduating from Kanghui University, he entered the CCTV News Center. In the following ten years, almost all types of news programs have been practiced.At 7 pm on June 5, 2006, Kang Hui partner Li Zimeng sat for the first time on the anchor of “News Network”. “Although I have more than ten years of work experience, this is” News Network “!Entering the most, watching the clock point to 7 o’clock, this tension reached its peak.The opening song sounded, and I took a deep breath before saying my first sentence in “Newscast”: “Good night, audience friends.”Kang Hui recalled.”Actually, I am very thankful that I really got connected with” Newscast “after working for a few years. I am very happy that I have been with it for more than a year. I have learned how to cherish and live up to it.Without being floaty.I know that boarding this platform does not mean that it already belongs to this platform, nor does it mean that it has already stood firm on this platform, and more challenges are still in the future.In the book “Average Score”, Kang Hui said frankly that until now, he would be nervous on “Newscast”.If the initial tension was due to strangeness, then the tension is now due to familiarity, “more and more understand it, and more and more want to take care of it.”Although the live broadcasting of “News Network” is very stressful, Kang Hui said that when doing live broadcasting, some people’s attention will be highly concentrated, and sometimes the recording will inevitably be a little bit slack, so the live broadcasting has some irreplaceable appeal.The job of the announcer is not as simple as reading the manuscript. In the eyes of many people, the job of the announcer is to read the manuscript. It seems very simple.But Kang Hui said that even in “Newscast”, each announcer may not broadcast for a long time, but it is by no means a simple task.”Every piece of news content in” Lianbo “has been reviewed and confirmed. It cannot be changed at will. It must be accurately expressed. It seems to be a manuscript. In fact, to read the manuscript well, it requires professional ability in broadcasting and comprehensive attention to social lifeIf you have an understanding of the general situation of the country, it is impossible to grasp a precise division.”For the” newscast “that is broadcast daily, Kang Hui always quotes the 12 words that his colleagues are familiar with-the words are very different, the politics is second, and the exam is every day.”Newscast” is broadcast for 30 minutes every day, and consists of more than 8,000 words of commentary, 500 to 800 shots, and nearly 1,000 words of subtitles. There can be no mistakes.”For the anchors, the mistakes to be avoided include pronunciation errors.Due to the nature of work, everyone naturally thinks that the anchor of the news hookup should be the standard for pronunciation, but they often have uncertainties. Kang Hui said, “There is no other way, just to check the dictionary honestly, sometimes once.It is not always possible to remember that it takes a few times to form a muscular memory. This is something that needs to be persisted for a long time. “Kang Hui said with a smile, he already had an occupational disease, and he always wanted to correct it when he heard that others’ best was incorrect. “But not everyone should follow the standards of our work. If you think about this, you might think that you are often suspicious.”But recently, Kang Hui has not appeared on the main station of” News Network “, which has caused many viewers to miss him.Kang Hui stated that he has been working, “Special thanks to these friends for their concern.”[” Fairy Husband “]” The respect between husband and wife is not just a form. “In the latest issue of the CCTV variety show” Hello Life “, Nigemai brought in colleagues Kang Hui, Zhu Xun and others.In the show, Kang Hui lost the game, Nigel bought a paragraph and asked Kang Hui to call his wife “I love you” on the spot. During the call, the guests of the CCTV presidency shouted “sweet”. Zhu Xun was even more emotional:Having been married for so many years, you are still so tired.When Niko buys questions, can Kang Hui play the content of the call?Kang Hui thought for a while and said, “I will tell her what is going on. I will listen to her.”Negmati chased a sentence:” Her opinion is no longer important.Kang Hui directly responded: “Her opinion is very important.”In the end, this conversation was replaced by the” sweet “song in the show.This detail also turned Kang Hui into a “fairy husband” and went on a hot search.Kang Hui has been married for 22 years, and the couple has no children. He said that they might really treat each other as children, so they have a little bit of “favoring” each other.Asked about the way husband and wife get along, Kang Hui said that each family is different and there are no certain rules. The ancients said that respecting each other is not just a form, but to ignore each other ‘s feelings, ideas and opinions.Same, but mutual respect should be the same.”As for the exact content of the call that was not broadcast in the program, Kang Hui said,” Since I chose not to broadcast in the program, there is no need to reveal any secrets. “” I am still not used to exposing too much of my personal life.In front of the public.”【“新晋网红”】“这样的‘网红’我愿继续做下去”康辉此前在《新闻联播》中霸气回应中美贸易战,在《主播说联播》系列短视频中又以轻松The way is called the big things of the day, and includes famous sayings like “no zuo no die”, so that its “national face” image has a more earthy temperature.After the first trial shoot of vlog, hot searches about “Kanghui vlog” appeared frequently.Talking about the vlog recording, Kang Hui said that at first he thought this short video recording was very simple, and the result was taken for almost 3 hours.Many young colleagues gave him a lot of guidance while shooting the video, which made him deeply feel that in the face of new communication methods, he still needs to learn more.The 48-year-old nearly half a year old “new net red”, although the average score of the hot search in the first half of his life was low, but unexpectedly started the journey of “removing a lowest score” in middle age.He admitted frankly that one day, “News Network” and he can become “net celebrities”, “but this kind of” net celebrities “, I like it, I am willing to be.Kang Hui said that becoming a “net celebrity” is a kind of recognition of the work innovation and breakthroughs made by the public.He is even willing to continue to be such a “net celebrity”, but also learn how to do well.”Because of today’s media environment, there are so many channels for people to obtain information. Of course, I hope that important information to be transmitted can be transmitted to more friends, especially young friends, through various platforms and terminals.