When Li Tianchou arrived at the hospital,Xiaowen is supporting Wu Jianguo to bask in the sun in the corridor,He smiled and said hello to Li Tianchou,I went to Liang Hui on the excuse of something。

Wu Jianguo is in good spirits,Li Tianchou was calculated by Fat Zhu,He also heard,Repeatedly comforting Li Tianchou not to go to his heart,Work under someone else’s roof,There is no wrongdoing?Li Tianchou nodded and said yes,But also aware of the changes in his comrades,Become lacklustre,He is not good at evaluating the quality and right or wrong of this change,But from the bottom of my heart, I realize that the former pride and blood of my comrades are passing away bit by bit.。
Liang Hui’s body recovers much faster,The sea blowing in the hospital bed,Doesn’t look like a patient at all。There are many people in the ward,Except for two colleagues,Liang Hui’s brother and sister-in-law are also there,They came here specially,Seeing Liang Hui is fine,Are discussing rushing back home overnight。
Liang Hui is two poles better than Weidong,I yelled loudly when I saw Li Tianchou,After discharge,I have to beat that Fatty Zhu,Unpleasant。Brother and sister-in-law don’t understand the situation,Started to worry again。Make Li Tianchou anxious,He warned Liang Hui loudly if he dared to act rashly,This friend has nothing to do,Liang Hui hummed and shut up。
At noon,Li Tianchou reluctantly invited everyone to dinner,A lot including Xiaowen。He doesn’t know how to express his apologies and thanks,If I am not impulsive that day,Everyone will not be like this now。Maybe the only way,He can feel better in his heart。
Chapter Twenty Five The Fatty Plan died
Work in the afternoon,Li Tianchou collected a lot of newspapers,Start researching recruitment information。He is more interested in technical work,It is more reliable to learn a craft,It will definitely be useful to return home in the future。
The recruitment information in the newspaper can be described as massive,Li Tianchou watching while recording,After a while, I filled a small piece of paper,Is it a big city,Human demand is too great,This also makes him confident in his future job search。
“Tian Chou,The police friend from your last time called,He left you a number,I told you to call him free。”Captain Hao rarely appeared at the gate,Reached out and handed Li Tianchou a note,But calmly glanced at the piece of paper on the table。
Li Tianchou was a little surprised,I don’t know what’s urgent for Brother Xiao?Think about it,Picked up the extension in the guard box and called Xiao Yadong。
“Hey,please say。”Xiao Yadong’s voice seems tired。
“Brother Xiao,I am Li Tianchou。You just looked for me?”
“Oh,Tian Chou,I have something to ask you。We held a case briefing in the morning,There is a case about a group incident in your company,Several employees were injured,Have you participated?”

The crowd was in an uproar,Can witness a 2 billion gamble,This is definitely awesome for years。

He Shouheng also whispered to his assistant Ma Chong:“Close now,Keep outsiders from coming in,Ready for gambling,Vacant place!”
After ordering,The casino staff soon moved over to a round table,Chen Xiu and Situ Guang are sitting on both sides,There are five dice and a dice cup in front of each other。
He Shouheng said loudly:“Today I will be your notary,May have opinions!”
“I can trust Xiao Hesheng,I have no opinion。”Chen Xiu first said。
“How can your family be rich in casinos for many years,Rely on never pay a thousand,I believe you too!”Situ Guang also said。
“it is good!”
He Shouheng pointed to the dice in front of the two and said:“I have made these two dice myselfXLight perspective,Absolutely no adulteration,Guarantee fairness!”
Situ Guang nodded,Chen Xiu was wondering:“Why give me a pair of dice,Shouldn’t be me listening to him shaking the dice,Then i guess the size?”
Just listen to He Shouheng continuing:“it is good,There are three bets in this game,Best-of-three,first round,More points than the dice,Whoever rolls the most points wins!”
“bad,It’s not bigger than guess,But the size of the points!”
The way the gambling game is played is beyond Chen Xiu’s expectations,Very worried:“Bigger than guess,I still cheat with clairvoyance!”
“Control the number of dice,I can’t!”
“How is this good!”
“calm,Must be calm,There must be a way!”
Chen Xiu’s mind set off、Star Lord、The scenes of those gambling films that Liu Hua played,Gambler、Gambler、The gambler’s various oil heads popped up in his mind one after another,Fa Ge and island woman bet on dice,A classic segment of the shattered dice appeared in my mind。

