Qingming diet points and recommendations

Qingming diet points and recommendations

Qingming diet points in the clear-cut solar terms, should not eat “fat” food, such as bamboo shoots, chicken and so on.

Spring is the winter bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots have been listed in the season, the bamboo shoots are delicious, and many people like food.

But it is cold, slippery and gas.

“Materia Medica is new” said: “The virtual people eat bamboo shoots, and many diseases.”

“People have dysentery, their qi is more vain, eating bamboo shoots is more consuming, because of deficiency and deficiency, easy to occur, causing cough, leading to hemoptysis, recurrence of asthma.

Chicken can move the wind to help the liver fire, spring is the rise of liver resistance, the chicken is easy to move the wind to help the liver fire, causing liver and liver hemiplegia, each leading to prolonged, chronic hepatitis and high blood pressure and other diseases.

You can eat more soft liver and lung food, such as leeks, liver and middle; spinach, Lee five internal organs, blood circulation; yam, spleen and lung; mussel, Yiyin, can nourish culvert.

  Qingming, when the cold air and warm air alternately meet, it is getting warmer, so the weather is sunny and sunny, and it rains for a while.

The human body is often wet and sleepy, and the limbs are paralyzed. Therefore, in the conditioning of the soup, in addition to the water and water seepage, it is necessary to properly replenish the blood.

Therefore, the Qingming season should also take some timely tonics, such as white fungus, Ganping, non-toxic, can lungs and fluid, Yiyin and soft liver.

Spring is on the rise.
Always serving white fungus, you can receive the effect of soft liver and lungs.

It is said that modern scientific research Zhiming, Tremella polysaccharides, has the effect of curing cancer and preventing cancer. It can promote the synthesis of liver protein. There are some well-known chrysanthemum teas, chrysanthemums can evacuate wind and heat, have liver, prevent colds, lower blood pressure and so on.

Modern pharmacological studies suggest that it has the function of dilating coronary arteries, enhancing myocardial contractility, and altering myocardial contraction.

However, the long-term service of chrysanthemums, too much leakage, and caused liver and wood to lose nourishment.

Chrysanthemum can be used with mulberry tea to drink, mulberry has nourishing blood and softening the liver, and the effect of kidney and lungs can receive the effect of liver and lung.

  Qingming tonic diet side porridge porridge ingredients: 250 grams of fresh leeks (or dried leeks 90 grams), has been 50 meters?
100 g.

  Production: Wash and chop the leek, add the same rice into the casserole, add about 500-800 ml of water, simmer porridge.

  Usage: Take breakfast every morning and dinner.

  Efficacy: Qi and spleen, liver and eyesight, stop bleeding and water.

  Application: Spleen and stomach qi deficiency caused by thin body, limbs impetuous, chyluria; dizziness caused by liver yin deficiency, blurred vision and lung and stomach bleeding, hand bleeding, abortion bleeding, sputum after more, stool bleeding,Fundus hemorrhage, hemophilia, chronic nephritis and edema.

  Note: Amaranth is soft and easy to rotten, it should not be cooked for a long time.

  Maimendong porridge raw materials: 20 grams of Maimendong, 50 grams of previous rice, white sugar, 5 red dates.

  Production: first take Maimendong to the heart, soak it in warm water for a while, then add it to the sand saw with the previous rice and red dates, add about 500 ml of water, simmer until the wheat is ripe, until the rice is flowering, the porridge will be cooked.Put in sugar, stir well and cook for a while.

  To use: Take morning and evening warmly.

  Efficacy: nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, benefiting the stomach and clearing the heart.

  Application: lung, stomach, heart yin liquid deficiency caused by dry cough without phlegm, dry cough hemoptysis, upset sleepless, dry throat, dry stomach, burning pain, less retching, eager to eat.

  Note: During the porridge, do not eat fungus.

It is cold and cold, and it is not suitable for coughing for a long time.

  Ginseng and spinach ingredients: 5 grams of ginseng powder, 500 grams of pork, 750 grams of spinach, 2 kilograms of flour, ginger, pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, onions, and salt.

  Production: After the spinach is cleaned, remove the leaves and leaves into the puree. Add the appropriate amount of water and mix well. Wrap it in gauze and squeeze out the green vegetable juice for use. Wash the pork with water, knead it into velvet, add salt.Soy sauce, pepper, ginger, mix well, add some water to stir the paste, then add chopped green onion, ginseng powder, sesame oil, mix well into a filling; stir the flour with spinach juice and evenly, if the spinach juice is not enough, add some water揉 揉 until the surface is smooth, after the 擀 into a round thin skin; add stuffing into a dumpling, after the water in the pot boil, the pot is cooked.

