Just arrived,In the face of Ouyang Feng, I don’t dare to,After the birth of a song,Only the last melody of delay,Shi is easy,In front of the door of the peach flower,Ouyang Feng、Ouyangk,And a snake slave、Snake!

Chapter 286 蛤蟆
Yun Luo and Chu Deirers pass together from the array,Dumb servings,Ouyang Feng, etc. who have a road to explore the road with a snake array,I have to be much faster.,Although I have two hours of arrival,But after the foot is also coming to the peach flower。
Just heard the pre-contamination of Ouyangki,Yun Luo is angry enough,Under the road of matte mens,From one part of the door into the peach flower。
Huang Rong knows that it is a matte servant in touch,So it will also open the door,I saw a men’s clothing——This level of men’s clothing,But there is yang, Huang Rong and Mu Qingqing!
Mu Yuqing has been vinegar,However, Huang Rong first asked step by step.:“Girl is a friend of Chu?”Huang Rong smiles,It looks very good。
Originally in an annihair Ouyang Cloud talking,Do not know why,I was really a hot face by Huang Rong.,Slightly sorry……
“No、Be right,I am the teacher of Chu Deirers.!”
Woody Qingqing、Huang Rong:???
No eye-catching county owners appear!
and……Is this direct??
Yun Luo said that he also feels wrong.,Secretary:“I mean……I am a friend of the big Song!”
Woody Qingqing、Huang Rong:……
Peach blossom,Chu Deiren,When jumped into the gate,It is back to Ouyang Feng,At this time, the shape is formed.,Slowly turn over——Original Chu Deirens also wants Yun Luo to help you save the salted fish jars,But the two will be discussed again.,I feel that I have this important person.,More amputable adjustment。
“Mr. Ouyang is a high person,But in the back of the bad words,Don’t you think it is lost??”Chu Deirers said,Slowly turn over。
Does Chu Deirers can say anyone?,Come to Ouyang’s head!
At this time, the Chu Deiren saw the Positive Face of Ouyang Feng for the first time.,I only see its high nose、Face must be brown,Very western style,Unlike the Han people,It is not a pure western region.,Ouyangk……This look is based on the Han people,Five officials have a slight westerly style。
But this Han Dynasty,It is a word rumor,Although some are a sense,But accent、Clear。
Ouyang Feng 一 一 一,But when the words are exported,But all:“Chu Shaoxia misunderstood,The old man is just looking at the daughter for the old friend.,So some unreasonable people are close.。”
“Old friend?I don’t know how long Ouyang has never seen Huangdao owner.?Twenty-three years、Still twenty-four years?”Chu Debans disdain。
“Although I am not with the brother.,But the god!”Ouyang Feng see Chu Deirers so performance,Nature is also angry。
At the beginning of October,He is still at sea,Naturally, I don’t know the second thing in Chu Deirers.,In the face of Chu Deirers,It’s inevitable or watching the mentality of a small generation。
The Chu Deiren has fully accepted the second setting of his own list.——Ouyang Fengzhuang District,When the rivers and lakes are the highest,It is better than the second!
As for God Hou intended to kill what,Already completely forgotten after the brain……
“Oh?Huangdao is not talking to me.。”Chu Deirers a pair of herself and yellow pharmacists。
“Humph,What is your relationship with the Lord of this kid??Huangdao Lord and my uncle,How can I tell you??”Ouyangk is not full。
“what relationship?”
Chu Deirers said a sound,I then laughed.,Then the entire body is blown up,Continuous silk is faint,And Ouyang Feng also feels,Not only“Special effects”,I always feel that I just,This kid has a changing style!
Then I saw the Chu Deiren hands forward.,Wrist,Under the gravity of Longhe,Dozens of small stones on the ground“lead”In front of Chu Dee,Slown……
“What do you say?!”
Chu Deirers said,The hands seem to be flushed forward.,at the same time,Slown in front of him,It seems that the organ is gun,Continuous to Ouyang Feng、Ouyang Ke shot past。
Entirely《No trace》middle“Tijulian”——A technique for continuous hidden hidden!
more importantly,If you slow down,Use it every time,All of the yellow pharmacists“Capture”。
Ouyang Feng saw,I can’t help my eyes.。

“I don’t exclude,Just I don’t want to expose my hometown of my own.,Yourself,Otherwise, so many fans who are looking for me.,I am afraid.,I originally lived the live broadcast.,Just thinking about how many hotels in the Magic have stopped,Not being squeezed with people。”

