Pulling her husband’s heart calmly

Pulling her husband’s heart calmly

How could a man who was careful enough to buy a silk scarf for a woman betray?

  I’m not a man who buys things for women. The only thing I insist on is to buy a scarf for Li Fen every time I go on a business trip. Our marriage age is almost ten years.Cabinets of all kinds.

  I remember traveling to Hangzhou for the first time after my wedding. I bought a small red silk scarf for Li Fen. It cost less than ten yuan. This is the first time I bought a gift for Li Fen.Extraordinarily moved, he put a beautiful knot on the little silk scarf and would never take it off again.

  After marriage, the enthusiasm of men will decrease and shift, and this change is even scary to me.

  In fact, marriage habits have not changed. Every time I travel to buy a scarf for Li Fen, her satisfied expression becomes my peace of mind, but I never appreciate her passion. My eyes have shifted to other women.
  That is Ding Lei, a female officer of the brother unit I know. She and his wife are two types of people. They are passionate, smiles and flowers, and the dimples make men ecstatic. It ‘s so overwhelming for a man with an enlarged middle age.The ground was fascinated.

  That day because of work, she went home very late. I drove her. She sat beside me along the way. She didn’t say a word, but she turned her back and smiled at me from time to time.Make me obsessed.

  I started to use the excuse to work late and return home late. For one or two days, Li Fen didn’t complain at all. She always trusted me because she stubbornly thought that a man who could be careful enough to buy a silk scarf for a woman could betray him?

  I bought two scarves on the second day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I went to Kunming for a business trip. Occasionally I passed by a small stall and saw a long batik scarf. The pattern of the sea blue print was very chic. I did n’t hesitateI was going to pay for it, but my hand stopped suddenly. To whom?

  Theoretically, it should be given to the lover, because at that time we were like paint, but my habit and guilt made me buy it for my wife. I bought two of them badly, and took it out when I went home. The wife naturally got the treasure.Wrap around and look in front of the mirror.

  However, Ding Lei didn’t feel very surprised. She is a modern woman, but it just obstructs my feelings. The coping ability lies in two sentences. Of course, I am a kind of loss because I was emotionally biased at that time.
  As I returned late more and more, Li Fen already felt, but at least her cultivation made her invisible.

  It was just a light sentence when I combed my hair in the mirror in the morning: “You didn’t do this before, but I didn’t expect to be particular about it now.

“It’s like talking to me and joking.

Ding Lei and I continued our affair.

  I didn’t expect Ding Lei to go to Li Fen. Ding Lei’s personality was very modern and she dared to act. She said that she wanted to show up long ago, but I was dragging on. I was not responsible for both women.

I can never imagine the scene where these two women meet and I do n’t know what they talked about at the time, and Li Fen ‘s only requirement for Ding Lei is not to let me know that she came to me, and this is what Ding Lei wants to sayof.
That night Li Fen cried all night at his girlfriend’s house.

This was what I knew later.

  Every two days, she would change a silk scarf. I bought it for her five years ago. I do n’t remember from which day, Li Fen ‘s words were very few, and it was neither cold nor warm to me. At that time, I did n’t grind it.I remember that early in the morning she found the first silk scarf I gave her, accompanied by a beige long down jacket, that was our fiery newlywed, I said that I should treat my wife as a treasure in my palm, to accompanyShe was old, and my heart twitched a bit. I don’t know for almost ten years, and my wife’s scarf is still so well preserved.

  Since that day, she has never stopped from work on time and asked her, she just said, “I have eaten with friends I have n’t seen in years. It ‘s been a long time. Old friends need to communicate. I have never heard of my girlfriend.Is it a band-aid?

“Every second, every two days, she will change a silk scarf. I bought it for her five years ago. When I asked her, she just said that the scarf at that time had emotional purity. One day when she came home, it was almost ten.Yes, I fell asleep early that day because I was a little sick. When my wife came back, I lost my temper and said that my husband was sick and she was still crazy.

  She didn’t have any expression, just said that I went to normal university to study psychology. My girlfriend in college invited me to go with her. She said that only people can save themselves, and they will not panic when they encounter anything.Don’t you keep saying I’m vulnerable?

  Her words made me speechless. At that time I thought she didn’t know about me and thought that she was purely whim and didn’t take it seriously.

