Xia Jian’s eyes coincided with Ouyang Hong’s eyes,Four eyes want to touch,Xia Jian lowered her head in embarrassment,And Ouyang Hong smiled generously:“Yo!President Xia!You are looking for Secretary Li?”

“Is not,I want to go to the city,I just met Secretary Li,He said he has something to tell me”Xia Jian said flusteredly。
Secretary Li who is opening the door,Stopped,He turned around and asked Ouyang Hong:“Mayor Ouyang,You just called him President Xia,What the hell is going on?If it’s a joke,Stop this kind of joke,Is he the village head after all??Misunderstanding“
“Oh!Secretary Li,He was originally the boss of Bucheon Venture Group,Xiping Village was hit this time,Their entrepreneurial group has done a lot,Although he is now the head of Xiping Village,But we usually say it smoothly,This should be fine“Ouyang Hong smiled and said to Secretary Li。
Secretary Li looked at Xia Jian in surprise and said:“nice!young and promising,Xicunping can produce talents like you,It seems to be the good fortune of Xiping Village,I said the whole Pingyang Town,Why is Xiping Village developing so fast,Turns out there is a big boss like you behind“
Xia Jian smiled a little embarrassedly and said:“you flatter me,Mayor Ouyang leads well,Reconstruction of Xiping Village,Cannot do without government support“When Xia Jian finished saying this,,I just feel a little hot on my face,He doesn’t know,How can I have such a set of rhetoric。
Secretary Li’s room is not bigger than Ouyang Hong’s,The only difference is,There is no pile of materials on his desk,Xia Jian glanced,So I found a chair and sat down by myself。
did not expect,Ouyang Hong also followed,She sat opposite Secretary Li。
“Oh!Is such that,Mayor Ouyang must have notified you,There are leaders in the city who need to come down to check,Want to build a model village,Choose to choose,I think only your village is suitable,So I reported it,did not expect,my thoughts,Coincides with the ideas of city leaders,This requires your strong support“Secretary Li opened the door to Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Smiled slightly:“No problem with this,I also reported to Mayor Ouyang,Waiting for the day when the water enters the village,Let’s have a simple ceremony,By the way, leaders are welcome to check“
“Ok!Good idea,But we need to make it warmer,Organize some villagers,Knock on the gong,Beat drums,If there is a Yangko team,Twisted words,Just better”Secretary Li said,I can’t help rubbing my hands,It feels like he is already there。
In the end, Ouyang Hong rounded out Xia Jian,One out of Secretary Li’s office,Ouyang Hong asked Xia Jian:“What are you doing in the city?The village is so busy,You are not going to be lazy!”
“I want to buy a motorcycle,So inconvenient to get in and out,I walked here from the village today“Xia Jian said helplessly。
Ouyang Hong thought for a while and said:“sure!It’s really good to have a transportation tool,But now the motorcycle market is a bit chaotic,I don’t know what you want to buy?I have a classmate who specializes in playing this stuff in Pingdu,If you look at it,I help you?“
“This is a good thing!I don’t know if you have time”Xia Jianyi listen,Very happy,Zhengzhou is not easy to handle,Unexpectedly, Ouyang Hong said it by herself,He asked for someone。