Li Hui said with the wind.,Side, people look at the house,In addition to the kitchen,There are four houses,Two difficult three women are completely enough。
The degree of tidy of house cleaning,Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Double is also very satisfied。
“Hey-hey,God doctor,Not please ask the name,My name is Ye Shuangzhou,This is my sister.,The other three are also my good brother,good friend。”
Li Hui looked at a few people.,Not like a bad person,Instead, like a son who is looking for stimulating.。
“My name is Li Hui.,You stay here first.,Best mountain depths is not going to go,There are a lot of wild beasts, I can’t deal with it.。”
Finish,Li Hui is ready to leave,But I saw that Ye Double is taken out from the bag.。
“God doctor brother,This is the accommodation fee tonight.,Give you first,Solve you from getting back, I can’t find us, I think we run.。”
“hehe,I am talking about one hundred,What do you mean to give me five hundred??
I am not charged according to my head.。”
Say,Li Xiangtong took a picture directly,Then ride the shabby motorcycle is open,The rumbling is directly toward Zhaojia Village.。
Looking at the back of Li Hui,Ye Shuangzhou smiles:“Really a second person,It seems that the goddess of our goddess we look really not fame and fortune.。”
“Yup,Didn’t you see it??
We only receive one hundred people,This is simply a business that is lost.?
If it is not the other party exchanges, there is no problem.,I thought he was a fool.。”
Ye Shuang double, let other people feel deeply。
“leaf,Do you say that the snow is a wolf??
The monk did not answer us.?
Would you like us to broadcast it??”
“Forehead,it’s not good?
May be the god doctor to see the home hospitality,Otherwise, I saw God’s mother.,Directly disappeared,If you don’t believe, if you don’t have a goddess?,Several us will definitely be chased by the big white wolf.?”
Ye Shuangzhou is also a bit,After all, when I was afraid to the big white wolf,The popularity of the live broadcast is soaring in a short time.。
Although it is just a few minutes,But this is a few minutes, let him see the opportunity.。
Chapter 659, millions of popular live
Li Hui rushed to Zhaojia Village,Discover that it has begun,And the speed of the engineering team is indeed faster。
The division of labor is also very clear,Excavator now digs some on the road in front,Then finish flat,Twenty-cent high-censored wide steel channel is used to fix,Then the cement in the mixer is directly in the car to the truck.。
The small three-wheeled car directly poured into the middle of the steel tank.。
With the continuous filling of cement,Subsequent workers are directly responsible for stall。
After a few hours of cooling,Direct polishing machines began to throw gloss while flatting cement flooring。
Everything is fine,Cutting machine, cut a slit in the middle of the road,Used to protect road surfaces,Basic three meters, you have to cut。
If you can’t use it for a national day, this gap will not,Specifically, the cause of hot expansion,Or why cement expansion,He doesn’t know。
However, it is worthy of being that the National Day mechanical engineering team is indeed high.,Quality is also very good。
At this time, I want to leave a good impression of Li Hui Feng this time.。
After all, this time is equal to that Li Hui Feng is hot in his water.,Pulled him。
Originally some workers have decided to take it.,Because Li Hui’s direct full model,He also sent money to workers in advance.,Let the workers have left。
There are even a few times that I have already left again.。
After all, follow others,That kind is not so good。

Zheng Yao first listened to it, he would like to have a lot of ritual.:“Your boy dog thief!You have determined that he is rebellious.?”