  Just every time when she goes out carefully in front of the scarf around the mirror, there will be some strange conditioned reflections in her heart. It seems to be going back in time. I can still recall the scene at that time: the green velvet scarfPopular, that time I went to Hunan for a business trip and bought it in a small town. It only cost five yuan. At that time, I remember when Li Fen wore a scarf on her head, I laughed at her like a Scottish shepherd. She was happy to let meI picked her up; the yellow silk scarf with flowers was bought for her on the anniversary of her wedding. On that day Li Fen realized that it was going to kebab with me. I remember that night it was very windy and sheThe silk scarf fluttered in the wind . Every time I went out, Li Fen’s scarf was pale, but still calm, and I started to feel more and more uneasy.

  Ding Lei thought I should have argued with my wife long ago, seeing that I hadn’t been moving, I was impatient, and began to find excuses for my divorce.

We have more and more quarrels and I’m exhausted.

  Once Ding Lei blurted out: This woman is really amazing, I said that she was so calm and peaceful?

I turned pale at once: “What do you say, you say it again.

“Ding Lei froze suddenly.” Sooner or later I have to know, is it so serious?

“I left Ding Lei and ran to the house. I didn’t expect to receive a call from Li Fen:” Let’s have a meal outside.

“I bought another rose-colored long silk scarf. Li Fen chose the place where we met. It was a dilapidated small telephone booth at that time, and now it has become a hot pot restaurant.

Li Fen said when he sat down and said, “It’s good here. I often come with friends during this time.

After a pause, Li Fen said, “If I don’t ask, when are you going to hide me?”

“I don’t have a word anymore, just bow my head and say so sorry.

  Li Fen paused for a moment, as if trying to control her tears, but she was deceiving herself: “Actually, I am very distressed, but now I am much better, I am just escaping, I am afraid I ca n’t bear it myself, I want toI have enough tolerance to accept this. During this time, I went to find my past girlfriend every day, crying in front of me, and every day I would make myself very tired, practice aerobics, and take psychology training classes., Drinking tea for dinner, chatting with friends.

  In fact, I found that I was quite good. I imagined that I had left you, and I learned to live on my own.

Actually, I did n’t make a noise. I did n’t have much cultivation. I just wanted to find a buffering opportunity for myself. During this time, I wore the scarf you sent me five years ago, and now 49 scarves are closed.Our story should end.It’s just that a man who is so delicate that he can send me a scarf is really reluctant to leave.

Li Fen said this with tears. This is the first time in this time that she shed tears on my face. My heart looks like a five-flavored bottle. Li Fen’s scarf is like a firework show in front of me.As time passed, my tears couldn’t be controlled and I said, “Li Fen, I’m sorry for you, can you forgive me?

“Li Fen shook his head:” Let’s arrange for each other to organize their feelings.

This way we will calm down a lot.

“Li Fen insisted on moving to an empty house of a friend. After Li Fen left, I found that I had no God, and I was restless all day. No one managed it, but I never had the idea of secret feelings again.When you leave, you will really be afraid, in fact, you can’t do without her.

  Two months later, I ended all my relationship with Ding Lei. I went to buy a long rose scarf and dialed Li Fen’s mobile phone: “Can you still give me a lifetime of silk scarves, wait for usWhen I was old, I filled up a cupboard.

“Li Fen didn’t say anything, but I heard her sobbing clearly . After editing: How to deal with the marriage, remember a colleague once said:” I have to be nice to my wife, because we had a good life when we were just marriedVery bitter.

“I don’t know if it was intentional or unintentional. His wife always remembers those hard days.

I think the wife of a colleague must be a caring person.

  Li Fen is also such a caring person. She used 49 silk scarves as an intermediary to review the past happy days and dragged her derailed husband back.

  There are too many people who encounter marital changes, but very few people can handle problems like Li Fen.

It takes courage, wisdom, self-cultivation, and respect for others.

  Li Fen did it, so she won calmly in this marriage chess.

We can imagine what kind of pain she experienced, which requires a lot of patience.

  In the face of marital change, some people usually behave as follows: they are frightened, they are looking for life, then they fight hard, and they become enemies.

This seems to be a model for people who have experienced marriage changes in the past.

  We hope to see more people like Li Fen who deal with marriage issues, so maybe many seemingly incurable marriages can be brought back to life.

Stewed Chicken with Wine

Stewed Chicken with Wine

[Source]folk medicinal recipe[raw material]1 white rooster, 100 grams of spinach heart, 100 grams of cedar peel.

  [Manufacturing method]1.

The cocks are slaughtered and washed, their tails, paws and internal organs are removed and put into a stew pot.


Add cedar skin, ginger, pour rice wine, and simmer for more than 1 hour until the chicken is cooked.


Remove cedar skin and ginger, take spinach heart and salt, and simmer for 20 minutes before serving.

Can be eaten several times.

