“grandfather,Who do you say is going to heaven。”

At this time, a young girl of 17 or 18 years old came in outside,The eyebrows are somewhat similar to Zhang Lao。
“Rhyme,You came。”
Saw the girl come in,Mr Zhang is very happy,Call her over and say:“Why are you free to see Grandpa today??”
“grandfather,See what you said,Which time I see you soon after school vacation,It sounds like I don’t see you often。”The girl grumbled and said。
“Haha……Grandpa made a mistake,I apologize,good or not。”
Zhang Lao pointed to Chen Xiu and said:“Rhyme,Come,I saw you Uncle Chen……Chen Xiu,This is your elder niece,My baby granddaughter——Zhang Yun。”
Chen Xiu and Zhang Yun are dumbfounded,Chen Xiu is at most three years older than Zhang Yun。
“grandfather,He became my uncle at such a young age,Isn’t he your bastard outside?。”Zhang Yun said with a smile on her face。
Lao Zhang is very helpless with this precious granddaughter,Her old man has been subdued by him since he was a child,People who are more than forty similar to see themselves still cringe like they were when they were young,Only to this baby granddaughter has been spoiled since childhood。
“He learned from me the ability to learn antiques,I’m half an apprentice even though……You should be called uncle。”
Zhang Yun can act like a baby to Zhang Yun,But it is very clear,The older generations like grandpa value most of these generations。
I remember going back to the countryside with the old man one year,Grandpa’s age,You still have to give a polite cry when you see a guy in his twenties“Uncle。”
Now that Grandpa is serious,She didn’t dare to be bothered。
but,Seeing Chen Xiu’s young face,Waiting for me to call him uncle with a smile,I really want to blow his nose with a punch。

“Hey-hey,Who is the case??

We are all people in this era.,Nature is going to live in the moment,As for the future,After the future, it will be said.,How about it?
Ye Big brother wants to be together?”
“want,Nature,Although I feel a little cheap,However, since you all open this cheap, I really want to earn。”
Say this,Ye Shuangzhou directly gave Li Hui Feng a little confidence。
“As long as I join,Li Lai’s restaurant I assure the next floor,And the hotel management experience These I also have a lot of understanding acquaintances,Even the marketing plan, I know a lot,More even a lot of marketing programs can be more good here.,More popular。”
“I don’t dare to make our hotels to burst out.,But at least I dare to say that it is not lower than your medicine in the magic.,How about it?
This guarantee is satisfactory?”
The Ye Shuangzhou has long found a lot of problems in the village.,However, the entire village is basically bought by Li.。
He just wants to do something, but also through Li Hui,Now Li speaks from the wind.,In fact, it is also in his heart.。
“Hey-hey,satisfy,Be affirmed,Ye Big Brother, you have some seen it.,What is the root?,In fact, I didn’t expect this lotus village to develop so quickly.。”
“Faster later,So or I will take the construction。”
Ye Shuangzhou is also what the Lotus Village will be like this,First of all, there is no excessive development,Even many places are the same as the original forest.。
Secondly, the air of Lotus Village is,It’s a natural oxygen bar.,It is the same feeling that the elderly have a kind of feeling of the young people.。
Tired day during the day,Sleeping at night, you can add enough。
There are still a lot of landscapes,Now, even the food is landing, there is still an emergence.,If managed,He feels that the lotus village is completely the most beautiful scenic spot.。
“Leaf big brother,This will be built,I feel very fast.,After all, some projects are also the speed of the desire.,I am afraid that the quality of the project is not good.,After all, we are all preparing for the least hundred years.。”
“嘿 嘿 老弟,You said this,I haven’t said that you don’t let you guarantee the quality.,I mean to expand the scale,Then accelerate development,People have more construction naturally.。”
Li Huihe heard this,Hesitate:“Row,I will discuss them with them for a while.,Then look at the expansion of scale。”
soon,Li Hui Feng also finished the remaining fritters,Then I took Zhang Yu and Guo Da to find my parents.。
See Zhang Xiang and Guo Da’s instant,Li Shouye’s eyes are also squinting。
But soon, it will restore the image of the peasant man of the honesty.。
“breeze,Do you not introduce these two??”
Wang Jing said,Invite two people to drink tea。
“Hey-hey,Parents,This is what I take care of them to help you work.,You always feel that every day.,I will find two big brothers directly.。”
“This is Zhang Wei,This is Guo Da,It’s very familiar to the farmland.。”
I heard Li Hui Feng so introduced.,Zhang Xiang and Gu Da are also asked with Wang Jingye.。
“I don’t have to help,You still let them help yourself.!And your mom is now putting the sheep directly in your mountain.,Nothing management,Very good,As for my family, I will type.。”
“dad,You still turn our home into greenhouses or orchards.!It’s too tired to grow.,And still don’t make money。”
Wang Jing listened to this and also feels deeply。
“Yup,Kid his dad,You will listen to the small wind,This year, our places have enough food enough to eat.,If you have money, let’s want to buy anything.?”
“Do I miss someone??
Anyway, I don’t have to help,Please eat drinking, I am happy.,But let them help me don’t work.,And don’t follow our old couple,Can you help you,What era,You really think that you are a big figure.?
Actually, people also help you,Separate people to send people help not afraid of others jokes?”
“You have said yourself,Species not to make money,I also spend money to hire people to help the land for money, you are not afraid that others are joke, I am afraid.!”
So yourself by your father,Li Hui’s time is a bit, I don’t know what to say.。
“Forehead,Then I let them help you get your shed.,Seed vegetable head?”
“no,You quickly let them help you.,hurry up。”
Say,Qin Shouye is not polite directly to。

