Catering consumption has a new meaning (economic new orientation, National Day consumption)

  The restaurant is hot, the drink shop is row, the food street is bustling … National Day holiday, under the conditions of prevention and control of the epidemic, the exposure consumption accelerates, and the catering consumption is accelerated. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, the catering industry revenue reached 2171.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate, and the scale of consumption was basically returned to the 2019 level. It is worth mentioning that the big and small hotel, while the business is booming, in terms of products, channels, scenes, etc., and meet the new needs of catering consumption. Policy has two strong supply and demand, and the catering industry is restored to a good time. Mother "Huaiyang Ceilmia Temple Shop Party, pointing in autumn specialties such as drunk crabs, she used coupons to deduct, and very satisfied with this dining experience. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday has intervals, long-lasting holiday economy duration, which is conducive to attracting consumers to enhance popularity.

In the holiday, the store received approximately 1,500 consumers every day, and the private room has been booked until October 7. "Combined with epidemic prevention and control needs, we launch four kinds of consumption methods, takeaway, live broadcast, online shop, and special time to make dishes." Li Hongxia, general manager of Jiangsu Kugnai Catering Management Co., Ltd., introduced 10 stores in Jiangning District, The effect is large, but the sales situation before the Mid-Autumn Festival has returned to normal level, and the overall sales will increase by about 5% year-on-year.

  In order to make consumers to eat with confidence, "small kitchen" under the guidance of the market supervision department, implement store staff, dormitory environment, and "triple disinfection", eat the restaurant, test the temperature, check the green code "triple protection" , And store self-examination, mutual investigation, randomly visiting "triple inspection", do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, safeguarding food safety. With the support of the Jiangsu Provincial Catering Industry Association, the company has overcome the influence of the epidemic this year, and there is currently four stores, which will be opened in the year.

Li Hongxia said that the full line is registered, no need to come back and forth, the material can be completed in an hour, and a working day will be approved.

  "All localities passed the consumption coupon, hosted a food festival, etc. Chain Association, supply chain fusion, service chain extension, value chain improvement.

"Jiangsu Province Catering Industry Association, president, said that this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival catering service revenue increased by 12% year-on-year, the National Day holiday is expected to have a large increase," Current catering industry recovery is stable to a steady trend, the pre-inhibitory consumption will Get recovery growth.

"In addition to family consumption, friends and family have gathered, rural leisure tour, etc. to help the catering consumption market rapid recovery, the healthy catering concept is deeply rooted, the community catering is constantly improving, and the food and demand market is also promoted.

  Specialty catering is favored, the cultural experience is the upgrade key "small yellow people" ice cream becomes a national day National Day holiday to Beijing Global Studios. "Meng Meng’s shape, thick banana taste, although than ordinary cold drink, it feels quite worth.

"Beijing resident Wu Xiaoyun said.

  This popular ice cream comes from domestic brand Mengniu.

Lu Minquan, president of Mengniu Group, said: "As the official partner of Beijing Global Resort, we combine the taste experience and the garden experience in order to highlight product characteristics, spend a lot of mind.

"Beijing Global Studios During the trial operation, only the Mengniu Bingqi of the City Avenue, the single-day sales exceed 120,000 yuan, the National Day holiday is expected to be innovated. Han Ming, president of China Hotel Association, said the mass dining The market ushered in upgrading new trends, quality, safety, taste is the key to catering enterprises to attract consumers. On this basis, feature, culture, and experience-based consumer consumption is the focus of catering enterprises to win the market.

  Let consumers eat new features. Into the frog in Hunan Changsha, the restaurant, decoration, decoration, and pillow, etc. are frog-based. "A few years ago, the popular catering industry was more popular, and a store may have hundreds of dishes. The store is not different. We have been insisting on doing special items, focusing on bullfrog ingredients, developing a variety of tastes, hope consumption Those who think of eating a bullfrog will think of our restaurant.

"Luo Qing, chairman of the group. Let consumers eat new flavors. Liuzhou snail powder, Guiyang beef powder, Shaanxi meat clamps and other specialty snacks have been welcomed, and a large batch of catering stores. These local snorkets are very cheap, become Many consumer National Day holidays are preferred.

Han Ming said: "These gourmet snacks have a large development space in the future through deep excavation of non-protocol, food culture, product characteristics, expanding chain operations and branded business models.

"Let consumers eat new experiences. National Day holiday, Shenzhen Nantou Ancient City Just opened a long team, consumers can not only taste their own ice, but also understand black sugar, padish, cheese, The handmade, production process, and side of the raw materials and other raw materials. Zhang Haolong, a high-level vice president of her tea, and the upgrade of the online consumption scene has become a new consumption trend. Consumers’ experience requirements are also improved. "We hope to use There is a design store space, bringing different consumer experiences to consumers, such as the taste of ‘Jingtian’ in Beijing, in Chengdu’s wide narrow alley shop. "Green catering is fashionable, and according to people’s quantitative" CD "has a prize market, the dining waste phenomenon is significantly reduced.

With the implementation of anti-food waste method, the continuous advancement of "CD Action", the reporter has developed in Hunan City, Hunan Province, saves food, and eliminating waste of waste.

  Near noon, in the old-fashioned friendship hotel of Renxi Road, Huaichuan Street, Liuyang, the public’s "component custom meal" of the hotel is full, "it is too cost-effective! Our family has a red meat, I originally 13 meat, now the component is customized, only 6 pieces of intake of four people are available, neither a waste of food, saving us money.

"In order to reduce food waste, Friendship Hotel invites professional nutritionists, according to the dietary structure, according to the scientific intake of each person, standardize the hotel’s 41 leeks, accurate to grams, provide corresponding components according to the number of dining .

"At the same time, we implement the ‘N-1’ order reminder service, if there is 10 guests, we recommend the appropriate reduction, point 9 people, not enough." Liu Yan, a restaurant manager.

  Friendship Hotel has a lot of wedding banquets, often leaving many leftovers leftovers.

In response to this situation, the hotel launches free packaging, leftovers, secondary heating services. At noon banquet, the remaining dishes can be heated for free, and guests can continue to eat in the store. In this way, the kitchen garbage is greatly reduced. In the past day, a barrel of leftovers will be produced. Now the same turnover is set, and a bucket is produced four days.

  Reward "CD", Liuyang City Huaichuan Street and Catering Association issued an initiative to get a lot of business response, "Liuyangyuan" is one of them.

  National Day holiday, Mr. Ye brought home to "Liuyangyuan" to eat, I chose 5 dishes on the mobile phone. When I am preparing to point again, the waiter smiles and reminds: "Mr.,,,,,, 6 people, 5 dishes, should eat enough. Our store has the ‘CD Award’, you can redeem! "Mr. Ye listens, I feel very interesting, adopted suggestions, a family successful" CD ".

  A love snack, a nostalgic practical gift, a lottery, "Liuyangyuan" set up "three choices" rewards, encourage "CD Action" with a visible prize. Liuyang City Food Association president Jiao national defense said: "During this time, we have jointly relevant departments and industry organizations, in the restaurant store, the ‘four prompts, a punishment’, ‘Four Tips’, prompt before meal, do not lay reasonable, meal The public chopsticks are prompted to talk about hygiene, tips on the meal, and then the meal is not wasteful.

"Liuyang City Food Association will implement the" four tips "as an important reference indicator of the in-house restaurant, demonstration store, and implement a" one vote veto "on the catering enterprises that appear serious waste.