  [Efficacy]The rooster tastes salty and warm; the spinach has sweet heart and cold;

The three together stew, can be adjusted to dispel evil, secure the five internal organs, quench thirst, open the chest and lower qi, unblock blood, and have curative effects on bloating, qi, pediatric swollen and so on. It is also a good product of complications.

What are the nutritional benefits of oranges?

Pay attention to eating oranges?

What are the nutritional benefits of oranges?
Pay attention to eating oranges?

Oranges are rich in fruit acids and vitamin C. Therefore, you should not eat oranges when taking vitamin K, sulfa drugs, spironolactone, aminophenone, and potassium supplements.

Let ‘s take a look at some things to pay attention to when eating oranges!

  Oranges are sweet and sour, warm to the lungs.

Mainly treats chest stagnation, lack of vomiting, lack of stomach yin, thirst in the mouth, lung cough, and excessive drinking.

It has an appetizing effect, quenches thirst and nourishes the lungs.

But know that oranges are not delicious, but eating too much is not good for your body.

  1. Don’t eat more oranges.

Eating 3 oranges a day can satisfy everyone’s daily requirement for vitamin C, but if you eat too much and absorb too much vitamin C, the oxalic acid metabolized in the body will increase, which can easily cause urinary stones and kidney stones.

And eating more oranges is harmful to the mouth and teeth.

If children eat too much oranges, they cannot convert them into faeces, and they ca n’t consume them in time. Then they may cause “fire” due to accumulation, and symptoms such as stomatitis, periodontitis, sore throat and constipation may occur.

  2. People with poor gastrointestinal function can cause citrus disease by eating too much citrus fruits, causing the accumulation of gastric dungstones and yellowing of the skin.

  3, the protein in milk easily reacts with the fruit acid and vitamin C in oranges, and solidifies into blocks, which will produce digestion and absorption, which will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, if you want to eat oranges, you should drink milkEat again after 1 hour.

In addition, those with high blood pressure, kidney, and lung function deficiency should preferably eat less oranges, so as not to cause symptoms such as abdominal pain and waist and knee weakness.

  4, after the radish enters the human body, it will quickly produce a substance called sulfate, and quickly metabolize to produce an anti-thyroid substance-thiocyanate.

Eating oranges after eating radishes, the flavonoids in oranges will be decomposed in the interaction, and the decomposition will be converted into hydroxybenzoic acid and ferulic acid. These types of substances strengthen the inhibitory effect of sulfur on the thyroid and cause goiter.
  5, oranges are rich in fruit acid and vitamin C, so when taking vitamin K, sulfa drugs, spironolactone, aminophenone and potassium supplement drugs, you can not eat oranges.

The efficacy and nutritional value of oats

The efficacy and nutritional value of oats

The nutritional value of oats Nutrition and health care are the basic requirements expected by contemporary people. As the best full-price nutritional food in cereals, oats can meet these two needs.

Robert (1985), a famous American cereal scientist, pointed out at the Second International Oatmeal Conference: “As with other cereal slices, oats have anti-lipid content, high molecular weight colloids, and nutritionally balanced proteins. It is extremely important for improving human health.value”.

  According to the analysis of food ingredients by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences: Naked oats rank first in the content of protein and traces in cereals (see table), especially the content of the 8 amino acids necessary for humans to evaluate proteinBasically all rank first.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the lysine content of intellectual and bone-building functions is more than twice that of rice and wheat noodles.

Tryptophan, which prevents anemia and hair substitution, is also higher than rice and wheat noodles.

Adults are particularly rich and lead to large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids.

According to the analysis results of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Analysis Center and other units, the content of linoleic acid in naked oats accounted for a small amount of 38.



50g naked oats is equivalent to 10?
The main ingredients of 15 pills Yishou Ning and Mai Tong.

Oleic acid accounts for 30% of unsaturated fatty acids?

Free radicals and calcium content are also higher than other foods.

In addition, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B2 are also abundant.

Oats also contain saponins that are not found in other cereals and grains. They can be combined with plant fibers. They absorb bile acids and inject them into the liver to prevent them from being converted into bile acids and excreted by feces, which indirectly reduces serum residues. Therefore, oats are known as health food.

  Oat health functions (1) Oat is an annual herb of the grass family, a type of cereal.

  (2) We mainly use its seeds and green apical spikes.

Humans first used oats as feed for livestock.

  (3) Transforming the depth of understanding of oats, humans have found that oats are rich in nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins, trace elements, and cellulose.

Oats are now on our table!

Oat is rich in fiber and vitamin B group, so it can help the body’s digestion and absorption function.

Vitamin B group can also help to relieve stress, so for modern office workers who live quickly and are often in a state of tension, it is a healthy food that takes care of nutrition without getting fat!

