Teach you through the psychologically shady people in the workplace

Teach you through the “psychologically shady” people in the workplace

Some people, no matter how good-looking they are, they are extremely unhealthy inside. They can’t tolerate the happiness of others. As long as you are happier than him, he must torture you.

I was thinking, why is this?
It turns out that such a person is a “patient” and a serious “dark mental” patient.
  First, dark minds are for everyone, mainly from heredity.
  Objectively speaking, human nature is flawed, and there is no such thing as a person who has no trace of dark mind.
For example, jealousy and revenge are the dark sides of human emotions.
When others have better grades or performance than us, and when others like others more than me, who has never been jealous?
Who has not twitched occasionally after being mocked, deceived, humiliated, and ignored?
  Some people think that the dark mind is a person’s conduct and quality issues. In fact, this understanding is not comprehensive.
Psychologists are now generally inclined to the view that dark psychology is inherent in human genetic genes, mainly derived from heredity.
Generally speaking, people with dark minds have potential “aggressive” personality traits.
  Most people can understand the dark minds of others, but never pay attention to their dark minds.
Few people think about their dark minds, even those who are so dark and poisonous.
Most people don’t have strong self-esteem. That’s why. The dark psychology that has been placed on the human level for a long time will be deeply dormant in the heart, waiting for the trigger from the outside world!
  The medium that triggers a dark psychological attack is usually one or more specific events, many of which are accidental events.
Moreover, most people ‘s dark psychology stays at the level of thought and emotion. Very few dark psychology are suppressed or subdued when they pass through the two levels of moral conscience and risk estimation. They are not implemented in action and hurt others.Neutral, useless and harmless.
When the dark mood is serious to a certain degree, coupled with some ill-intentioned people provoking alienation, and their own self-confidence is not strong, a strong sense of crisis will form a sinister psychology. Therefore, he is a “sinister person””He will do irrational things.
Be sure to launch a “coup”.
This is what we often see on the surface. In this way, marriage changes, personnel accidents, frequent changes in the middle leadership, etc. occur around people, and it becomes unreasonable. No one can understand it. The result of the change is worse than before.worse.
This situation has intensified this person’s “dark mind”, and he will desperately defend the mistake, even the obsessive-compulsive disorder.
That would seriously hurt the people around.
Therefore, “sinister people” are incompetent, and “sinister people” fight with others, play with people, treat people as fun, do nothing wrong, change from day to day, impermanence, management confusion, and only focus on some superficial things, but there is no practical operation.Because the superficial things are made by his hands, he can use them to appreciate and comfort his lonely and dark heart.
But the actual operation requires strong quality and good teamwork spirit, which he can’t do.
Once such a person in the team can help him realize this wish, his “shady mind” will also torture such a capable person by relying on the “cold violence” first.
  However, the dark mind is “not helpful and harmless” as compared to others. For the self with dark mind, it is harmful or beneficial, and a detailed analysis is needed.
“Dark mind” is different from “conspiracy”. People with dark mind may not have conspiracy.
However, to release the accumulated mental energy of the dark mind, conspiracy must be passed. Therefore, it can be inferred that those who are good at conspiracy (except professional soldiers or war criminals) must be those with a larger dark mind area.
Although the dark mind is inconceivable by most people, through conspiracy, they still have many successful examples. Ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign, it can even be said that they are innumerable.
The premise is that such people have certain powers.
  For example, one Monday, when I entered the office with a smile on my face, someone rolled my eyes and asked me, “Why are you so happy?
“I said without a second thought:” Because the week is about to begin, I want to give my people a happy week. Besides, when I see my boss again, how can I look like a bitter gourd.
“We must show weakness in front of men. This is an unwritten rule in the workplace, so I added a sentence:” A woman, is beautiful because of happiness. You must first coax yourself to make others happy too. ”
An unnecessary “overcast disaster” is over, but when I get home at night, I find things awkward during the day.
Why is this person like this?
It’s better to have more happy smiles in the office than frowning.
So I wrote an article “Women’s Happiness is a Power” and posted it on my blog to drive away the unhappiness of the day and encourage myself to be a happy woman.
In fact, in today’s world, everyone is under a lot of work pressure. It’s not easy to maintain a happy and sunny mood.
But when I am the editor-in-chief, I have to adjust my mentality and lead the team due to the pressure and exemplary role in my work.  ”Dark mind” is a psychological normal, not a mental illness, but if you suddenly get up, there is a great possibility of self-injury and injury.

People with a heavy and dark mind may develop schizophrenia if they continue to develop.

Because the dark mind actually has both the initial characteristics of autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder (especially “compulsive thinking”), and schizophrenia.

People with dark minds are more conscious and conscious.

  If it is possible to keep the dark mind at the level of consciousness and thought, it depends on the willpower to prevent the action under the control of the dark mind.

However, if a person has a serious dark mood and finds a chance to release, his heart is jealous and inexplicable hatred. In the long run, it is entirely possible to cause mental illness and eventually affect physical health!

  The dark mind is indeed not easy to identify, because this mind is often hidden deeply, otherwise it will not be considered “dark”.

As the saying goes: “The eyes are the windows of the soul.

“If you want to see if the people around you are dark, you can patiently observe the expressions of some people’s eyes and facial muscles when you have a good thing.

It is difficult for a dark person to share the joy of success and the satisfaction of harvesting because of a broken heart and chest.

When you encounter something good, he feels lost and unnatural.

He will sneer at it, and will seem to be casually tearing your scars to reveal your weaknesses.

  For example: What good thing did you do for him and help him solve a big problem? He wo n’t thank you sincerely, and he wo n’t have a happy expression because he thinks you are better than him. He still usesThe stinging words and weird tone make you feel that you have done something wrong and you owe him something.

He will say eloquently: “I’m afraid you’ll have a tail.

“Even at some wine tables in response to the banquet, he would not sincerely praise and praise others, so that the meal was eaten like cheesy wax.

At this time, you will be puzzled. Because of the difference in the social level, you do not exist to compete with him for glory, and you wo n’t even threaten a part of him.Praise yourself indirectly, praising your people is the most rewarding way to do more with less risk.

But the shadowy person just can’t do it, it just makes you feel as uncomfortable as a small knife being cut.

  Second, what is “dark mind”?

How to identify people with “dark minds”?

  Due to the variety and types of dark psychology in human nature, this definition seems difficult, and it can only describe the dark psychology.

Personally, I feel that the “dark mind” is generally not good to others, and good things in the world.

When I see others better than myself, I feel uncomfortable.