Just gently sideways,Then simply put the opponent to the ground。

“Hurry,I don’t want to ship, I can send you.。”
Li Hui said that this is also the eyes of others.,Stepping on the other side of the other party。
Be awkward,Scream。
This sound made the feelings of the one of him lie his woman scared.。
However, Li Hui has not planned each other.。
“Don’t call,Call another leg doesn’t want it.。”
This time Li Hui’s voice is very cold.,Cold let people feel scared。
The other party also knows that today is a hard 茬,Kick on the iron board。
He should know,Li Hui Feng can come out from there,There must be a few brushes,Otherwise, how can it be able to walk out?。
Think here,His heart is also secretly regretted。
Go on the shore,Li Hui is also a foot, no matter whether it is directly,Let the other party disabled。
As for women,Li Hui Feng is also no hesitation。
One gold needle,Then just pull it out again,The operation method has drawn a life energy in the body.。
After he is far away,The woman’s face is also the speed of the naked eye.。
Li Hui’s practice,It’s a terrible thing to kill her.。
When she wanted to open for mercy, it was found that she can’t speak.,And Li Hui also disappeared in the vast sea.。
I think that Li speaks before the wind.,She is simply as gray。
For the penalty of these two people,Li Hui Feng feels not very heavy,After all, the two is also the life of indirect.。
Think of those who have been eaten by so many snakes below,He feels that you don’t have a little bit.。
After leaving,Li Hui is directly to find Song Kaiyuan.。
Finding Song Kaiyuan Li Hui Rong, knowing that the water in Sea and North is deep than he thinks.。
Even if there is a lot of experts, there are many masters that are not weak than him.。
But he didn’t care.,Just let the other party help to pay attention to Qin Su Ya’s things,He left directly.。
Originally he thought at least one month,As a result, this time is out of the pressure, it is not used for a month.。
I haven’t waited for him to enter the village,Su cool is called the phone。
Then I discuss the listing of him.。
Li Hui Feng did not expect such a thing that would tell him.,After all, he gave Xu Ruzhen.。
“Su big brother,Are we completely opened the market??”
“Um,Basically opened,And our meals can be said to be red, the north of Jiangnan,But many people give us a net red label.。”
Li Hui, listen to this,It is also a frown。

“Lee brother,How has a voice??”

