The strange snake appears out of thin air,Come without a trace,Doesn’t look like a creature in this world at all,Naturally, we can’t use normal thinking to grasp its existence。

but,Lu Menglin came from this bare rock face,Perceived some remnants of deja vu energy。
“Then,I have another question,How do you control it?”Lu Menglin is not impetuous,But asked a more critical question。
The snake queen bit her lip,Seems to struggle inside for a while,Finally raised his head and said:“I have a treasure,Able to manipulate creatures,Especially snakes, cold-blooded animals with low intelligence。”
“Can you borrow it?”Lu Menglin said politely。
The snake queen’s eyes flicker,After hesitating,Pulled out something from the back,Hand it in Lu Menglin’s palm。
This thing looks like a crutch,Looks like sawing off an old man’s walking stick。
This half of crutches is quite heavy,Non-metal and non-wood,I don’t even know what material it is made of,The shape of the stick head is not complicated,Just randomly twisted a few angles,But there is a very unique charm in it,As if exhausted the changes in the world,Fascinating。
Lu Menglin only touched this half of the crutches,Immediately felt a strong mental fluctuation faintly。
This mental fluctuation is not only strong,And it’s weird,As if to invade his brain,A wave of tiredness hits like a tide。
The snake queen beside it seems to have been expected,Eyes wide open,Staring at Lu Menglin without blinking,Blinking eyes,There are some inexplicable things in it。
Lu Meng snorted softly in his scaled nose,Silent luck《Zhenwu Julijue》,Visualize the image of Emperor Zhenwu in your mind,I woke up in an instant,And drove out that strange mental wave。
When the snake queen saw Lu Menglin so quickly, she recovered her qingming,So scared and quickly bowed,I’m afraid he will be more disrespectful than he was just now。
“Kind of doorway,But it almost meant。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
The snake queen said softly:“I control a snake with this rod,That strange snake can be controlled by me。But i don’t know where it came from。”
Lu Menglin waved,Tao:“no need,I already know where it came from。But I can’t return this snake stick,I give Shaoxiao a face,I don’t care about other things。”
The snake queen’s eyes darkened,Unwilling,But dare not resist。
Wang Shaoxiao suddenly spoke,“Don’t worry,Let her go back to the hotel with us!She hasn’t confessed who asked her to assassinate us。I am very good at interrogation,I’ll try!”
Lu Menglin smiled irritably:“This still needs to be tried?If it wasn’t for the Zhu family to invite her,,I swallowed this cane!”
The snake queen does not speak,Just nodded vigorously。

Hu Lin saw that he didn’t object to her staying,My eyes glowed with excitement,Nodding。

“Wait a minute!Can’t take over now!”at this time,Unexpectedly, the handsome officer Fu Yunfei suddenly shouted。
Everyone was taken aback,Only Zhong Ming knows,This is the style of Yehan Shangguo,By their virtues,How could it be so simple to hand over supplies and equipment。
“Why can’t handover?These are all the approvals I ran down myself,What qualifications do you have to stop?”Hu Lin stared,Anger。
Fu Yunfei smiled slightly,Speak loudly:“Miss Hu Lin,This matter has nothing to do with you!Before i came here,The military superiors specially confessed,Let me test this military commander,Lest someone takes advantage of it,Entrusting weapons and equipment to inhumans,Wasted the resources of the military。”
“Actually my request is very simple,Is to show me the strength of Sandstorm City!Especially the strength of the Wuhao Commander!As long as he can prove that he is indeed strong,Have the ability to stop those alien monsters,The military will not only give him this batch of resources,More armaments will be released in the future。”
Hu Lin frowned,Cold road:“How to prove it?”
At this moment,The other young officer standing beside Fu Yunfei also took off his helmet,Said seriously:“Hello, Commander!I am Zhangzhijie of the 3rd Corps of Night Korea,No. 1 in the army,I want to fight you,Please enlighten me!”
“Zhang Zhijie!what are you doing?Do you want to wade in the water too?”When Hu Lin saw this man speak,Immediately asked with anger。
This man who claims to be the number one fighter in Korea at night,Big eyebrows,Wide nose,A pair of tiger eyes,Although he is not as handsome as Fu Yunfei,But it has an awe-inspiring power,Dare not to insult,Even daunting。
“Lin Xiaomei,Sorry!The elders in the family have orders,Let me fight。But don’t worry,I won’t hurt him too much。”This chapter has an easy-going tone,But it faintly reveals extremely strong and domineering,He never thought about losing。
“Ha ha!I understand!I just said!You two good guys have to come to Sandstorm City with me,It turned out that the elders spoke!”
“OK!You guys want to try him,Then try!I do not care!Don’t regret it!”Hu Lin’s face changed,Giggled。
With her intelligence,How can you not guess the intention of these two guys??
but,She is very confident in Wu Hao’s strength,So I’m not afraid of some monster moths。
Lu Menglin just glanced at this guy who claimed to be the best fighter in the Korean army at night.,For the opponent’s strength,Basically clear at a glance。
“Commander Wuhao,Hear you in the jungle,Fought a battle with the monster that shot down the Tarzan ship,And knock it back。I think you are superb,Won’t you dare to do it with me??”
Zhang Zhijie’s tone is very slow,But in the words, every word is condemned,The provocation intention couldn’t be more obvious。
Because before he got on the battleship,I was specifically called by Hu Lin’s mother, Hu Yang, to have a meal,Hu Yang told him,My daughter Hu Lin hasn’t changed,Blinded by someone in the hunting ring,Need to know and use proof of strength,That person is just a weak one。
As long as Hu Lin saw that man was defeated,The invincible image in her mind is completely invisible,Naturally, there will be no love due to worship。