“Six brother!If this person does not have a rebellion, how can it be used with Qin Huaide to play white andchi?!”
“makes sense!”Zheng Yao first is more interesting at this moment.,
“Six brother!You are my most admire!Can I recognize you as a big brother??”Can’t tell,But you must get the trust of the kite comrades,So in the province, it is prevented by oneself.,
Zheng Yao smiled and said:“You are serious about yourself.!You are a person with this matter,The future is also unlimited,Can you have a brother like this is the honor of I Zheng Yao!”
“Then I want to pay with you.!You will be my profous in the future.!What do you make me do, what do I do?!”Ritual,
chapter Five This risk must take
This period is still more popular.,Zheng Yao is not a sense of resentment,Instead, I feel that I can do a lot of things to do with brothers.,It is also convenient for further understanding of this.,I have a good promise:“Can you have a brother like this is my blessing?!Seeking it!”
“Big brother!Be worshiped by the younger brother.!”Qi Rui said that he will give Zheng Yaoxian,
Zheng Yao first accepted a lot of worship,Two people worshiped in the office in the office。
“Big brother!”Rui Weizhen shouted,This big brother is equivalent to crying here.!
“Brothers!”Zheng Yao gave Qi Rui a bear hug,
“Big brother!I have something to go out now.!Wait for tomorrow, please drink alcohol in the husband temple.!”
“brother!Don’t call me big brother in the future.!Follow someone else called Six brothers,I will talk to me, I will talk to others.!Multiple friends!”
“I listen to the six brothers!I’m leaving!”
Zheng Yao first looked hard to leave the special affairs department,Dark road:According to the information, he should have no relationship in Nanjing.,It seems that it is important thing to go out so anxious.!Yup!Just now, he tried to ask Huang Youxian.!not……
Zheng Yao is very curious,With the experience, he feels that he is close to the specialist office and Huang Youxian.,So I quietly followed it.。
Rui Rui left Zheng Yaoxian’s voice sounded:Complete the task of entering the efforts!awardcDifficult skill package one!
Primary micro-face management and identification skills!?Qi Rui understands that it is familiar with the new skills,It is useful to find this skill.,Don’t look at the primary,But it is a target facial microphone.、Microcarphere、Non-speaking behavior morphological performance to read face readings,This skill is a modern criminal investigation。
You can also manage your own micro-face、Microcarphere、The morphological performance of non-speech behavior misses others to judge their own,Or convey the information you want to convey!
This skill also has an important purpose—That is the performance!Most actors can manage their expressions well.,Condensation acting is a certainty of an actor,After this skill, we have also become a performance master that can control your own limbs and expressions.!
Experience familiar with the new skills,Rui Rui, in accordance with Huang Youxian, coming to Queen Bookstore,Fu Yingxue works in this bookstore,At this time, the special agent has already monitored it here.。
Qi Rui glanced over a circle of bookstores, and found several camouflage special situations.,Seeing the situation in front of him, he is in a hurry。
Huang Youxian is just a transportation.,He didn’t know where Yuan Shangqing lived in Shanghai comrades arrived.,So the special agent is temporarily no moving bookstore!They plan to make a network!
Now all this is a special agent.!How do you notify Fu Ying Snow Comrade if he guaranteed himself?!
Qi Rui knows that the special agent will not let go of people who have come into contact with Qupinbai house,I have tried to know Huang Yuxian,Once the appearance is definitely exposed!But this risk must take!
Seeing Rui Rating in the distance to observe the Queen Book House,Zheng Yao is very wonderful:What is this kid?!
Zheng Yao first observed around and suddenly found eight Dafang’s old two sinking floods to disguise into a roadside.,Not from a shock:Old second person!It seems that it is a major case.!I mentioned the bookstore just now.!Is it a case in Huang Youxian??This is rustic……
Zheng Yao first premises passing through the foreign cars in Shen Hongzhang,Whispered:“Two brother!What mission is you doing this??”
Shen Hongzhang did not look back at the bookstore,Ask:“Old six!Are you not in the Qinglong Mountain Base??”
“Have a finish!I am preparing to buy two books.,Just see you here!”

Li Hui’s goal has always been simple,That is to drive the whole village.,He thinks that there is a bit of tired of him thinking about it.。

