“Ok,you win,”Al Thani nodded,But at the same time,He also emphasized a point:“But I am the commander-in-chief of the Turkish Air Force,I have the right to bar you from entering,And your Jacques-130Is Soviet technology,and so……You know。”

Not to mention,If Al Thani, in the name of the commander-in-chief of the Turkish-Egypt Air Force, opposes the introduction of Jacques from the COMAC-130,This matter is really a bit unclear,Not to mention that Al Thani’s second reason is stronger:Jacques-130It is funded by COMAC、Developed in cooperation with the Soviet Union Yakovlev Design Bureau。
For giving up the Soviet Union、For the top Turkish government and military leaders who want to hug the thigh of the United States,This factor is something they must consider:Since we have so many choices,Then why do we risk offending Americans、Must choose products related to the Soviet Union?
This is Yangmou,No matter where you go, you can get it、Defensible。
This is the reason Al Thani thought about it for a long time.,He still doesn’t believe it,So overwhelming Fernandez·Chen?
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
For the Soviet Union that has abandoned、Started to embrace the thigh of the United States wholeheartedly,Not to mention just the unit price increase100Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Even if it is rising150Ten thousand U.S. dollars,But the protection fee should still be paid。
this moment,Al Thani suddenly regretted his talk。
But Chen Geng hasn’t finished talking yet……
“But the unit price has risen100Ten thousand dollars seems a bit interesting,”Chen Geng stroked his chin,Thoughtful:“Not as good as the prices of subsequent parts and ammunition have all increased5%,What do you think the general?”
The price of subsequent parts and ammunition has also increased5%?!
The smile on Al Thani’s face is more than frozen,His forehead is already sweating!
Don’t even think Al Thani is a soldier,But while being a soldier,He is also an official,The logic that officials should have,He is not a lot,He even understood what Chen Geng didn’t say:Unit price in airplane、The prices of subsequent spare parts and supporting weapons and ammunition have risen at the same time,I will let your colleagues know about this price increase,It’s all because your Al Thani is too greedy。
Take advantage of the arms purchase to make a profit for yourself,This is actually not a problem,Everyone is doing this,Every foreign military purchase is originally a good opportunity for everyone to make a fortune,But it’s not good for you Al Thani?

The anger in Father Zhou’s heart。

on purpose,This kid is definitely on purpose,This is bullying his old man。
The corners of his mouth twitched a few times,Scolded:“You kid***Do it if you have the ability,Don’t whisper crookedly in my ears all day!”
Finished,He hung up,Then said to Chen Nan:“Manager Chen,The other party is going to do it,You see how to do it later,Close out。”
Liquidation,It means to sell the stocks you hold。
Mr. Zhou’s words convey a meaning to Chen Nan,That’s something wrong and withdraw。
Chen Nan nodded,Turn to the computer screen,I don’t think so,The market is so good now,The fool will close the position,If you have money,I still want to increase the position。
Everyone followed Chen Nan’s eyes,Turn to the computer screen together。
A moment later,South German Steel has changed。
I saw that the selling price of 15 yuan on the Nande Steel bidding column was listed for a thousand lots.。
Lot is the unit of stock trading,One lot is 100 shares,Calculated at the current price of 15 yuan for Nande Steel,This thousand lots is 1.5 million dollars。

Chapter one thousand and twenty one A touch of pride
Hang out,Temporarily postponed the rising momentum of South German Steel。