At this moment,Even Hu Lin’s face,Also a little more surprised,I can’t help but feel worried。

She believes Wu Hao will not lose to Zhang Zhijie,But she didn’t think Wu Hao’s subordinate would win the first place in the army.。
If this brawny loses to Zhang Zhijie,Wu Hao will lose face,She didn’t want this kind of thing to destroy Wu Hao’s rare good face,Naturally, it is inevitable to be a little worried。
“Take it!”With the roar of Zhangzhijie,His whole person is like a spring compressed to the limit,Suddenly rise from the ground,Jump into the air,Stretch your legs like a battle axe,Slashed towards the dragon field。
This leg,Full of power,Split the air at the moment of getting out of the leg,There was a whirring sound,Comes with a tragic momentum of rushing and killing thousands of troops。
Many people present could not help closing their eyes,It seems that some can’t bear the murderous aura from this leg。
however,Long Zhanye is still motionless,Just stand firmly in place,There was a strange expression on his face。
He has guessed that the opponent’s strength is not strong anymore,But I really didn’t expect,The strength of this spiritual guy is actually weak to this level!
At the moment the opponent attacked,Long Zhanye hesitated,Isn’t he worried that he can’t take this trick,But hesitating,How to pick it up so that it doesn’t hurt the other party。
Between the sparks,No. 1 in the Korean army at night,Zhang Zhijie’s leg attack is like a big axe,Lightning and thunder hit the front door of Longzhanye。
Long Zhanye shook his head and smiled bitterly,Reach out,And strengthened the opponent’s legs,Pinched the ankle of the mental boy,Mention and throw away。
Everyone saw Zhang Zhijie suddenly rise into the sky again,I thought he was going to perform some powerful killing moves,I don’t know him but never go back,Falling straight back to where I was just now。
boom!Zhang Zhijie fell stunned,A mess of mind,Buzzing in my head,Want to get up,I found my body sore and weak,I can’t control my body at all,Arms only half supported,Then got down again。
The change in this instant came too fast,Nobody in the audience responded,I basically haven’t understood what happened just now,The battle is over。
Fu Yunfei was shocked,Three steps and two steps,Rushed to Zhang Zhijie,I stretched my finger to hold his carotid artery,Make sure he’s okay,I was relieved。
The whole audience is silent,Silent。
Except for the members of the plane team,Everyone else can’t react。
What happened just now?
Zhang Zhijie’s strength is not weak!That leg was very powerful just now,But why was he thrown out?
Is this chapter Zhijie suffering from a dark disease,Temporary attack?