“Um,I am cured for you.,Next, use acupuncture,You will do it well。”
Say,Also take the gold needle directly from the space,Directly begins in the acupoints along the waist off,Until longitude stopped。
Liu Mei tailored the temperature of the toner,It is also a bit unreliable to enter the house.。
Just saw it,Zhao Tiezhu waist the row of long gold needles。
“Xiao Li,This is nothing.?”
Looking at the long and thin gold needle in Li Hui’s hand,Constantly fall in,It is not afraid that it is all fake.。
Although she knows Li Hui Fenghui medical skills from Tang Li,May be very powerful,But this gold needle,She has not seen it for a long time.,I always feel some unreliable。
“Hey-hey,It’s fine,Don’t believe you, ask Zhao Dago, I will know.。”
Zhao Tiezhu is comfortable there:“fine,I just feel very relaxed now.,This waist, crispy numbness,There is also a cool feeling,But comfortable is really comfortable.。”
“Old Zhao,Do you know what you have now on your waist??”
Liu Mei saw Zhao Tiezhu squinted and comforted.,Can’t help but ask。
Chapter 953, the so-called fear wife
“Um,What is there on my waist??”
Say,Zhao Tiezhu directly appeared in front of a mirror,Liu Mei took the mirror to let Zhao Tiezhu looked at one clear。
“what!Lee brother,When did you give me these golden needles??
Is this gold doing??”
“Hey-hey,Zhao Da Ge,At this time, you still have an empty question. Is it a gold?,You are also very powerful,But at the same time, you also prove that this waist and waist muscle strain will be fine.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Liu Mei and Zhao Tiezhu are very high。
Especially Zhao Tiezhu,I still doubt it before.,But feel Li Xiangfei treatment,Especially the feeling of the waist,He also knows that Li Hui’s treatment is effective.。
After all, he did not feel such a feeling when he went to other places.。
Those feelings are uncomfortable,pain,This is the first time.。
“Lee brother,You treat me this,I don’t know how much it is for you.,You have a price,I promise,I spent a lot of money for this disease.。”
Zhao Da Ge,You are looking down on me.!I will give you a disease. If you want money, I am so fed so long??
And I don’t have a lot to make you more?
Zhao Da Ge is too seen.!”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also starting the golden needle。
Liu Mei, who Li Hui Feng Bill Needle, is surprised by Liu Mei.。
Already Li Hui’s hand has not waited for the gold needle,That gold needle is like flying out.,Directly stabilized in the palm of Li Hui Feng。
“Lee brother,Your big brother is like this,Used to it,You have some good to him.,He is noted to give you,Otherwise, sleep is not good.,And you must be cured for him.,It is simply a Fuxing our family.,Such kindness, your big brother wants to make up for money.,But it,I feel that I have given money.,Also not this kind of kindness,So you don’t want to be angry。”
Li Hui Feng, in fact, there are some understanding of Zhao Tiezhu,After all, he is also such a person.,However, with the experience of experience,Also slowly changed。
“Hey-hey,I know,I am joking,Don’t take my words true.,Zhao Da Ge must raise a week,It can be worried after a week.!”
Say this,Li Hui is ready to leave。
“Xiao Li,You wait,This is the big cake of just out of the pan today.,You take back to eat。”
“Hey-hey,sister in law,This big cake shop is also my one.,You are like this to let us lose money together.。”
Liu Mei heard that Li Hui Feng this,It is also white Li Hui.。
“I will let you take back to give your parents.,If you eat more people in the village to buy big cakes,Give a propaganda,This will we earn more.。”
Li Hui, listen to this,It is also a laugh:“Make money this is still a scorpion,That line,I took home to give two old.。”

What a pity!