  Introduction of oats Oats are annual grasses of the family Poaceae. They are a type of cereal. The main uses are mature seeds and green apical spikes.

It was first used as a feed for military horses, and it was also used to feed pigeons.

However, oats are rich in nutrients, and it is a pity to use them as feed, so there are many oat products on the market now!

Products like oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal porridge, oatmeal bread and buns, oatmeal tea and other products.

In addition to a small amount of oat related products, if you add oat whole grains and cook them together with rice, it will also be healthy!

  Nutritional content of oats 1.

Three major nutrients: The sugars in oats are mainly starch, while the protein is mainly gluten.

In addition, the trace content of oats is the most abundant in wheat!


Vitamins: Vitamin B vitamins (especially vitamins B1, B2 and nicotinic acid), vitamins C, E and folic acid.


Minerals: Rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, and silicon.


Others: Oats are also rich in man-made fibers, β-polyglucose, phytoalkali, and phytosaponin.
  The function of oats 1.

Reducing cholesterol in the blood and β-polyglucose can reduce the amount of total cholesterol (total cholesterol) and low density lipoprotein crumbs (necrotic cholesterol; LDL-C) in the blood to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and can increaseExcretion of bile acid.

Control blood sugar: Dietary fiber has the effect of smoothing blood sugar rise after meals, so it helps diabetes patients to control blood sugar.


Improve constipation: Because oat fiber contains β-polyglucose, it can improve digestive function, promote gastrointestinal motility, and improve the posture of constipation.


Promote wound healing: Oats are rich in zinc, which can promote wound healing.


Prevention of menopausal disorders: Rich vitamin E can expand peripheral blood vessels, improve blood circulation and adjust physical conditions, so it can relieve the symptoms of menopausal disorders.


Prevention of osteoporosis: To prevent osteoporosis, in addition to increasing the calcium supplement, the body must not be deficient in manganese!

Because oat contains manganese, it can also prevent osteoporosis indirectly!


Other: There are functions to prevent anemia and control weight.

  Notes on consumption 1.

People who are allergic to gluten should take it with care.


To add to the rice, it should be added slowly from a small amount.

Because if you consume too much at one time, it may cause gastric ulcer rupture or bloating. Oriented oatmeal processed oatmeal (oatmeal) Introduction: Oatmeal is sweet and cool, and it is one of the cereals with high nutritional value.Replenish qi and strength, dehumidify and relieve diarrhea.

Naked oats are commonly known as oatmeal.

  Efficacy: Oatmeal is rich in nutrients, the highest protein content in cereal crops, twice as high as flour and rice, and contains 8 amino acids necessary for human body, its composition is also balanced.

The content of vitamin E is also higher than that of rice and wheat, and the content of vitamin B is more, especially the content of lysine is higher than that of flour, rice, corn, etc.

The main component of oatmeal fat is unsaturated fatty acids, of which linoleic acid can lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Oatmeal is high in nutrition, high in metabolism, low in starch and low in sugar, and meets the dietary needs of patients with diabetes.

Oatmeal is a new type of convenience food that contains almost all the nutrients of oatmeal.

  Suitable for the crowd: Generally everyone can eat.

Spleen deficiency and diarrhea, wet diarrhea are best eaten.

  Applicable amount: 1 bowl per meal, about 100 grams.

  Tips: ● It is not easy to digest and it is not recommended to eat more.

Deficiency patients should not eat.

  ● When brewing oatmeal, add chicken essence and it will taste very good.

  ● Except for some restaurants that specialize in Yan (燕) wheat brand, there are many “oatmeal” and “oatmeal rice crackers” in the market for breakfast pastes and snack foods.

  Oatmeal: It is recognized as one of the most nutritious cereals in the world.

Its nutritional value is very high, its trace content is 4 times that of rice, the 8 amino acids required by the human body, and the content of vitamin E is also higher than that of rice and white flour.

Nutritionists have found that oats are also the ideal food for preventing atherosclerosis, hypertension, and coronary heart disease.

It is rich in oxalic acid, which accounts for 35% -52% of all unsaturated fatty acids. It has adjuvant treatment for diabetes, juvenile liver, constipation, edema, etc. It can greatly enhance the physical strength of the elderly and prolong life.

Oatmeal contains an oatmeal that has the characteristic aroma of cereals.

Oatmeal has been used since ancient times. It is sweet and warm in nature. It has the effects of nourishing the spleen, stomach, and smooth intestines, giving birth to dysfunction, stopping asthma and bleeding.

Oatmeal soup is a dietary supplement for women, babies and infants, patients with chronic diseases, and those who are weak after illness.