  Third, distorted personality traits of people with severe shadowy psychology, and imitation of their attack strategies.

  Insidious people are poor, because the sun cannot penetrate their hearts.

Their atriums are dark, and the surroundings are dim, and they are always tortured by those unseen mentalities.

In these people’s psychological space, they are full of envy, resentment, jealousy, hatred, disappointment and even despair.

These chaotic emotions are lingering in the heart, distributing each of their nerves.

  They horribly hate the outstanding performance and success of others, and even hate the smoothness and happiness of others. They cannot tolerate others to be better than him and do everything possible to hinder others’ success.

People with severe dark minds are often insidious, poisonous, barbarous, and cruel, trying to stigmatize others, mock others, and humiliate others to achieve the goal of distracting the attacker’s focus on his career and disintegrate the attacker’s fighting spirit.The attacker was ruined!

  Darkness mainly comes from jealousy, which is often the inducement for their aggressive actions.

The object of jealousy is usually a specific specific person related to their own stakeholders, but there is also a kind of general jealousy, that is, jealous of people or individuals who are related to their own uncertainty, even in the slightest.

For example, the “Yanzhaomen” incident has caused some people to criticize Chen Guanxi’s style in the entertainment industry, the performing arts circle, and actually imply envy for their personal happiness and freedom.

  Insidious people must have their unspeakable purposes when they do evil deeds, so they are often alone.

Because not many people follow him conscientiously, and bear the risks and stigmatization of bad behavior.

In order to bluff, they often involve Zhang Sanli, Wang Wang, Zhao Zhao and Liu Liu in an attempt to prove that it is not one person’s prejudice, but a “consensus” of many people.

When the truth is revealed, people will find that he has always been turning to a “group” of virtual people and fighting alone. At least, he has been the mastermind of out of nothing incidents that few people have responded to.

  For example: he would say that many people in the unit say that you are bad, and we did not believe it at first, but it turned out to be true.

He will use the power in his hands, so that people in the unit will not dare to ignore you, even people around you will not dare to ignore you, and prove that his conspiracy is correct. Even when he implements the conspiracy, he will say that this is a bureau.This is the pressure from one side, this is not his original intention, he will cause him to promise that the truth of what happened, thereby delaying time.

He is more afraid of you telling the truth. He pointed out that wrong judgments are like “covering the ears”.

  People with insidious mentality often work hard outside, inferiority, worry, and contradiction, so they are both incompetent and cowardly.They are extremely reluctant to admit that they are inferior to others, but they also love face.

They didn’t dare to obstruct them directly, they could only hide in the dark and let the dark arrows hurt people.

Because they know that this fact is disgraceful, they dare not attack directly, and it is impossible to repeat examples to prove that his attacks are often anonymous, and they can only use some vague words that may or may not be libelous and malicious.Wounded and deliberately irritated.

  People with dark minds often use the heart of a gentleman to spend the abdomen of a gentleman, and think of the killing sentence as a “blockbuster” with confusion, throwing it out in a deliberate way, making the attacker psychologically uncomfortable.
They often adopt ridicule and irony, using almost vicious language, even at the expense of personal attacks, in an attempt to give the victim’s reputation and self-esteem a fatal blow.

This despicable tactic can often cause devastating consequences for young people with mature minds, people with low self-esteem, and psychologically vulnerable people. Therefore, it is extremely vigilant.

Even if such a trick is not direct to young people, it is also a great harm to young people, because he replaced the right and wrong, the cause of the uneasy factors, the basis of the discordant cooperation, maybe this kind of harm will happen in some way.Everyone.

Over time, such dark psychology has become a kind of “enterprise style”. That bad behavior will affect the young people’s thinking. In the end, they must pay for such behavior principles and suffer for life.

  For example: He often hits you with very vicious language, saying, “You won’t do this, you won’t do that, you will be laughed at by others.

“Fourth, how to get along with people who have a serious shadowy mind?”

  First, try to stay away from it. If it is bitten, expose it relentlessly.

Dealing with insidious people is indeed a life hardship that no one wants.

Some people think that it is safer to approach dark people with malicious insults and to approach them.

This kind of understanding is too naive, we need to know that the nature of the dark minded people is not tolerant of others.

When he overcomes the set goal, maybe the next goal is you!

Therefore, don’t be lucky, you must try to stay away.

If you are in chasing after it, like being bitten by a poisonous snake, you must take the initiative and make the strongest response in the first moment, expose it relentlessly, and resolutely crack down, make the world known to the world, and alert others!

Moreover, we must be mentally prepared.

People with dark minds generally have compulsive personality traits, and are unlikely to give up. As soon as the conditions are mature, they will change the form and wait for the counterattack, so we must argue!

  Second, adjust cognition and expect to see your lofty and value in the dark mind of others.

If we pay attention, there are always people who will talk to us about the success of others and why.

If the winner is a beauty, they will say that her success was nothing more than winning with her own “body bomb”.

If the successful person is a man, they will say that his success was by means of deception or self-packaging.

In short, everything is said, psychologically it is not willing to accept the success of others!

When we meet such a sloppy person, but we don’t think so, and we don’t agree verbally, we will not be polluted by the dark minds of others.

When you encounter someone saying bad things about you, you just smile, then keep silent, try to shift the topic, and ignore it!

As the saying goes: “The gentleman is open-minded and the villain is long.

In this way, we are instead emphasizing the openness and sublime in our hearts.

In addition, the evildoers have widely surpassed the breakthrough and targeted those who are better than them. As long as we adjust our cognition, do their evil deeds just reset the value of the attacked themselves?

They generally do not attack people who are worse than them in every way!

  Third, actively use the alternative incentives of people with dark minds.

If the attacked person goes down and falls into a state of weakness, the insidious person in the middle is pregnant!

It may cause the incident to calm down quickly, but the plot of the evildoer will succeed.

This is obviously not what we want to see. Evil has no negative consequences.

The positive way is to reciprocate the excitement of those who do evil by refocusing their careers and loving them more.

Because insidious people, destroying the reputation of those they hate too much is not the ultimate goal.

Their real purpose is to ruin your career and ruin your future!

  There is nothing wrong with nothing, nothing comes from nothing, and there are potential markets in ancient and modern times. But these people who manipulated right and wrong, fearing that the world would not be chaotic, lost at the beginning. They lost control of their conscience and moral defense, and they lost power in the world.Lost helplessness.

People hiding in the dark will definitely “see the light die.”

