Review: Dew or not revealing, not a problem

  In the past, people were getting ready for the past.

More and more winners are willing to come to the face, dare to look at the face.

In recent days, the news of Chongqing 10.59 million yuan first prize winners, the news of the prize, has been in the "typing" state. Overall, the old Chang was awarded award, at least two points worthy. First, the big prize is high.

In the past, the winners who would like to look at the prize of the prize, and the big prize is a top shaving winner below million yuan.

The prize is more than 10 million yuan, dare to look at the face, and the old has a big courage.

However, Laochang also said that this millions of prizes are bought together with two friends. According to average points, he is divided into hand taxation more than 3 million, he thinks not much. Second, the spread range is wide. The reason why Lao Changpu face is a "typing" state, and is closely related to today’s rich communication.

The text, pictures, short video of the Lao Changshi Awards, constantly spread through the network and social media, and the influence is natural.

  Dew or not revealing, no problem — From the lottery authority, there is a voluntary protecting the privacy of the winner, but from the winner himself, more belongs to the individual choice.

Sharing opportunities and promoting innovation development (into observation of the Expo)

  Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development.

Only by dare to innovate, be brave in change, can break through the bottleneck of the world economy.

China attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation and is committed to promoting global scientific and technological innovation collaboration. The fourth-year entrance will continue to open the door, providing quality display platform for the innovation achievements of all parties, and promotes joint development in mutual learning and win-win sharing.

  The display of the display of innovative results Platform hydrogen fuel cell system, automatic nucleic acid detection workstation, the first 14-nanometer EUV technology dynamic random access memory, the new generation of implantation-type heart discrete defibrillator with Bluetooth connection function … At the fourth year, exhibitors show 422 new products, new technologies, and new services. "The world’s first" "Asian first show" "China’s first exhibition" is attractive.

  Medical instruments and pharmaceutical and health exhibition areas are "big households" showing innovation results. The first time I entered the Expo "Future Clinic", concentrated on the achievements of medical innovation of 500 companies in the world, showing how technology can help people respond to the medical challenge facing future.

Here, people can only access advanced medical devices from visiting technologies, and can also experience medical services through digital simulation means.

An internationally renowned medical institution exhibited a smart wearable biotherapy instrument.

This starting product has a variety of different treatment modes, and the host that regulates these modes only has a smart phone size, and the operation is very convenient. Schott, Germany launched a "anti-fall" mobile phone cover glass. Glass combines the characteristics of a variety of materials, anti-falling and scratch performance are particularly protruding.

In the test, the glass can not be scratched with a sharp object.

  Samsung exhibited high-pixel moving image sensors, with higher light absorption and acuity, allow mobile devices to take high-resolution photos in an environment where light is insufficient.

The new generation of memory products that are launched are not only larger capacity, but also reduced nearly 20% of system power consumption. Huang Dao, the relevant person in charge of the company, said Samsung has participated in the fair for 4 consecutive years, and the Chinese economy took the lead in recovery, let us see the toughness and stability of China’s industrial chain.

Samsung will further increase investment in China’s advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries. US Rockwell Automation shows a true intelligent "small world", combined with digital technology through physical models, there are both modern industrial parks, wind farms, and smart buildings and green travel facilities. "Entering the Expo provides a good communication and resource docking platform for Chinese and foreign companies.

We are very happy to participate in the digital solutions of integration innovation.

"The relevant person in charge of the company said. Many exhibitors expressed the same heart: I can see the trend of industry innovation, find the direction of the transformation and upgrading. Opportunity of the opportunity to open innovation Effects, allowing innovative technologies and products from global development to rapidly developing "fast lanes". In order to let more cutting-edge products and technologies can find the market, this year’s enters the Expo for the first time in the technical equipment exhibition area, medical equipment and pharmaceutical and health care zones, The auto exhibition area has set up an innovative incubation area, helping domestic and foreign supplies to effectively docking. Tap the annular induction interface of the air purifier with the hand, and the fresh air that is filtered is quietly released.