Oat is low in sugar, high in protein, and high in fiber. It is an ideal health supplement for patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Skin care habits view wrong love skin_1

Skin care habits review wrong love skin

Everyone has their own skin care habits, but these habits may not be good.

You know, wrong skin care habits are very dangerous.

Although it does not cause immediate skin damage, it will definitely make the skin bear the stress every day.

When this kind of damage accumulates to a certain degree, obvious damage will be formed.

However, when you find it out, it will leave more or less scars on your skin.

Therefore, everyone MM, you must correct your wrong skin care habits!


hzh {display: none; }  错误1:为了更彻底的清洁皮肤,常常在同一天使用磨砂洁面乳后又用洁净面膜为肌肤做深层清洁.

  Correction: Both the scrub cleansing milk and the cleansing mask have the function of exfoliating, even for oily skin, such layers are very scary.

Exfoliating once every two weeks is a normal exfoliating cycle.

Use the scrub cleanser once every 3-5 days.

After the aging cuticle is removed, the skin needs to be replenished. At this time, a mild and moisturizing leave-in mask is the safest.

  Tips: Choose hyaluronic acid ingredients with good moisturizing effect.

Big S once said that if there is no hyaluronic acid, many actresses will not survive!

Although it is a bit exaggerated, its moisturizing effect is immediate. One molecule of hyaluronic acid can be combined with about 500 times of water molecules to be used as a skincare product. It can also keep the skin’s moisture and catch the water molecules of the external environment to keep the skinWet state.

At the same time, it also has the function of effectively repairing the defects of the superficial layer of the dermis, and the magical effect can be seen.

  Hyaluronic acid product representative: Shiseido introduction liquid (moisturizing type) RMB118 / 120ml to enhance the effect of daily skin care.

In the process of patting, the active ingredients of the skin care products previously used “push” the skin, penetrate into the deep layer, and effectively exert excellent results.

Use after lotion and lotion, it can make the skin surface fresh and cool, and the inside is soft, plump and elastic.

  Mistake 2: Skin allergies or sunburn, apply directly to the face with ice.

  Correction: Some MMs get sunburned skin.

The bladder skin became hot and her face was red.

Therefore, thinking about applying ice to your face can help your skin cool down quickly, which is actually wrong.

Because, applying ice to your face will cause 2 degrees of damage to the damaged skin!

  Tips: It is best to replace the towel to cover the ice cubes, or directly put the wet towel in the refrigerator to “refrigerate”, and press it on the skin for 3-5 minutes, and repeat it several times until the skin is not red and painless.

  Mistake 3: Bathe under a mask or watch a foam script.

  Correction: This makes it easy for you to forget the time.

The longer the mask does not stay on the edge, the more significant the effect is exerted.

Generally speaking, there are no special instructions to reduce it. Do not apply the hydrating gel mask for more than 20 minutes, otherwise it will clog the pores. The cleansing mud mask only needs to stay for 3-5 minutes.Because after the mask is dry, it will accelerate the evaporation of water on the surface of the skin.

  Tips: Many MMs like to apply a mask when taking a bath. At this time, the pores are open, which really helps the skin to absorb more nutrients.

If you also have this habit, it is better to set an alarm clock before applying the mask, and then you can safely do what you want to do.

  Mistake 4: The weather is getting cooler every day, and finally I can hug the sun without sun protection.

  Correction: Sun exposure is really good for the human body, it can help bones increase calcium.

In the fall, skin sunburn and peeling are rare.

It is not the same as giving up sun protection.

Because the effect of ultraviolet light on the skin is accumulated, the free radicals generated after sun exposure will continue to activate tyrosinase to produce spots!

This is why I previously felt that it would become red, swollen, darkened, and peeling after the sun, but rarely spotted, but later became more and more afraid of sunburn and became prone to spots.

These are the free genes that are building sand!  Tips: Do good sun protection and choose different post-sun repair measures according to different skin conditions.

  The first type: it will not turn red after sun exposure, but it will turn black immediately. This person has high resistance to ultraviolet rays and belongs to the “sun-resistant” type.Because the skin is naturally strong and healthy, if the skin does not become inflamed after sun exposure, it can begin to whiten the next day.

  The second type: redness immediately, but it is not easy to tan, and it has weak resistance to ultraviolet rays, and belongs to the group of “photoaging” at high risk!

After sun exposure, the skin tends to become thinner, dull, and produce fine lines. Even in the room, it is necessary to rub it above SPF15, and it is necessary to replenish collagen after sun exposure.

  The third type: turn red immediately, and turn black after 2-3 days. Most yellow people belong to this type, which will turn red and black. As long as you calm down in time and strengthen the moisturizing within 72 hours, you will have the opportunity to restore the tendernessFair.