After that, the little Guizi is also careful.,Remind everyone,Be a good life tonight,Tomorrow morning……Things entered the Office of the Office,I believe that I have received a message.,When you arrive, you will be ambush in the front yard of the House of House.。

In fact, you don’t have to have a small Guizi.,Almost no one in the night inn sleeps,One is all successful interest calls,Strust adjustment to the best state!
Early next morning,Canton is coming,I also followed a young juvenile with his age.。
Murong Jiu saw this person,I don’t consciously.,At the same time, the whisper reminds the Chu Deirers.:“This boy is extraordinary,Fixed……A very high person。”This is still very sensitive in this regard.。
No other people guess,This person is actually exposed directly.:“The hero is coming for the death of you.,Grateful,After that, you will also take it.,With the dog thief!”
Dare to claim to be in Beijing“I”of,Obviously only one。
And this emperor,It’s really big、Can’t put down the body,What is afraid that it is modesty?,Also strict self-proclaimed“I”,Like it is in Song Ting,The emperor is when you want to ask,Call“I”,Usually one one“I”Claim。
This time,Many people look at his eyes,It’s hard to be dark.,Little Guizi on the side is also a bit nervous……
Don’t say more,I want to be connected present.“Dog emperor”Say and slaughter,I am afraid it takes half of it.!
But the emperor doesn’t seem to see anything.,Found in the crowd,After the precise lock, Qiao Feng,Go front of the handwalk:“Xuan Zang meets the emperor!Uncle,Xuanzang heard your business,Just angry you,Just the worship of the dog thieves too much,I usually avoid my eyes and ears.,I really don’t dare to lead the uncle.……”
Kangxi is also the book.,Although there are many words between words,Spect over a while、I don’t have to say it for a while.,But it can be seen,He has already played as much as possible,It may even be a grievance,At this time, the eyes are red.。
Qiaofeng also did eaten this set,Help the little emperor:“Cry?Men’s Han husband,Today, we will be worshiped.!”
“Humph,But we are for the world,But not for your Manchuri Jiangshan。”Zongwei, one, no look at the little emperor。
And the emperor also said:“good,But no matter what you are for,I have to thank you today.!Will be with you,Go to my own eyes, watching the dog thief!”
“Amitabha,Your Majesty,Why do you have this risk??Not as good as……”Shenshan said this,It is also within the people of the family.,No one can identify,Qingliang Temple is already a Qing court。
Small emperor breaks the road:“Do not,Everyone can live in the world,Take this risk,Do you have a master of Daqing Society?,Did you dare to hide behind??”
Be said to be said,Fond of,In the psychological plan,Can you even kill this dog emperor?,I can’t help but sigh,Give up this idea。
It’s not really three, and the two are said to be stunned by Wang Ba.,But……
After all, this dog emperor is looking for himself.,Planning opportunity、Scheduled,After that, I will be relieved to others.,Or the real man、It is to look at the worship of the past.,People are actively actively acting with themselves……
At this time, I took a dog emperor.,Lost master identity!
Chu Deirers also see,Now think about these people in Kangxi,In addition to or dark、Interest involved,Others are basically the water and lake.“Heroes”。
This is also a time to eat.,Will“righteous”Put the forefront,Otherwise, it will be a heaven and earth meeting.、Mu Wangfu,if it is possible,Whether you don’t talk about the rules,I have to slaughter him first.!
The only exception is Duan Tianya,Chu Deirers feel,Big in-law,Should not be“Jianghu Road”Put it in your own behavior,only……Duan Tianya has no killing at this time.,Obviously God has not given him a similar task。
Qiao Feng saw this little emperor is quite bone,Open mouth:“well said!Can you bear a community?,But male husband,It is necessary to have such a bone!You and small Guizi,Just side。”
Chu Deirers also found,Qiao Feng is getting more and more,I don’t worry about it.,What will be misunderstood?。
However, Qiao Feng boasted the emperor.,The other side also secretly reminds each other,Yord name!
at the same time,Just in the small alley of Beijing,Simple easy to dress、Laudno shaved,Just playing the drop of the goods of the town,Preparing to go,Suddenly neck,But a sword blade is placed behind the neck.。
“Laudno,You are let your teacher find it well.!”Yue Yue’s voice sounded,However, it is equally easy to accompany。
“division、Master,Disciple is confused,This only……”Laudno still wants to edit one。
“Hey-hey,You can not be confused,Do you have to follow you for so long?,I really can’t think of the teacher.,No wonder the sword spectrum will not see it after you have been there.,It turned out that it is not hidden in the dart.,It is hidden in the darts of the Zhenyuan Dart Board.!how,Still not planning to be a teacher??”