“Siyi……He won’t be……”
The woman saw how close Zhai Yun and Fang Yu were,Puzzled。
Fourth aunt’s taste,Has it become so bad??
“Yes!He is the Mr. Fang!”
Zhai Yun smiled。
First66chapter I can’t cure!
“Siyi,I remembered that I still have something……How about this meal?!”
Be in Fang Yu with Zhai Jun。
Mo Xiaoli said solemnly。
“Xiaoli……Didn’t you say there is nothing tonight?”
Zhai Yun looked at Mo Xiaoli,I don’t know why she changed her mind temporarily。
“New news!”
Finished,Mo Xiaoli picked up her bag and walked away!
Zhai Yun still wants to stay,Seeing my niece walking in such a hurry。
Sighed lightly!
“It’s ok,Next time there is no chance!”Fang Yu said calmly。

First1880chapter Midnight Spring

I saw the light in Feng Xiaowei’s bedroom,Feng Xiaowei on the bed only wears a set of sexy underwear and sleeps on the quilt in a big font。Her snow-white skin under the bright light,Shining alluring light。
With Feng Xiaowei’s breathing,The two big balls on her chest are a bit ready to come out。See this scene,Xia Jian only felt the blood was rising,Didn’t almost pass out。
Xia Jian is in a hurry,Hurriedly closed his eyes,Then took a long breath,Calm down。He just tried hard,Push Qin Xiaomin onto Feng Xiaowei’s bed,Then turned around and ran。
Only heard that Huang Yuhong came from behind:“Ouch“the sound of。She must have seen Feng Xiaowei’s dress like this too。
Once back in my room,Xia Jian fell asleep。I could have a good night’s sleep after drinking some wine,But he happened to see Feng Xiaowei’s attractive body。He is a man of flesh and blood,If he doesn’t feel anything at all,That’s self-deception。
Over and over,semi-consciously,Sleepy。In this situation,He doesn’t know when he fell asleep。When a rapid knock on the door awakened him,He found that it was bright,I actually sleep in my clothes。
Xia Jian stood up and got up,Yawned and opened the door。No one else is standing at the door,Turned out to be topaz。Xia Jian asked in surprise:“What are you doing here so early?“
“I didn’t go back at all last night。This is not,Wake up,I found the three of us squeezed into a small bed,Really suffer“Huang Yuhong moves his arms,And began to clean up the dishes。A mess on the table,Xia Jian didn’t go to clean up last night。
Oh my god!This woman is more troublesome to be drunk than a man。Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,Hurried to the toilet。When he washes up,Qin Xiaomin and Feng Xiaowei have walked over with tired faces。
“how about it?Can you go?If you don’t have a good rest,Then another day!“Xia Jian glanced at these two women,Whispered。Because it’s sunday,He disturbed others sleeping。
Qin Xiaomin yawned and said:“I don’t have much problem,Let’s go!“
“I have no problem“Feng Xiaowei said,Toss the hair from the forehead to the back of the head。Xia Jianyi saw Feng Xiaowei,I couldn’t help but remember her alluring look last night。
The whole street in Donglin Township looks extremely quiet。Although the people here are a little poor,But they live very easily。They don’t feel the pressure of life at all。

The sour squeezing sound began to continue from all directions,As if there is a hard object around it is cracking and deforming,Make people feel terrified and disturbed。