“Take it easy,Aim,For example, your vegetable greenhouse,I am in the town, I know that many villages are getting,This can not promote large-scale promotion in our county?
Gas a vegetable?”
Chapter 1,77
Song Shimin is looking forward to,I hope to see some confident appearance from Li Hui’s face.。
As a result, Li Hui also swayed directly.:“I’m afraid not,After all, there are several large shed vegetables in several villages in Lotus Village.,If the county,At least there is a supply of suppliers,Moreover, our people in the county get rich and not necessarily to get the greenhouse vegetables.。”
“There are still a lot of things.。”
In the eyes of Songshimin,The greenhouse is the easiest to make the most profitable.。
Just examined the green shed,He also saw Li Hui Feng’s greenhouse。
There is a drop irrigation,Just need a worker enough,And the cultivated land of the greenhouses and even have a special team to get,It is only one hundred hundred pieces a year.。
In this way, it is better to make money in the eyes of Songshimin.。
“Xiao Li,Then do you say what else is there??”
“It is the efficiency,Make money fast,At least you can’t lose money,Can。”
This requirement of Songshimin is difficult to follow the wind.。
Now it seems,It seems that only the shacks can have such conditions.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,Then you have said this.,It seems that it is the greenhouse.,However, in the county development, I still feel a little too much.,First, farmhouse is a big problem,Nowadays, farmkens in our village are mainly acquired from Zhaojia Village.,Other villages also acquired。”
“And the farmhouse fertilizer in Taohua Village should be Shenjia Village acquisition,After all, Shen Jiacun is also a large village of pig pigs.。”
“If you want to make a shed in the county,At least half of the village or one-third of the village,Farming,Take the simplest pig pig,First of all, there is a forage,feed,Pork circle,These pre-investments are a little bit a little bit。”
“The most crucial thing is,Since raising it, you have to sell it.?
I can’t just sell some farmhouses, so simple.?
Pork price floating,Pigs, unrequited shacks, make money,The villagers of these pigs will not directly put the pigs to the greenhouse.?
After all, these are not clear,Things that do not break the law。”
“Once you don’t raise pigs,Go to the greenhouse,There will be urea without farmers.,Fertilizer,That is not green, non-polluting, vegetables.,Then the price is naturally,The price is down,Vegetable greenhouses are the same as planting food,Not making money,Investment to the head to build a greenhouse,Pig circle investment may be indifferent。”
Li Hui Feng gives the analysis.。
Songshimin also understood why Li took advantage of the wind.。
He is also the first time I know that there is so many other ways.。
The same point is also gratified to Li Hui’s eyes.。
He even felt that Li Hui’s young people were more than Su.。
Some things have not been teaching,Li Hui Feng has already understood it early.。
On the side of Shen Tiansi heard the analysis of Li Hui Feng with Deng Jiao,The two people are surprised.。
Shen Tian Si has always thought that as long as the development is building。

What’s up?

Microsoft is planning to abandon the operating system,Did you change it to a short video??
494 Best programmer
Domestic companies that clearly have the upper hand in market competition suddenly separate,Microsoft is going to acquire the International Version of SyllablesAPP,Microsoft also sold its own R&D center to competitors,And when competitors are most short of people,Substantial layoffs。
This one2020Some magic,A bunch of bigwigs who like to give pointers on the Internet have shouted that they can’t understand the business logic.。Not to mention ordinary people eating melons。
of course,Put international perspective,Direct competitors in Silicon Valley are also very confused。
For example, Wang Yufei has not been able to receive calls from many international friends recently,The reason why Changxiang Technology suddenly separated。
For such calls, Wang Yufei always tells the truth about his thoughts openly.。
I really want to say that this belongs to Wang Yufei’s concept of small family。
While not very trusting in modern management systems,,Confusion about the future technology tree,Make Wang Yufei reluctant to use equity incentives like other companies,It’s not shameful。
After all, not everyone has a sense of worry like Wang Yufei。
Because according to his idea, point the technology tree,One day Changxiang Technology may go bankrupt。
As for the big guys, believe it or not,Then it’s none of his business。
But anyway,At present, most people on the China Internet are still looking forward to enjoying technology,Or the current Yuxin Technology Service Co., Ltd. is good。According to mainstream media,The current prices of brain-computer chips and solid-state high-energy batteries are relatively cheaper in China.,Xin system is even completely free,It’s all because of the company’s priority strategy。

Xiongji didn’t even care about baldness,But Ben Xiajian came over,He laughed:“Sorry Mr. Xia,I’m late,Let these flies disturb you”