Leo almost couldn’t help spitting fragrance,What the hell is this damn West Korn,Actually shut down two great gods。
Needless to say Raleigh,This guy actually has80Level of。
What does this level represent?
A lieutenant strong,Don’t look down on the lieutenant general,In fact, there are not many lieutenant generals in the entire navy。
It can be ranked in the top ten or even the top five in the pirate group of the four emperors。
Leo and Siconga can almost beat each other together……Hand of。
Leo couldn’t help but look at West Cohen when he thought of this。
He doesn’t know whether to say this guy’s luck is too good or too bad。
“Boss,Why don’t you look at me like that,Although I am handsome,But not with you!”

Love in the reception room·Dracula waited for about fifteen minutes and then became anxious。

Something seems wrong。
Even if this company is big,Even if John’s working place is far away from here,But it won’t take so long to get on and off the elevator, right??
Is it really dangerous?
Love·After Dracula looks at the watch for the third time,Decided not to sit still。
He stood up,Want to get out of the reception room。
But just opened the door……
“Hello,Please go back to the room。”
Very polite words,But standing at the door are two security personnel,And it’s Huaxia。
Love·Dracula feels a little confused,Panic followed。
Reason keeps him from arguing,But according to the other’s gesture,Back to the house,Then closed the door。
Obviously,He is under house arrest!
His judgment is right。
Love·Dracula hates it!
He hates the loose style of the embassy,If he can come with the military attache this time,Obviously not to encounter this situation。
Back to the reception room,Love·Dracula took out his phone for the first time,Then I found out by accident,There is no signal?
Obviously,Electronic interference!
He didn’t make a mistake in judgment at this point。

“Tongz……Is it a person in Fuyang Wangfu?”

I heard the words of the Chu Deirers.,Song Duanqiao is somewhat wondering why Chu Deirers will think so:“Do not,Since it is a Miginal master,That is likely to be a person in the King of Jinhe,I have heard it.,King of the golden wheel,There is one person to cultivate the Snow Mountain Handprint,Zen‘One shot two scrap’resemblance,Do your best in the palm……
Ten eight nine is this person!According to this person, in the golden wheel, king, sit down,The status is second only to the smell,Can’t think of……Ganzhi!”
Mt.,Snow Mountain Big Hand Print,Like avalanche,One after the savings“Vent”。
Shaolin“One shot two scrap”Same,After the palm,It will have a bitmap……
Use this to attack the enemy camp,Regardless of success,Both is dead!
Chu Deirers heard the words——This is also called Zhao Min.,Jin Wheel Nationality and Yanyang Wang are not all the way。
In Yue Yuan,Jin Wheel is the master’s south,Yanyang Wang wants to enter……
And since it is a Miginal master,I want to come to the hand of the gold wheel.!
If it is not the battle with the alone,Just only three days,This palm is on Zhang Zhen people.,It is also not necessary to break his body.。
Even if it is just a battle,Zhang Zhen people have no touch、Dedicated for three days,Will not be serious?!
However, it is unfortunately.,Zhang Zhenren after the battle,The heart is also affected by the unique“Sharp”Touch,The closure is not completely injured.,Also changed to your own strength……
At that time, it was the most negligent body.!
“How is Zhang Zhen people injured??Mongol people can know?”Chu Deiren asked quickly。
Song Yuanqiao hesitated and said:“The teacher is not too bad,To restore it to people,At least months,And the master is attacked.,There is also a high-end master.‘visit’Wudang,I didn’t find my brother.,Still the teacher, shout, the opponent!Very likely……It is the golden round of the king.。”
Means of,Zhang Zhen people are not completely powerless,Not countless“No”,It is very likely that the more it is、The more injured。
However, since it can also be shocked by the gold round,Can you understand,Why did the Mongol are just a soldier?,No specific action。
At this moment,A Wudang disciple does not care about two people,Diameter“Hurt”Bring together:“Handabe!The mountains have been handed over……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 666 War book
“War book?”Song Duanqiao is so angry with yourself.。
Do you want to face?
Another attack、Alien the Chinese test,It is now a bright look.,Come to the battle?
I took a young disciple.“War book”,Tearing the letter and watching,Song Duanqiao’s face is more iron。
If it is Yu Er or Moqi,Chu Deirers may take together,But and Song Yuanqiao,Chu Deirers still did not make,Hon old asked:“Song Gate,What is written??”
“Hey!”Song Yuanqiao sighs,Handed a war with the Chu Deirers。
Sure enough, Mongolian teacher、Golden wheel!
This battle will know when you look at it.,Someone、polish,And ten eight nine is the Han people。
There is no nutrition in the previous half.,In short, it is said that the Jinhe Wang Wang is very admiring Zhang Zhen.,Although Buddhism is different,But the King of Jinhe is a Mongolian teacher,Willing to invite Wudang to exchange……
Mid section,It is also pity the people’s suffering.、It is also suffering from Song Ting.——in short,Mongolian、Southern Song,I hope that Wudang does not go against the sky.。
Finally is the most important thing,Mouth sound“Don’t want Wudang injured too much”,Therefore, I want to order a gentleman.。
Tomorrow,Jinhe Wang Wang will go to Wu Dangshan,A battle with Zhang Zhenren!
If Zhang Zhen is win,Then Yunyuan returned to the troops,If it is a gold wheel,Then Wu Dang Fengshan Ten Years……
As for non-prompt?
People don’t answer at all.,A pace of attacked。
“Zhang Zhenren now……”Chu Deirers are worried about Song Duanqiao。
Song Duanqiao shook his head。
Suspected gold round from the night,When Wudang exploded,Zhang Zhen people can still shoot it.,It should not be completely unable to shoot,Otherwise, the golden wheel is not committed to fight.,It is not more painful to go directly to the army.?
Wudang Mountain is not a Lingbi Palace、That kind of dangerous……
Obviously the golden wheel is still afraid of Zhang Zhen people,So I want to use the way.,Wushen Fengshan。