"This is an innovative product created in conjunction with plasma advanced sterilization technology.

"Finland’s relevant person in charge of the person in charge, Shu Xiqiong, said," The company participated in the Expo for the first time, and we are full of confidence and expectations for the Chinese market. "At this year, there are 8 Finnish startup companies to concentrate on innovative incubation zones, involving low-carbon industries, intelligent manufacturing and Internet of Things.

Mens, Menmun, Ambassador, Finland, said: "Finnish companies pay attention to innovation, we can do a lot together with Chinese companies." Gu Yuxi, a senior vice president of Mtrartley, introduced more than 60 medical technology innovation results at the Expo, "Only Mazorx spinal intelligent navigation robot, we have reached a strategic cooperation intention with many hospitals." The huge potential technological innovation of innovative drivers is an important engine for human social development.

At the Expo, all parties fully exchange innovation concepts, explore innovation cooperation, and seek new opportunities. Microsoft is working together with partners, building a platform to exhibit a variety of innovative products, such as the world’s first double-standard S-Carbon carbon management intelligent cloud platform, using "marine environmental protection mouse" manufactured by recycling plastic materials.

  In the food and agricultural exhibition area, Danish Biotechnology Enterprise Novin’s exhibits attracted people’s eyes: reducing the series of feed enzymes in breeding costs, increasing the enzyme preparations of bread, helping children’s intestinal health … The person in charge said: "Entering the Expo allows us to have an opportunity to communicate with partners to make more accurate adjustments to products and services, more targeted innovation." Danah Group’s first year In the new product, there are many investment, research and development, production, and mainly serve the Chinese market. Peng Yang, Vice President of Danacher, said: "We focus on cultivating local talents in China, bringing local research and development, local production innovation products and leading technology to the international market, forming a benign circulation, benefiting the world." The bigger the opening of China is getting more and more, China’s links between the world economy will be more close.

Entering the Expo to create new opportunities for the innovation and development of all parties, and open up new paths.

  (报报 Presser Gao Shi, Meng Xianglin, Yang Xun, Qiang Wei, Wang Di, Wang Yunsong, Yu Yunchun, Yin Peng).

Summary: OPEC did not expand the production plan New York oil prices have a new high of 7 years

Xinhua News Agency, New York, October 4th, Overview: OPEC did not expand the production plan New York oil price Renaissance Liu Yanan oil output country organization (OPEC) and Non-Oborne producer 4 days announced continued in accordance with the original plan in November crude oil Yield, which makes some expectation of the main oil country to further increase the market discipline of crude oil supply, stimulating oil prices. New York crude oil futures prices rose to nearly 7 years, Brent crude oil futures are located in the past three years. Analysts pointed out that due to the sharp rise in natural gas and coal prices in some parts of the world, the alternative effect is expected to bring additional oil demand this winter, which in turn has intensified the oil market to supply and demand, oil prices or further rush. Peter McNarei, head of Industrial Materials and Energy Consulting, said that due to OPEC and non-Eubei’s oil-producing countries only increase the total monthly total amount of monthly production, it is expected that oil inventory will continue to decline this year. McNari said that after the new crown epidemics, OPEC and non-Ou Parke’s oil production agreement made global oil inventory fell rapidly. At the same time, US crude oil production was affected by Hurricane "Aid" in August, and US oil and gas companies generally hesitate to increase the drilling development form, which leads to fatigue growth of crude oil.

The senior Vice President of Resta Energy is said to the root of the oil market, and the market supply tension began to react in oil prices.

Resta Energy expects that some regional consumption will bring more rising pressure to oil prices from natural gas.

Danish Shengbao Bank’s global commodity strategy, the head of the commodity strategy, said that the current global coal and natural gas market supply tight may push the market’s demand for diesel, propane and fuel oil, this year’s winter oil demand may therefore increase the daily basis 500,000 bucket.

