These foods are eaten at least once a month for effective anti-aging

These foods are eaten at least once a month for effective anti-aging

Absolutely, scientists can explore and introduce some foods, and eat two of the following foods every day to enhance physical fitness and delay aging.

  Mushrooms: rich in nutrients, improve immunity, lose weight, mushrooms have a lot of inorganic substances, vitamins, protein and other rich nutrients, but easy to be low, often eat will not gain weight.

And the high-grade plant cellulose contained in mushrooms prevents constipation and lowers plasma levels in the blood.

Vitamin C in mushrooms is much higher than normal fruits, which can promote the body’s metabolism.

  Reminder: Near harvest, poisoning caused by eating wild mushrooms, and even deaths have been reported in the media. Wild mushrooms are best not to pick!

  Spinach: not anemia, strong constitution, good skin, detoxification, protection of vision, stable mood, can be separated from iron deficiency anemia.

  The folic acid in spinach is very important for the mother. Adding too much folic acid during pregnancy can avoid the birth of a baby with developmental defects and reduce the risk of leukemia and congenital heart disease in newborn babies.

  Tomatoes: Anti-cancer, give you a good appetite, energy and whitening.

  Eat tomatoes to pay attention to six taboos (1) should not be eaten with cucumber at the same time (2) take heparin, dicoumarol and other anticoagulant drugs should not be eaten (3) should not be eaten on an empty stomach (4) should not eat immature tomatoes (5)It is not suitable for long-term heating and cooking. (6) When taking neostigmine or galantamine, it is forbidden to eat tomatoes containing a large amount of vitamin C, which contains 20-30 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of tomatoes.

Vitamin C has the effect of enhancing the body’s resistance, complications of scurvy, and resistance to infection.

The cucumber contains a lot of vitamin C decomposing enzymes, which will simultaneously destroy the vitamin C in the tomatoes.

  Chocolate: Have a happy – chocolate has a calming effect, its taste and taste can also stimulate the happy center of the human brain, making people happy.

The result of tooth guard-demineralization is the formation of caries, and chocolate can slow the speed of this process.

  When it comes to chocolate, many people are both love and fear, love the sweetness and affection of it, love it always brings us the taste and visual surprise. uncover the healthy truth of chocolate.

  Many consumers are hard to match the taste of chocolate, and they are afraid of getting fat after eating.

Participants believe that obesity is a disease caused by the interaction of many factors such as genetic defects and overeating and underactivity. More than 95% of obesity is caused by excessive eating and lack of exercise.

  Expert advice: Adding the right amount of chocolate 15 minutes before exercise will help the energy supplement in exercise and recovery after exercise.

If you want to enjoy the delicious taste and not gain weight, of course you should exercise more.