“I gonna go see。”Elder Yi stretched out his hand to beckon his weapon and wanted to leave,But was drunk by the Golden Crow Sacred Palace。
“I’ll go,You guard the Five Elements Island,Open all defensive formations。”Golden Crow has turned into a big golden bird while talking,Into the sky,Going away quickly in the flapping wings。
One thousand two hundred and forty seven chapters Void Adventure
The teenager was thrown out by the continuous energy shock, I don’t know how far it is,He fainted after slashing his life before,Wake up now,In front of us is a dark and vast void world,Just like the big eyeball brought him to see him not long ago。
Boundless darkness,There are stars in the distance,Such an ethereal picture left a deep impression on the teenager,And luck looks good,There is no harassment from the void storm。
The feeling of the rest of his life makes the young man lucky,Li Tan tried to cut off his vitality when he threw him into the space channel,Fortunately, Void Slash had dangerous signs in advance,Let Li Tan quickly let go,Otherwise he might be killed by the other party。
Teenager trying to turn his head,Want to recognize the surrounding environment through a wider perspective,Suddenly found the curved barrier full of eyes,I was actually in a big bubble,Bubbles float in the void,high speed,I don’t know where it will float to。
The key is,I don’t know who blessed this bubble,Obviously to protect him,Is it big eyes?Except it,The teenager can’t think of anyone who cares so much about his life and death。
Since big eyes don’t want him to die,Why should Li Tan be allowed to behave like this??It seems that these questions still have to be pulled back to the ultimate goal of the big eyeball。
The teenager has no time to think so much,Began to worry about the situation in the free world,Before he was in a coma,The space channel obviously has a big bang,Not only was Li Tan cut off his only way of life,It may also seriously undermine the security and stability of the free world。
Except for anxious,The teenager has no way,Vast void,He has no sense of direction at all,No way to talk about finding a way back,There is no way in the void,Only coordinates and lighthouse,This is what the big eyeball said,The facts are the same。

Chu Deirers are not panicked,Enter“Tire”After the state,Chu Deer’s internal and external security is also a batch of high,and use《Plastic star Dafa》Absorbing huge internal strength、Veterinary rogue,Don’t need too much care,Natural operation space is much bigger。

The reason why Xiaohong came over,Is to play an suckless internal force……Even meridians!
“Tire”In the state“Suck”,Can not be unloaded、I can’t remove it.,And Chu Deirers don’t want to withstand the side effects of increasing bottlenecks.,So this time,Often it is directly filling small red——Now Xiaohong has also adapted to Chu Dee’s meridians。
Previous way,In a lot of unbelieved, the evil part of the treasure map,Chu Deirens have long experiment。
And Xiaohong is only a bird,Employment is very different from humans,Whether it is internal force perfusion、Or the meridians are plugged in,For Xiaohong,Also“Wash”Your own meridians and body,No longer。
Every small red belt has internal force,They are the results of the Chu Deirers,In fact, Xiaohong is not really internal force.。
But then,Also, also use side effects into invisible,And now it seems,“Wash”It is also possible to stimulate small red body,A variation of benign changes。
“wash”Not very comfortable,But“wash”Afterward,But you can feel yourself,So Xiaohong is not willing,But it’s also wanting to welcome it.!
The people around him see Chu Deirers so much.,Directly in the end of the enemy seven,Also, it is difficult for it,How is it for a long time?,Chu Deirens don’t see how,Seven Too to protect a face pain——They will worry,Meridiary began to defend“Tear”Force。
For a time, someone is ready to move……
Chapter 378 Want to practice this work
Chu Deirers are preparing to completely abolish a few too much to protect,Suddenly scream,Instinct,Someone wants to shoot attack!