When the *** is white and the evildoers are found out, they will be disgraced and do nothing!They thought that the Tibetan Mastiff was very tight, but they forgot the ancient saying “There is no impenetrable wall”!

If people do n’t know, unless they do nothing, their sinister actions cannot be traced out!

  Of course, we have to respond moderately to people who have a serious dark mood, because dogs will jump over the wall!

If the stimulus is too strong, after conspiring to reveal the prototype, they will break the jar like a desperate, go to the front desk from the backstage, make a desperate attempt, take the risk, and use more intense and more terrifying means to fight with usThe dead net broke, and the result was both.

I thought that this uplifted them, wronged them, and it was not worth losing!

Not to mention the funeral of justice for evil, not what you and I want!

5 tricks to have a good mood

5 tricks to have a good mood

First, do more sports activities such as running, laps, sprinting, swimming.

These activities are one of the effective measures to resolve bad emotions.

  Second, bask in the sun.

Well-known psychiatrist Mueller pointed out that sunlight can improve the condition of depressed patients.

  Third, eat bananas.

German nutrition psychologist Professor Pader found that bananas contain a substance that can help the human brain produce serotonin, which can reduce the secretion of bad hormones and make people quiet and happy.

  Four, crying out loud.

Find a place to hide and cry loudly.

Studies by Japanese psychologists have found that such crying can depress psychology and obtain alternative catharsis, and at the same time, the toxins produced by bad emotions can also “cry”.

  Five, sleep well.

Sleep helps to overcome bad moods and stay calm.

As soon as I wake up, I feel better.

Why women no longer dream of love

Why women no longer dream of love

Reasons why women should be derailed more than men This is a topic elicited by a story: In short, it is a 30-year-old woman’s extramarital affair. She did not talk to her lover and dance, but left her home for him.Son, threatened to be brave in pursuit of love, but her bravery did not bring happiness, her lover did not promise her, and later left her; her husband was disheartened, and she was kept out of the door to keep her from approaching the child again.; Even a child cannot forgive his mother for having abandoned him.

  In the end, why do thirty women seek love?

Her crazy behavior and tragic story triggered a discussion: Square: Understanding that the pursuit of love and innocence modern people always seek value for money, so some people think that her choice is wrong.

However, if love can be placed on a cost-effective scale, then there is no pure love in the world.

  Innocent love still exists.

So we believe she was inspired by this innocence, and went on with enthusiasm.

Although she did not get the ideal love, we still cannot deny her efforts.

On the contrary, we should even encourage everyone who is hungry for true love to be more brave and abandon those ordinary things.

  Weigh the pros and cons, gain and lose, and let all utilitarian ideas transcend love, which is the paradise of love, and we live in paradise for this.

  The opposite: pain and rejection of love is not an excuse for hurting you. You can’t judge the right or wrong of her behavior with results.

  If her ending in this wall act ended with her lover staying with her lover, can we say that her choice was right?

Can we ignore her husband’s sadness and the child’s pain?

  Therefore, her fault was not to find an unreliable person to elope, but to choose love again after marriage.

We have seen love as a banner, and we have seen too much. We will only be confused because of this. Is there no love in her previous marriage?

She can marry without love, so why would she use love to hurt others?

  We have no right to blame for turning our lives into a farce.

But we have the right to blame her irresponsible farce for hurting the child.

Love is not farce, nor is it a weapon to hurt others.

  Center: Ignoring that women who have not learned to live are not qualified to talk about love and pursue love is understandable, but protecting oneself is also a human instinct.

She obviously didn’t learn to protect herself.

  When we choose love unrelentingly, we must start with the reality of life.

After all, love is not everything in life. Losing watermelon and picking up sesame seeds will inevitably lead to a tragic ending.

  We can’t tell if she gave up her family in search of love, right or wrong, but we can judge that she is a loser in life.

A life-loser talking about love is like talking to a beggar about the benefits of maintaining personal hygiene.

When she is reviewing love, she must first review her life.

When she can take care of her life, it is not too late to pursue love.

At that time, she would not face the embarrassing situation now.

  Thirty-year-old incompetent symptoms of love. Thirty-year-old women are not without love and cannot pursue love, but their past experience and current living conditions make their love always embarrassed.

Perhaps as some people often say, the death of 30 women’s tofu dregs has also deteriorated their love.

  Symptom 1: When faced with aphasia, some people are rejoicing, some are shy, but some people are afraid.

What can sudden love bring to a thirty-year-old woman?

  Ms. Zhang has horrified her family because she hasn’t been able to marry for nearly 30 years.

Relatives and friends arranged blind dates everywhere, but each time ended in failure, and most of them were intentional by the man, but Miss Zhang refused to accept any invitations and appointments from the other party.

Everyone thought that her requirements were too high, so the conditions for the candidates to meet gradually improved, but no progress has been made.

Over time, Ms. Zhang became extremely disgusted with the blind date, and even expressed a great fear of the phone of the blind date. She believed that such a blind date seriously interfered with her normal life.

  ”I seem to be dumb in love and I don’t want to communicate with men.

I’m thirty years old now, and I’m still an old virgin. Any man who stays with me will think I have something wrong, and I’m afraid of it.

And I am used to living alone, and do not want to break this state.I haven’t been in love, I don’t know how good such a thing is, and I don’t have much hope now. Instead, I feel that it would be awkward to have another person in my life, just like a tumor in my body.

“Characteristics: Love cannot be accepted due to long-term self-enclosement. The most important thing is to fear the incomprehension of others and suffer from aphasia of love. This fear makes love lose language ability.

  Symptom 2: Suspicion of love Some people long for love but do not believe they have the ability to have it, but some people have completely lost confidence in love, especially after experiencing too much love.

  Duae is a very charming 33-year-old white-collar woman. She has a variety of styles but does not allow any man to enter, causing the single men around her to be like ants on a hot pot. Although she frequently shows love, she does not get any hope.

Duae refused to accept all men’s gifts, but they were never ambiguous with anyone.

She always contends that she is a celibate. In fact, she is completely disappointed in love: “I have been in love four times, but they are all hopeless. If there is any success, I will believe that there is true love in this world.

  The first time was Platonic, too young to understand, but he fell in love with my sister and became my brother-in-law; the second time was purely played with and talked with him for so long, and finally part of the family of two peopleThe difference is too wide for life and death not to marry me, divided; for the third time, I met a man who only talked about sex but not love, and it was impossible to last for a long time; finally, I found a very rich one without any requirements for love.Man, ready to marry him. As a result, he is a man who relies on his wife to make a fortune. It is impossible to abandon his wife and marry me.