Drop the rope and pull him up,Neither of them spoke,Let him rest。

Gan Yifan is really tired,The return distance between three and four hundred meters is okay,Can recover slightly with the help of Mingzhu,But after a distance of tens of meters,He dare not continue to use Mingzhu,Eliminate[5200 ]Too much consumption。Here,There is not much left in the body,He didn’t even dare to jump,There is not much left from the fire needed to maintain body temperature。
“It’s too cold underneath,At least five or six times colder than Yunji Island,I can’t go down。”Gan Yifan gasped and said。
“troubled you。”Ning Beizhi patted him on the back,“Just come back safely。”Talking words of comfort,But the disappointment is hard to conceal。
“I didn’t get down to 500 meters……”
“Ok,Nothing,It’s just my imagination,Let you go adventure,The teacher wants to apologize to you。”
“no, I’m fine,The teacher’s judgment is probably right。”Gan Yifan said,“Although it’s not down to a depth of 500 meters,,But I found the abyss widened。”
“Ok?”Ning Beizhi suddenly became excited,“you sure?”
“I went down to a depth of about 420 and 30 meters,Five or six meters away,The rock wall slopes inward,The lower the tilt, the greater the angle,But the scope I can see is limited,Sure but not sure,It can only be said that the possibility of the abyss widening is very high。”
Li Dachuan thought about it:“According to this,The bottom of the abyss might be a forest,What about the dragon I saw?Does it really exist?”
“What dragon?”Gan Yifan surprised,“Where did you see the dragon?”
Li Dachuan glanced at him,Puzzled his attitude,But no explanation。
“Inside the giant cauldron。”Ning Bei Zhi,He didn’t stare at Gan Yifan this time,Vomiting blood once or twice,He has no hope of reading Gan Yifan related memories,“The reason why I want you to go down five hundred meters,Because I was awake,See the bottom of the abyss from the trance inside the giant cauldron。Similar experience,But what he saw was a dragon,Like an ancient Tyrannosaurus with wings。”
Gan Yifan blinked,No answer。
Time came to 9:30 in the morning,Three people got out of the tripod,Very tired,Sit down and don’t want to get up。
Ning Bei Zhi and Li Dachuan closed their eyes to rest their minds,Gan Yifan also leaned on the stone wall,Reluctantly pose for practice。
He is actually more hungry,But I’m used to running away from the fire,Enriched and warm,But now empty,Particularly unsuitable。
If it’s like a stream flowing inside when the fire is full,Then now,Lihuo is like sparks,Flashing,It seems to go out at any time,Even with him, the whole person looks weak and listless,Even feel cold。
Practice first,Eat more。
He practiced for a long time this time,More than three hours。Ning Bei Zhi and Li Dachuan finished their practice,Finished eating,Chatted for a long time,He just woke up from the practice。

An Yongxiang’s face suddenly stretched,Xie Dabao even winked at Erd,Forcing the other party to speak,“Old wish,The head of the house is different from before,Haven’t you seen his murderous aura??How can you treat your brother like this??The company wants to develop,Inevitably take a detour,Not even a chance for trial and error,Is this forcing us to break up??”

“I said that,Stop mentioning!”Zhu Lei snapped a chair,Stood up very violently,Then leave quickly。
“grass!This is not the way。”An Yongxiang looks at Zhu Lei’s background,A fierce light flashed in his eyes。
“Go to my office,Although this matter is not too urgent,But we have to talk。”Xie Dabao said bitterly。
“Call Peng Weihua,together。”
The three people also left the spacious banquet hall,A big conspiracy is brewing。
Fukuyama Southwest,Huijue Temple,Under the cypress,Li Tianchou is sitting cross-legged with You Shilong,Although the fragrant tea is beautiful,But the two of them looked solemn。
Li Tianchou has told You Shilong about the trip to Yuxing headquarters,He will leave Fushan for a long time,Take care of each other carefully,Beware of two new shareholders and Fu Erde。
“Don’t worry,I can’t turn the tide,But protect Song girl,A letter is more than enough。”
“You must bear with big things,Leave all questions to ?‘,I suggest you and Xiao Song move to Caijiayuan for a short stay,Stay away from whirlpools and right and wrong。”
“This word,You should tell Girl Song in person。”
“It’s useless,Do your best。”Li Tianchou wry smile。
“Nowadays,Maybe it didn’t happen to you,Things will ease。”
“It’s just sooner or later,Scabies tumor is removed as soon as possible and there is a possibility of salvation。Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang look for time to check carefully,Keep in touch anytime。”
“it is good,Leave it to me。”You Shilong sees Li Tianchou speaking seriously,Naturally take it seriously,“A joke,Why don’t you come back to take over Yuxing??How nice it is to have fun together,I really want to be a Taoist priest?”