“Where where。”

The conversation between the two is like a chat between friends,Harmony,It’s not like warm and warm in the mansion, always guarding against attacks。
Wen Guoyuan always pays attention to his treatment of customers,I personally made a cup of Pu’er tea to warm it up,Warm and warm,After thanking,This is the way:
“Second uncle,to be honest,I went home last night and broke up with Yu Shan and Wen Yunyun。These two women can’t tell me,Good guy,Frozen my funds。I am a pauper now。”
Warm and wittyly long but also easy to understand。
“So you come this time,I want me to temporarily provide your living expenses?”
Wen Guoyuan is slightly puzzled,As long as Wen Guohao is still the father,It’s impossible to eat without food。Why do you still ask for help??
“no no,Second uncle,I try to do ticket business,But now there is a shortage of funds,It’s hard for me。So I hope my second uncle can help,Solve these funding problems!”
“can,But what are you planning to do??How should the funds be invested in batches??”
Wen Guoyuan is in several exchanges with Warm Nuan,It’s not difficult to see the warmth。
So Wen Guoyuan answered the warm request without hesitation。
“That’s it,I want to use some of the funds to invest in the stock market,Guarantee part of your income。I will distribute the rest slowly,Hope second uncle can trust me!”
Warm sincere,Make Wen Guoyuan feel real,kind。
Warm and warm is not as stupid as rumored outside。in contrast,She is smart,Consider putting a long line to catch big fish。
So Wen Guoyuan must be warm and able to do a good job。He appreciates such a good talent。
“it is good!Uncle believes in you!”

“Black robe,Since you don’t talk about long-term love,Then I will be more direct,I don’t care how you get it《Hero Summon》,I want a copy。and also,That kid’s life is left to me。otherwise,I will take the scandals you have done over the years,All report to Tianzun City。I’m no longer the elder of Shilaozi City Office,You can’t do it either!”Qin Nanming’s face is cold,Say word by word。

The black robe elder’s face grew colder,Nodded after a while,Tao:“can!Then it’s settled!Qin Nanming,Hope you can keep your word。”
“of course。But I can only give you one month,Within this month,I won’t shoot that kid,Whatever you like,Poison is good,My Qin family doesn’t ask anything。One month later,Whether you have the result or not,I will take that kid’s life。”
“it is good!it is good!That’s it!I am leaving,You do it yourself。”The black robe elder has a gloomy face,Stand up,Walk away。
Come out from the back door of Qin Mansion,Black robe elder standing in the middle of the street,Looking back at Qin Mansion, which was gradually immersed in the night,Can’t help but sip。
“Good you Qin Nanming,Dare to threaten the old man!Why did you give birth to a son who killed a thousand swords?,Deserved!”After the black robe elder scolded,The figure gradually disappeared into the night。
Outside Qin’s Study,Qin Nanming stared at the purple pill flowers in the yard,This is my son’s favorite floral fragrance,Unfortunately he can’t smell it anymore。
The white-haired man gives the black-haired man,Who knows this heartache like a knife?
“Chu Sheng,Reincarnate with peace of mind!For the father, I will seek justice for you!I want to get magical skills,I want to avenge you,I want those who watch the jokes of our father and son,Got the punishment they deserved!”
Late at night,Qin Nanming was completely drowsy,Still standing alone in the courtyard,self-mumbling,Like crazy。
Compared to Qin’s sorrow,,Everyone is in danger,Nanfu is full of lights,Full of friends,Can’t wait to be like the new year。
Although I don’t know if the gods have a saying about New Year,But at least in Wei Xiaoxing’s eyes,The sight in front of you is not much different from the Chinese New Year。
now,In the banquet hall of Nanfu,Already full。
Ten big tables,And the guests who just arrived can’t sit down,Two more tables in the yard。Nanfu since the death of Nan Fengtian’s father,It’s been a long time。
And these guests who came to the banquet,Are not waiting,They are all representatives of major families from Hongliu City。
Especially those who sit at the main table,Although young,Except for the Qin in Hongliu City,Representatives of the younger generation of the other three families。
After a few days of communication with people in Nanfu,Lu Menglin also gradually got a general understanding of the situation in Hongliu City。

now,The meeting room is already full,This first meeting room is said to be a meeting room,Actually it should be regarded as an auditorium,The room can accommodate three to four hundred people。

