Sleepy in spring try 8 medicated meals

Sleepy in spring try 8 medicated meals

When the temperature rises, people will be severely fatigued, sleepy, unable to lift their spirits, etc. In fact, these are the symptoms of spring sleepiness, which is an objective response to the physiological changes brought about by the seasonal change.

Spring difficulties will affect normal work efficiency.

So, how to get rid of spring sleepiness and refreshment?

Medicinal diet conditioning is a good method. Here are a few medicinal recipes for treating spring sleep: 35 grams of yam longan steamed turtle with yam, 15 grams of longan meat and 1 turtle.

First heat the turtle with hot water, cut and wash it, remove the internal organs, then put it into the casserole with yam, longan meat, cooking wine, salt, spring onion, and ginger, and infuse it with chicken soup and stew until it is cooked and ready to eat.

  Plasma essence jujube soup 15 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of huangjing, 6 jujubes, decoction.

One dose a day is suitable for those who are weak in energy and tired.

  Walnut salvia bergamot drink 5 walnut kernels, bergamot slices 6 grams, salvia 10 grams.

Smash danshen bergamot soup, walnut kernel and white sugar into mud, add danshen bergamot soup and mix well, fry over low heat for 10 minutes, and drink after cooling.

  Pigeon Ginseng Decoction 1 white pigeon, Codonopsis 20 g, Astragalus membranaceus and Huai yam 30 g each.

Cut white pigeon meat into casserole, add copious water with codonopsis, astragalus and yam, add salt, MSG, ginger, green onion, pepper, season with soup, eat meat every other day.

  Cordyceps braised chicken black bone chicken, washed and cut into pieces, Cordyceps, 10 grams each of Codonopsis, Huang Jing, 5 grams each of cooked land, wrapped in gauze, put together in the pot, add magnolia slices, winter mushrooms, cooking wine, ginger, salt, shallots, etc.Seasoning and moderate amount of water, stew until crispy and serve immediately every other day.

  100 grams of glutinous rice with red rice porridge, 500 grams of barley kernels, and 50 grams of red dates.

Crush the glutinous rice, wash the barley kernels, remove the red dates into the pot together, add water to cook the porridge, and when the porridge is thick, add the appropriate amount of brown sugar and cook for a while.

  100 grams of fresh yam, yam and walnut porridge, 50 grams each of lentils and walnut meat, 60 grams of rice.

Wash and slice the yam, add lentil and walnut meat to the same pot, add water to cook the porridge, and add salt, MSG, ginger, and spring onion when the porridge is cooked.

  500 grams of red jujube stewed rabbit meat and 20 grams of red dates.

Cut rabbit meat into pieces, add wine, salt for 20 minutes, put red dates on the bottom of the pot, add rabbit meat, add ginger slices, shallots, pepper and other spices and water, stew until cooked to eat.