Now I just believe that all love is inevitable. In fact, the so-called love in the world does not exist. What is old and what is dead is only found in idealized literary works.

“Characteristic: Due to repeated failed loves, she completely lost her identity to love, lost trust in all men, no longer had any illusions about love, and would never believe in love unless she encountered miracles.

  Symptom 3: Reality Kills Love. Ms. Jiang has been associated with her boyfriend for almost six years. The relationship between the two is very close, and they can recognize each other’s psychological activities without even talking.

The parents of both sides are also very satisfied, but the two are too late to mention marriage, and they are too noisy at the mention of it. Many friends also advised Miss Jiang to marry steadily.Stabilized.

But recently, Miss Jiang and her boyfriend parted ways, which made everyone very surprised. How could a couple who had been very close split up like this?

However, Miss Jiang believes that there will be no future with her boyfriend: “I love him very much and he loves me too, but love in real life is not enough.

Love is not bread, nor can it be eaten. The closer I get to my thirties, the clearer my head is. Who does n’t want stability, but I ca n’t have a stable life with him.

He is already in his thirties and still doesn’t know what to do. He often changes jobs, neither of which will last long. He hasn’t set a goal for life.

How can there be a future with such a person? After marriage, there are many practical problems to be solved. With his salary, we cannot buy a house. Even if the house is not guaranteed, what marriage will we have? Do we want to live with our parents?

What’s more, the monthly income of two people cannot satisfy our basic life. Marriage can only make matters worse.

It’s still wiser for two people to break up, which is good for both sides.

  Features: Reality lets marriage tell love and stays aside.

In the eyes of real women, marriage and love cannot be equal. Love is nothingness. It can’t be caught or touched. Since it can’t fill the desire of the real world, then say goodbye!

  Symptom 4: Career rejection of love. Career is too heavy a killer of many feelings, especially in love.

Stress can come from families and society, but if it comes from yourself, it can be a headache.

  Ms. Qin has been standing for many years and is the boss of a well-known clothing company. Many years of hard work have made her extremely respected.

However, her love life has always been blank, and many friends have been rejected for intentional introductions. The reason is that she really has no time to date, so she also has her own theory: “In fact, each individual’s life goal is different.The goal is to make your company a world-renowned apparel company.

It’s too far away from such a goal. All my interests are invested in my career. I really do not have the qualifications to fall in love or to be loved by others.

People always give up some in order to get more. What I give up is love, and I think it is worth it for my greater goals.

And not all women need love to survive. I have been working hard to be a strong woman since I graduated, and my current status is no worse than those of women in love.

And everyone said that the IQ of women in love will become lower. I ca n’t have a small pool, and the mall should n’t have any sloppy.

I have a friend who makes stocks because I made a new boyfriend recently and made several mistakes in the business. The loss is a bit too great.

I may have been out of love forever, but I got what I wanted, and that was enough.

“Characteristic: Professionals say” go away “to love. This is the voice of many strong women.

What is the reality?

Is it career, pressure, society, or your own heart?

Many mature women believe that love leaves nothing but emptiness, but career is rewarded.

Life has limited value, preferring to pursue something real.

  The reality of society puts a lot of pressure on women. Thirties is not the age of first love, and it is not full of longing; love at thirty is not a warm stage for the two to grow old together.

Thirty is a conflict period when a woman must face reality, but also long for it.

At this time, most women were worried and depressed, so they overwhelmedly entered the love misunderstanding.

  Saving love is saving the 30-year-old woman. It is not that she is no longer in love. Women are love animals. They will not change in this life, but as mature women, they bear more life responsibilities and pressure.

They can’t and can’t, like young girls, they are unrestrained, and they have no worries to pursue love.Of course, mature women still have to face the confusion caused by love. Unlike young girls, they may become heavier and the relationships they need to deal with and deal with are more complicated.

  Therefore, many women simply choose to give up opportunities or suppress impulse when faced with love after the thirties.

Although the problems that brought life at first became simple, the female’s psychology and instinct were suppressed and could not be released.

Therefore, after 30 years of severance, the possibility of love may not be inhuman, but also not a benign development for future life.

  So what should a woman do in the face of love after 30?

  First, we must first affirm that love is a good element of life, so do not suppress love with realistic factors.

We pursue love in order to live a better life, and we must have this right attitude.

  Second, determining whether this relationship is worth pursuing is the key.

The essence of love should be beautiful. If this feeling brings you a sense of disaster and drowning, not a beautiful and happy feeling, you should give up.

Because there is not much true love, but there are many “abnormal” feelings that replace your ears. Pursuing such feelings will not lead your life to a good situation.

  Third, mature women must have experience, and the cost of maturity can be huge.

Many women lose their faith in love after their thirties, so they cannot face love with the right attitude.

In fact, life always moves forward. In the past, only changes that have brought us positive influences have changed, and the dark ones should only be left behind.

Keep hope in order to stay young.

  Fourth, life experience has accumulated, and the outlook on life has continued to improve.

For love, thirty women appropriately define themselves, not like when they were young, they will only imitate their love according to the plot of a love novel.

So love is not necessarily possessive and not necessarily eternal. It does not have certain rules. You must learn to grasp the pattern of love in your life, try to eliminate the double-edged sword characteristics that bring happiness and pain at the same time, and reduce the harm of love.To the bottom.

  Fifth, mature women can not understand love as before, but mature women must know more about love.

She has become the patron saint of the people around her, allowing love to linger on them; that is, mature women and young girls are different in love, love more, and possess richness, reduce bad desires, and reduce damage to themselves accordingly.
  Sixth, look back at the passion of life.

When women think that life lacks passion, they turn to love.

But the short passion of love cannot bring the ultimate salvation of your life.

To break through the dilemma of life and find passion, it is to have an open heart and develop the possibility of life with more perspectives, and love is only one of the relative paths.

20 foods that children should not eat

20 foods that children should not eat

Children generally like to eat some colorful and delicious foods, and some children also like to eat adult food and drinks; parents always blindly supplement their children with some nutritious foods.

Medical experts remind parents here that the following 20 kinds of foods should not be eaten frequently by children, otherwise it will be harmful and useless.

  1. Oranges: Although oranges are nutrient-rich, they contain chlorophyll. If they eat too much, they tend to produce “chlorophyll skin disease”, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and even cause bone disease.

Therefore, children should not eat more than 4 medium-sized oranges a day.

  2. Spinach: Spinach contains a large amount of oxalic acid. When oxalic acid meets calcium and zinc in the human body, it generates calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate, which are not easily absorbed and are excreted.