  Mistake 5: Pay great attention to maintenance and apply the mask every day.

hzh {display: none; }  纠错:如今有很多明星在分享自己的护肤心得时都会强调敷面膜的作用。Li Bingbing claimed that he was “one film a day”, and Big S also disclosed that he often applied a few masks with different effects a day.

But for us ordinary people, we don’t often turn upside down day and night, lack of sleep, nor do we face heavy makeup or face a dry cabin environment.

Therefore, it is enough to make the mask two or three times a week. After that, a lot of the essence components in the mask will bring the burden of excess nutrition on the skin.

  Tips: The climate is dry and susceptible to allergies. At this time, you can put down a whitening and radiant mask.

Pay more attention to hydration.

  Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask RMB15 / Plate not only has strong elongation force, but also resists the change of dryness and humidity in the environment, provides stable moisturizing power, forms a natural water-locking layer, and promotes the absorption of active ingredients.

  Mistake 6: After washing your face, wait until your elbows feel tight before applying skin care products.

  Correction: Although the face will secrete a natural sebum film to protect the skin, a new sebum film will only form after 1-2 hours after washing the face, so that the protected skin can easily cause dryness and tension.

Therefore, skin care products should be used as soon as possible after cleansing to form a protective layer to protect the sebum secretion balance.

  Tips: Do a good job of skin defense in advance and choose anti-aging products.

  Lancome Beauty Revitalizing Liquid RMB780 / 30ml This is the star product of basic care, so that the structured DNA of the skin can finally be intervened and changed.

It helps speed up the absorption of subsequent nutrients from the skin.

Revitalizes the skin from the source.

Significantly increase youth protein, make skin foundation better and better.

  Estee Lauder Extra Beauty Essence RMB680 / 50ml uses five advanced techniques to make a great deal. The collagen protein contained in it can resist the fine lines, wrinkles and stains caused by aging.

The role and effect of massage biliru

The role and effect of massage biliru

Relieving the troubles of the elderly people’s mouths Many elderly people are prone to bitterness when they are old, especially when they wake up in the morning. This is because the bile is against the mouth.

At this time, you can often click on the gallbladder point on the back, long-term adherence, not only can eliminate the symptoms of mouth pain, but also protect the gallbladder.

In addition, the Danshu point can prevent and treat the lung tuberculosis and hot flashes.

This point is used as a daily health care point and is often pressed.

Shugan Lidan, the attending jaundice point is the back of the gallbladder, is the gallbladder gas transmission relative, with Shugan Jieyu, choleretic yellow, qi and pain, clear biliary fire, attending jaundice, hypochondriac pain,The arm is swollen, the mouth is sore and so on.

Nourishing the stomach to help digestion, health care has a bizarre bile, the stomach belongs to the soil, the biliary fire is too prosperous, and the stomach is easy to cause digestive diseases.

This point can ventilate biliary fire, and stomach qi, lowering the vomiting, attending vomiting, eating and drinking.

Such as the matching room, the foot of the weeping, Lieutenant, Gongsun, Neiguan, can treat the bile fire vomiting, eating and drinking.

Experts teach you to find a simple point of daring, referring to timidity.

This point should be bile, infusion for the bile, is an important acupoint for the treatment of biliary diseases.

In the prone or prone position, open next to the central axillary spine of the 10th thoracic spine.

Take a hole at 5 inches.

Protecting sensitive muscles

Protecting sensitive muscles

Is our skin getting weaker?

According to surveys, most women have been implanted with sensitive skin.

Whether it is manifested as dryness, cleft palate, peeling, or even more severe redness, swelling, itching, and other eczema symptoms, it will bring a strong discomfort to the skin, and even the skin’s health will have a serious and long-term impact.

  In fact, this can’t be entirely attributed to insufficient skin health.

In the city, our skin is facing many threats like never before: pollution, stress, bad eating habits, all kinds of invisible atmospheric suspended particles, sudden changes in temperature and humidity . countless.

So some people think that sensitivity is a modern disease.

Weather conditions such as gray fog and steeper weather are more likely to increase the chance of skin sensitivity.

  When skin sensitivity symptoms occur, some people are very careful in the face cream exchange, change a soothing product in time, but find that the repair effect is not good.

In fact, this can’t be blamed on all face creams. The facial cleanser, toner, or even tap water you use can become a sensitive source and continue to stimulate the skin.