“This is a little different from what I thought before。Because I always thought that there may be two similar solar systems in the universe。But this obviously underestimates the universe,This universe should finally have countless solar systems,Just because of the dimension,Before technology develops to a certain level,We can’t detect it。So in my vision this four-dimensional world composed of countless three-dimensional worlds,Is actually a public space。”

“Any technology developed to a certain level of three-dimensional civilization,Can transmit information through this world of thinking,Even physical transmission。Just to be accurate transmission,We not only need to know our precise coordinates,Also need to know the precise coordinates of the destination。Of course this technology is just hypothetical,With our current level of technology,It’s impossible to actually transmit across space。”
“But over-distance information transmission is different。Two quantum brains are equivalent to two precise coordinate points。Over Distance Information Transmission Protocol,It is to let the information sent by the quantum brain directly enter the four-dimensional public space of countless three-dimensional worlds through a certain physical constant.,After this information enters the four-dimensional space,Transcoding with coordinates via agreement,You can quickly find the location of another quantum brain,Then enter the three-dimensional space where the target is located through the four-dimensional public space。”
“Because four-dimensional space has no concept of three-dimensional time,So no matter how far apart the two quantum brains are,How big this information can be instantaneously transmitted,Real-time information transmission can be realized even if tens of thousands of light years apart。So strictly speaking, the data transmission protocol over distance has nothing to do with quantum entanglement.。At the same time, because our information is transmitted instantaneously after passing through the four-dimensional public space,In theory, there is no possibility of being intercepted and deciphered,So safety is greatly guaranteed。”
“There is only one possible exception,That is, there is a civilization that transcends all three-dimensional worlds,In other words, there is a unique civilization in the four-dimensional world,They can intercept all the information transmitted through the four-dimensional world。In theory this is possible,But everything is just a guess,Who knows?But what I can be sure of is,If we want to find that physical constant,Want to verify whether two quantum brains can really transmit information over distance,First of all, we need to create a real quantum brain。Can’t be like google,Toss out something that fools people,Still brave。”
Lu Yuxin nodded,And decided to approve Wang Yufei’s ideas。
Ok,Send the information to a special public space first,And then passed back from the public space,Now there is a lack of a science fiction movie to make this,Lu Yuxin thinks this is a good idea,If there is an investor。
“So you are going to continue?Or go back to sleep with me。”Lu Yuxin glanced at the time,Already half past one in the morning,After holding on for a while, the two of you can probably see the early morning4What does the capital of the order look like?。
“Go back and rest,Almost debugged。The official test can start tomorrow,You go and pack things first,I finally tested whether there was any problem with the light source。”
Lu Yuxin walks out of the central area where the brain is located,Pass the electrostatic bridge、Air shower、Back to the clean locker room,Skillfully take off a set of dustproof equipment,And then returned to my workshop。
In addition to a set of data collection and analysis equipment,Outside the computer console,It can also directly retrieve surveillance videos of seven laboratories and the central quantum brain area。
Lu Yuxin thought for a while,Will bring up the monitor,Then I chose a camera that does not expose too much screen,Exported the video of the chat between the two,Then I simply edited the chat history for about five minutes,Stored on my phone。
Wait until she finishes all this,Wang Yufei has also changed clothes,Out of the brain area。
The two walked out of the laboratory through an encrypted elevator,Lu Yuxin played the video just intercepted,Then asked:“Does this paragraph involve confidential content?”

Wang Youcai looked at Liu Ying like this,He was angry。He cursed loudly:“You old lady, you can’t negotiate with Liu Changgui for this little thing.,I have to wait for Lao Tzu to do everything?”