Representatives from the military and political circles of South Korea,Take their seats,This time Tie Qin suddenly sent an envoy to visit,And I heard that their troops have also begun to gather at the border between the two countries,Such a big move,Maybe no one cares!
The audience seats around meeting room No. 1 are already full,And the main seats on both sides of the conference table,But it’s still empty。
Mission from Tieqin,Currently resting in the side hall on the right side of meeting room No. 1,They are envoys of a country,Special status,Before the arrival of the high-ranking Korean figures who are equal to them,Won’t show up easily。
About another ten minutes later,Tieqin’s envoy who got the exact news,Only then entered。
As soon as this group of Tieqin people entered meeting room No. 1,,Immediately caused a lot of discussion in the gallery。
“Look,The one who walks in front,Isn’t it just Ying Fan, known as the number one diplomat of Tieqin??Why is he here?,This time the envoys are very pompous!”
“It’s Yingxiong,Winhao brothers!I recognize them both turned to dust!The five-nation war four years ago,It was these two brothers who entered the army,Kill General Mengdan,Take its first class,It hurts Korea’s vitality!Haven’t recovered in a few years!”
“Yes!The two executioners of Yingxiong and Yinghao!Murder King!Even they are here!Do you really think I have no one in Korea at night??”
“These people came to Ye Korea openly,Obviously, we didn’t put our night in Korea!”
“I heard that their army of Tieqin has been crushed!Is it true??What do they want?”
“Not clear,But I did hear the wind!It’s not a good thing!Now alien monsters are rampant,Tie Qin country shouldn’t go crazy to attack us?”
“Not afraid to come!We now have the Sandstorm City Legion,Much more powerful!”
“Not always!Sandstorm City Legion is really good at fighting those monsters,But people’s Tieqin troops are not monsters,They are commanded by famous generals,How easy it is!Iron Qin War Cavalry,The world is rampant,Difficult!”
For a time,I have everything in the spectator stand,Talk a lot,Endlessly。
Long before the Tieqin delegation entered the venue,The current prime minister of Korea,There are several important government officials,Already sat at the main table in advance,Waiting for the arrival of guests。
Although the two countries have never been in harmony,But the etiquette and etiquette between big countries still need to be talked about。

They took out all the gold at the bottom of the box,Flocking to nearby gold purchase points,Someone even drove hundreds of kilometers,I have to rush to the nearest gold purchase point to sell gold。

Ever since,Enthusiastic Japanese people have surrounded all the acquisition points of Sato Junji,Out of water,The scene is really spectacular,Unknown people see this grand occasion,It is estimated that they will mistakenly believe that a grand temple fair and other celebrations are being held here。
But the Japanese people are strong“Tibetan gold”Ability has to be admired,It seems that every household can’t get dozens or hundreds of ounces of gold and they are embarrassed to sell,So the amount of gold acquired by Junji Sato has also exploded.。
As of 12 o’clock that evening,The total amount of gold acquired by Junji Sato actually came1.1Ten thousand tons,And the enthusiasm of the Japanese people has not diminished because it is too late,There is still a huge crowd of people surrounding all acquisition sites.。
In this scene, even Sato Junji, a native of Japan, was amazed.,Continue at this acquisition rate,till tomorrow“Golden House”Before the negotiation meeting,Can take another1-1.5Ten thousand tons of gold is definitely not a problem。
How much gold did the Japanese people hide in these years,So banned,It’s horrible too?
And in order to successfully acquire as much gold as possible,Sato Junji specially invited the top of the Arrow Sakura organization to come forward,Found a senior Japanese cabinet official,They reported their plan to buy gold to promote Tokyo as the world’s gold trading center.。
The plan also received secret support from the Japanese cabinet,They closed one eye,No one came forward to stop this。
Those senior officials even sent the police to help Junji Sato maintain order on the scene,Is to allow Junji Sato to buy as much gold as possible,So Junji Sato can buy gold from the Japanese people even more brazenly.。
but,Need to explain specifically here。
Introduced earlier,The gold mined in human history is about17About ten thousand tons,Among them, the official reserves of central banks are about3About ten thousand tons,Private wealth gold is around7About ten thousand tons,And gold jewelry、Gold coins and other forms of gold scattered in the folk are about7About ten thousand tons。
Implemented in Japan“Hiding gold in the people”The golden source of policy,Most of them are old gold jewelry purchased by Japanese domestic gold merchants from all over the world、Old gold coins etc.,Only a small part comes from newly mined gold and private wealth gold purchased in the international gold market。
First0286chapter Qiao Tianyu’s changes
So the gold in the hands of Japanese people basically belongs to that part of gold jewelry、Gold coins and other forms scattered in the folk7Tons of gold,Competed with the top five gold merchants in the world before7Ten thousand tons of private wealth gold is not the same thing。
The enthusiasm of the gold acquisition scene has doubled Sato Junji’s confidence,He believes that as long as he can get the gold in the hands of the Japanese people,At that time, the gold in the hands of the Arrow Sakura organization will be as high as4About ten thousand tons,That even far exceeds the total amount of gold in American hands。
Such a large amount of gold reserves will completely crush Qiao Tianyu and the Rothschild family,By then, Tokyo will not only become the world’s gold trading center,,Even Arrow Sakura can replace Rothschild、HSBC Bank,Become the new overlord of the international gold market!

