Talking,The middle-aged gentleman took out a portable computer and placed it in front of Evincent。

Ivincent, who was restricted by many instruments of torture, looked bored,Then squinted his eyes,Gradually getting bigger and bigger…
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Four Fun trading
Good people don’t necessarily go to jail,But the people in prison,He must be capable of doing bad things。
Evincent,Many years ago, he was just an unknown scientific research enthusiast。
No one knows why,The name Ivincent is like a nuclear explosion,Rise to fame in the world of criminals。
Like Wen Wu first,Wu Wu Second。But in the eyes of all the wicked people,The name Ivincent seems to have become a spiritual symbol,Finally, it includes many gate valve families,Evincent,Or his followers,Stay away。
Evincent is not a superhero,There is no extraordinary ability,He just has the determination to dedicate his life to science。
Someone shot Evincent with a gun,But a few days after being shot,But he unexpectedly woke up;Some people also smashed Evincent’s internal organs,But within a week,Evincent can still appear in front of the world alive and well。
For their tenacious vitality,Evincent once said,That’s because all people who claim to be righteous will not use the most thorough methods,That is obviously the most straightforward way,But the righteous choose to ignore it。
Crimes like art again and again,Many admirers accumulated for Ivincent,The number of believers who worship Evincent is gradually increasing,And very fanatical。
Just like the famous saying of Evincent:You knew me that night,But don’t know,I didn’t come alive from that night,In order to survive that night or even later,I work hard every day。
A criminal who makes the whole world a headache,Where would you say the most reasonable sayings!But when someone extracted traces of thousands of chemical elements from Evincent’s body,That was the secret agency that shocked the world。
So it’s no surprise that Ivincent’s current treatment in the new Bastillechdc.,Not to mention his thousands of believers all over the world,There are so many things hidden in the body without dying,Are worthy of any organization。
Evincent looked at the laptop placed in front of him,Inside is a figure dressed in black,With a silver mask。
“This is the result of our master’s effort,I hope Mr. Evan likes。”
Sitting across from Evincent,The polite middle-aged gentleman whispered。
Evincent stared closely at the screen in the laptop,Interest in my eyes gradually。Gently tugged the iron chain of his right hand,The guards surrounding Ivincent are indifferent。

Jiang Zhou is angry,Take a closer look,The documents on hand really have Lu Youshan’s signature,Without him Zhao Yuanchao。

“Wang Chaogui、Lu Youshan,These people are deceiving,Secretly made a lot of hands and feet,Embezzlement of public property,As the factory manager, I am responsible,I misemployed,But based on these so-called evidence,Said all of this was done by me,Want to pour dirty water on me,Humph!I’m afraid it’s not that easy!”Zhao Yuanchao said coldly。
He thinks very clearly,Anyway, I’ve broken the jar,Really urgent,Can pull out a whole bunch of questions from leading cadres,Even the Provincial Textile Bureau can’t get rid of it,I believe that the working group is afraid to catch fire。
So he is still stubbornly resisting,Thinking as long as you don’t recognize it,Those relationships above will fish him out。
Jiang Zhou looked at this vicious old guy,For a while, there is a kind of mouse pulling a tortoise,Feeling of inability to start。
Actually everyone in this room knows,Zhao Yuan Dynasty is over,Don’t look at him now,Confession is only a matter of time,When he knew that no one would want to continue to dip in this muddled water,When the trend is over,Will truly collapse。
And everyone’s current problem,How to make this presentation,It can be concluded that Zhao Yuanchao and his party members,It should not involve too many leading cadres,So as not to affect the daily work of Liufang Group。
at this time,Just when Jiang Zhou was worrying about these problems,When I want to catch someone back and give him an idea,Lu Menglin has already boarded the south train with his mother。
the reason is simple,School is off for summer vacation,Solved Zhao Yuanchao’s big trouble,So Lu Menglin and his mother went to Guangzhou to visit his father Lu Youshan。
“Have you heard?Zhao Yuanchao, the director of Liufang Group, has double regulations,Several millions of property were found from his home!”A middle-aged man sitting opposite Lu Menglin’s mother and son said to the person beside him。
The train has just started,The passengers in the car are all passengers who boarded from Liucheng,They are full of curiosity about the changes in Liufang Group。
“Millions are too normal,The big officials of these state-owned enterprises,Which is not greedy,The poorest are ordinary workers,I’ve been knocked by those worms my whole life。”The speaker may be a people’s teacher,Otherwise, I won’t use words like this。
“This usually takes a few years?Will it be shot??”A little young man next to him asked indifferently。
The middle-aged man who provoked the conversation shook his head,Smiled:“Who knows!Maybe ten or eight years,At least three and five years!Depends on how much he is greedy。”
“Ten years and eight years for making millions,If I am willing!”The young man chuckled twice,Tao。