Sizzle!Sizzle!The snake head even made a sound like a rattlesnake,simply

Only wonderful。
“Hamrio pres caterpillar,Their mimicry ability existed before the arrival of the red mist。how about it?It’s fun!”The mutant said with a smile。
The voice just fell,The mimicking snake suddenly opened its snout like lightning,Bite on the finger of the mutant。
“Wow!It will bite?This mimicry is too realistic too!”Liu Guofeng was surprised,Blinked,Smiled。
But I haven’t finished this sentence,I saw this mutant’s face turned blue,Fell to the ground with a bang,Foaming at the mouth,It seems to be really poisoned。
This change,Surprised that Liu Guofeng snapped a shot,I took a picture of the monster on the spot。
but,Just after he shot the thing that didn’t know if it was a worm or a snake,Head up sharply,I discovered that all the fruits on the surrounding trees have begun to change。
Those fruits hanging on the branches,They all mimicked the look of a poisonous snake at the same time。
Suddenly,The world in front of me seems to have come to the country of snakes,The branches of the treetops are all snakes with their heads up,vivid,Not tens of thousands, there are thousands。
This scene is really terrifying,Creepy,Cold hair standing upright。
Rao is the evil man Liu Guofeng,At the same time facing the death gaze of tens of thousands of poisonous snakes,I can’t help but feel so scared。
Snapped!at this time,Everyone only heard the sound of a tree branch falling to the ground。
In a blink of an eye,This similar sound is endless,Like falling rain。

That person also smiled and said:“I made this osmanthus fish,If you like it,You can eat more。”

Osmanthus fish?Qin Feng also took a closer look at this thing,But he did not see any special circumstances。
of course,Qin Feng is also a very cautious person,He smiled and said:“This one has a good taste,What is your name,I will ask you to always offer you a post later.。”
“what?”That person also said with a face of information:“My name is Li Cai,This is not so good?Because this is what i should do。”
“Ha ha,This is nothing。”Qin Feng has also remembered this name,He doesn’t talk nonsense:“You go down first,Here i look。”
“it is good。”Li Cai didn’t say much,He walked outside with a smile on his face。
After Li Cai left,Qin Feng dialed a call。
That call is for Wei Guoqiang。
“The person who just came in here,I think you are paying attention too?Go see what’s going on that guy,Also ask if there are any cats here,Let the cat in。”
Qin Feng said seriously,He doesn’t want anyone wronged,But such a strange guy,He is also a little wary。
I also quickly expressed that I understood。
Five minutes later,A cat was sent over。
Qin Feng gave the osmanthus fish to the cat immediately。

This sentence is also very direct,But everyone understands,This seems to be the case。

They don’t leave first,Because some things need a result to leave。
This is not,After an hour,They also have results。
Those people are instructed to do。
Suddenly,The Security Bureau also directly sent out to arrest some suspects。
Qin Fenghe Jiang Tianguang also went to the hotel to eat comfortably。
“This thing is really disgusting,seriously,This guy is not in a big situation,But it’s also disgusting。”Qin Feng said helplessly,He really doesn’t want to see such a thing。
But such things happen every time。
Jiang Tianguang on the side said somewhat of self-deprecating:“Those guys want to say that they do things in a hidden way,I don’t want that much,But unfortunately there is no concealment,But toss like this,This also disgusts me a bit。”
This is the case,Something to say if you really lose,That’s nothing,It’s normal to win or lose。
But in this situation,That’s a somewhat complicated situation。
Many times people are a little uncertain,What will happen to this?
suddenly,Qin Feng’s cell phone is calling,This is Huang Junjie。

Because if you have to dig while standing,Too hard,And want to dig a fresh location,I have to jump up and whistle,This action consumes too much energy,It’s also a gamble on luck,I believe unless it’s dizzy,No one would do such a stupid thing。