Therefore, when your skin has sensitive symptoms, your repair work should start with washing your face and change the toner to a less irritating one.


hzh {display: none; }  当肌肤敏感时,若你尚未来得及去配备低刺激性的洗面奶及爽肤水,那么至少要注意不要用自来水洗脸。It is safer to buy a bottle of distilled water and heat it slightly.

  Why is the initial symptom of tightness in the cheeks when sensitivity occurs?

That’s a sign of severe skin dehydration.

If you can add a lot of moisture to the skin at this time, the skin’s sensitive condition can generally be stopped. Of course, a series of conditions is that your moisturizing product will not become a new skin allergen.

In addition, if you pay attention to moisturizing, the skin’s self-defense ability will be relatively replaced, and sensitive symptoms will also occur.

  Cheeks are the skin’s most prone to dehydration. It is also the most prone to peeling when the skin is sensitive, and the swelling area can be added in two appropriate amounts when absorbing moisturizing cream.

However, it is not recommended to do too much massage in two seconds to avoid putting severe stress on the skin.

Dealing with the disfiguration crisis in 6 big cars

Dealing with the “disfiguration” crisis in 6 big cars

In the beautiful summer, I believe many people have prepared their travel plans again. Of course, it is important to swim in the mountains and water, and you can’t forget to maintain your skin.
Especially girls, no matter if you are driving or taking a car, car owners often only focus on the convenience of the car, but ignore the harm of the car.
In addition to the environment, do you know that it is also a potential stealth killer for your skin.
  Crisis 1: Dryness in the car hurts the skin.
hzh {display: none; }  车内环境通常都十分干燥,无论是否开空调空气中的水分总是迅速的被抽干,尤其像北京这样的天气,风大尘大,更是使车窗紧闭.
Beautiful women sitting in the car will inevitably feel dry skin, lack of water and even small dandruff. This is the same as the air conditioner and computer in the office. It is the most likely to cause skin dehydration and enlarged pores.
  Experts suggest: more ventilation in the car, enjoy the natural wind no matter how hot or cold, so that the skin does not stay suffocated for a long time, you can prepare a humidifier to fill the skin with moisture before getting in the car, you can also use a moisturizing spray or moisturizer,Minimize heavy makeup.
  危机二:空气污染 殃及身体   城市中因为汽车、工厂等事业的日益增多,空气也越来越差,尤其是上下班和节假日高峰期,你很难想象周围弥漫着怎样污浊的空气,当你Driving through it, the polluted atmosphere will slowly corrode your hair, hurt your skin, and even affect your respiratory system, causing infections and diseases.
  Experts advise: If you can drive less, try to drive less.
When driving, avoid touching your skin with the oncoming air. If the weather is windy or sandy, you can close the windows tightly, but the interior of the car should be kept clean and tidy.
Use defensive skin care products to avoid direct skin damage.
Eat more fruits and vegetables to strengthen your body’s resistance.
  危机三:车内饰物,刺激皮肤   车内空气指标也未必一定安全,有时候新买的装饰物也会包含的各种有毒物质,会刺激皮肤,使得皮肤逐渐变得粗糙,同时对身体也Very bad.
  Experts suggest: If it is a new car, it is recommended to go to a professional organization to check the air quality in the car, and in addition, try to avoid trying to buy some decorative items with unreliable quality.
Girls had better not try to play with them.
  Crisis 4: Fold your hands rough.
hzh {display: none; }  方向盘或扶手不干净方向盘或公交车上的扶手,其实是细菌比较多的地方,当你的手接触到它时,会不小心把细菌带到手上。In addition, if the hands are too hard or rubbed constantly, the palms of the hands will become calluses and become rougher and drier.
Where can I still protect you or the pair of slim hands?
  Experts suggest: try to keep the inside of the car as clean as possible, don’t be afraid of trouble and treat the car as a trash can. After getting out of the car, you should wash your hands frequently. If you have hand cream, you must wipe it in time.
  危机五:肌肤受压,疮痘猖狂   驾车时间过久,屁股会长红色“痘痘”、痤疮,臀部长期受压,影响女性的线条,另外由于开车需要集中精神,而女性又常常经验不足,It is easy to cause mental stress and affect women’s endocrine system. Therefore, some small acne and small red pimple will harass for a while from time to time.
  Expert advice: When driving, buy a cushion with good breathability, try to wear loose and breathable pants, and maintain a pleasant mood. The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself, properly move your buttocks, and breathe.
  Crisis 6: Sleepy eyes, and increase fine lines. I usually have to rush to work early in the morning. If it is a car, it is inevitable to sleep. If you drive by yourself, you will inevitably rub your eyes with a small hand when you hit a red light.
These are all undesirable. The skin on the eyes is particularly fragile, and it is also the place where the age is the easiest to sell. Many celebrities do not even laugh to protect their eyes.
It can be seen how your small movements will accelerate eye aging. Experts suggest: If you are really sleepy, you can rest with your eyes closed, but do not rub your eyes with your hands. The first line will become fine lines, and the second is not hygienic.
When driving, you must pay attention to the six roads and listen in all directions.
  Effectively prevent these symptoms brought by the car
Try to drive less and enjoy the natural wind. When you turn on the air conditioner in the summer, pay attention to the air circulation in the car. Do not hit the temperature too low to avoid rheumatoid arthritis.
Fill your skin with moisture before getting in the car. If you really feel dry, you can quickly spray a moisturizing spray in the gap between red lights.
There are always some small fruits in the car to supplement vitamins at any time.
Pay attention to skin care, try to reduce the time that the skin is directly exposed to sunlight, and replenish skin moisture in time. Use more moisturizing cosmetics and less choice of high-tech cosmetics. The skin is already sufficiently fragile.burden.
Usually do more exercise to maintain good physical condition.