“I didn’t say I couldn’t do it”Liu Ying replied,Retracted his head。
Wang Youcai listened,Become even more angry,He roared loudly:“Hey!Dare to talk back to me,See how i clean up you”Wang Youcai shouted,Rushed into the kitchen。
The temperature in this kitchen compares with the outside,It’s another world。Liu Ying’s short shirt is wet with sweat,Tightly on her plump body,Wang Youcai suddenly felt soft。
“What do you need?I will bring you back this time”Wang Youcai quietly put down his raised hand,He lowered his voice and said to Liu Ying。
Liu Yingbai turned Wang Youcai’s eyes and said:“Nothing,Bring me some packs of sanitary napkins if you want to buy them”
“what?You let Lao Tzu buy this for you?You are…”Wang Youcai’s anger is coming up again,But he changed his mind,What is this!He already knows all about women,There is nothing to be embarrassed about。
“Ok!I am in a large supermarket,Buy you some of the best,Which is often advertised on TV”Wang Youcai said,She laughed。
Liu Ying looked back at Wang Youcai,Hehe smiled and said:“Just use it,There is no need to send any wronged money”
“Can it be used,I do not know either,You mean you want me to try it?”Wang Youcai said,Haha laughed。Liu Ying was immediately amused。This woman is talkative,Treat her slightly,She knows to be grateful。This is why Wang Youcai always uses her。
When Wang Youcaizheng and Liu Ying were joking,,Tian Wa is back。As soon as he started the car,Wang Youcai ran over quickly,Actually the temperature on this car is not low。
The air conditioner on this broken jeep has long been broken,So I can only open all four windows。Thus,When the car is running,There is still a wind blowing in。
Tian Wa driving the car,He smiled and said:“Wang Ge!You have to treat Liu Ying better,Now we have number fifty or sixty,She is really tired from cooking alone,If this is for someone else,How much to give her,She can’t figure it out,Must have two people,Do you think this is true”
“Drive your car,I understand this。Or you can help her in the kitchen!Wait for this Yao Chunni to produce,This is easy”Wang Youcai doesn’t know the truth,But he has his plan。Liu Ying now,It’s like doing two people’s work,Because Yao Chunni’s salary can’t be less。
Tian Wa said with a smile:“Brother Wang, please forgive me!In fact, you can from the workers,Pick a woman to help Liu Ying,This is good for everyone”

“indeed。”Li Ming nodded。“Santo、teacher,I will think about it,Wait for Luo Feng to return,I’ll be there when the giant axe meeting。”

“correct!”The Lord of Longxing suddenly said:“Li Ming,Which vein do you join?,Or create a new vein, these can be said later,But your title of Lord of the Universe is chosen as soon as possible。”
“Title of Lord of the Universe?”Li Ming also reacted,He used to【Devil King】call,But this title is not suitable for a master of the universe。Let’s talk about the King,Strictly speaking, it’s just one of his vests。
“Then take the title【Infinite Lord】Bar!”Li Ming said the title he had already thought of。
Infinite Lord,Infinite Palace,Lord of Infinite Reincarnation。
“Although the name is a bit big,But as the master of the universe,It’s okay to be arrogant。”The Lord of Chaos City and the Lord of Longxing naturally also know the special function of Li Ming’s refining of the treasure。
Also guessed,Li Ming intends to rely on the infinite palace,The idea of building a power。
only,Li Ming didn’t plan to say it on the spot,This is relatively decent。
“Li Ming,Do not,Infinite Lord,We will use this name for the outside world。”Chaos City Lord said。
Chapter Eleven Treasure
Chaos City,In a palace dedicated to exchange for the most precious。
Li Ming waved his hand,Dozens of treasures are suspended in the air。
Li Ming has many treasures。
on the one hand,It’s more than 100,000 years,Refining a lot of treasures in exchange for,And treasures from earlier teachers。
Treasures bestowed by ethnic groups and teachers,Not too much for Li Ming now,The most precious is the soul defense treasure bestowed by the race,The value is about 30 points,And the others add up to less than this number,A total of fifty treasures of wild chrysanthemums。。

Ye Boping looked at the phone,Say to the air,Zhang Siwei,Do you think,You are still queen?