To know,The registered capital of their guild is only a few million。

These ones,Populus still doesn’t know,But I saw that the attention surged to 80,000,Happy。temporarily,Attention is what he cares about most。
The tea party ended in shock,A lot of people are talking,Everyone is honored,You can still see this national treasure in your lifetime。
Minister Fang and others in the capital got the news,Immediately stated that he personally led the expert team to the south,They want to confirm the authenticity of the national treasure。
Chapter Ninety Eight new task
Taking advantage of the explosion of popularity,Populus euphratica:“Lost National Treasure Appears,very happy,Let’s have a lottery!this time,We issue red envelopes,Draw brothers,You can add Huazai’s WeChat,He will transfer 1,000 yuan to each of the winning friends。
Because there are more people,This time we set the number of winners10Bar!Conditions of the lottery,First concern,Haha!second,Public screen speech《Yongle Festival》。”
Real money,To stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm,The live room suddenly shouted,1,000 yuan is not enough。
The anchor is really a local tyrant,Spend 10,000 yuan to share happiness with everyone。
in fact,Populus euphratica has more than 90,000 followers,I want to take advantage of the lucky draw,Break through 100,000 attention in one fell swoop,Upgrade treasure eye。
Currently,The number of people in the live broadcast room is more than 600,000,This kind of opportunity is absolutely rare,I just met a lost national treasure,Plus Jiangnan’s smashing,It can be said to be the right time and place。
as expected,Attention suddenly increased,Add five hundred followers almost every ten seconds。
It seems,One thousand rewards are very attractive to everyone。Although all know,The odds of winning are too small,Hundreds of thousands,Out of ten,But what if?Who is right?
A mountainous area in Guizhou,Xiao Ming holding his sister’s phone,Staring at the lottery box on the live page,Countdown three two one。
He clicked on the lucky draw box,A bright firework popped up,Then there is a winning reminder in red font。
Xiao Ming suddenly screamed,Take the phone to find my old sister。He is still a pupil,no mobile phone,No WeChat,So he has to rely on his sister to help him get the dollar。
My sister was watching the live broadcast,But I ran to wash the dishes and chopsticks just now,He took over。I heard the anchor say that a lottery can be drawn,So just try,I didn’t expect luck so good,One thousand yuan!He doesn’t know if he has five hundred yuan for his pocket money for a year。
“what?You won?”The girl who had just washed the dishes was surprised。