and so,When Lu Menglin walked to the cliff,Many people can’t help laughing。
This kid is so ridiculous!Who does he think he is?
That ghost place has been dug long ago,Unless he can fly,How else can you dig it up??
It’s no use digging to the top,Who said there must be a mine on it?
He was obviously scared crazy,Already delirious!There are such people in our mining area every month,Nothing good。
Everyone talked,Say everything,In short, just one sentence,No one is optimistic about Lu Menglin’s actions,Not even one。
The four overseers held their arms,Smiling and watching this young man’s almost idiotic behavior。
Anyway, as long as the other party doesn’t make trouble,Just go down to the second floor obediently,They don’t care about other things,Happy to see the joke。
The old man who lied to Lu Menglin went down and slapped his mouth a few times,As if still aftertaste the delicious instant noodles,Looking at that silly boy with gloomy eyes,The old face showed a mocking look,Without any guilt。
Lu Menglin walked to the cliff,Reach out first,Touched the mottled cliff face lightly,Seems to be sensing something。
suddenly,Lu Menglin gently jumped,Jump up like a monkey,This jump is more than three meters high,Rise from the ground,It surpassed the traces that had been planed before。
He jumped up,There were shocking sounds from all directions,No one could think that this young man’s jumping ability was so terrifying。
but,Everyone is still not optimistic about his results。
Isn’t it just jumping higher??Could he really find crystal ore from the cliff body?He has his hands free,Didn’t even bring a shovel!
Just when everyone’s thoughts flashed,Lu Menglin’s body has risen to its highest point。
People in midair,As strong as a dragon,Twist the waist,Swing arm,Punch,All the actions are done in one go。
Gang Jin burst,Lu Menglin punched the surface of the cliff close to four meters in height。
Peng!The rock fell apart by this punch,Rubble scattered,Smashed down。

After all, relative to others,Xia Chenglong’s body looks thinner。

“What if he is a warrior in the transformation state?”
Qi Chong a word,Slap directly。
Lin Lao Er suddenly smiled contemptuously:“Qi Chong,Can’t you make up a decent excuse,Transformation,Tell me a kid in his early twenties,Have such strength?”
Qi Chong did not speak,Take out the badge directly,This is**Bare evidence。
Certification from the Warrior Association,This naturally cannot be fake。
I didn’t expect Qi Chong to find such a good seed,Really lucky!
“Humph,Hope everything is as you said,I don’t want anyone to smash the brand of our martial arts association。”
“No need to worry about the second president,Compared to this,You should pay more attention to your brother!”
Lin Lao Er snorted coldly,Turned and left。
Qi Chong let out a domineering roar!
See the arrogant guy,I got a face today,A smile appeared on Qi Chong’s face。
“brothers,I really think,You were sent by God to save me。”
“what,Brother Qi joked!”
Xia Chenglong didn’t speak just now,He hasn’t understood the situation,But the light in the eyes of that person just before leaving……
I hope the other party will not do anything excessive,Otherwise, don’t blame him。
The matter of registering an identity is simple,And Qi Chong is also present,It’s done in a while。

Because Lu Menglin said everything aimed at,He can sneak back to Hong Kong Island without knowing it,He also specially summoned Fat Dun’s secret layout,Obviously, I have thoroughly understood Tuoba’s evil thoughts,And the three steel pipes outside the door,It’s a touch of magic,Cut off Tuoba’s retreat。

If it weren’t for the steel pipe trap that caused Tuoba’s leg injury,Speed affected,With the speed of his coming and going like wind and shadow,Really can’t be siege。
Connected with this series of changes,Even Tuoba evil has to admit,Maybe the kid in front of you knows himself better than himself,To make those arrangements in a very short time。
“After you accept the trial,I promise no one will bother you,And I will apply to the court,Let you live in a single room,You will be like a bug,Completely forgotten in the corner。”Lu Menglin said solemnly。
“Do not!I don’t want to be a bug!You killed me!kill me!Kill me soon!”
Tuoba E is excited,Even want to struggle to get up,Scared the police officers,Cheeky handcuffed him sturdy。
“Mr. Lu Menglin,Thank you for helping the police catch the suspect。if convenient,Can you go back to the police station with us to make a record?”A sergeant leading the team cautiously said。
“No more,I am very tired!My friends are tired too。Let’s talk about it when you have time!People you can take away,If you let him run away,I believe that the people of Hong Kong Island will not agree。”Lu Menglin casually ordered。
“Yes,Yes!Do not worry,Hong Kong Island Police will never let this bad guy go!Thank you again!”The sheriff was excited,Salute directly to Lu Menglin。
After his salute gesture,Dozens of Hong Kong Island Police officers present at the same time raised their hands to salute the three of Lu Menglin,To the highest esteem。
Although this is not compliant,But in the eyes of these police officers,no matter who,As long as you have the ability to catch Tuoba evil,Are qualified to receive such respect。
Chapter four hundred and ninety three Countermeasure
Rainy Night Butcher,Tuoba evil,Arrested again after a few years,Once this explosive news came out,Suddenly caused an uproar from all walks of life。
Especially when the Hong Kong Island police refused to take credit,Actively disclose to the media,Tuoba Ei was subdued by several civil heroes from Legendary Pictures,News to the police again,And successfully aroused heated discussions in the whole society。
Since this legendary film entered Hong Kong Island,Talk constantly,Bai Zhiwei turned off first,Then it exposed the tax evasion and fraud of certain companies,Now it has demonstrated great force,Actually handed the rainy night butcher Tuoba evil uniform to the police,This kind of just action,Let the people of Hong Kong Island have a great impression of this company。
Especially when the media reveal,Actress Zhou Min is very likely to be killed by the butcher Tuoba evil,And the people of Legendary Pictures are for friends,Revenge for employees,It also makes the public’s support and reputation for it rise to a whole new level。
It is no exaggeration to say,If there are films from Legendary Pictures available now,No matter what it looks like,People on Hong Kong Island will drag their families into the theaters for unconditional support。