I’ve had enough,I’ve been angry with you for a few years,your family,All your friends look down on me,I am not your slave now!
Do you think,I’m still the one who shouts?Crazy what,Sooner or later you will die in my hands,None of them will die。
Although he gnashed his teeth and cursed,But the sound is extremely low,No one can hear,Anyway, don’t let you see the child,Will not remarry,What else can you talk about?,No need to meet。
He is still sitting in the shop,Want to find a chance to kill Xia Shuyue,But this day,Xia Shuyue went out several times,But Yang Yong has always been by his side,There is no chance at all。
Business is good in the shop,People come and go,Suddenly Ye Boping found out where the girl who had just entered seemed to have met,Very familiar look。
He thought for a long time,I just remembered that it was Cen Cheng, a popular singer before,Ask Cen Cheng to sing when the house opens business activities,He was also invited as a guest,and so,The two have been in contact。
When Cen Cheng went upstairs,Xia Shuyue is packing things up,Ready to go out。
“Sister Shuyue。”Cen Cheng walked over and patted Xia Shuyue lightly,Greet with a smile。
Xia Shuyue turned her head,“Yo,Is a big star,What brought you here?”
“Sister Shuyue,you make fun of me。”Cen Cheng is a little embarrassed。
Because she had a good time before,Many people invited her to participate in activities,So it looks like a star,unfortunately,Scenery is only short。
At the beginning,Everyone is very curious about Rising Stars,So more support,Long time,Just faded,And her photo has been removed from the packaging of Zhang Siwei Beverage Factory,Simultaneously,Her billboard is gone on the street,Gradually no one invited her,She became an ordinary person again,Back to the original life。
“How can i make fun of you,He was originally a star。”Xia Shuyue smiled。
“Are you ready,Let’s go。”Yang Yong came over and asked Xia Shuyue。
Cen Cheng looked up,Understand,Ask directly,“Is this brother-in-law??”
“What nonsense,Is not,Is a colleague。”Xia Shuyue got a big red face,Yang Yong is also a little embarrassed。
“Oh,Sorry,I thought……Hehe,Sister Shuyue,You want to go out?”Cen Cheng looked at Yang Yong again。

“This is decided by the coaching staff,I have no right to interfere……”

“You as a star player,It must be the core of the team’s tactics in the future,You speak useful!”Farah still insists。
“Firebirds(BOF)This time all members enter the professional league youth training selection,Huahuo entered the Lima team,Crimson has entered the North Star,The garbled code entered the grand plan of the hegemony……Why don’t you choose a mid-lower team?”Xu Tian asked。
“Firebirds(BOF)except you,My data is the best,Especially survival rate,I have always been number one,As a sniper,Isn’t this important……”
“I heard coach Baiyue talk about some coaches’ replays,they think,The Firebirds last game against the Ghosts,You were the first to expose the location and be killed,Is the main reason why we fall into passive……”
“Even if I didn’t play that game well,You can also study after entering Phoenix!”
“Why choose the Phoenix team?You should be clear,Phoenix as the top three team in China,Already signed me……Even if you come in, you will never have a chance to play……”Xu Tian can’t hide this result。
“I know,Because i am a female player,So not taken seriously,But they obviously still have places!If i am not skilled enough,It’s ok,I can work hard!Even looking at the drinking fountain,I also recognize!”Farah shouted。
“Tai chi?Tai Chi, they were No. 1 in China last year,Their youth training team lacks snipers,You may still have a chance to go to the trial……”Xu Tian suddenly thought。
“I dont go!You don’t understand what to ask!”Farah can’t suppress,Finally cried。
“for……what?”Xu Tian hesitated,Still asked。
“because……I……And fireworks、Crimson、Garbled they are not the same……Although I train with you,Join the competition again……but I……What I like is not the game itself,But like to be with you……”Farah said with a tearful smile,Just like Zhu Yingtai in Liang Zhu,I entered the school because I like Liang Shanbo,She has nothing to hide since then。
Xu Tian across the glass and the loud rain outside the window,Can only see Farah’s mouth,Not clear,When going out to see,Farah is gone。
That night,Xu Tian wakes up suddenly,I heard the news of her leaving from the phone of Farah’s family……She went from6The height of the floor leaped with open arms,Ended the ignorant love and dream of becoming a professional player,Even my own life。
Farah has always been called‘Iceberg beauty’or‘Glamorous goddess’,Why she left,Some people say it is depression caused by excessive stress,Some people think it’s a shady pick in professional circles,But one thing cannot be denied,She wrote a suicide note before she left,Expressed his love for Xu Tian,And hope that he will win the championship and stand on top of the world。
2019that year,Firebirds(BOF)Have4Players enter the Glory Gun Pro League,Only without their snipersBOF.FAla……Maybe it’s because Xu Tian’s light has been too dazzling,People cannot witness the true strength of the blue-collar sniper who is known for his calmness。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventy Two Flower and embers
Zhang Song did one night to enter the new game last night“Battle of Glory”Zhongda kills the dream of the Quartet。As if he is like Xu Tian,Become a vigorous posture,Outstanding marksmanship“Legendary”Break up。however,Certified by the Glory Gun National Service Glory Gun League“Legendary”There are only ten players in total。
Wei Wei ranked first and Xu Tian ranked second,Two“God”Players of the character generation have retired。The third“Stone Buddha”He Chong’s reputation is not bad,But the appearance is too cold;Fourth Gandhi、Sixth Zhang Xuan、The tenth Huang Haoran is obviously a team player of Team Phoenix;The rest of the night goddess and the azure blue,Zhang Song disdain to be with him。