Children need a lot of calcium and zinc for their growth and development. If they lack calcium and zinc in their bodies, they can cause bone and tooth dysplasia and affect their intellectual development.

  3, eggs: Although eggs are relatively comprehensive nutritional foods, if you eat too much, it will increase the cholesterol content in the body, easily lead to excess nutrition, cause obesity, still increase perfusion, liver and kidney burden, and cause dysfunction.
Therefore, children should not eat more than three eggs a day.

  4, strong tea: strong tea contains a large amount of residual acid, precipitation of acid in the human body will generate iron nitrate, it is difficult to be absorbed by the body, and it is easy to cause iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency in children will lead to poverty and will affect intellectual development.

  5. Jelly: Jelly is not made with water and sugar, and is formulated with thickeners, flavors, sour agents, colorants, and sweeteners. These substances have no nutritional value to the human body, but they have certain toxicity. EatEating too much or eating regularly can affect children’s growth, development and mental health.

  6, salted fish: all kinds of salted fish contain a large amount of dimethyl nitrite, this substance will be converted into dimethyl nitrosamine with strong carcinogenicity after entering the body.

Studies have shown that eating salted fish before the age of 10 often has a 30-fold higher risk of cancer in adults than the average person.

Therefore, children should not eat salted fish often.

  7, bubble gum: The plasticizer in bubble gum contains a slight toxicity, and its metabolite phenol is also harmful to the human body.

Furthermore, the way children eat bubble gum is very unhygienic and can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

  8. Saccharin: At present, children eat sweet foods and drinks, and many add sugar.

According to research, large amounts of saccharin can cause blood, heart, lung, and peripheral neuropathy, and damage the stomach, kidney, gall, bladder and other organs.

Therefore, these regulations must not use saccharin in foods for patients and children.

  9. Beans: Beans contain a factor that can cause goiter, which can cause thyroxine replacement in vitro. As a result, thyroid hormone is lacking in the body. The body makes the thyroid volume large in order to meet this need.

Children are more vulnerable when they are on the growth and development date, so children should not eat more beans.

  10. Ginseng: At present, there are too many ginseng foods on the market, such as ginseng candy, ginseng malt extract, ginseng milk powder, ginseng biscuits, ginseng royal jelly, and so on.

Ginseng has the effect of promoting sex hormones. Children’s consumption of ginseng can cause precocious puberty and seriously affect the normal development of the body.

  11. Canned food: A certain amount of food additives are added to the canned food during the production process. The additives have a small amount of toxicity and have little effect on adults, but have a great impact on children in the developing period. It can damage physical health and is easy to causeChronic poisoning, children should not eat more cans.

  12. Popcorn: Popcorn contains a lot of lead, and lead enters the human body to damage the nerves, digestive system, and hematopoietic function.

Children have weak detoxification of lead, and often eat more popcorn and are prone to slow lead poisoning, resulting in decreased appetite, diarrhea, irritability, purple gums, and growth and shuffling.

  13. Instant noodles: Instant noodles contain food colorings and preservatives that are not good for the human body. Eating them often or too much can easily cause nutritional disorders in children, affecting growth and development and physical health.

  14. Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fats. Children who eat too much will consume a large amount of choline in the body, affect the function of liver cells, and cause dryness in children caused by “deficiency”.

  15. Cola drinks: Cola drinks contain a certain amount of caffeine. Caffeine has an exciting effect on the central nervous system and is potentially harmful to the human body.

Because children’s various tissues and organs are still well-developed, their resistance and detoxification functions are weak, and the harm will cause some, so children should not drink cola drinks.

  16. Animal feces: Children often eat or eat animal feces, which will not only cause obesity, but also affect the absorption and utilization of calcium. As time goes by, it will easily cause calcium deficiency and cause diseases.

  17. Shish kebabs: fire-roasted and smoked foods such as shish kebabs will produce 20-aniline and 3 during the smoke-and-roast process.

4 Benzopyrene and other strong carcinogens, children often eat or eat these coking foods, carcinogens can accumulate in the body and make cancer prone to occur in adulthood.

  18. Chocolate: Children eat too much chocolate, causing the central nervous system to be in an abnormal state of excitement, causing worry, muscle twitching, rapid heartbeat, and affecting appetite.

  19. Salt: Children’s salt intake exceeds 5 grams per day. If there is a lot of salt, adults will be prone to hypertension, coronary heart disease, stomach cancer and other diseases.

  20. Pig liver: Pig liver contains a large amount of cholesterol. Children often eat or eat pig liver, which leads to an increase in cholesterol content in the body. It is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in adulthood.

6 SPF foods that fight UV rays help you whiten

6 SPF foods that fight UV rays help you whiten

To whiten, you need to eat guava, mango, tofu, chocolate and tea.

  Ready to fight against powerful enemies ─ In addition to ultraviolet rays doing external sun protection, you can not ignore the “internal” to strengthen sun protection, fully absorb “SPF food”, can enhance the sun resistance, improper black sister, why Xiaohualian foodCan also protect against sun?

Dermatological research has found that the ultraviolet rays in the sun can stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidative free radicals, and the free radicals can damage skin cell tissues, accelerate the oxidation reaction of melanin production, make the skin dull, rough and lose elasticity, and also makeDecreased skin resistance What is a “SPF food” that protects against the sun?

Dermatologists recommend that you add the following foods to your diet list from now on.


Eating high-C fruits and vitamin C every day can be said to be “eternal beauty sacred product.” Want to keep healthy and bright skin, not easy to sunburn worse skin, almost every dermatologist will tell you to eat more high-C fruits and vegetables, such as eating 2?
3 servings of fruits, including high-C guava, kiwi, strawberry, virgin tomato or citrus, have a bad appetite, eat lettuce salad to cool off the heat, it is recommended to add brightly colored bell pepper and a few green broccoliNot only pleasing to the eye, but also a large intake of vitamin C.

Raw sweet peppers are crispy and refreshing, and will not damage vitamin C due to high temperature cooking.


Moderate intake of yellow-red fruits and vegetables, red-orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, food and dark green leafy vegetables, such as carrots, mangoes, red and yellow tomatoes, papaya, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, sweet potato leaves, water spinach, etc., are mostly rich in carotene and other phytochemicals,It is helpful for anti-oxidation and strengthening the skin resistance. However, it is not beneficial to eat more. Fat-soluble carotene can accumulate in the body instead of excess. It is not only toxic, but also easily makes the excess “yellow”. After stopping the food, you need the ability toSlowly metabolized, Dr. Hu Shuling reminded not to eat too much.