Chen Wenjin looking at the stars from the balcony,Calm mood。

Chen Qian takes a shower,Come find him,Just ask:“Does Sister Xiao Xiao like you??Sister Amei seems to have made a match。”
“Not suitable,Xiao Xiao makes me think too much。”Chen Wenjin is not used to treating Chen Qian as a little girl,In my memory, the two brothers and sisters would have been talking about things。
“You just like to think too much。Sister Xiao Xiao is beautiful like a fairy,I’m a man,I can’t catch up and try to catch up!I can catch up and catch up quickly,Why do you think so much??Even if it is divided later,I once had it anyway。”
“You have seen too many advertisements for diamonds, right??”Chen Wenjin was joking haha,Of course he has to think a lot……Because Xiao Xiao is the kind of person who makes people think a lot!
“Don’t care forever,Only care about once owned。It also makes sense!”Chen Qian feels right now。
“Much more reasonable,It does not mean that it applies to everyone if it makes sense。”Chen Wenjin, Chen Qian still wants to say,Just interrupted:“Look at the sea under the moon,Blow,Feel the leisure of the night,then——”
“Then go to the room to sleep!”Chen Qian stand up,Looked at the sea and said:“What’s so black,Fell asleep。”
Chen Wenjin smiled and said goodnight,Just sit there,Not sleepy yet。
In Wang Shuai’s villa,In a room visible from his position,Suddenly entered。
No lights on,Backlit location,Only see the silhouette of the figure。
That figure stands in front of the window,Seems to be looking here。
Chen Wenjin looked at that figure,Trying to find personal characteristics from the outline。
That figure will stand up,Suddenly holding his cheeks,On the windowsill,As if preparing to stare at the scenery in a daze……
Chen Wenjin looked at,But because of limited light,The distance makes him really unable to determine who it is。
just,The figure on the windowsill held his cheek for a long time,Still no sign of moving。
Chen Wenjin thought about his side,There is no scenery worth seeing,This person can only be in a daze with his thoughts in mind。
Chen Wenjin just watched,Guess,It’s not eager to know who it is,But I’m just not sleepy and don’t want to do anything else,I’m happy to let my thoughts fly so casually。

How did Xie Lisu put Ye Xingkong into Ding’s house?,How to work、Dialectical and perfect retelling with Ding Kelan about how to fall in love。Looking at Tan Keran’s expression,It seems to have believed Xie Lisu’s words。

Xie Lisu took the opportunity to justify herself、“Frank”Tao:“Do you know that Tian Lu,Is the fiancée of the stars,I almost entered Ding’s house as a wife,Since the starry sky accident,The girl disappeared in love,I was in Chentang Village a few days ago to feel the commercial street built by your heavy industry,I accidentally ran into Tian Lu,I really don’t know why Ye Xingkong, who impersonated you, would look at Ueda Lu,Very tasteless。”
“is it?What do you think,What do you know about Tian Lu like?”Ding Kelan listened quietly to Xie Lisu,I’m interested in listening to Tian Lu in her mouth。
Xie Lisu saw him smiling and listening intently to her speech,very happy,And it’s a huge inspiration。
“I don’t deal with Tian Lu much,She and I are not the same person,Can’t talk about understanding,Like a piece of clothing,With boutiques、Limited edition,She is like a cheap store or a local stall,It’s just such a difference。”
“Oh?So described,interesting。”Ding Kelan touched her soft chin,The words made surprised her。
“What’s interesting?”Xie Lisu asked unexpectedly and somewhat puzzled。I was complacent when I thought my easy-to-understand summary was recognized。
Ding Kelan smiled but did not answer,Half of the coffee。Xie Lisu noticed that Ding Keran’s smile was a bit meaningful,Not what I thought,It’s hard to guess,Did you say something wrong?
Fall into silence,All thoughts。Staggered arcs between halls。
A deep and bold figure came:“Hey,You are here,Where’s the beauty!”Ding Kelan looks up,See it is Lin Hai,Stand up, clap your shoulders and cross your arms to say hello。Dream Island Library
“Why did you come,Come,introduce,Look,who is this?”Ding Kelan simmered in a green tone pretending to be a long tone。
“Yo,Lisu,long time no see!”Lin Hai can see the beauty with long curly hair in front of him,Cried out in surprise。
Xie Lisu stood up gracefully,Chong Linhai nodded。
“Yooo,It’s really you!”Lin Hai and Xie Li Soda greeted,Smile suddenly,Looked up and down Xie Lisu:“Two years away,More beautiful,You are in reverse growth。”
Xie Li Su Wenwan nodded and thanked him for his compliment,Soft channel:“Long time no see Lin Hai、More masculine。”
“Eh,Yep,Still Lisu described it in place。”Lin Hai excitedly,Answered without humility at all。
A blast of hot air,Let Xie Lisu instinctively give up her seat。