Xia Chenglong’s mouths twitched involuntarily,I have seen someone who can corrupt people,I haven’t seen such a bad guy,This is simply a spoiler。
The key is still in the martial arts team!
Just pushed,Is already“Hit someone”,“abuse”,“robbery”,This is what people can say。
If I change to a more grumpy brother,I’m afraid this guy has already been punched under the ten thousand swords mountain。
“I bother,Still grab your money,Get out,Be careful I’m angry and make you feel strange。”A-Gump looks fierce and evil,It sounds like a bully。
They were all veterans in the world,I didn’t expect to be brought to the rhythm by the old man so easily,Really interesting。
Just when A-Gump was about to do it,Xia Chenglong stepped forward to stop him,Signal to him to handle the next thing。
A-Gump bends back slightly。
Xia Chenglong stepped forward,Looking at the old man with hands on hips,Calm:“Old man,We have no grudges,Far away,Can you tell me a solution?!”
“Hehe,Finally figured out the one who talked,How about this,Old man, I’m not the kind of unreasonable person,You buy all these things from me,I’ll just give up!”
What is a person who is not unreasonable?
Regardless of the identity of the other party,This face is definitely number one in the world!
What is this called?Strong buy and sell?
“Young man,I think you bought them all,It won’t cost much anyway!”
“exactly,Think of it as a coffin for this old man!”
Being joked by everyone,The old man arrogantly yelled at the people around him。
obviously,Everyone is not the one without vision,Naturally, you can see at a glance what the old man’s stall is!

In his eyes,It’s not like Hu Lin can arrange it,Only this Mr. Wu Hao knows the truth,For a time,Wu Hao and his people are becoming more and more unpredictable in his heart。

“Mr. Wu Hao,You win!Do whatever you want!”President Chen placed the wine glass gently on the table,Feeling like this,Not too heavy,Rather relieved。
Lu Menglin had passed through the mental power gap with Clone One just now,The excellent mercenary group is stuck in the nest,Annihilation,Clone One leaves quietly,Clean and tidy,Quite like an ancient assassin,Ten steps to kill a group,Thousands of miles do not stay。
“you can go now!”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。
President Chen’s heart twitched,Wryly smiled:“Kill if you want,Why play with me?”
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“I’m not telling lies,You can really go!”
“You really don’t kill me?I’m the head of Tie Qin’s intelligence department in the border city,He holds a lot of information about Ye Korea,You are willing to let me go?”President Chen smiled sadly,Obviously don’t believe it,Opposite this unfathomable man,I really will spare myself。
Hu Lin also stared at President Chen without blinking,She knows what the other party said is the truth,People like President Chen,I have climbed to a position as high as Guangxin Bank,Executives who stand alone in the border city,If this kind of person is let go,The losses to Yee Korea and Kwangshin Bank are too great。
but,She was very smart and didn’t say anything,Because she knows,Wu Hao has the final say right now,If I rashly speak,Maybe it will be shameful。
This way,She also knows three points of Wu Hao’s character,This person is informal,Don’t care,But you have to listen to him,Otherwise he won’t show any affection。
“I come from outside hunting circle,No matter night korea,Tie Qin Guo,Has nothing to do with me。Let you go,Because i believe in my vision,You owe me a favor,Before returning,You don’t die。”
Lu Menglin these few words,It’s a hardcore,Coldly,But in the ears of the two,But the taste is very different。
President Chen’s heart is hot,Take a deep look at Lu Menglin again,As if wanting to see through the mysterious man in front of me,What is his true purpose?
This kind of people,Is it really rising from the outside hunting ring??
But Hu Lin was disappointed,Because of these words from Mr. Wu Hao,It clearly separated him from Ye Korea,At the same time, I distanced myself。
but,This also shows from the side that this man’s ambition is really big,He is just an acting commander,I want to fight against Ye Korea,There is a faint feeling of sitting on an equal footing with Tie Qin Guo,Really domineering!
It’s hard for Hu Lin to give an accurate evaluation of this man,I just think the five flavors are mixed,The mood is extremely complicated。
“Turned out to be like this!I understand!Thank you for not killing,Chen Tao will be rewarded in the future!”

