Ruikang Hospital: Caring for the first child, also a family "heart" hope

Born in a small village in Tiandong County, Baise City, his father suffers from congenital heart disease, and the mother suffers from congenital language disorders, and the family economy is extremely difficult.

At the end of 2020, in an ordinary medical examination, Xiao Shili was discovered that the heart has noise, suspected of congenital heart disease, which made this difficult family snow.

A small successful father took him to seek medical attention in the local hospital, but due to the small age, the weight is light, it is not possible to obtain further treatment.

At this time, the little father thought of the hospital for surgery, so she took a small Shukang Hospital treatment. Due to the small development and development of small success, it is much more than a lot of feelings.

After the admission, the thoracic blood vessel surgery nurses will live from the diet to specialist care, carefully take care of small smoothness, strengthen nutrition, and improve immunity. On April 23, after perfecting preoperative examination, the thoracic blood vessel surgery team successfully completed the room septal defect repair + arterial tube in the case of "the heart without jumping".

On the day of surgery, the small successfully disabled a ventilator, and the second day after surgery moved back to ordinary ward to recover. Recently, under the positive treatment and careful care of medical staff, the small successful body quickly recovered, and the health was discharged.

A small successful health made his father, and the billed bill for the transfer of the zero dollar in his hand was more touched deep.

According to reports, Xiansishi can realize hospitalization, surgical zero fees, benefited from the national energy love action rescue project and the special subsidy of the hospital, and the "two carriages" jointly escort, truly realize the "zero fee" for congenital heart disease.

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the construction of the party, the Ruikang Hospital actively communicated with the Guangxi Overseas Chinese Love Foundation, and the fund donated by the foundation as a congenital menstruation, for the qualified one, hospitalization costs After the reimbursement and corresponding fund rescue, the amount of personal payment will be taken from the above special subsidies, and finally realize personal zero payment for treatment.

Small success is the first child who has received this policy and zero payment. (Liao Yu Ting Yu Chao) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Wei).

The first weekend after rebooting Tongji Hospital, Tongji Hospital, provides all-round diagnosis and treatment services for the public.

In order to cooperate with the hospital to restore normal medical treatment, the hospital information is instantly responding, and the outpatient and corresponding deployment of outpatient intervals, public accounts, Internet hospitals, and the outpatient sessions of the interim in Sunday have repeatedly proofreaded and synchronization. After the closed-loop management, the hospital officially launched the online appointment registration, outpatient payment, nucleic acid detection appointment, etc. To a problem.

According to the volunteers and related departments, the emergency treatment is done in time, and the dispute staff is arranged 24 hours a day, providing powerful technical support for hospital recovery treatment services.

Regardless of the closed-loop, the Tongji Hospital of Tongji University continues to open, the public can make an online re-examination through the Internet Hospital, communicate with experts through video, voice, text, etc., completed in the line, consulting.

After releasing the closed loop management, the Internet synchronization adds a supplementary clinic.

In addition, Tongji University, Tongji Hospital, Tongji Hospital, also continuously upgraded and optimized service functions according to the use of many patients, allowing patients during the epidemic in the epidemic hospital, and distribute the drug to home.

After the end of the hospital’s closed-loop management, in order to alleviate the pressure of this department, the Dahua Gate Clinic continues all outpatient weekends, strengthens premise and division of disputes, and guides the public to various specialists, and reduce the waiting time for queuing.

Especially in the infusion chamber, the weekend infusion person is more than 100%. Dahua went clinic actively arranged a team, arranged a special person responsible for comforting coordination, continuous operation, delaying, ensuring that all infusion patients complete infusion. More than 300 deposits were completed on this weekend, and more than 70 cases were completed. Daba Clinic has added a number of specialist clinics such as dermatology to meet the medical needs of the citizens. Multi-initiatives are also effective. The first weekend after rebooting, Tongji Hospital, Tongji University ensures the smooth transition of the emergency department and the work of each disease, and the concentrated medical needs of the citizens are fully satisfied, laying the foundation for future diagnosis and treatment.

(Shen Hao) (Editor: Dong Zhiwen, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

The "actual combat" test is first welcomed by ordinary tourists at the Garden Park.

The World will count down the weekend of the past, and the Beijing World Park has conducted 30,000 half-load pressure tests. This is the first time to receive ordinary tourists in the park. The Warm Bureau uses this opportunity to carry out the "actual combat" test of the park operation, inspected the park reception adaptability, management process.

The test is a normalized operation test, and the entry visitors are mainly composed of nearly 30,000 "Yanqing Village" observation group. In the early morning, the audience came to the Beijing World Park Park to visit the Garden in Beijing World Park through unified bus, bus, self-driving, walking.