Populus euphratica:“Is that so?Then we come at a bad time,Unfortunately,I wanted to have a fragrance,Donated some sesame oil money,Listen to acquaintances,The gods here are very spiritual。”

what did you say?Sesame oil money?
Taoist priest who was going to go out,Professional smile immediately:“Ladies,Came from afar,Then follow me in and get a fragrance!Not get in the way。”
The audience in the live room,I have to laugh。
Hua Zi and others are holding back,Want to laugh but dare not laugh。
Everyone followed in,The situation inside,Worse than everyone thought。The statue of the god is badly painted,Some wooden equipment,Such as that table of eight immortals,One leg has rotted。
Taoist priests will wrap things like,Put aside,Greet everyone warmly。
“How about incense?”Sister Fang really wants incense。She looked around,I didn’t find a single incense,It’s not silly!
Taoist panic,Rummaged quickly,Look a bit ugly,Suddenly remembered,Last incense,I ordered it myself yesterday,I haven’t had time to buy a new one。
“Wait a moment,I go out to buy。”Finished,Taoist priest hurried out。
This makes the audience in the live room laugh again,Your Taoism is funny, right?How deserted is this,So I don’t even have a spare incense,I don’t think about it at all,Someone in Taoist temple will come in and burn incense?
How to say,This is also a religion born and raised in my country,Mixed so badly,Everyone looked a little bit sad。
Everyone counted,This Taoist temple,A total of eight gods,But not the Eight Immortals you imagine。

“It’s ok,As long as the method is right,The gold is enough!”Cui Kai nodded vigorously。

“Michelle,The two elders took the plane for several hours,Should be tired,You arrange the elders to rest,Come back later, let’s discuss countermeasures!”
After talking, Cui Kai winked Michelle。
“Ok。”Michelle knows,Get up and take Cui Laosan and Liang Jiaju out to find a place to rest,And Qiao Tianyu and Cui Kai have been sending them to the door。
After returning to the meeting room,Qiao Tianyu immediately shut the door of the meeting room,Grabbing Cui Kai,Staring at Cui Kai with demonstrative eyes and asked。
“Cui Kai,Tell me the truth,Sanye Cui really has2300Tons of gold?”
“Ah,how is this possible?”A cold smile appeared on Cui Kai’s face。
“Then why did you sing with him just now,I have to say that he has so much gold?”Qiao Tianyu asked very puzzled。
First0251 chapter Gun shot bird
“Don’t you think that Liang Jiaju had a problem just now??”Cui Kai asked back。
“has a problem?what is the problem?What he said just now is very logical,Also matches what we saw,What’s the problem?”Qiao Tianyu asked even more puzzled。
“Do they all agree??At least one thing is definitely not the same?”Cui Kai explained meaningfully。
“Which point?”Qiao Tianyu scratched his head,I don’t know。