Adam Leig, President of the Alberta Commercial Association, Canada, said that oil prices may break through 100 US dollars per barrel in this winter. Despite the increase in international oil prices, the profitable space of North American oil and gas companies has expanded, but industry insiders are expected to be subject to capital discipline, these companies are not significantly increased. Data show that this year, New York crude oil futures and Brent crude oil futures first contract prices have increased by more than 60%, but US-Japanese crude oil production is still more than 10% lower than the epidemic.

Mike Muller, the person in charge of the Asian business in Victorian oil company, said that the US crude oil supply has not risen due to the high oil prices, which means that crude oil pricing power is largely mastered in Ou Paik.

The sea is expected to rise in the global economic recovery. Under the influence of cold winter and some regional consumption from natural gas turning to oil, the global Japanese petroleum demand may rise rapidly. Oil prices continue to rise, may have a negative impact on economic recovery. (Editor: Su Tongxiang, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

The epidemic is in, not far away, tour must have "anti-anti-" – a letter to Xining citizens and tourists

Dear citizens and tourists and friends: Thank you for your attention and support for Xining cultural tour for many years.

Since October 28, Xining’s epidemic situation has grim, in accordance with the perspective of your life safety and physical health, according to the relevant requirements of the joint defense, we have related requirements, our views, scenic spots, hotel restaurants, airports The railway station, highway entrance and exit, etc. have been strictly controlled.

This sudden epidemic, disrupted the rhythm of your travel, disrupting the beautiful mood of your travel, delaying your footsteps you go home, we apologize for you, we apologize, and support your understanding And cooperate with sincere gratitude! For your health and epidemic prevention and control work, you will be as follows: Non-essentials do not have the market, universally, we have deployed in accordance with the unified deployment of the superiors, requiring travel agency to suspend groups Provincial tourism activities.

Personal self-help tour, self-driving friends, I suggest you don’t have to go out, don’t get the city, high-risk areas, and learn about the latest exopient prevention and control policies in the destination, inquiry the openness, limited flow measures, and reasonable planning Travel lines and time to avoid delay your journey. Epidemic prevention and control is related to your understanding support and cooperation is the biggest air of our exhibition. Xining is a good place, there is a long history, cultural and splendid, colorful style, beautiful scenery. Although this trip left regret, we sincerely, but we sincerely welcome you to visit Da Meiqing again in the future, Xia Dang Xining.

Guardian homes have a honesty, and it is necessary to think about it. The epidemic is in, not far away, and tour must have "defense". People from all walks of life let us join hands to protect our beautiful homes.

Looking forward to the epidemic, we are waiting for you in Xining in Xiamen! .

The city pays close attention to "one thing to do" to promote business environment continuously optimize Tongliao Daily Digital News

(Reporter Xu Yuanyuan) Since the beginning of the year, the city has advanced "one thing to do" reform, launched an effective initiative of the "one office" implementation plan, the joint system, the landscaped system, etc. Entrepreneurship with the masses, through "venting service" reform, actual effectiveness enrollment business environment continues to improve, to promote the people’s masses, happiness, and safe feelings continue to increase with high quality government management services.

The full chain combing process is implemented in realization.

The Municipal Administrative Approval and Administration Bureau organized 15 straight sectors, 9 flag counties and urban areas through all-round combat, point-to-point training, in accordance with the overall architecture of "one matter, a form, a set of materials, one process", "single service Items and "Joint Matters" classification classification, one piece of preparation service guide and flowchart. Up to now, the city has won 108 "single-run" and 808 "joint events", a total of 916 matters to achieve "one thing to do", of which the city’s joint items reached 10,000 pieces.

Full process integration accepts a window receiving.

Integrate "one thing to do" matters and other approval matters, unified set "Comprehensive Acceptance Window", through the "Integrated Acceptable Window" Implement "one, a set of forms, one accepted, a joint office, one to run, one The window delivery certificate "closed-loop processing mode, fully promotes the optimization of the government service environment, effectively solving the problem of unbeling the window, the service standard is different."