Soy products Isoflavones (Isoflavones) in soybeans are a phytoestrogen that can replace some of the effects of estrogen and help overcome them. It also has anti-oxidant capacity and is an irreplaceable class of women’s long-lasting and delicate skinFood soybean products, such as tofu, soy milk (suggested not to put sugar) are better choices, while other processed soybean products, such as hundred-page tofu, dried tofu and tofu, are much higher than ordinary tofu, like 100 grams boxFilled with soft tofu, traditional tofu, about 50?
88 calories, but the same 100 grams of dried beans will be 160?
190 calories, 214 calories for one hundred pages of tofu, 385 calories for Japanese-style fried tofu, more than twice the distance, it is best to eat less.


Scratching nuts as snacks For the skin, the fat in the belly may be an angel or a devil. Depending on what you are ingesting, most of the oil and vegetable oils ingest vitamin E to help antioxidants and eliminate free radicals that harm skin cells.

Foods high in vitamin E also include wheat germ and various nuts. In addition, if you usually eat white rice and white bread, it is recommended to discard them and eat whole grains instead!

Because “the thicker you eat, the thinner your skin”, whole grains are rich in a large number of vitamins B and E, which are important nutrients that help the skin strengthen its resistance and recovery ability.


A cup of hot cocoa has been scientifically researched to clear away the grievances for chocolate, and it has proven to be a good food for health, because chocolate is rich in a variety of antioxidants such as cocoa polyphenols, flavonoids, and moderate intake is also good for the skin.

Foreign beauty companies even fancy its high anti-oxidation ability, instead of using chocolate-based skin care products to make faces for guests, massage the more cocoa purification chocolate has better effect, and the US Department of Agriculture research found that in all chocolate products,Cocoa powder contains the most flavonoids and antioxidants.

At present, 100% pure black cocoa chocolate powder without added sugar and milk powder (fine) is available on the market. As long as you mix hot milk and add a little brown sugar, you can enjoy a cup of delicious hot cocoa. If you want to eat dark chocolate,Recommended cocoa content of 50?
75%, preferably not more than 55 grams per day.


2 cups of tea a day. American research points out that drinking green tea or using skin care products containing green tea ingredients (referred to as catechins) can reduce sunburn, skin collapse, and rough peroxides by about a third, which indicates skinThe degree of damage caused by sunlight becomes light. Tea contains tea polyphenols, which are a powerful antioxidant. Studies have even pointed out that it has higher antioxidant capacity than traditional vitamins A, C, and E.

The most important ingredient is catechin, which will be reduced due to oxidation, so the most unfermented green tea retains the most catechins, the semi-fermented oolong tea, the second seed tea, and the least fully fermented black tea.The caffeine content of green tea is also uniform, which may cause some people to sleep poorly, and some people will feel uncomfortable instead of drinking green tea. It is better to limit the amount of tea that should be drunk every day. There are different opinions, but generally healthy people want to drink tea for health.Drink 2?
4 cups, and adjust according to their own physical conditions, or recommend different teas to drink.

  What foods are offending whitening?

  Lemon juice loves beauty. Drink lemon juice for beauty and whitening. I did not expect that the skin has not turned white, but the corners of my mouth have become dark and swollen.

The “photosensitive substance” in the lemon is playing a trick. Once exposed to the sun (ultraviolet radiation), the skin will catch a cold and become inflamed, and cause pigmentation. Hu Shuling, chief physician of dermatology at Cathay Hospital, said that there are a large number of such cases in the clinic, because lemon slices are applied.Or squeeze the lemon with your hand, drink lemon juice without washing your hands, wipe out the lemon juice left by your mouth, and go out to the sun, causing “plant photoallergic dermatitis” such as the use of perfumes, essential oils,There are often photosensitive plant ingredients inside, the most common are citrus bergamot, grapefruit, orange, etc., so be careful to avoid spraying on parts of the body that will be exposed to the sun, or use it only at nightIn addition to the citrus fruits mentioned above, the plants that contain “photosensitive substances” in a class of essential oil products also have spicy spices that we often eat, such as nine-story pagoda, coriander (cilantro), and celery, carrots, figs, and jadeFor people with spots, some dermatologists recommend eating less of these foods.

However, Qiu Pinqi, chief physician of the skin department of National Taiwan University, believes that these foods are generally not consumed too much. As long as the diet is balanced, you don’t have to worry too much. It is more important to do basic sun protection.

The Health Sutra is more than energy is fire

The Health Sutra is “more than energy is fire”

In daily life, we often see that some people have sore tongues because of work, stress, or emergency emergencies, and some people have gums that swell and hurt their noses because of external feelings. Everyone will say this.People “get angry”.
What happened to “fire”?
How does TCM recognize “fire”?
What medicine should I take when I get angry?
What should I pay attention to in life?
In addition to taking medicine, is there any simple way to “fire out”?
Today we invite relevant Chinese medicine experts to talk to you about this issue.
  ——The host Zhu Danxi lived from 1281 to 1358, and was from Yiwu (now Zhejiang Yiwu) in Luzhou during the Yuan Dynasty.
His main medical works include “Gezhiyulun” and “Administration of the Bureau”. As for the “Danxi Heart Method” and “Danxi Heart Method Supplement” that have been passed down to date, they were compiled by Zhu’s clinical experience.Later generations also have great influence.
In his academic thoughts, there are mainly “Yang often has more than yin, often yin is insufficient”, “Qi often has more than qi, blood is often insufficient”, “more than qi is more than fire” and so on.
  The Bureau of the Song Dynasty prevailed until the Yuan Dynasty, the era in which Zhu Danxi lived.
At that time, the doctors abused the hot and dry Chinese medicine, which caused the serious sorrow and yelling fluid.
Seeing the harm, Zhu Danxi researched with great concentration, and gained a lot, and he wrote the book “Exercise by the Bureau”.
The book analyzes the harmful effects of misuse of hot and dry traditional Chinese medicine, and has played a significant role in correcting the disadvantages of drug use.
He advocated nourishing yin and suppressing yang, and put this view throughout his life.
Zhu Danxi’s main ingestion principle is “You should not be too warm in your young age to protect yin qi.
The youth married that night and waited for yang to grow.
After marriage, abstain from sexual intercourse and take care of vagina. ”
Revisiting this clear training today still has far-reaching guiding significance for modern health.
  ”Fire is more than qi” refers to the symptoms of inflamed inflammation such as eye redness, sore throat, and swollen gums caused by insufficient yin fluid and excessive yang. It also includes symptoms of excessive fire, excessive lust, and fire.Symptoms of liver fire, gall fire, stomach fire, and heart fire caused by yin deficiency, yang hyperactivity, qi stagnation and fire caused by delirium and thick taste of food.
  Zhu Danxi believes that a normal person should be “blood and blood are harmonious, and no one is born with all diseases, once there is depression, all diseases are born.”
In other words, healthy people should coordinate their qi and blood and run smoothly.
Qi and blood are interdependent.
Blood depends on the promotion of qi, and qi depends on the supply of blood to play the role of promotion, warmth, defense, fixation, and gasification.
The physiological function of the human body depends on the coordination and maintenance of qi and blood functions. Once the disorder is caused, it can develop disease.
  In view of this, normal people cannot use the righting and tonic medicines indiscriminately. Once they are used indiscriminately, it is necessary to disrupt the balance of qi, blood, yin and yang of the human body.
During the SARS period, some prescriptions for prevention and treatment wanted to use righteousness for the purpose of eliminating evil.
Note that the righting and tonic medicine is specially designed for false card, and it should not be abused without false card.
Deficiency syndrome is divided into qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, and yang deficiency. After treatment, the relative balance of qi and blood yin and yang must be maintained.
If qi, such as ginseng and astragalus, are used indiscriminately without blood supplements, qi and blood will not be coordinated.
Qi is yang and blood is yin. Taking qi for invigorating qi will inevitably lead to yin and yang, and yin deficiency will generate internal heat.
Then symptoms such as dry mouth, dry throat, sore throat, irritable heart, constipation, etc.
It is easy to induce various inflammations, which will reduce the body’s disease resistance and immunity.
If the qi supplement is used indiscriminately, it is likely to produce a syndrome that “there is excess energy.”
Zhou Chaofan, researcher, China Academy of Chinese Medicine