Finish the main thing,This is how everyone will prepare,But Awu and Shangui,Mo Qilin,Yue’er they will leave alone。

Their cultivation is not over yet,It was a process of accumulation before,The next task he gave them was,Do everything possible,He did not hesitate to trade his wicked reputation for realm。
of course,Those unethical things,Still can’t do。
Chapter nine hundred and thirteen Massacre
Not too much time,Xia Chenglong and the others had already left Shura City the next day。
This time I only brought the sky green ape python,He is guessing that no one can stop ordinary guys,After all, ask about the number of God Realm and Half Step Concentration Realm,Even the entire Zhongyu is not much afraid。
Sword Casting City is located to the east of the Central Region,Although the distance is not very far,But that can only be obtained through the shuttle space circle,If you really want to use the power of asking the gods to fly over,It is estimated to be more than half a month。
Obviously they don’t have so much time to consume,But before that, there are still a little things to do。
At this moment, Lingxiao City can be said to have the ultimate payment,Patriarch Tu was absorbed by the black demon in the relics of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect,Only the elder and a few others ran back embarrassed for the elder。
Many people did not expect this situation,They are still at home happily preparing to welcome the arrival of these people。
The Grand Elder was seriously injured,Other people are not much better,So the Tujia at this moment is already a family disciple,All the gods who were suppressed before also came to their door。
Butcher’s meeting room,Those who can talk a little bit Tujia are here。
“Great elder,What to do now?”
“Wang Family,Li Family,There are still a few good forces already blocking our door,If you don’t want to come up with a solution,We are really over。”
“Yes indeed,It doesn’t matter if we die,But let his wife and children suffer,Then……”
The elder did not speak,Because these are not things he cares about。
Outside the door is just a jumping clown,He really cares about that man,Because I have seen the strength of the other party。
months ago,Xia Chenglong was still driven by them to live like a lost dog,But in just a few months,For those whose convenience has reached their reach。

“You just went to work at the company,Just bring this watch,What a bad impression on the superiors?Sister, go shopping tomorrow and buy one for you,Guaranteed not to share。”She can only attack her brother,Mom’s dare not make an idea。

Xiao Liao gave her a sideways look:“I don’t wear it to work,OK?I want to give it to your boyfriend,Don’t you dare to think。”
At this moment,The old lady on the side also stared。
What’s your mind about that dead girl?,She won’t understand?Haven’t married yet,I want to move away any good things at home?
“but,You can follow Hu Ge,He gives out benefits almost every day。unfortunately!Did not come to our Guangxi,A lot of people got rich with him,It’s not that you make millions。”
Xiao Liao has a deep memory of the last time that flight attendant got rich overnight,A meteorite,Made millions immediately,It’s just one step to the sky。
According to his current job,The monthly salary is only more than four thousand to calculate,I’m afraid I won’t make money from that flight attendant until I die。
Don’t need to remind my brother,Miss Sister downloaded itapp,Accurately search and enter the live broadcast of Populus。
Thousands of kilometers away,Populus euphratica is naturally unknown,Don’t even know,My own lucky draw just now,Someone actually draws two。
At this moment,All the smuggled watches have been auctioned off。
Next,Is a batch of bronzes,Packed in a wooden box,Pried off。
“Antique bronze,valuable,But i’m not interested。Look at that style,Should be smuggled to Southeast Asian countries。”Hu Yang commented now,Express your opinion。
Zhang Qingliang is very depressed,Two news from him,Didn’t arouse Hu’s interest,This is embarrassing。
Antique bronze,Finally, I was auctioned off by those foreigners at the reserve price。Just get to Southeast Asian countries,They have a way to make a fortune。
The host pointed to a pile of debris more than ten meters away:“This pile of debris,Everyone can watch for a while,I will start the auction at 100,000 yuan later。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Eight Rollover scene

Lin Yuner looked at Lin Feng incredulously,Then he said to Lin Feng:“father,How is this possible?When Grandpa died,We want to go they won’t let us go,Why is it so abnormal this year,Will take the initiative to call us over?father,Did you misheard??”