Sitting by the fire, Wang Youfa raised his brow,I felt extremely uncomfortable and said。

Chen Yueqin glanced at her elder son,Then said coldly:“You pour me a cup of hot water,I give your dad medicine”
“Don’t mess around,Why don’t you invite Doctor Liu to infuse a bottle of liquid?!”
Wang Youfa said,Just stood up。As the boss of this family,He doesn’t seem to be responsible。
Chen Yueqin hesitated a little and said:“Ok!You go please。Just say your dad feels very hot,But I was cold and trembling。Also has a severe cough,Let him make a bottle and sling will heal faster”
Wang Youfa finished listening to my old lady,Then turned and left,He walks unhurriedly。
Wang Youcai, who was sitting next to Wang Degui, sighed,He suddenly asked his old mother Chen Yueqin:“mom!How did elder brother become like this?Is the life between him and Song Fang still unhappy?”
“Humph!They are fine now,Family life is pretty good。He is pretending to look like this,In front of others,He is still very particular。I already knew this,He turned your dad tricked around”
Chen Yueqin’s voice has not fallen yet,Wang Degui who was lying on the kang coughed again。Chen Yueqin patted him on the back and said:“OK OK!I won’t talk about him”
“mom!Is my dad very sick?No, let’s go to the city,Also delayed”
Wang Youdao walked in,He whispered to Chen Yueqin。
Chen Yueqin shook her head and said:“Nothing,It’s New Year’s Eve today,What city to go。Moreover,People are getting old,Headaches and colds are not very common”
Wang Youdao didn’t say anything,And I took off my shoes and got on the kang。He took a breath,A little embarrassed to say:“It’s my fault,Drove all night,I fell asleep as soon as I got on the kang,Forced dad out to freeze”
Wang Youdao’s voice just fell,I heard footsteps in the yard。Uncover the curtain,A middle-aged man in his fifties walked in,Wang Youdao, who followed him, was carrying a medical box。
“Damn!Doctor Liu is here,Hurry up on the kang”
When Wang Youcai saw this person,Quickly jumped off the kang。Doctor Liu is not far from Wang Youcai’s house,Is the only doctor in the village。Although he has practiced medicine for many years,But his level can also see minor illnesses such as head illness and cold。
Doctor Liu smiled slightly at Wang Youcai,So he took off his shoes and put on the kang。He ignored Wang Youdao and Chen Yueqin who were sitting on the other side,But directly began to signal Wang Degui。

Finished talking,The little red dragon shook his tail again,Slowly drilled into the giant eyeball on the right wall of the temple,No more sound。