Super simple rules for creating the perfect couple

Super simple rules for creating the perfect couple

Preview you walking on the way to work. Pedestrians pass by in a hurry. You suddenly see a pair of lovers full of happiness coming together. The hands of the two people are clasped tightly, and their sweetness and beauty are scattered in the air.

What do you feel?

Have a quick look at it?

Still scornful but scornful but resentful all night: Why are they so lucky?

If your response is normal, then you should reflect on your heart: facing a stable and happy couple, it is difficult for you to force yourself not to insult. Are you being burned in order to maintain your relationship?

  Encouraging and praising the most important men and women when they first join in love, they will commend each other’s merits to each other, the transformation relationship is fixed, and after the initial temperature drops slightly, people do less of this kind of thing, even two people stillVery devoted to each other, but no longer claiming praise and encouragement.

  If there is no sincere praise and encouragement, the wonderful feelings and gratitude that the initial praise brings to each other will be greatly reduced, and the direct result will be that the relationship between the two becomes weak.

  Therefore, you must encourage each other, treat him as a respectable object, and tell him that you are very fascinated with a certain characteristic of him, especially men who are proud but rarely understand what others think, Is his good social skills, unknown little habit, even his fit body.

  For example: Kailin of 27 is very experienced in this regard: “Every time I see my boyfriend put on a suit, I will tell him that the suit suits him best, and the shape of his lips is very sexy.

When I say this, it can obviously polish his whole body to rejuvenate.

“Another wonderful thing about praise is that it can be contagious, often cheering on the other person, and he will also get used to looking for the shining points in your body and giving encouragement and appreciation.

  If you want something, you can say imitation: Nana hates her husband before going to bed without going to bed.

In this way, when he forgets, she will be angry, don’t sleep well, and even pretend to be sick.

And her inexplicable husband will only keep asking her: Where are you uncomfortable?

  I believe you are no stranger to this dramatic scene.

Many women are like Nana, hoping that their husband or boyfriend is a super-perceived person, and they can make the romantic behavior they like without explanation. However, people with this kind of perceptual ability in the world are really rare. TheyDo not install eavesdroppers in your heart and decipher your voice at any time.

If they knew you were waiting for him to decipher, they would just make them cry.

  In a good couple relationship, this guessing game is resolutely discarded, and the most solid and deep love needs to be based on communication without obstacles.

What you need, what you are upset with, and what you want the other person to say or do, it ‘s better to say it directly.

If you do not say anything, you will make the other person feel uncomfortable and depressed, which will easily lead to contradictions and conflicts.

  An innocuous hobby can ignore the spouses and couples who have lived together for a long time. Individual habits and hobbies will show up in front of each other. No matter how he makes you dazzled, living together is a beginning to test your patience and tolerance.

He may whistle and tie to work every morning, or he may always put used towels on the floor.

No matter how weird weirdness is, wise women should choose to ignore it all.

You will soon find that opening one eye and closing one eye on these little things is definitely more beneficial than bad.

Since it has been a habit that has been formed for many years, it is absolutely unnecessary to waste time in such matters, and not to be too small.

  It is manifested as: Zhang Dandan ‘s boyfriend is used to driving on the steering wheel with the music of the radio while driving. This habit did not attract her attention at the beginning, but she felt unbearable for a long time and could not wait to hit the window with her head.

“But I’m used to looking at this problem a little bit. He has so many advantages I like, how can it be covered up by this little ridiculous quirk?

The entanglement in this matter is worthless.

“Intimacy should not be in the form. In love, the beginning of expressing each other’s love begins with a kiss. It should be noted that do n’t treat kisses as a routine business before making love because you have been in contact for a long time. Be aware of your everyA kiss, every time you kiss, be sincere and gentle, and always feel as excited and joyful as when you first kissed.

A kiss is a wonderful behavior, which can well express a feeling of “I can’t let go of you”. The other party will feel that you are deeply attracted to him, and his love is what you desire.

Measure the recent relationship smoothness index

Measure the recent relationship smoothness index

Translation: During the Spring Festival, when you go to the other party’s house for dinner, do you feel the most embarrassing situation?


I accidentally ate up the fish that symbolizes more than a year2.

Throw away the garbage that symbolizes wealth3.

Accidentally broke the bowl 4.

A lot of unlucky words have been answered: 1.

Choose “I accidentally ate up the fish that symbolizes that I have more than one year after year.” The recent relationship index is 99%. In this year, you will achieve positive results with your loved one. The two may make breakthrough progress, but alsoWe need to give more thought to each other’s ideas, after all, the feelings are from both sides.