“It doesn’t matter to bother,It just makes people look sick。You said we built this road,They even refused to let the vehicles out of the market,Really unreasonable”Xia Jian said,Helplessly shook his head。
Xiongji laughed and said:“Is there any reason to talk to this kind of person?,How do you clean him?”
“forget it!peace brings money,Get that bald head over,I asked him a few words,Then let it go!”Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。
Xiongji shouted in the encirclement circle:“Let Chen Dong come!”
Bald and sweaty ran over,He said while running:“Male brother!Is there any misunderstanding between brothers?,You brought so many people to life, you want to kill me!”
“Immortal you,I only listen to Mr. Xia’s words,He wants to kill you,I will make you disappear from here right away,If Xia always wants to let you go,You have to puck your tail up,Stop making the idea of the eastern market”Xiongji’s words are as cold as a knife,It’s chilling to hear。
The bald head squeezed out a full smile and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia,I was a bit naive just now,Shouldn’t bring people over to trouble you,Please bear with me”
“You let people go back first,Then you stay alone”Xia Jian said coldly。
Xiongji glanced at Xia Jian,Shouted loudly:“Bros,withdraw!”He shouted,All these efforts got on the car in a blink of an eye。
Bald was busy evacuating his people,The blocked earthmoving truck drove past。Bald head ran back,He nodded and said to Xiongji and Xia Jian:“I put a table tonight,Even if I pay you two”
“Ok!I promised your request,Just please,I’ll pay the money”Xia Jian said blankly。
Bald head touched his bald head embarrassedly and said:“How embarrassed?”
“Nothing embarrassing,Listen to Mr. Xia”Xiongji said coldly。It seems that Chen Dong is in the eyes of his Xiongji,Really nothing。
I must go to the city for dinner,Heiwa driving the car,Follow Xiongji’s car。Bald did not drive,He said he wanted to accompany Xia Jian and Xiongji for two drinks,So he sat in the car of Xiongji。
On the way to the hotel,Xia Jian has greeted Heiwa in advance,Let him eat halfway,Pay the money first,Because he doesn’t want to eat food from people like bald。
Xiangyuan Pavilion is an old restaurant,Not many people come here for dinner,Call the lobby manager’s name as soon as you enter the hall。A young guy ran over,Immediately took them to the private room upstairs。
After a group of people sit down,Xiongji took the menu and ordered many dishes,A total of four people talked about rice,Can’t eat this,Xia Jian found,Eat with these people,They all like to be extravagant。Can you finish it,Click here first,Even if it’s a bite on one dish,They want。

This time it was his bodyguard,He brought people here。

It will be ok!
And Fang Yu at this time。
After eating。
Went back to the hospital first,Check the condition of the tumor patient。
Although it was saved,But subsequent recovery,Still have to look!
“Doctor Fang,Your tea!”
Fang Yu finished seeing the patient,Ruan Wu smiled and brought a cup of tea。
“You look happy……Is something good happened?”
Fang Yu took a sip of tea,Questioning。
“Thank you for speaking to me in front of the dean……What to eat,I have a supper tonight!”
Nguyen Vu Dinh Road。
“I’m telling the truth……After Li Juyuan left,Your qualifications are the best。You have been a deputy for so long,Should also officially become the master!I hope you don’t disappoint my kindness!”
Fang Yu reminded。
If Ruan Wu’s chief sword is unsuccessful。
Will definitely be on the dean’s side,Will lose a lot of points。
“and so,I have to ask tonight……I hope Dr. Fang will teach me……”Ruan Wu looked at Fang Yu expectantly。
In the eyes,Full of expectations!
“amount……Dean is here!”
Fang Yu reminded。

“The two fight like this。。。I’ll take it。”Beirut whispered,And the patriarch Baihu only thinks that his eyes are blurred,Beirut’s figure slowly dissipated。f

Chapter Twenty Seven give up
Wright’s divine consciousness had long discovered Beirut’s appearance,He was also surprised,I didn’t expect Beirut to show up。In his memory,Beirut took away the body and godhead of the four beasts,Threatened by the light,The main god clone can only hide in the Magnolia Continent,And the dark god clone cannot appear on the highest planes and god planes outside of hell.。
And the situation in Beirut is also weird,Not flying in from outside,But appeared directly in the periphery of his spiritual consciousness,It seems to be directly condensed from the elements of heaven and earth。
“Please stop your hands。”Beirut directly soul-transmits to Wright and Bayer。
Wright will not fail to give Beirut face,And Baier wanted to take a step down。。。He really doesn’t want to fight anymore,The opponent seems to be using the fusion of divine power and physical power,He is using the power of the main god—He is the messenger of the main god and not the son of the main god,Although the power of the main god does not consume much,But it’s also the main power,He is distressed。
“Lord Beirut!”Say hello to Lyrics。
“Beirut,You too。”Although Baier has a slight disdain for Beirut in his heart,But on the surface, Bye is not too vague,Even he knows vaguely,The relationship between Beirut and the Lord of the Blood Peak is very unusual。
“Two,Your strengths are almost the same,Can’t hold back,If you want me to say, I don’t have to fight anymore.。”Beirut said with a smile,“Really want to fight,Maybe even the Lord God will be alarmed。”
“Humph!”Byer sneered,He wants to stop too,But the other party is not willing,What can he do。
“Master Beirut spoke,I naturally have to give face to the Lord Beirut。”Wright nodded and chuckled,Even directly retracted the spear into the space ring。
This statement made Bayer even more unhappy,But he can also see,The two opposite are in the same group。
If it really hits,Two enemy one,Lieshan and Beirut may join forces to exile him into the turbulence of space。He won’t hold on for a breath,Since Beirut came forward and gave it a step down,He won’t fight again because of the tone in his heart。
The three exchanged and discussed,After all, they are really standing under the main god,The pinnacle of countless gods。Since no one can do nothing,Naturally, don’t take the feud,If you have any grudges, try to resolve one or two。
Shouldn’t be bye. After all, there is still a breath in my heart,Just chatted a few words,So he nodded to Wright and Beirut,Turn into a breeze and leave directly。