Now it seems,Those who return from the deep abyss all gain,They all look very excited,No one has mentioned Li Hongyan yet,She feels underground“warehouse”The likelihood of exposure is much lower,I don’t want Gan Yifan to say anything to Wu Heng。

Where does Wu Heng know this inside story,Xu Wan said that Gan Yifan worried about him,Suddenly laughed,Say:“do not worry about me,It’s just a little longer going up and down the cliff,I almost couldn’t hold on it several times,Just keep going。Going down to the bottom of the cliff is not so scary,Master Ruo gave me a pill in advance,Said to be used for detoxification,But the air doesn’t seem to smell like corpses,On the contrary, cold wind blows from time to time……”
When it comes to this,Wu Heng lowered his voice,Go on:“Actually, we didn’t get to the bottom this time,Strictly speaking, the place full of bones is just a fault,There is still space under the fault,The cold wind is blowing up from below,The wind is much bigger than the above,Whining,Especially gloomy。
The chief can only go on for a while,I was covered with frost when I came up。The two Taoists will last for a shorter time,Shivering with cold。Even the drone lost two,Down from the fault,Estimated to fall less than ten meters,Both drones lost their signals,Drop directly,I can’t hear any movement。Dao Ziyun said something mysterious,He said that under the fault is the Shenlong Lair,And Shenlong is a frost dragon,Mortals cannot approach。”
“Frost Dragon??”Gan Yifan was in a daze,Can’t help thinking of Yunji Island environment,Thinking of the monster“Pooh”——A mouthful of thick sputum,All ice ballast。
“When shall we go back?”Gan Yifan asked suddenly。
“Should leave soon,Send things back。”
Gan Yifan looked towards the abyss,Consider whether to secretly stay behind and take a look at the bottom of the cliff like Li Hongyan?
at this time,Li Hongyan appeared。
Carrying a bulging marching bag,Staggering,A look like you will faint at any time when you are hungry,Walk out of the cave。
But not from the original cave,But from another cave tens of meters away。
Gan Yifan and Xu Wan looked at each other,All know that Li Hongyan’s move is to cover up the underground space of the cave。
The knife passed,Before I had time to speak,Li Hongyan staggered into his arms,“Captain,I’m hungry。”
Another officer passes by,Want to take away Li Hongyan’s backpack,Li Hongyan“weak”Shook his head,“I can,Just hungry。”
She started eating,Xiuxiu asked。
Xu Wan gently pulled Gan Yifan,Gan Yifan points to ears,“I am listening。”
“I’m wrong,Shouldn’t stay privately……”Li Hongyan has a good attitude,While eating,Make up lies。
Daozi go to the grotto where she came out,Come back later:“She is cunning,I dug a hole in the wall to hide myself,No wonder we can’t find her。”
“I really knew it was wrong,I have survived on two bags of compressed biscuits these days,Never dare anymore……”
Li Hongyan sells poorly,Xiuxiu said coldly:“Now know wrong,late,Turn around and hand you over to Colonel Ning,How to punish you is up to him,hurry up,Fill your stomach and prepare to leave。”