Choose “Throw away the garbage that symbolizes wealth.” The recent relationship between the smoothness of the index is 20%. This year’s emotional fortune is not very good. Be sure to get in touch with the opposite sex and actively participate in outdoor activities. It may be improved. Otherwise, it may beForgotten in the corner.


Choose “Broken the bowl by accident”. The recent relationship index is 70%. You can continue to maintain a good relationship as long as you carefully treat the relationship between two people. Do n’t ask too much of each other, or the other party will feel pressured to be with you.An ordinary life is not necessarily bad.


I chose “said a lot of unlucky words”. The recent relationship index is the highest at 120%. Congratulations!

You have known a lot of the opposite sex in the previous 2 years and laid a good foundation.

So you don’t need to make too many attacks this year, you will have good results.

Be sure to seize the opportunity.

8 reasons why you can walk long and healthy

8 reasons why you can walk long and healthy

There is a simple, everyday thing to do that helps you burn calories, keep your heart healthy, and keep your body moving, presumably you will do it.

This is why researchers and doctors share the same reason for walking.

Recent research has led us to believe that reducing the risk of reduction is as small as helping to fall asleep and walking can help your health.

  Walking is not just a small amount of activity for ordinary people. Dr. Michelle Look, who specializes in sports medicine in San Diego, says, “Walking is good for almost anyone, especially for women.

Here are 8 reasons to let them convince you to go for a walk or take a walk more often.


Beneficial Heart Health In a recent study at Duke University Medical Center, researchers found that walking for 30 minutes a day reduced the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, inhibited the development of risk factors that could lead to risk, and reduced diabetes.And the risk of stroke.

In the United States, approximately 24 million women suffer from metabolic syndrome.

If you can’t take a walk for half an hour every day, try this method: A British study found that active commuting (often walking or cycling to work, not always taking a car) can reduce the risk of heart disease by 11%, especially forFor women.


Reducing the risk of diabetes According to a publication by the American Medical Association, even a few hours of walking a week can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

This view is that this is because walking can reduce the level of in-vivo assistants, and assistants are one of the sources of estrogen.

The study investigated 74,000 postmenopausal women between the ages of 50 and 79.

For women with normal body posture, walking can reduce the risk of 30% of the disease, and can also reduce the risk of overweight by 10%-20%.

Based on this, it is speculated that young women can also get the same fact from the walk.


Helping you to go to sleep in the afternoon is a brisk walk that will make you sleep at night.

Experts believe that walking can increase the level of the stimulating hormone serotonin, which can relax you.

Or, as your body temperature rises, your brain will get a signal to lower your body temperature, and lower body temperature will also promote sleep.

(Avoid walking within 2 hours before going to bed, too late to cool down) 4.

Reducing all kinds of illnesses and general discomfort Tai Chi walks can help reduce daytime pain.

Nine years ago, Danny Dreyer lived near San Francisco and invented a Tai Chi walk that blended the ideas of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates.

It looks like a normal walk, but because of your conscious relaxation, the various parts of the body coordinate, including the movement of the arm, and the pressure on the legs is less when walking.

This means a reduction in pain.

“Tai Chi walks can reduce the risk of injury,” said Alice Peters Difili, a Tai Chi walker in Portland, Oregon. “Your whole body will feel better.


Pleasant mood Doctors at the University of Texas found that walking can ease and relieve depression, worrying emotions, releasing stress, and a 30-minute walk can make you feel good.

According to a study by Temple University, a 90-minute walk every week can make a big difference in mood.

One explanation is that walking helps the body produce endorphins, a compound that makes people nervous and relaxed.


Maintaining a slim figure Another study by Duke University suggests that walking for 30 minutes a day can prevent most people who lack exercise from gaining weight.

Researchers at Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh also point out that women can consume 1,500 calories a day for five hours a week, and avoid 25 pounds a year.

The reason why walking can control weight is simple: “It’s too easy!

“The more active the project, the less people do it,” said Dr. Johnny Benjamin, director of the Plastic Surgery Division at the Indus Medical Center in Vero Beach.


Keeping youth a few studies for the elderly believe that even a 45-minute walk a week can prevent people from developing Alzheimer’s.

Walking often can prevent mental decline in the elderly.

Absolute age geometry, walking can effectively keep the mind active, Dr. Benjamin said, “If you are hanging out with friends, the effect is more obvious, and it is definitely a booster of the brain.”8.

Protecting the bones 3 times a week for 30 minutes each walk can effectively prevent bone loosening.

Walking mobilizes 95% of the body’s muscles, making your bones stronger and more load-bearing.

“Walk” Look said, “Multiple for the heart.

Autumn health porridge helps women to nourish blood

Autumn health porridge helps women to nourish blood

Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine autumn health porridge helps women to nourish blood and anemia. It is a common clinical symptom that the volume of red blood cells in the human body is reduced, which is lower than the lower limit of the normal range.

Anemia in women has always been a lot in our lives, so it is also one of the hot topics.

For anemia women, in addition to their daily exercise, they can also improve their diet and eat more protein substances that are good for blood.

  Here are a few simple and easy-to-make blood porridges, hoping to help women who love beauty and health.

  Yangxue porridge and red date porridge: Wash the rice and add a few clean red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, cook to a thick, edible.

  Pork liver porridge: Take 150 grams of pork liver, wash and cut into small pieces, put into 100 grams of washed rice, add an appropriate amount of water, and add onions, ginger, salt and other condiments to cook porridge.

  Chicken soup porridge: Take 1 hen, remove hair, cut and wash clean, add appropriate amount of water to cook for thick soup for later use.

Take 100 grams of chicken soup in raw sauce, add 100 grams of washed rice, add proper amount of water to cook porridge, boil over high heat, and boil over low heat.

  Peanut Beef Tendon Porridge: Take 80 grams of beef tendon, wash, cut into small pieces, and casserole with 80 grams of peanut rice and 100 grams of washed glutinous rice, add porridge with water and cook until the tendons are cooked and the rice is thick.
  Ejiao porridge: Wash the glutinous rice, cook it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of Ejiao, after melting, add a few brown sugar, and you can eat.

  Spinach porridge: Take 100-150g of fresh root spinach, wash it and tear it by hand, add 100g of rice, add casserole, add 800ml of water, cook until the rice soup is thick and ready to eat.

  Tips: It is best not to drink tea for anemia patients.

If you are already anaemic, don’t drink tea.

Drinking more tea causes anemia symptoms to worsen, because the iron in food easily combines with the precipitated acid in tea to form insoluble implanted iron, which hinders the absorption of iron.