The drill site, the ticket gateway inspection gate in the park is all open to meet the consumption needs of 30,000 people in the park, and the employment of the conditions in the park has participated in the operation. On the same day, 30 cars were also in operation, serving the audience.

The pressure test site, 555 volunteers from the Yanqing North Post Century College and Yanqing District Youth League committed 100 jobs in 18 business ports, providing inquiry services, order guidance, reception assistance, language translation, media service , Organizational work coordination, visit assisted, activities organizational assistance, etc. 8 major categories. The Beijing World Garden will open to the opening, the current completion of the park project construction, the construction of the China Pavilion, International Pavilion, Life Experience Hall, Plant Pavilion, Yongning Court, "One Heart, Two-axis, Three Band, Multi-Square" World Park The park has been formed. At the same time, the service guarantee work has also been fully launched. The park has established a variety of jobs, formulating security, electricity, transportation, news propaganda, logistics protection and other service guarantee implementation programs, operation management, concierge reception, tourist service, security team, etc. Nearly 4,000 teams are all in place. (Reporter Zhao Tingting).

Sichuan Province is fully equipped with electricity security

Original title: Our province has made a good power of electricity to attack on October 26, and Luo Qiang, Vice Governor, in the national network Sichuan electricity company welcomes the peak winter ordered power sales office office office, to resolutely implement the provincial party committee, province Government deployment arrangements, with higher political consciousness and stronger mission, do everything possible to protect the people, guarantee, to ensure the power of electricity.

The meeting emphasizes that it is necessary to attach great importance to the peak of winter and winter, power supply, strengthen the analysis of the research, adhere to the supply side, two ends on the side of the demand, scientific schedule, coordinate resources, and strive to solve the electricity and disadvaine, ensure that the economic and social is smooth and orderly operation.

It is necessary to highlight the public, guarantee the maintenance, and the orderly use of electricity and curb the "two high" project blindly develop, support the combination of high-quality development of the green low-carbon advantageous industry, refine the improvement of this winter, spring, winter, winter The order of the power supply is striving for social parties to understand support.

To prepare a perfective emergency plan, do a good job in the orderly use of electricity solution, and do the user’s informed and ensure the rigidity of the program.

To take care of maintenance and transportation, eliminate safety hazards, and ensure that the power grid is safely stable. It is necessary to focus on the long run, accelerate the implementation of the marketing reform of the coal-fired power generation network, build a cleaner, safer and more stable grid system. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Zhang Yuxi) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

Thick planting for the people’s feelings highlight Guangchang temperature

Guangchang County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, is an important gathering county in Jiangshitin, and is also the township of Bai Lian.Since the study of party history, Guangchang County has insisted that the practice of "I do practical things for the masses" as a major political task running throughout the year, focusing on the problem of people’s livelihood, active as, active, and use heart to make up the short board.Pull the bottom line, focus on solving the masses to the most direct most realistic urgency, and constantly enhance the people’s feelings, happiness, and safe sense.

In-depth, visiting the public opinion, "One month will pass to the home, and the water is very clean, we have useful!" Open the faucet, the crystal clear water is flowing into the outside, Guangchang County Changqiao Township China Bao Village, the villagers, Wu Wei Drink the belly directly. In response to the villagers found in the villagers, the county has investing more than 7 million yuan for Ganzhu Town to Changqiao Township urban and rural integrated water supply project. After completion, it will effectively solve the difficult problem of drinking water in more than 7,000 rural populations, and supplement the safe and short water safety in rural drinking water. Board, let the masses drink safe water, healthy water. Before the National Day holiday, Changqiao Township has the first batch of more than 200 villagers, as scheduled, high-quality tap water.

In the real thing, the leaders of party members at all levels in Guangchang County took the lead, felt the body, Shenxia, ??in-depth grassroots, the masses, carry out "large investigation, big visit, big preaching" activities, through the symposium, individual conversation, Questionnaire survey, set up a traditional way of advancing boxes, and new media means such as government microblogging, WeChat, and clients, extensively collect problems and suggestions, multi-channel listening to the people’s appeal, effectively find out the difficulties, blocking problems, and combining the masses Good "I have a practical thing for the masses" task list.

At the same time, establish and improve the task, promise, effective "three list" working mechanisms, clear the responsible person, timetable, roadmap, implement wall chart operations, and promote tracking of the task list every month, and supervise the implementation in place.

Up to now, the four sets of team leaders in the county have combed 30 "I am doing practical things for the masses"; the party committees of the county (party groups) have combed 365 lists of "I do practical things for the masses", completion rate; 985 list of tasks in the party branch, the completion rate is%; the party members and cadres’ individual cards are 5602 lists, and the completion rate is%.