Optimization of "four minus" goals in all directions.

Fully promote business integration and process reconstruction, promote sectoral, regional process, formal, formalization, material sharing, and promote "reduction materials, minus sections, reduction time, minus" goals, "single service I’m going to do in parallel with the "Joint Event" in parallel. Compared with the reform, the material is reduced by the material, and the office is reduced by weight, and the time is reduced, and the number of running is 39%.

The national examination registration ushered in the peak period of more than 9,500 people in Tibet

  Data map: Candidates have taken out the national examination examination room. The cold thinking of China’s reporter Wang Zhongji shooting in the hot examination is worth mentioning that behind some of the registration of the registration is the "practicing" mentality held by many candidates. Tianjin’s colleges and universities (pseudonyms) have registered in the 2022 national exam, and there is not much professional restriction, and the post can be approved. It is a small number of posts. "Application is to go to the scene to feel the exam, and some of the selection of the province will refer to the score of the national examination. The score can directly participate in the interview. I will go to the exam, I want a score.

"In addition, some candidates have given up national exams because of national examination time and recruitment or time conflicts. Zhao Jing (pseudonym) in a college in Beijing registered the national examination last year, but finally the written test time and a pen test The conflict chose to abandon the test. Zhao Jing felt, and four five hundred people compete with a position, there is no advantage, or go to the company’s written test.

  "But I itself is a mentality registration with the first report, it is a chance to give yourself a choice.

Zhao Jing said.

In fact, many candidates are like Zhao Jing, only the national examination is a way out of the future, not the only choice. In fact, it is observed that the data in recent years can find that the abandonment of the national test written test has been more prominent. Take the 2021 national examination as an example. Ten thousand people in the registration stage passed the qualification review, and there were 10,000 people in the past. There are 10,000 people in the 2020 National Examination through qualification review, and thousands of people actually take the exam.

  Suzhou University Political and Public Administration College professor Qian Yuying said that there is so many people choose to use the national examination as an alternative, except for some civil servants, the development prospect is broad, and it is also because the civil service has strong credibility. Standardized characteristics.

"Adhere to the principle of fairness and justice, enough outstanding people can stand out in the civil service exam, which also creates a national test from another side." (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

The "Anhui Good Man" list was announced in November

A few days ago, after the public recommendation and expert review, Wang Shangyong and other 13 people were selected as "Anhui Good people" in November.

Hefei City, Ancha Express Area Half Deco Street, the residents of the hot spring community resident Wang Shangyong and his wife have encountered a car accident, one of the cars turned down the lake. Wang Shangyong flew to the shore, grabbing a stone, directly taking into the waters of the ice, and swims to the falling water vehicle.

He doesn’t care about the danger to help the driver of the driver open the window glass, grab a water in the water, and struggle to save people.

Finally, a family of 5 people were all rescued by him. I saw that the falling water was safe and sound, Wang Shangyong quietly left with his wife.

In addition to seeing Wang Shangyong, which is brave, there is another 12 people elected "Anhui good people."

They are: cutting liver and rescue women, using selfless love to the daughter’s second life, Huaibei, Huaibei Sports, Huaibei, Zhao Chunhui; flying to rescue a young woman unfortunately fell to the building, the last moment of life is still not released Mengcheng County Fire The rescue brigade Qishan Road fire rescue station original firefighter Chen Jianjun; Many years old, Taoyue Town, Taishi County, Zhangzhuang Village, Sun Yuxi, Wang Suxia, Wang Suxia; Taking care of younger brother and serious illness 28 years, Renai filial piety is moving neighboring Huainan Tianjiatun District Guoqing Street Jinhao Community Needly Zunzhong Liu Guanghua; inheritance The family’s persistence is 14 years, and the 1-year fare has been more than 20 years for the villagers of Xihe Village, Huangchi Town, Huangchi Town, Xihe Village, Xihe Village, Huangchi Town. Green Fruit Professional Cooperative Chairman Cheng Chuanyun; ignoring the neighbor to save fire, the hot oil is seriously burned and not repenting the residents of Tongyu Street Jingxian community residents in the tree; Huang Huazong, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, Zhang Huaizong, Tongling City, Party Fee Zhizhi; Into the party for more than 70 years, I will pay 300,000 yuan for special party fee delegation, the provincial market supervision and management bureau office, Li Suit, Li Shu, Li Shuzhen.