Wang Youdao is extremely embarrassed,He smiled at Yao Chunni and said:“Our family is rich and blessed,I heard my mom heard that you are quite capable”

“Good brother!”When Yao Chunni called Wang Youdao,Flushed with shame,After all, she hasn’t seen the big world very much。
Chen Yueqin rushed to scream at this moment:“Chunni!Mom has a cold these days,It’s all up to you for this dinner”Chen Yueqin said,Fell asleep on the big kang。
Wang Youcai glanced angrily at his old mother Chen Yueqin,So he snorted:“How do I feel I married a babysitter”
“What do you bastard say?”Chen Yueqin got up from the kang,Staring at Wang Youcai,Looks a little scary。
Yao Chunni took a look,Busy with a smile:“What a big deal,Don’t you just cook?This is what I do best。what’s for dinner,You say,I will do it”Yao Chunni is not stupid,She is afraid that Wang Youcai will quarrel with Chen Yueqin。
The scene is still a bit awkward。Wang Youdao in order to ease the atmosphere,He smiled and said:“I heard my dad say you are going to get married in the first month,Is the time set??Do it at home or in the city?”
Wang Youdao asked,It just gave Wang Youcai a chance to play,He laughed and said:“Time has not been set,But I am going to live in the city。I mortgaged a house,After getting married, I will let Chunni work in the city”
What Wang Youcai said,Chen Yueqin couldn’t sleep anymore。She sat up again,She stared and asked Wang Youcai:“What you just said is true?”
“It’s true!I’m almost done with this”Wang Youcai said solemnly。He just wanted to see how everyone reacted to this。
Wang Degui sat and said nothing,But Chen Yueqin won’t be hot anymore,She laughed and said:“What you mean is that you don’t care about me and your dad?”
“mom!I married Chunni and became my wife,Not the nanny of this family。and also,You gave birth to three sons,Why do you keep putting this burden on me alone?Just because i obedient,If they don’t come, nothing will happen to them?”Wang Youcai said it was on fire。
Chen Yueqin was misfired by Wang Youcai’s two sentences。Wang Youdao can’t sit still,He laughed and said:“We should sit down and talk about this。Parents belong to the three of us,It’s correct that you can’t let You Cai alone raise it”
“All right!Don’t say it so nice。Anyway you are far away,Even if something happens, you can’t save the near thirst。And the boss?I called and said mom had a cold,But people just one step away just don’t want to come and take a look”
Wang Youcai gave a cold snort,Extremely unbalanced。
Niu Huiling saw that the family was starting to do housework again,She can’t sit,Picked up the son on the kang and went to West House。One room in the West House is reserved for Wang Youdao when he returns,Just use it now。

The book given by the Purple Blood Demon describes in detail the method of changing the fusion of the divine power。