Young people don’t entangle,God’s consciousness returns to reality,Then I was shocked,A huge human-shaped torch is striding towards the army formation on the Five Elements Island,easy、Credit two elders lead the crowd to step back,Seeing that he has already retreated near the gate,Everyone is not willing to retire,The Lord of the Youth Palace suddenly disappeared during the fierce battle,Life and death unknown,How can I hide my face like this?。
Seeing this giant torch rushing wildly,The elder leaped into the air with his teeth,Instantly transformed into a huge rock and hit the opponent,Elder Yi also urges the divine attributes,Accumulated flood,Only after the credit elder attacks the opponent,He extinguished the torch with the magical power of the water slam。
The two elders use life origin supplemented by spiritual power to mobilize supernatural powers,Almost all reported their determination to fight to the death,Although Dongfang Ruiqing is miserable,But the dying counterattack must be terrifying。
Bang,The giant torch was hit by the rock,Paused,Shaken again,Suddenly, the raging fire all over his body eased,Then the wanton flames quickly extinguished,The phantom was burned into a black frame by the fire of the Netherworld,Like a huge human skeleton。
Suddenly clicked,A sharp breath flashed,Like a light,It’s like the space suddenly cracked。An obvious crack appeared in the phantom from left shoulder to right span,Then it was divided into two diagonally and collapsed,Soon turned into black smoke and dispersed,The boy appeared behind the black smoke。
The rolling clouds above suddenly whimpered,And quickly drive down,It’s worthy of a boy’s head,A pair of big old hands stretched out from the clouds and grabbed the boy’s shoulder,But it’s hard to make further moves。
The boy moved these hands away without much effort,Not rude at all,Even a little gentle,Clouds go away,A dead body planted,No vitality,Dongfang Ruiqing,In fact, when the flame on the phantom was about to go out,Dongfang Ruiqing’s vitality has been cut off,He is only extremely jealous and wants to use the impact of the shadow to surprise,Fight for one and die together。
of course,There is another guy who is ready to take advantage of the situation,Seeing the situation is wrong,Close up in time and want to go back,But the boy called out,“Life and death agreement has been fulfilled,Han Dianzhu will not let others go?”
Han Conger was shocked in the clouds,But he has a thick skin,And very fickle,Since I was seen through by a teenager,Then I just won’t leave,Lower the cloud head with a smile,At the young man,“congratulations,The lord of the palace is a young hero。The covenant of life and death has been completed,The old man in the east naturally wants to let go,It’s a pity that death is not a pity,It can only be done by Han。”
“Then work,What advice Han Dianzhu next,Even though。”
“Dare not dare,Han is just following orders,Everything depends on my Tianzun。”Han Cong’er pushed the matter very neatly,Then explain to the palace owner to wait,Then turned around and ran,Rushed into the coalition in the blink of an eye。
Seeing Han Cong’er disappeared,easy、Credit to the two elders,Although the young palace master of the secret path is a bit more aggressive,But after all, by nature,It’s easy to fall into this kind of old world,I should have detained this guy just now,Until Elder Hao returns safely,More secure。
Young people don’t think so,It won’t be difficult for Han Conger,Because he knows that Li Tan and Brahma have come nearby,Haven’t shown up yet,Don’t know what garlic,I won’t be so weird because of an elder Hao。
One thousand two hundred and seventeen chapters Tianzun
really,When the people of the Five Elements Island re-arranged under the command of the two elders,There is already a small group of people in the coalition pushing the frame slowly,Elder Hao was naturally not hoisted from the frame,But lay on it,Although people still have a tone,But the situation is bad。
Han Conger is still talking,The teenager took a deep breath,I don’t intend to embarrass this team,Wave their hands and let them leave by themselves,Elder Hao handed over by Yi、The two elders arrange to take care of you,I walked towards the coalition army,Five close dead men wanted to follow but were stopped by him。
“The young man is indeed a little energetic,Kill Dongfang Ruiqing and dare to come here alone?”