Focus on the livelihood to do practical things "After the community transformation, the environment is more beautiful, it is more convenient, everyone’s life is more comfortable!" The transformation of the environmental environment has lived in the residential area for 15 years. The community was built in the 1990s, due to the non-perfect supporting facilities, poor living environment, and the wishes of resident transformation are very strong.

In 2019, Guangchang County used its first phase renovation project. After more than a year of renovation, now in the community, it is a clean and neat road, freshly green flowers and grass, unified parking spaces .

In the real thing, Guangchang County adheres to the problem of problem, focusing on urban construction, guaranteeing basic people’s livelihood, consolidating the poverty reduction, promoting rural residence, etc. Actively launched a batch of tricks for the people of the people for the people, and strive to solve the masses to reflect strong employment, enrollment, medical treatment, social security, pension, environmental remediation, etc., to see the changes, the affordable active Respond to the masses concerned. In terms of education, Guangchang County has built a third second middle school in Guangchang County. It has been fully completed, a total of 4,500 degrees, and has been put into use in September; the county second, fourth kindergarten, and the front kindergarten in the town center, a total of 630 degrees The planned construction of the fifth kindergarten, increased the degree, and effectively resolved the problem of "going to school difficult".

At the same time, a group of people’s livelihood projects such as big world farmers market transformation, old community renovation, new environmental protection public toilets, solar street light installation, Head New District Drainage pipe network rectification improvement, further improve urban function taste, enhance the happiness of the masses feel. Do a good job in people’s livelihood and highlight Guangchang temperatures.

Behind a number, one item, is the achievement of seeing, is the real feeling of the masses.

Optimized service Win Numin On October 4th, Guangchang County Maternal and Child Health Hospital invited the Breast Expert of Nanchang No. 3 (Jiangxi Breast Specialist Hospital), the Director of the Communist Party of China Disease clinic.

"I hope that you can still hold such activities in the future, it is true for our surroundings!" Ms. Wei, who lives in Taoyuan Community, and found that there is a small nodule when the free two cancer screens last year. This time I came to the hospital review discovery The nodule increased by 1x, and the Ray doubles have been suggested for minimally invasive surgery.

On the afternoon, Ray double roots personally broke the knife, only 10 minutes of surgery completed smoothly.

This clinic is divided into 50 patients with clinic, and the main knife completed 5 minimally invasive surgery.

Experts exquisite technology, enthusiasm, patient service, got an unanimous affirmation of visits and surgery.

This is only a minority of Guangchang County to be in the people’s feelings, providing the masses with a minority of high quality and efficient and intimate services. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the government service, the county has established a 24-hour self-service area in the Government Service Center to handle all-weather self-service business for the enterprise and the masses; establish a whole process to help the agent service mechanism, the new lead-on-hand help window, set a special group reception The window, established business environment coordination, "Do not do things" reflection window, providing a leading, governing, and agent service for the needs of the people who have demand. Through the "Breakun Office" "Reservation Office" "Bare Office", "Beginning" and other new mechanisms and "one window acceptance, one network" online approval service model, "service," service, implementation " The goal of running, and the masses, the goal of the people, let the enterprise people do things "only" or even "do not run again." Since this year, each window has been handled by 10,000 pieces, and the masses participate in the evaluation of more than 10,000 satisfaction rates. Learning History of History, the people’s people are warm and warm. Wu Zisheng, secretary of the Guangchang County Party Committee, said, the next step, Guangchang will continue to strengthen the public servant awareness and to take responsibility, let the reform and development results more, more equally, the people of the county, continue to promote the county party history education Walking deep, absorbed, providing strong protection for the new chapter written "Beautiful Lian Township · Happiness Guangchang".

Qinzhou, Guangxi: Old Street Reconstruction

[] Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the tourism heat of major scenic spots across the country gradually warmed, and the ancient city old street became a hot attraction of many "old" tourists taking pictures. For residents living in the historical and cultural street in Qinzhou City, Guangxi, the old old street transformation is bringing new changes and opportunities to their lives. Behind this is the local government while coordinating the construction of urban construction, paying more attention to the inheritance and quality of the city historical venery. There is a Western-style Zhongshan Road riding, engraved with historical imprint, the temples of the ancient winds in the troupe, and the craftsman who focused on the pottery in Qinzhou, the old street in Qinzhou, and the historical humanistic It will bring people a sense of passing through time. For Qinzhou has more than 1,400 years of history, Xingxiang is famous in the ancient city of Lingnan City, the old street is a witnesmer of urban development history, carrying the cultural accumulation of the city, saving a generation of people in Qinzhou.

There are tourist enthusiasts evaluation, the soul of the city is the old street, the soul of the old street is the occupant.

The people living here and the old streets form the ancient humanistic landscape of Qinzhou.