Lin Feng sighed heavily,And then continued:“Such an important thing,How could dad hear me wrong??And also emphasized that all four of us should go!”
Lin Yoona hasn’t had time to speak yet,I heard Liu Chunlan say not angry:“What can they do well,Let us all go this time,There must be something bad in the middle?Want me to say,We won’t go!”
Who knows Liu Chunlan’s voice fell off,I heard Lin Feng and Lin Yuner say loudly together:“No way!”
Liu Chunlan stared at Lin Feng,Looked at Lin Yoona again,Then he said unwillingly:“What do you say?Do you know that they are holding back,Waiting for all of us to jump in,Do we still go?”
I haven’t waited for Lin Feng to speak this time,Just listen to Lin Yoona:“mom,No matter what kind of bad they hold,We all have to go,Because this is grandpa’s death,We have been waiting for so long,But never had a chance to go,Now finally got a chance,Whatever is waiting for us,We are all going!”
Lin Feng looked at Lin Yuner with a stubborn expression,Also follow the echo:“Yoona is right,I mean the same,When the time comes, we will fight with them,Anyway, we have no affection!”
Lin Feng understands the relationship between Lin Yoona and her grandpa,So Lin Feng knew,Once Lin Yuna knew about this,,I have to go anyway。
But Liu Chunlan just refused to go,So two people were depressed for a long time because of this。
Lin Yuner turned her head and looked at Xiao Fan,Asked:“Xiao Fan,If they hold back what kind of bad,are you scared?”
Xiao Fan was almost amused by Lin Yuner’s words,Is he afraid?
But in the end, many of Xiao Fan’s thoughts were transformed into two words“Not afraid”!
After Lin Yuner got Xiao Fan’s answer,,I looked at Liu Chunlan directly,And then said to Liu Chunlan:“mom,What do you think?”
Liu Chunlan looked at Lin Yoona not angrily,Then said:“Since the three of you have decided,What more can i say?”

“Yang……Brother Yang,I’m talking nonsense,I really didn’t mean to say that on purpose,I,The little brother and I were really just joking,Brother Yang,but,but,Who knew he really called you?”Liu Dapeng really wants to cry without tears now!If he knew Xiao Fan could really call Wang Mingyang,Just give him 10,000 courage,He also dared not yell five or six with Xiao Fan!

“What kind of thing are you,Who do you call brother?What are you looking for?!”Wang Mingyang kicked Liu Dapeng again。
To say that Wang Mingyang’s two feet are really not merciful at all,God knows how scared Wang Mingyang is in his heart that Xiao Fan will blame this incident on himself。
Although Wang Mingyang is still the boss of the entire Yun City,Of course,He is also the boss of the gray zone in East China,How many gangsters and white people,Then I saw that none of my own is the leader Yang,Yang is short。
but,Wang Mingyang in East China is only afraid of one person,That’s Xiao Fan,Because he knew that if Xiao Fan wanted to take away all the rights in his hands,,It can be said that he wants to take away at any time,That can be taken away。
Let alone right,Even if it’s my life,I guess Xiao Fan can take it anytime he wants。
Even outsiders think that Xiao Fan is just a wimp in the eyes of outsiders and can’t be used again.,But Wang Mingyang knows deeply,Then everything is an illusion,Xiao Fan is not only a waste of money,But also a strong person。
Even Wang Mingyang who has been in the gray area for so long,That’s in front of Xiao Fan,I have to be careful everywhere,Quiet as a chill。
and so,When he was called by Xiao Fan this morning,It’s really scary,I’m afraid it’s really one of his distant relatives using his name,And offended Xiao Fan。
If that’s the case,Wang Mingyang is really hard to explain to Xiao Fan!
Liu Dapeng kicked twice by Wang Mingyang,I’ve already grinned in pain,Even if he fights again,Wang Mingyang can’t help kicking both feet!
“Oh!He is calling my little brother?”Xiao Fan smiled and said to Wang Mingyang without caring about it。
Liu Dapeng,I’ve already silenced my heart,It’s more icy cold。
He knelt down in front of Xiao Fan and Wang Mingyang with a puff,Said:“Brother Yang,I’m wrong,I’m wrong,I dare not,I dare not swindle here with your name anymore,Please,Please forgive me this time!”
All of Liu Dapeng’s brothers saw their boss Liu Dapeng kneeling on the ground,and so,one by one,Also follow Liu Dapeng’s skills,Kneeling on the ground with a puff,All the arrogant appearances before are all vanished at this moment。
“What are you thinking about??First, it doesn’t have eyes,Offended my big brother,After this early toss, I came here to recognize my relatives,Such a great morning,Just let you so many rubbish things mixed up in pieces,You still want to let me spare you,Your mind is flooded, right??”Wang Mingyang’s voice is exceptionally cold,For everyone in Liu Dapeng at this time,It can almost be said to be like an ice cellar!
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Two Big shot of cloud city
Liu Dapeng was scared by Wang Mingyang’s words in a cold sweat,He glanced at Xiao Fan secretly,I wonder what kind of a fairy is this special?,One who brought that words could make Wang Mingyang come over immediately,And look at Wang Mingyang’s yelling,This shows that his position is higher than Wang Mingyang。
Cloud City,When is this special,A man of such a high status came out!Why didn’t he hear any wind??