“Appeared three times,Are outsiders entering the mountains,Once a hundred years ago。”Jia Chou shook his brain,Can’t remember,“Another time was 20 years ago。”

“All Zhang family?”
“The first time it was Zhang family,Taoist priests the last two times,What is annoying is,They both chose to enter the valley when I retreat with Jiakui,Li Wushuang’s servant tried to hide from me,And bold,The Taoist priest stole the treasure left by Fairy Wenxin,Shake the foundation,So it caused another demon to summon the undead army,He can’t handle it,I can only come and beg,Said it was curiosity,Let the Taoist priest into the mountain,Accidentally caused a disaster。”
“Demon Lord?”
“It is this monster,Super mana,Supernatural power,At that time, the fairy Wenxin almost exhausted all his cultivation base and nailed his soul to the bottom of the seal formation.,But still can’t kill it。”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Ride a donkey down the mountain
“Yes!”Jia Chou suddenly palmed with a boxing,Irritated,Then you must post everything,Heavy breathing,Started pacing back and forth irritably,Like thinking of something that made him extremely resentful。
Jia Chou’s mentality seems to be a little confused,This is also normal,Recovery always needs a process,Li Tianzhen doesn’t speak,Just watch carefully,The clarification of the mind can only rely on his own gradual progress,The role of external forces is already small。
“It must be that guy!It was the old devil who used the hand of the servant to frame me!”Jia Chou went faster and faster in the rage,He is still carrying a sunflower,Move like the wind,Like a swift wind,“Poor Kwai,I don’t know until death!”
Bang,The wind finally stopped,Jia Chou panted and sat on the ground,Even the body of Jiakui didn’t hold it,Fell aside,Chaos eyes stared at the stone wall in the distance,Jia Chou’s irritable aura finally gradually cooled,Even the eyes seem to gradually become clearer。
“What did you think of?”
“That demon must have touched Lingquan,Jiakui and I drank the spiritual spring water for a day and it was not as good as a day,Must be like this!”
“What is Lingquan?”
“A treasure left by Fairy Wenxin,There is a clear spring in Osume’s realm,Used to treat my damaged soul,Timed reference every ten days,Condition slowly。”
“Asking the heart really considers everything。”Li Tianzhen nodded in praise,“But Xumijing,How can ordinary people enter?”
“Blame me for trusting the Li family,I have shown this treasure to Li Shijian。”Talking,Jia Chou took out a very delicate jade bracelet from his arms,Self-luminous,Light green with smoky smoke,Jia Chou put it in midair,My eyes suddenly shine,There are faint runes in the light flying towards the jade bracelet,In an instant,The scene in front of Li Tianzhen changed。
There is a small living world in front of me,Daishan Rumo,Tree-lined,Luxuriant grass,Like a landscape painting,A mountain spring beside the grass,crystal clear。
“This is Lingquan。”Jia Chou’s body also appeared in the small world,“I was here when I retreat with Jiakui。”
Li Tianzhen nodded,Took a small plastic bag from his pocket,Take a little clear spring and put it away,Asking the heart’s Xiaosumi environment can be eroded、Defile,Explain the adversary’s skill in poisoning,Powerful,It shouldn’t be done at the level of Li Wushuang,He suspects that the Demon Lord of Demon Abyss borrowed the hand of Li Wushuang,He put the small bag away,I have time to ask three unicorn beasts to see how weird this spring water is。