“Change divine fusion,There are three steps,One is guided by the power of the soul,According to the Purple Blood Demon,Soul power is the key to divine power integration。Only under the guidance of the special soul power of the soul mutator,Divine power can merge。”
“Most soul mutants,Instinctively can do this,The fusion of divine power is pure fusion of divine power。And with the fusion of the profound,This quality of fusion of divine power will naturally tend to fit with the fusion of mysterious moves。For example, a strong soul mutation who is good at wind system water system,If its fusion moves implies‘Cold and sharp’,Then its aura of fusion of divine power will gradually become contained‘Cold and sharp’,This is no different from gestating artifacts。Only one passed‘Divine power and soul power’To breed weapons,One is through‘Mutated soul and the mystery of the law’To change the divine power。”
“But do this,too slow,And as the moves change,All the time spent before will be wasted。The most troublesome is,If you realize two different fusion mysteries,That divine power change is basically abolished,Because of this‘natural’Change,Is going in the direction of self-insight。”
And according to the method given by the Purple Blood Demon,Can be very‘rapid’Change supernatural,Make it fit with my own moves。
the first method,Is the most direct method。
Fusion of different laws【Basic Elements】。
For example, a water·High God of Fire Soul Mutation,If fully integrated【Water element mysterious】with【Fire Elemental Mystery】,That can easily change the quality of the fusion divine,Directly find the right one’s own fusion divine power,No difficulty。
But this is definitely not an easy way。For example【Water element mysterious】Is the foundation of the law of water,Although at the level of comprehension, it is a low-level law and mysterious,Comprehension is low,Weak power after comprehension。But just because it is basic,So between different rules【Elemental Mystic】It’s more difficult to integrate。
For example, in the law of the earth【Power esoteric】And the law of flame【The Mystic Explosion】Fusion,In fact, these two are reflected in the world,For example, during a volcanic eruption。
If analogy【Water element mysterious】with【Fire Elemental Mystery】Fusion,Is equivalent to finding a substance that is both water and fire。
This is more basic,The more difficult。
At least the Purple Blood Demon is recorded in the book,Able to do certain two laws【Basic Elements】There are still a lot of integration entry,But I have never heard of it。
of course,I just haven’t heard of it,After all, the world is so big,Although the Purple Blood Demon is extremely powerful among soul mutants,Wide range of friends,But it’s impossible to figure out all soul mutants。
This means,Call it‘Law of law’。

Original Twelve Episodes and Twenty Three Chapters,The upper god Sadista made it clear

“Ten thousand years ago.”The Purple Blood Demon entered the Yulan Continent in the first year of the Yulan calendar,There is no doubt about this.
Chapter Seventeen End
The sound of broken bones,Joyce·Hoover felt a sharp pain,He never felt the pain,Under severe pain,He didn’t even know that part of him was injured。Followed by,Feeling dizzy well over his head,Eyes closed,The consciousness of the whole person fainted instantly。
Wright body moves,Appearing in Joyce·Behind Hoover,He simply tore off the arm of this respected great magister。
“This pain faints,It’s really cheap for you!”Wright waved his hand,Joyce will be incomplete·Hoover threw the Gale Eagle down into the sky,“roll,Don’t let me see him again!”
Gale Eagle received Joyce sensitively·Hoover,Then flew away quickly。
“It’s probably the mercy of my men just now,Make you think I can’t kill people, right。”Wright sneered at the three ninth-level powerhouses and Hydra of the Horace family!“Tell me,How do you want to die!”
Wright does not want to involve too many innocents,Have been showing mercy,Actually from the battle,Wright did not kill a member of the Horace family,Instead, it’s a hydra attack,Kill a few fainted level 8 fighters!
But his kindness,In other words, there is a limit to compassion。
Deep“puff”The sound of,Wright hit Aya directly with his foot·Hora’s head,However, Aga·Hora and another ninth-level fighter,But dare not even resist。
As for Hydra,Lost the owner,After the contract expires,It flees in the direction of the Warcraft Mountains immediately,Wright didn’t have time to cook a monster that was enslaved and controlled.。
“Now you guys say,How to solve this!”Wright’s aura suppressed two ninth-level fighters in silence。
“Little Wright,That’s it!”A gentle and kind voice came from behind Wright,Wright was also surprised。
Gray hair,A plaid cloth jacket often worn by ordinary civilians and old women,The old lady with a good complexion is suspended in mid-air。
“Eleanor!”Wright bowed。Because of this old lady,Is the wind magister at the peak of the sanctuary,President of the Northland Magic Guild,One of the three most powerful people in the entire Northland Province,Heroes·Eleanor。
“Lord Eleanor!”Aga·Horace was almost crying with joy,This adult comes forward,At least my family won’t be destroyed by this one.!
Jenny·Eleanor ignored him,Instead, I chatted with Wright,Of course she cares about Wright’s teacher,Cromwell Saint Magister。
Wright can only answer this patiently,But I asked,Wright gradually tasted something,This teacher who can’t talk to himself,What is it!
But Wright quickly put this gossip aside,it has started“Complain”!