  Since I didn’t get a good protection and repair, Zhongshan Road, Zhang Zhan Lane, the old street, "Home Dragon Bell", pavement potholes, facade building exterior wall spotted black, wall skin taking off exposed bricks When the white gray leaves the race of rain, the old street residents read the new day of Qinzhou, but their own lives did not improve. "There is no one in the street, it is difficult to see the new face, and live here feeling in a corner that is forgotten by the world.

"Huang surnamed residents who have lived for more than forty years in Zhanxisa, there is no emotion of the history of the old street. However, as the local government has continuously increased the development protection of the old city, the backwardness of the old street It is gradually changed.

This year, local government plans to invest tenants, carry out Su Ting’s former repair, and some shops are reinforced and strengthened with Zhongshan Road, accounting for road surface optimization, pipelines, etc. Behind this, it is a great knowledge of the local government to recognize the inheritance of the old streets to the historical context of the city.

  In recent years, there have been some homogeneous phenomena in some old blocks. This is the old street reflecting different regional style but more like travel products on industrial pipelines, the same architectural style, the same specialty snacks, and even the same .

  Qinzhou Old Street Cultural Tourism Investment Co.

The old shops of the old street, the old shops, the pork and sugar soldiers sold in the door shop, are both the livelihood of residents, and the unique cultural heritage and life of the Qinzhou City show.

During the transformation process, local governments adhere to an enlarged development thinking of professionalism. He believes that the transformation of old streets can’t be replaced with a new look in a shabby house, and should be a self-confidence and pride of old street residents, so that the local people move back to the old street and make a living in the old street.

"The old street with firefighters is the old street, which can make the old streets of Qinzhou people’s lives are Qinzhou Old Street.

The government is a driving man of the old street transformation, but also rely on the Qinzhou people to build an old street.

Only Qinzhou people like to go to the old street, in order to infect foreign tourists, in order to perceive the accumulation of Qinzhou historical culture from the original architectural character and traditional lifestyle. Huang Yu Ming, secretary of the Party Work Committee of Wenfeng Street Office, Qinnan District, said that in order to make the old street transformation, the grassroots staff actively introduced the concept and way of explaining the renovation of the old street transformation to everyone, to draw the future environmental improvement The beautiful picture of the old street revival, won the understanding and support of the old street resident. With the continuous advancement of the old street, nearby residents have a new expectation to future life, as a household say: stay in old street, nothing Stick, but naturally, you are happening, you and my most vivid life. Wu Yang believes that the old street is old, and the most extent of restore a brick, a scene, so that it is old The country’s local people and fireworks on the street have been continued, which is both an agreement and inheritance of traditional culture, and is also the result of cultural self-confidence.

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Taiyuan Airport will open a new number of flights in the summer flight season

  Original title: New Airlines Seven Taiyuan Airport added or encrypted a batch of flights on March 26 Taiyuan Airport news, 2021 Summer Season started from March 28 to end October 30. After changing the season, the airport will add Taiyuan to Yanji, Dongying, to restore Taiyuan to Taizhou, Lijiang route flights, encrypts Taiyuan to Shanghai, Wenzhou, Nantong, Hefei, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Changsha, 13 domestic major cities. After the seashable, the large number of flights in Taiyuan Airport is expected to reach 297, which is basically returned to the 2019 level.

Among them, from March 28, new Chengdu-Taiyuan-Yanji route, flight number 3U8415 / 6, Monday, 3, 5, Japan, by Airbus A320 series, 06: 35 Chengdu, 08 : 45 Falling Taiyuan, 09: 45 takes off from Taiyuan, 12: 25 landing; 13: 10 by Yanji take off, 15: 55 landing Taiyuan, 16: 55 take off from Taiyuan, 19: 20.

Sameth new Weihai-Dongying-Taiyuan route, flight number EU2215 / 6, one class per day, by the ARJ21 model, 08:00, take off, 09: 05, 09: 45, Dongying, 11 : 35 landing Taiyuan; 12: 25 take off from Taiyuan, 14: 20 landing Dongying, 15:00 take off from Dongying, 16:00 landing Weihai. Taiyuan Airport will also encrypt the key urban group and city circle flight, change season, Shanghai encryption to 13 / day, Wenzhou 3 / day, Nantong 2 shift / day, Hefei 4 classes / day, Shenzhen 7 classes / day, Wuhan 8 shift / day, Changsha 7 class / day, Sanya 3 shift / day. This move will further promote the close relationship between Shanxi and the above-mentioned economic and trade exchanges, providing an exchange of external channels for the development of Shanxi economic transformation. In addition, from 28th, Taiyuan Airport will open Taiyuan – Chongqing – Taizhou, Shenyang – Taiyuan – Lijiang route, the flight of Taiyuan to Zhejiang Taizhou and Yunnan Lijiang will resume implementation "The period is continued.

(Reporter Li Tao correspondent Xianbo Yan Jingjing).