Take out the medicine to give him a simple dressing。Then I checked whether this flower is poisonous,Because Xiao Fan himself is very good at these things。

So there is no toxicity after detection,But the wound is a bit deep,Then raise it after bandaging,Just keep it away from water in the last few days,Then everyone made a false alarm。
At first I thought something happened,All ran back to the cabin to see,Everyone knows that Yiming was injured,What do you think,Particularly serious,But then I heard Xiao Fan said there was no big problem,Just a simple dressing。
Everyone was relieved,Then I went back to the island to play。
Xiao Fan looked at Yiming and said to Chu Yao:“Why are you two still like kids?,Do I still need to tell you this kind of thing??Be careful when things happen。
Don’t do something unknown because of your curiosity,If you are really injured or really poisoned,What are the consequences you two face?
And this kind of thing generally doesn’t keep too many files in hospitals,Because they are all strange creatures,So if you are injured, there may be no way to immediately have a remedy.。
By that time you two regret it, too late to know??So don’t touch those things anymore,Just take a look,Take a picture or anything,Don’t go inside anymore。
Because it’s still a part that few people touch,I haven’t been in,So many unknown things may not necessarily happen,You two should just play around the periphery obediently。
If you really want to explore,Bring more people in,Although you two are capable,But many times it still can’t fight against many things,So just play outside,Do you understand?”
Yiming nodded with Chu Yao,Then Yiming told Xiao Fan with a smile on his face:“Oh, brother Fan, don’t worry,Isn’t I curiosity killing the cat??Already punished,I won’t do anything wrong。
Don’t worry,Don’t be angry,I will pay attention next time。”Xiao Fan glared at him。
Then say:“You know how to play tricks in a day,I won’t save you next time,You just wait for yourself to keep getting hurt,When I saw Chu Yao was anxious, your heart hurts。”

Xiao Fan told Su Ran:“Do not worry,People are still,But I’m not sure when I will wake up,I’m not sure what it will look like when I wake up,This requires me to observe。

Shen Lin needs to rest now,The two assistants are already doing follow-up things inside,Need to send more professional doctors,I will arrange these things,Relax。
Stop torturing yourself,You can’t fall, you have to take care of him,right?”Su Ran cried and nodded,I can’t control my tears,Like tears opened the gate。
The whole person who was crying started sobbing,Chu Yao stepped forward to hug Su Ran and patted her on the back gently,Then said softly:“Su Ran is fine,Look, Shen Lin is fine now。
As long as we are well,Everyone is by his side,It will definitely get better,Don’t cry, okay?”
Su Ran doesn’t know if he understands it,Just nodded vigorously,And he said okay,He is good,Everyone is infected by this sad atmosphere,All eyes are red。
Xiao Fan sighed and said:“Waited here for so long,Your body can’t stand it either。”
Then he turned to look at Fan Lao,go on:“You too,So old,What’s the strongest follow,Nothing more,Go back and rest quickly。”
Old Fan wiped his eyes lightly,Wipe away the tears without a trace,Then tell Xiao Fan:“It’s fine,It’s fine,I can’t worry about this old bone,if not,Maybe I’m going to heaven。”
Xiao Fan frowned and said:“What are you talking about all day long,Hurry to rest,Your granddaughter is still waiting for you,Others can’t persuade,Only you can persuade。”
Old Fan nodded and walked forward to help Su Ran up,Then speak softly:“Ran girl,Listen to Grandpa’s advice,You are fine now,Everyone can be well,Shen Lin will be fine too。
Otherwise, do you want grandpa to suffer along with you??”Su Ran seemed to be moved by what Elder Fan said,Look up at Fan Lao。
Su Ran choked and said:“Grandpa sorry,make you worry,I’ll be fine,Don’t be sad,We will all be fine,You must take care of yourself。
If you have any longer and shorter,I’m really going to fall,Have you by my side,I’m not afraid of anything,You are my closest person,I’m not afraid as long as my relatives are by my side。”
Old Fan said with a smile:“Is this a good girl?,Let’s wait for Shen Lin to wake up,Will be ok。”
Everyone nodded,Then Xiao Fan called and started arranging the doctor to come here,Given that Fan Lao’s villa is quite special,So the doctors arranged by Xiao Fan are also special。
Xiao Fan thought that Gu Jin seemed to have a more authoritative doctor,And all private,Maybe Gu Jin’s doctor would be better,So Xiao Fan called Gu Jin。
Let him arrange some doctors over,Gu Jin heard that something happened to Xiao Fan,I didn’t delay any time,Sent someone over。