(Reporter Zhang Yue).

Tianjin Customs strictly defends the national door safety declined 1099 tons "foreign garbage"

Original title: 1099 tons "foreign garbage" recently, under the on-site supervision of the Customs of Tianjin Dongjiang, 1099 tons from importing "foreign garbage" iron slag in Tianjin Port Pacific Pier was shipped. It is understood that the batch of goods is over-term unknown imported goods, and the bilok declaration is known as "gold concentrate".

After the goods arrived in Hong Kong, the importers did not declare to the customs for more than three months, and the importers were unknown. According to the relevant regulations, the consignee of imported goods has not been declared to the customs for more than three months, and the importer is unknown. The imported goods are extracted by the customs and selling according to law; the third-party inspection must be entrusted before extracting the sale, and the goods that are unqualified are ordered. Return.

The Dongjiang Customs determines that the batch of goods is suspected of solid waste according to the design of the Bank’s listing and the retention of the goods, and then contacts professional institutions for sampling identification. According to the results of the identification, the goods are actually iron slag, which is prohibited from importing solid waste. According to the relevant regulations, in the case of unknown importers, Dongjiang Customs issued the carrier to order the notice of the decline in the deposit period, and the solid waste will be returned to the country. (Reporter Ma Ming correspondent Ji Pengju) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi) Share more people to see.

Pinggu Agricultural Zhongguancun to create agricultural Chinese core

Original title: Pinggu Agriculture Zhongguancun created the Agricultural China Core this newspaper (Reporter Sun Yunke) 2021 China · Pinggu Agricultural Zhongguancun Innovation Conference held on October 9th at the Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, the deputy mayor Lu Yan attended the General Assembly and delivered a speech.

  Since 2019, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have based in the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, and propose to implement innovative driving development strategies and rural revitalization strategies, and strive to build Pinggu District and become agricultural high-tech enterprises and agricultural research and development agencies, scientific and technological talents gather Construction reflects Beijing characteristics, service capital core functions, agricultural science and technology innovation drive development in the country leading and global influence.

  Lu Yan said that the construction of the agricultural Zhongguancun should focus on the problem of resource strength, in the field of biocitrens, efficient facilities, digital agriculture, future foods, and accelerate the research and development of core technology with independent intellectual property, and improve the quality of the Beijing agricultural quality and Competitiveness, leading to Beijing to take the lead in achieving agricultural modernization. Pinggu District will build a transformation of national agricultural science and technology in Beijing test and achievements, and promote key traditional industries such as Pinggu Dab, livestock and poultry, and vegetables to form a marketization, high quality, high value-added agricultural innovation development model.

(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Science and technology financial service entity economy

  ● Wang Mengqi Digital Economic Age has come, and data elements have had a deep and extensive impact on value creation and productivity.As the blood of the entity economy, the financial industry has also accelerated the pace of digital transformation, cultivating new economic growth points, and is also prosperous with the entity economy.

In the "Digital Finance" book, Jin Tian et al, study the development status of financial industry in digital process, global pattern, industry time, and cutting edge exploration, especially data and cases, in the global perspective.

  The new infrastructure differentiated layout new infrastructure is based on the core principle of "overall planning, difference layout", and its planning and landing is in full swing.

All local layouts have focused on industrial premises advantage, infrastructure competitiveness, investment guiding type, geographic advantage, industrial transfer type, urban agglomeration, industrial aggregation, resource 型 共.