I saw that the Chu Deiren slammed back later.,Inherent aftertaste,Put the seven gas failure of Shaoshan too shock out,At the same time,A group“flame”Go out……
There is indeed more than a dozen people around it.,It’s already can’t help it.。
However, the Chu deer released、This fire is red,Electro-optical rock,Ren, they responded in time,I only heard a sound of knife and gun collision.,Then there is some familiar scream!
Take a closer look,Also a little mature face——It was the temple in Luoyang.,Six people who have met、Black dog star seven。
This time is just the bird of the emberitors.,I have already been helpless.,Most of them have not responded yet,I have been a painful pain.,It seems that it is a lot of fire.,The line of sight is completely dark。
There are few people to react,Like the head of the chicken,Prace the chicken mouth,But this steel chicken mouth、I met the true bird,It is a response,After this, the situation is also a grab.,Still abolish it!
It is Xiaohong at this time.,In the internal force that is too secure,Have not drifted,This bird is like a sword,It’s forced by the sword,It’s like Long Springs,If not the master master,Non-ordinary knife sword energy block。
This is waiting to be small red.,When I reap back to Chu Debans on the shoulders,More than a dozen people rushed out,Has been poked to the eyeball!
“Moon——Moon——”Xiao Hongyaowu is another called,At the same time, it also borrows the opportunity to shake it.“Bathing water”,These two exceptions。
And it’s not like a bird, the ejaculation is so embarrassed.,Instead, it is a beef icing.,Extraordinary low oscillation……
I didn’t want to observe the Jianghu customers around him.,After hearing,I feel that my heart is blocked.,Inner force roots,Even small injuries。
Gripping,Also retired!
“I can’t think of the Lushan School, I am actually a twelve stars.,Come to win the family sword spectrum of my Lin brothers?You are the left cold,Did nototh no teeth?”Chu Deirers turned into the sky and the sword,Have a few very secured Shaoshan disciples around,Also dragged the secure back。
“Come, you are really old? Time to last time in Luoyang,You also saved the twice star and gray bats、Owl?”Chu Deirers began to bring the Lushan and the 12 stars together.。
Zhong Town and others heard that the Chu Deiren took the twice star of these strangers.? Becoming yourself“Gang”Relationship? One is urgently retired,Nai’s internal injury? There are also a few scraps.,I want to know, but the Chu Dee’s teeth。
Just happened? Underner failure、There is still a root? No, unable to recover? But the meridians have been torn……
They call them afterwards,It will be found,I am not only lost in the meridians.,Internal power can only return to eightje、It is necessary to get it again to seven or eight points.? And in the future, I want to build a tree in my housework.? It will also be difficult!
“today……It is a place in our Lushan.!Chu Chuzi wants《Evil spirits》……Wuyue Sword School……Try to。”Zhong Town hurried back a few words,I will give my disciples to help myself.。
Even the deer people why the Sword Law,I didn’t take care of the question.,So say that death? I can’t walk when I arrived.!
Come down,Not only did you have any benefits And the seven Taibao people are injured,Bringing the Shaoshan disciple,Also missed half。
Lushan is a famous door.,I don’t want to kill the Chu Deirers.,But at this time, I have to plan to come.,But there are many people who are unknown.,Both Fujian,They will not fall down the stone,It is not the decision of Chu Deirers.。
As for the twelve stars,It is a robber that is not waiting for black and white.,Can exist now,One relies on martial arts、Second, walking secret,Three……It is dead after death.,Wei has no teeth will pass the power of the 12 stars.,Cultivate new!
I can really say that the whole martial arts are helpless.,Only one of the no teeth。
At this time, see the Chu Deirers.,No matter how eye-catching chicken dog,After the back, someone jumps out to find them to find enmity。
This is not far from all the way,Aming peaceful……