[Ordinary people]There is no talent, only that a little bit strong “news anchor” Kang Hui is actually a literary youth.Once, he would pretend to have a stomachache in order to listen to the radio and evade going to school. More than once he took a leave of absence in the self-study class to go to the movies. “As long as I enter the cinema, it is my holiday.”what occupation?”He would answer without thinking:” Do something related to the movie. “In “Average Score”, Kang Hui recorded the evaluation of several big directors; his pillow-side toilet was placed with the book “Love reading, regular reading, familiar reading, and not tired of reading thousands of times”, and also lamented:I used to think that, like me, if in ancient times, should I be a scholar?There are even more “Kang’s Comments” in the book, “Evaluating the top three of Jin Yong’s novels in my heart, the first ranking is” Swordsman “.For no reason, I first fell in love with the title of the book. It was only four words, and it was meteorological. No word was coined by Jin Yong, but when combined together, it showed the big gullies in my chest.”Everyone calls Kang Hui” a temperamental male god, “but he laughs at himself.” Saying that a person has a good temperament means that this person has no face value. “”In Kang Hui’s view, he is an ordinary person, and in any field, it is impossible to take a step without any effort.As a moderator, he believed that he had no dazzling appearance and no talent that was different from ordinary people. Some were just unwilling to be strong.When he was young, he was full of admiration for talents, as if he were born with the ultimate character of mission.As I grow older, I admire those who are ordinary but have always tried to make themselves extraordinary.Kang Hui used the example of Liu Dehua in the preface of “Average Score”: Everyone said he was not talented, he was not as good as Zhang Xueyou, he was not as good as Guo Fucheng, and his appearance was a little less noble than Liming.To this day, no one will easily laugh at Andy Lau ‘s singing voice and dancing posture, he will always be Andy Lau.He is like an all-round athlete on the field, maybe every single event is not the first, but every single event can not ignore his existence.So, “If I talk about talent, I am the one that can’t be more ordinary.In the field of life, in the professional field, if you do n’t want to be unwilling, you can only try to try every option. You can pass each option. If you work hard on the pass, you may be able to rise to a higher level.One by one, you can get yourself a higher average score.”Dialogue” Kang Hui participated in “Hello Life” with Zhu Xun, Li Sisi, Zhang Lei, and Negmatti.Sauna Nightnet: You said in “Hello Life” that good-looking people can’t be news anchors, aren’t they afraid of Haixia, Ouyang Xiadan, Li Zimeng and other female colleagues coming to you?Kang Hui: That was ridicule while chatting, but it did say a requirement for our work.Choosing a news anchor does not really set the standard of face value too high, and more importantly is dignified atmosphere.Our purpose is to convey information, and any factors that may over-attract attention on the screen should be avoided. Some female protagonists broadcast a particularly eye-catching brooch. This is what people see at a glance, which may interfere with others ‘information.Receive effectively.This is not exactly what the news anchor needs, so we have this kind of ridiculous statement. People who are too beautiful cannot be news anchors, which means that the audience may be patronized.Even if someone wants to use this sentence to ask Hai Xia, Xia Dan, Zi Meng these female colleagues, I believe they must have a smile.Sauna Night: As an excellent news anchor, what do you think is the most important element?Kang Hui: As with any profession, being a broadcaster has access, there is a cloud, understanding, judgment, expression, including the affinity of the image are basically combined, and after entry, through hard work these basic qualitiesOne by one improvement is the process from a qualified anchor to an excellent anchor.And most importantly, I think sincerity, which is the basis of how far we can go.Sauna Nightnet: What do you think are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of your personality?Kang Hui: For people’s personality hints, their strengths and weaknesses all depend on how others judge them.If the passengers I jumped out to look at, maybe the biggest advantage of my character is to be able to treat things calmly and try not to be overheated; the biggest disadvantage is that I have too many concerns when making a decision.Sauna Night Net: Which of the more serious temperament in the “News Network” and the “moe” image in private variety shows is closer to the real you?Kang Hui: No one will be monotone.That serious image is not completely me, nor is Meng, it is closer together.[Small share]The movie: “The Redemption of Shawshank”, many people like “Redemption of Shawshank”. That year, the Oscar was not awarded, and it became the relic of Oscar history.The biggest feeling this movie gives is that people have to be hopeful.Most of the film is a prison scene, which represents many unpleasant existences in this world, which suppresses the living space of people, but the protagonist always has hope, and will do his best to look towards the light.Although it was a story that happened in prison, when I saw it in the end, my whole heart became clear.Fiction: My favorite Jin Yong character in Xiaoaojianghu is Linghu Chong. I like him to always have freedom and ideal beliefs for people, and always have deep affection for people. Those who want to do what they want need to really understand how to comply with their heartsOnly humans can do it, but it is not indiscriminate behavior.Linghu Chong actually desires level, but it must be a level that can protect human freedom.However, Mr. Jin Yong could not give such a character exactly how to gain freedom in this world, so he had to give “Swordsman” a fairy-tale ending.Compare Zhang Wuji, “As the protagonist of a martial arts novel, it is difficult for him to have a sense of substitution. I am afraid that he is too much like us in life.Take me for example, it is always “hearted towards Linghu, but in fact Zhang Wuji.”We hope that the kindhearted will always have the blessing of heaven, but how can it be so easy?”Sauna Night Network chief reporter Liu Wei editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin