“report。”Xu Wan stepped forward,“I have something to say。”

“can,You said。”
“He lied。”
“Eh!”Gan Yifan looked back at her。
“Eh what eh,Full of nonsense,Do you really think we are playing with you??shut your mouth,I didn’t let you speak。”Chen Duxie’s evil face to him,Looking back,Calm down:“Xu Wan,Gan Yifan’s time to enter normal society is too short,He is incomprehensible,Don’t understand the seriousness of the matter,We can handle,But you are different,He doesn’t understand, you understand,Every word you say will be recorded,Think about it。”
“Yes,Instructor,I know。”Xu Wan salute,Go on:“Before,I hope the teacher is there,Because this matter is important。”
Actually after landing,The moment the backpack was tied,Xu Wan knew that he couldn’t hide it。
Just because of Gan Yifan’s words,She raised a glimmer of hope,But in fact, Gan Yifan thought things too simple,From underground“warehouse”The two swords and one sword that I took out can’t explain at all,And bamboo slips?Also can’t explain。
Can only tell the truth。
Chen Du and Major Ji looked at each other,Be cautious,Major Ji said:“can,I make a call,University Li also invited。”
Major Ji called on the spot,Chen Du looked at Gan Yifan,“Now you have another chance,to be frank,Which are your own?What is brought out of the abyss space?”
Gan Yifan held the scimitar and black blade in his arms,“I brought this from home,Other not。”

The He family father and son and Guo Yingdong laughed even more,They probably have seen such a direct way of speaking by Gu Rimou.。

Guo Yingdong laughed and said:“Turned out to be old acquaintances,I met Zhang Haishan a few years ago,Since you are his apprentice,Say we are all our own。”
Even turned his head and shouted to the back:“Come out thirteen!”
I saw Guo Zijian walking out from behind the hall tremblingly,When He Shouheng sent someone to kidnap him last night, he specifically explained that he could not hurt others.,It didn’t hurt at all。
“grandfather、Master Gu、Grandpa he、Uncle He……”
Guo Zijian greeted everyone at once,It’s even more embarrassing when looking at Chen Xiu,Never know how to speak。
“Dumb?,Call someone!”Guo Yingdong angered。
“Chen……Chen Ge……”
“What brother,His master and I are friends of the same generation,Called uncle!”
“Chen……Uncle Chen……”
Although Guo Zijian is unwilling in every way,Still shouted,He dare to challenge his Laozi,Don’t dare to be presumptuous in front of my old man。
“How did i tell you last night,What should I say to your Uncle Chen!”
Guo Zijian hugs his arms,Bend over ninety degrees,Salute to Chen Tao:“Uncle Chen,I’m wrong,I hope you won’t remember the villain,forgive me!”
Chen Xiu was taken aback,Always saying that he and Guo Zijian don’t have much antagonism,The conflict in the casino is just a sudden juvenile mania,Young people jealous,Later when he was assassinated, he suspected that Guo Zijian’s black hand was also angry.。
But a series of things happened later,Let him know that there is another black hand leading in the middle,There is really no resentment towards Guo Zijian at this time。
“anything else!”Guo Yingdong reminded me。
Guo Zijian tremblingly took out a bank note from his pocket,Hand over:“Uncle Chen,This is the two billion bet that I bet with you,I lost this bet!”
Chen Xiu was even more surprised,Unexpectedly, Guo Yingdong would give two billion to himself so easily,To know,All his current assets plus the real estate he invested in are no more than 2 billion.,The cash is definitely not enough。
Face 2 billion cash,Chen Xiu said it’s impossible to be indifferent,Took a bank check and took a look,The heading above is Swiss Bank,Knowing that this kind of promissory note will never skip the ticket after signing,Just take this cashier’s check to redeem it is definitely not a bad check,Guo Yingdong went after him personally, or came back。

“what?You didn’t see?”Jia Lina asked in surprise。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“I didn’t see it,But wait and see,This person will come to us in a while”His voice has not fallen,Hear someone walking ahead。
Xia Jian hurriedly walked out from inside,I saw the fat woman in the restaurant next door looking a little embarrassed。Xia Jian smiled and said:“Fat sister want to buy something?”
“Oh!Get me a bag of washing powder!”Fat woman talking,Put one hundred and sixty dollars on the counter。
Xia Jian has a look,Reminded softly:“Washing powder six yuan and five jiao,Can’t use so many fat sisters”
“Ok! I know,Isn’t there any other oven money。I think you are selling quickly,Afraid of sold out,So I moved one myself,Did not say hello to you”When the fat woman said this,Sound like a mosquito,Very awkward expression。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Must say next time,If I yelled out last night,Alarm neighbors,It’s not too embarrassing”
“Which is which is,Thanks brother”Fat woman takes washing powder,Head down,Blushing and ran out of the shop。
At this moment Jia Lina walked out from inside,She didn’t say anything,I just gave Xiajian a thumbs up,The eyes are full of admiration。
Near noon,The surrounding villagers came to the town in groups to participate in the exchange meeting at the end of the year,Most people want to add something to the family,Of course there are also hanging out,Look at the lively。
Jana’s shop buys grain, oil, rice noodles and some small department stores,Because of the complete variety,There are so many people here。The remaining ovens of yesterday were less than half an hour before and after,Was all taken away,And also ordered a few。
See the business is booming,Don’t mention how happy Jia Lina feels。He let Xia Jian look after the shop,I hurried to the post office and called which boss in Teng County。
Just when Xia Jian was busy selling goods to others,A pickup truck stopped on the side of the street,Got out of the car in his thirties,Chunky man,This person has a mustache,Two shrimp-like eyes rolled straight forward。

“It seems,This Zhao family,It’s not easy to deal with。”

Wang Teng said,Not long,The people from Hubao Camp have arrived here。
One of them held a fist at Wang Teng,Speak directly。
I followed the person in front of me to finish,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,I feel more and more in my heart,This scene is very funny。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng。
Such a thing,Essentially,It’s more direct than imagined。
And after watching for a while,Actually from now on,These things,How to make a decision,Just these things,Actually all need to be re-planned。
And looking at it all,Actually here,Wang Teng said very directly。
“but,You guys go out with me now。”
Zhao Shijie did all this,I want Wang Teng to forgive him,That is absolutely impossible。
So next,Looks at Wang Teng,It is also necessary to solve some things。
With Wang Teng said here,The people around me nodded again and again。
After all such a thing,Actually from the original,Is what they want to do。
“Good lord。”
These people from the Tiger Leopard Camp,It’s really boring。
So it looks like,If you can take advantage of now to go out and pack up some people,That’s really perfect。
As for Wang Teng,Of course I don’t know this。
But didn’t go far,Wang Teng noticed。

Just got a report from his subordinates,Illuminati today‘glory’‘sacred’‘ruling’The three knights have been completely broken up。

And this dispersal is not an army confrontation,Then he wouldn’t be so angry,He is angry,The royal camp outrageously sent a strong sanctuary,Forcibly kill the leaders and generals of those troops with the strength of the sanctuary powerhouse,The morale of the army plummeted。
“A bunch of timid scum!”Gritted teeth,“Second brother,We can’t go on like this,If this continues, the army will be over,No army,It is impossible to build the kingdom of God on earth by relying on the strong in the sanctuary。”
Is called‘Second brother’Desi Li’s face is not much better than Lie at the moment,But he is restrained and steady by nature,Did not express his anger like Lie。
He is thinking,Why did the sanctuary of the royal camp suddenly behave so aggressively?。He saw it in previous wars,There are many factions in the royal camp,The behavior of the strong in each sanctuary is based on security,Dare not make such a crazy move—Even if you don’t count your risk of being siege,,Such behavior may also be subject to equivalent retaliation by the other party,That is to send each other Sanctuary powerhouses to assassinate the 8th and 9th level middle and high level,Split the army,Then became a battle at the sanctuary level。This is actually what the royal camp has been trying to avoid。
“Desiree、strong~”The soft voice brought back Desi Li who was in the thought,Respectfully:“Pope。”Even though they are considered brothers in private,But in this formal occasion,I still call it very respectful。
The legendary pope of the Illuminati,Ernst is an ordinary looking man,Thin body,Has a hook nose,Give his temperament a gloomy and fierce,But overall,It seems very gentle。
Following Ernst,Is a handsome man with cold temperament,Andrew, the leader of the angels of the Holy See,Converged three pairs of wings at the moment,Guard aside。
“Our army was attacked,I have heard,May they find eternal peace in the kingdom of the Lord。”Between Ernst’s Words,With endless compassion,Let everyone in the temple stand in awe。
“Remnants of the Puang Empire,Committed the crime of killing the warrior of God,We should be tortured。”
“Ever since the Pu’ang Empire has been in the dark cult,We have been dormant for a long time,Gathered enough strength,It’s time to show to the world,Let them understand the greatness of light。”
Ernst’s words are erratic,But the core figures of the Holy See in the temple understand,This is the rhythm of a full-scale war with the royal family。
After announcing full war,Pope Ernst of Illumination screened the ninth-level strong,There are only a few sanctuary powerhouses who have excellent relationships。
“but,Big brother,I am worried whether the Puang Empire has planted any traps。”Dare to give an opinion to Ernst,Only Desi Li,Of course it’s not just because of their good personal relationships,It’s even more because Desli is recognized by the Holy See in the light of wisdom.。
“no need to worry!”Ernst smiled gently,Palm up,A drop‘Drops of water’Exudes a weak light power,However, it has a slight breath,Just let Desli hold his breath。
“this is。。。”Desli’s eyes widened。
“Our recently expanded faith,Satisfied with the great master of light!”Ernst’s face showed a fanatical expression“The great master bestows a drop of divine power!If Koland dares to face me one-on-one,Sure to die。”
“Do not worry,Even if Koland can bring in two or three more Sanctuary Extreme Powers,At best procrastinate me,There is some possibility of escape。Instead you have to be careful,Avoid being besieged by the sanctuary strong。”Ernst is also very concerned about his brothers who are comparable to brothers in private.。

“You won’t open the door for a long time,I thought it was a good thing to disturb you。I want to see if there is a woman hidden,The key is who is the woman you hide?”Wang Yihua said,I actually laughed out loud first。

Xia Jian made tea for her,While talking:“President Wang is really good at joking,I was seriously injured this time,Not even with a woman,Let alone hiding”
“cut!Mr. Yao said that you have a head injury,Isn’t it hurt somewhere?,What else can it do”Wang Yihua said,Deliberately glanced at Xia Jian。Made Xia Jian laugh。
” Didn’t Mr. Wang go to a field investigation recently??Why come to me when I have time?“Xia Jian held back a smile,Ask when the topic turns。
Wang Yihua sneered and said:”Yao Junli is really not friends enough,As if i would snatch you away,You got so bad this time,If not for a friend of mine in Pingdu today,I really don’t know about it。I want to break off friendship with her Yao Junli“Wang Yihua pretended to be angry and said。
”Nothing,Just got knocked from the back of the head,it’s all good now“Xia Jian downplays,Very easy to say。
Wang Yihua said:”You are now a big tree,A small city,Your venture group’s investment accounts for most of the country。Fruit company behind,I think it will be great in the future“
”indeed,My goal is the development of fruit industry in Pingdu,To be controlled by our Pingdu Fruit Company。Neighboring counties will be involved in the future,For example, Qingshan County“Xia Jianyi talked about work,Interest is coming。
Wang Yihua smiled and said:”You are recuperating,We don’t talk about it,When Yao Junli told me your address just now,Specially confessed to me,Let me sit for a while and leave,And your guard,Said the same,Otherwise I really can’t get in your door“
”Damn!How many days have it been,It’s okay long ago。How about this!Mr. Guo is back in a while,Let’s go to the fruit industry base in the afternoon,I heard it’s really good,You should also see where your five million is spent“Xia Jian smiled and said to Wang Yihua。
Wang Yihua,Eyes suddenly light up,She smiled and said:”That’s great,But you just came out of the hospital,They will scold me to death if they do“
”Nothing,I’ll call Mr. Guo,Let her arrange“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
First0807chapter First results
“No need to fight”With sound,Guo Meili came in from the door。
Wang Yihua laughed and greeted Guo Meili,Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian and said:“President Xia wants to see the fruit industry base,But you have to promise me one thing?”

Fuming raised his head to apologize。

“You don’t have eyes!”
The man is unhappy,Scold,The pedestrians around are also looking here,Originally wanted to watch the excitement,But seeing the man’s face,Whispered and walked away。
“This guy is really unlucky,Got on the bar with Wang’s Wang She”
“Said yes”
Fuming frowned and looked at this guy,Although I feel very upset,But after all, I didn’t pay attention,He just took a cold look and was about to leave。
“Hey hey,I want to leave because of this drop!”
Wang She refused to let go and grabbed Fuming’s clothes。
“Let go of your dirty hands!
Fuming turned his head and looked at him coldly,Cold eyes,Wang She let go of his hand unconsciously,Took a step back,But then I felt shameless,Screamed:“Do you know who Lao Tzu is?,I am from the Wang family!”
Fuming with a playful smile:“Do you know who I am?!”
“I care who you are,Get him for me!”
The dog legs around the king’s house immediately surrounded,Holding steel rod in hand,With a grinning smile,Step by step approaching Fuming。
Grin“This is your own death!”
Several people rushed forward and hit them with a stick,Fuming’s figure disappeared instantly,The figure shuttles between several people,Several dogs vomited blood and flew out。
Fuming coldly looked at the Wang She aside,Energy in hands。
Wang She was even more shocked by the scene behind his back,Watching his life approaching step by step,Screamed:“I’m from the Wang family,If you dare to move me, you will die,You’re dead!”
Fuming is too lazy to talk nonsense with him,Appeared in front of him in an instant,Thunder in hand,Blow him out with a punch,Body sinks deeply on the wall,The kind that can’t be pulled off。
“Young master!”

but,From scratch,This is a qualitative breakthrough,Also the most difficult。

By contrast,Further improvements to the method are much simpler。
The next twenty-eight years,Second Qi Refining Method《Liangyijing》Born,Compared to the superficial Hun Yuan Jing,Whether these two rituals are formed from‘Mana’strength,Still enough to carry‘Tao’Have improved a lot。
And with the birth of this method,The true god Zhuang Zhou, who is in charge of the Avenue of Dreams, also understands the way of heaven,Became the second true god to realize the existence of heaven。
Pangu Period One Hundred Thousand Eighty Seven Years,Finally one door is enough to carry‘Way of Heaven’Realm。
《Big compass》This world,As the main creator of this method,True God Yuanshi gritted his teeth and started practicing。
Although it took some time to cultivate,But still successfully cultivated and named by them‘Mana’the power of。
And the ultimate in practice,You must realize the way of heaven before you can practice,As a person who realizes the sun of heaven,True God Yuanshi finally succeeded in practicing。
The ultimate of this system,Known as Dao Zu,The power of mana is not weaker than the true god。
Such a state,Called by the gods and demons‘Luo Daozu’!
And Yuanshi is the first Daluo Daozu in the world。
Successive,Fuxi,The true gods of Xiaoyao who have realized the Yin Tiandao have stepped into the realm of Da Luo Daozu by this method.。
but,Although Da Luo Daozu’s mana is not less than the true god’s divine power,But in actual combat, it is far inferior to the true god。After all, the true gods are powerful,At the same time, the gods and demons have also developed many methods of fighting with supernatural powers.。
So called‘Supernatural power’!
While refining mana,After all, a newly born system,The method of use is very immature。
Of course, Da Luo Daozu are also developing the role of mana。
Fuxi was very pleased to discover,Mana used in formation,Easier to control than divine power,It also runs more freely and delicately。
Yuanshi True God also created the first spell between heaven and earth。
Li Ming,In the name of the candle dragon,Also created the first magic weapon in this world。

“I understand!”

“Sapphire flowers are useless to humans,Of Beasts,Open wisdom,The effect of enhancing strength!”
“This flower is the most delicious delicacy in the eyes of beasts!”
“It’s no wonder they attacked me!”
Chen Xiu looked at the five blue jade flowers in his hand for a while.,I feel that sapphire flowers are hot taro。
912 The attraction of sapphire flowers to beasts
Chen Xiu intends to let Gu Rimou’s sapphire flower go to the secret realm in exchange for medicinal materials that prolong life。
But now this flower emits such a peculiar smell,Attract the beasts in the forest,How can I escape Liu Yibai and others’ chase?!
“It would be a pity if I threw it like this,Take it all the way with beasts chasing,Then Liu Yibai and the others will find me。”
“by,Where did Gu Rimou go at this time??”
“He must know how to hide the smell of sapphire flowers,The man who disappeared at the critical moment!”
“Really unreliable guy!”
When Chen Xiu complained about Gu Rimou,Suddenly there was a burst in the woods“Ba Ba Ba Ba……”The sound of。
“wrong,This sound is louder than the sound of ordinary elephants,Could it be……No way!”
It’s Chen Xiu who is worried about it,Then there was a sound of trees being hit in the woods,The mammoth that was about ten meters tall came out of the woods。
Chen Xiu recognized at a glance it was the one Liu Yibai and the others besieged.。
“Gu Rimou didn’t mean to chase an elephant,What about others?”

Before,Yu Shi never thought that one day would face such a scene,But since it’s here,She has no reason to shrink。

What sad、Sad、There is no painful feelings,The only one who supported her to walk in front of them,Is unstoppable anger。
Korean Poems,Not cause trouble,Not afraid of things。
Korean Poems,Can chant poems and compose flowers before the moon,You can also sweep the horizon。
but,She also wanted to give Zhao Haiyi a chance to explain,Won’t act rashly。
Getting closer and closer to Zhao Haiyi,No need to say hello,He has seen her,of course,I also saw Cui Ronghao who was like a bodyguard behind her。
He was taken aback first,Then got up slowly:“Poetry,Mr. Cui,Why are you here?”
Yushi secretly laughed,This is typical,Why are we here,Of course we are here to eat!
Yushi smiled softly,Said in an unnaturally gentle tone after suppressing anger:“Haiyi,You snatched my line,I should ask why you guys are here。if I recall it correctly,You took the high-speed train to Guangzhou early in the morning。”
“I……”Zhao Haiyi was speechless。
Zhang Xiaoxue seems to want to say something,A poem“stop”’S gesture scared,I was stunned and swallowed what I wanted to say。
“No need to explain,I know。Can’t bear her,Want to spend a day with her,right?”Yushi seems to be calm。
Zhao Haiyi can’t think of a reasonable excuse,He didn’t expect to be in Shenzhen,They can run into。
“You guys are delicious,Cui and I went there。correct,I’ll pay for your meal,I’m doing it for you,Farewell you away from my life!Zhao Haiyi,We don’t,Rejoice!”Before Zhao Haiyi could react,Yu Shi has turned around resolutely,Cheerful、Without hesitation。
Cui Ronghao knows that Yushi will not suffer,Kept standing not far away watching her。But at the moment she turned around,He clearly saw the two lines of tears falling in her eyes。
The tears stung him silently,Make him feel bad。
Can’t think,Only for a moment,Cui Ronghao walked over to Zhao Haiyi,I slapped his face with my hand。
Although this slap is not particularly loud,But powerful enough,I don’t know where I hurt,A little blood oozes from the corner of Zhao Haiyi’s lips。
Finish this slap,Cui Ronghao got closer,In the ears of Zhao Haiyi,Say in a voice that only the two of them can hear:“Manager Zhao,rest assured,I won’t treat you。but,You should not be able to stay in the Guangzhou branch。”