What’s more, the effect of vegetables is also a deep understanding.。

“It is a must,I am sure to buy vegetables.,The last time is not a magic,I feel that I can eat all.,And the price is 100%。”
Looking at Zheng Tiancheng’s excitement,Li Hui quickly hit the excitement of each other。
“I haven’t finished it yet.,This kind of vegetable should be not too strong before.,However, the quality of vegetables is definitely good.,The price, you will follow the market price.,Key Magic should also have many people to buy,After all, I am going to be the Spring Festival.,They will certainly have actions before the Spring Festival.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Zheng Tiancheng still did not hesitate to buy vegetables。
If it is the first time with Li Hui Feng,He may be conservative,Hesitation,But he is too understanding that Li Rong’s character is,Since Li speaks with the wind than other vegetables,That one hundred% will be a lot.,As for if there are special effects,He feels no problem。
Because those effects have been for a long time,Instead, it will be faint.。
That is, the people who eat for the first time will have obvious feelings.。
butUAlthough weakened,But it also illustrates the right body.。
These Zheng Tiancheng did not say,Are his own understanding。
“Hey-hey,do not worry,As long as you call,I contact the big container car directly to acquire.,Your Vegetable Vegetables I can acquire it.。”
For Zheng Tiancheng’s confidence is full,Li Hui also said some other things directly with the other side.。
At the same time, there is no pesticide for vegetables in the village.,Insecticides, these don’t dare to guarantee,After all, since the last thing appeared,He didn’t manage it again.。
And the variety of vegetables is different.。
Zheng Tiancheng heard the words of Li Hui Feng,It’s also suddenly understood,The other party is changing to remind him,Want to polish your eyes。
“Um,I know,When I go to acquire, I will take a professional team.。”
Li Hui also didn’t expect Zheng Tiancheng so decisive.,But this is also Zheng Tiancheng’s consistent style.。
After finishing Zheng Tiancheng,Li Hui lived with Qin Xue to play everywhere.。
For Qin Xue, he doesn’t want to give up now.。
Although this is a slag,But he understands,Qin Xue also understand,From encountering that moment,Or the moment from Li Hui’s choice,The two are really unable to segment the existence.。
Back to lotus village,Li Hui Feng went to Zhaojia Village。
Because the pig farm is also full of construction.。
With the construction of the pig farm,Li Hui’s goal is also a short half.。
Zhao Pengyu also looked at the pig farm,I am constantly thinking about how to use the pig farm to make a fortune.。
I have even started to count if I get some small interests.。
But these,Li Hui Feng, although I don’t know,But it is already aware of it.。
Even if Zhao Pengyu has a manager,He also let the other party just hang a name.,If the other party wants to be really destroyed,He will not hesitate to kick out the other party from the team.。
Big snow,Moreover, it is the Spring Festival。
Many greenhouses of vegetables have begun to ripe。
Suyang,Zheng Tiancheng is also coming early, Li Hui Hui is here.,Prepare to occupy the first acquisition highland,After all, regardless of the Nova Hotel,Still Zheng Tiancheng Hotel,Those high-end dishes are basically a vegetable that Li Hui’s wind is.。
The outside of the orchard is also a row of houses.,And there is a soil in it,There are also solar bath houses,This time, no matter what Su is, Zheng Tian Chengdu likes it.。
Chapter 693 Chapter Pesticide Residues
These are later Li Hui to find Yang Li to build.。
And all of them are hollow bricks,Demolition is also convenient。
According to Shen Tian Si,If you want to make a plan,These must be dismantled,Including those houses in the village。
But now there is no level in the county.,So temporarily agreed to Li’s request,After all, Li Pei Feng is also the town.,I have made a lot of contribution to the county.。
at night,Su Yan and Zheng Tiancheng sat in the hot sword,Listen to the whistling sound outside the wind,This feeling has not been enjoyed for a long time.。
Zheng Tiancheng is also the same,This time, Zhou Miao is also invited to go back.,But it returned to the county。
Zhou Shengjie learned that Zhou Miao did not follow Li with the wind.,Also together with Zheng Tian,It is also very helpless。

Chen Xiu left a blatant sentence and rushed out,When he came to the yard,I saw the helicopter that took me back and took off more than ten meters,He raised his hands up and shouted,Unfortunately, the noise of helicopter propellers is too loud,The pilot didn’t understand his cry。

In a hurry,Chen Xiu jumped up,The distance of less than one meter from the helicopter is already exhausted。
Chen Xiu directly controlled himself to stay in the air,Take advantage of the air to jump up again,I caught the helicopter’s landing gear,Helicopter tilted for one,The pilot finally knew there was someone on the landing gear,Finally opened the door,Chen Xiu flipped into the helicopter。
The driver asked with surprise:“Mr. Chen,When were you on the landing gear,I do not know how?”
Chen Xiu waved his hand and said:“This is not the point。
The point is to fly back to Miss Ou’s house just now。”
The driver said embarrassingly:“Mr. Chen,Every time you fly at high altitude in the city, you must apply for a route with the flight bureau,Otherwise it is easy to be regarded as terror by the troops stationed on the islandimolecular,Otherwise it will be shot down by a missile。”
hand machine station:
1051 Flying
Chen Xiu said:“Don’t worry about the flight route,I will now let people communicate with the troops stationed on the island,You fly first!”
“that……OK then。”
Chen Xiu took out his phone directly,Make a call to Huang Nanguo。