Through the flexible combination mode, the new infrastructure strategy has been developed everywhere. In addition, technology companies cooperate with investment layout strategies, industrial linkage strategies, industrial upgrading strategies and scientific park expansion strategies in terms of strength competition strategy, and form a scale effect, and contribute to local digital economic development. China’s data elements are still in the starting phase, artificial intelligence, block chain, big data, etc. New generation information infrastructure empowerment, effectively improved the level of digital economic service entities and intelligence living, and promoting the country The governance system, the process of production is active. For the financial industry, new technology accelerates the traditional financial scenery, released the new energy of consumption, and further improve the ability of the financial precision to support SMEs.

Financial technology has multiple properties such as digital, cross-definition, and detrimental intermediation, and these characteristics have made financial technology have an advantage of open source, sharing and innovation, but also bring competition, regulatory and common development.

In the future, we must further balance, embrace financial science and technology development and prevention of financial risks, but not only requires relevant market subjects to strictly abide by the compliance route, but also require government and regulatory authorities to explore new regulatory tools. Digital Financial Broad Financial Science and Technology has launched a wide range of pilots and applications worldwide.

This book lists the cases of Europe, Latin America, and the UAE, and analyzes the development characteristics of financial science and technology leaders, competitive advantages, etc., which has been borrowed and ambiguous on my country’s financial science and technology.

The development foundation of European financial technology is better, and the bank is the main body, and the digital channels, products, services, guests management, etc. are embedded in bank business models and business processes.

The Latin American financial services market presents the situation of oligopoly, and the emerging financial technology company has sprung up, and has become a leader who promotes the deep development of Puhui, as a fist business, the virtual credit card has also achieved rapid development of local markets.

In order to get rid of excessive dependence on the oil industry, the United Arab Emirates uses emerging technologies as a development weapon and continuously broaden the boundaries in the digital economic. With industry rich practices and research experience, this book has a detailed answer to the value of digital transformation of financial industry. For example, in the intelligent sector, with the potential and explosive power, the sinking market has become a strategic focus of the new round of financial institutions.

Open platform helps to break the data island, cracking the pain points that the user service requirements caused by information asymmetry and the need for non-mismatched demand. In addition, Internet marketing has also created incremental value for customer-oriented production model changes. In traditional financial industries, digital penetration rates such as banks, trade, insurance, etc. are increasing, and there is no data in the direction of ubiquitous data, and no data. With the application of AI technology, digital financial institutions can draw portraits for customers, accurately capture demand, improve customer satisfaction, and can also explore the law, reverse guide business changes.

The block chain technology can help financial institutions to accurately poverty alleviation, monitor monetary flow trajectories, and contribute to Pu Wei Finance and anti-money laid.

  Frontier Exploration and Risk Pre-proportion This book is in the last chapter to explore the theme, giving readers with endless delusion and embarrassment. As a trading medium for digital economy, my country is expected to achieve a full popularity of digital economy in the blessing of digital currency. As a currency tool for replacing cash, users can bind digital currency accounts, perform financial, savings, payment, etc., and digital currency has a good faction, making any merchants unable to reject acceptance.

Under the challenge of public health events, digital currency has gradually banned cash, which will undoubtedly reduce close contact and achieve more secure distance payment.

The underlying technology of its distributed book also enables digital currencies to record each transaction and allow timing to take effect, ensuring transparent and security in the process of currency.

Also became a financial change in the expected period.

Because the digital currency is more vulnerable to cross-border, and the results are increased, all link monitoring ensures the behavior of illegally transferring assets. Supervision of sandboxes, regulatory technology, and centrifugation finance are still in early development of technological changes, and will also play a pivotable role in digital travel. With the gradual penetration and application of information technology, the technical neutral principle has also received more countries and regions, and the technology itself does not have a good disorder. The risk often occurs in the process of application and financial business. Therefore, in real time Controllable, expected management is particularly important, future digital supervision and digital finance will also have a common prosperity to support the healthy development of digital transformation in the financial industry. This book summarizes rich practices and research experience, providing financial industry with guiding assistance, guiding the digital reform of the financial industry to go to the correct direction, with important reference significance.

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