Yoga thinks food makes you fat

Yoga thinks food makes you fat

In addition to the differences in the nature of the food, it should be based on the cooking method. Sometimes a vegetable can be made into an inert food.

Yoga values the quality of food and is more nutritious. It is incorrect to think that food makes people fat. This extreme view believes that people have harmful effects.

  If a person arranges her life according to the yoga diet method, she will definitely achieve the purpose of losing weight or the yogi believes that for physical health and peace of mind, eat more pleasant foods, eat less transsexual foods, and avoid invalid foods at allExcessive diet is equivalent to eating inert food.

No matter how the animals after the slaughter are handled, they will not be able to completely eliminate the dead corpse poison. At the same time, too much meat can easily cause intractable diseases such as cancer, hypertension and heart disease.

It seems that human characteristics are similar to fruit-eating animals and herbivores. Human nature is not inherently carnivorous.

  For those who want to gain spirituality, vegetarian food has great potential.

Some nuts and seeds have as much protein as meat but do not contain more impurities.

As long as cereals and beans are combined, people can also create completely protein foods.

Vegetarian people continue to develop constipation, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, and most still have a cured life. At the same time, in old age, they can think normally and correctly and discuss issues wisely.

The yogi imitates that when the tiger and the elephant fight, the tiger cannot last more than two hours, but the elephant can fight for three days.

  If food is not cooked well or mashed badly, digestion problems will occur. The more thoroughly you chew the food, the more nutrition and energy you will get.

If a person wants to lose weight but does not want to eat food, then they can try chewing the food again and again, at least thirty times.

Soft yoga helps you create a small waist

Soft yoga helps you create a small waist

The core tip: the waist and abdomen are the areas that are most likely to be out of shape, and it is easy to accumulate tiny and form excess meat.

The following editor of Yixiu Beauty Net will teach you 8-type thin waist soft yoga, which will help you tighten the waist muscles through simple yoga movements, shake off excess meat, reshape the charming waist curve, and create a sexy “Little Manwaist”.


Side Triangle: Stand with your feet apart, legs straight, straight forward and forward to the body, and keep parallel to the floor. Bend down to the left until your left hand touches your left calf, and your right arm is straight.The ceiling is dark.


Standing forward flexion: Standing position, feet close together, legs straight, body bent downwards, until both hands touch the heel, forearms close to the back of the calf, forehead inserted into the calf face, raising the head up, try to make the abdomen close to the thighsurface.


Children’s variant: kneeling position, feet close together, feet tight and straight, sitting on the heels behind, the body is bent down, so that the abdomen is close to the thigh surface, the forehead is placed on the floor, so that straight into the back, fingers in both handsHook each other.


Seated forward posture: sitting posture, legs straight straight in front of the body, feet straight, body bent, forehead inserted into the calf, arch forward, the abdomen close to the thigh surface, some homeopathic cross legs, palms on the ground.


Half-moon: Standing position, feet close together, legs straight, shoulders wide and shoulders wide, raised above the head, palms forward and forward, and bent backwards, until the top is parallel to the floor, stand up for a while, the waist towardBack bend.


Warrior style: Standing position, take a big step forward with your left foot, bend and bend, insert your right leg into the back, your calf close to the floor, your feet are stretched and stretched straight above your head, your hands are folded together, your sides are bent backward, straightDark.


Cobra-style: lying on your stomach, with your abdomen on the ground, and your toes point to the bottom so that your tip is below the bottom, slowly lift your legs off the ground, open it and lean back slightly, and lift the top.


Mountain type: Standing position, feet close together, legs straight, front of chest, hands folded, eyes looking forward, straight forward.