  Usage: As a food.

  Efficacy: Yiyuanqi, spleen and lung, peace of mind.

  Application: Insufficient vitality, shortness of spleen and lung qi deficiency, shortness of mind, lack of diet, fatigue of limbs, low coughing, moving, panting, often sweating, dizziness, palpitations, restless nights.

  Tremella 4 raw materials: 10 grams of dried white fungus, one egg, 60 grams of rock sugar.

  Production: Put the white fungus in the basin and soak it in warm water for about 30 minutes. After it is transparent, remove the pedicle, choose the impurities, pour the white fungus into a piece, pour it into a clean pot, add some water, and set it on fire.After boiling, switch to simmer and continue to stew until the white fungus is thick and thick. Place the rock sugar in the fire spoon, add some water, and dissolve it into juice on the simmer; break the egg to the yellow and take the egg white, and then add it to the water and mix well.Pour into a fire spoon and stir. After boiling, pour the foam and pour the juice into the white fungus.

  To use: Take morning and evening warmly.
  Efficacy: nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, benefiting the stomach and fluid.

  Application: dry cough caused by lung yin deficiency, sputum with blood, dry throat, hoarseness, upset, insomnia, thirst, dryness, pain, not eating, retching, constipation, tuberculosis,Chronic pharyngitis, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc. are yin deficiency.
  Pork liver spinach soup ingredients: 250 grams of fresh pork liver, 200 grams of spinach, clear soup, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, salt and salt.

  Production: Wash the pig liver and spinach separately, cut the liver into uniform slices, cut the spinach into sections, put the broth into the pot and boil it, then add the liver, spinach, add MSG, salt, and wait for the soup to open again., topped with some sesame oil Serve.

  Usage: Eat with food, moderate amount.

  Efficacy: blood and liver and eyesight.

  Application: Dizziness caused by liver deficiency, both eyes dry, blurred vision, vision loss, wind and tears, and anemia, night blindness, central retinitis and other liver and blood deficiency.

  Sang Yurong soup ingredients: 30 grams of mulberry, 20 grams of Cistanche, 15 grams of black sesame seeds, fried clam shell 10 grams.

  Production: Wash the mulberry seeds and black sesame seeds with impurities, and mix them with cistanche, clam shells into the casserole, add some water, and decoction.

  Usage: Take warm daily after dinner, 7 days for a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and blood, liver and kidney, and intestines.

  Application: liver and kidney yin and blood deficiency caused by back pain, soft legs, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia, abdominal fullness, constipation and so on.

  Amaranth tea ingredients: 20 grams of dried leek.

  Production: Picking amaranth whole grass in late spring and early summer, washing and drying, chopping, boiling water.

  Usage: Dai tea drinks.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and cooling liver, diuretic blood pressure.

  Application: Hypertension, the card is a liver yang hyperactivity, the symptoms are dizzy, the face is swollen, the head is heavy.

  Chrysanthemum tea raw materials: white chrysanthemum 10-15 grams.

  Production: Wash the chrysanthemums and brew with boiling water.

  Usage: Dai tea drinks.
  Efficacy: Pinggan eyesight, clearing heat and wind.

  Application: Early high blood pressure, dizziness caused by menopausal hypertension, headache, tinnitus, etc.

As long as you are three more and one less when you eat, it is very difficult to get sick!

As long as you are “three more and one less” when you eat, it is very difficult to get sick!

When eating, we try to promote body regulation by eating nutritious food.

Sometimes I worry that food will hurt my body. I can’t help but ask if the doctor has some foods that are high in nutrients, so that they don’t hurt the body, and often get no response.

Indeed, there are thousands of kinds of food under the sun, but considering the nature of food, personal physique, it really needs to vary from person to person. For example, if someone eats an apple and is good, some people will have a diarrhea. It is obvious that the diet is not general.

It is not difficult to want to care for the body.

Then we must pre-three or more principles, what should we do?

In a multi-protein diet, it is necessary to use more protein as the basis of life. The role of protein is self-evident. It promotes the synthesis, decomposition and renewal of energy. At the same time, it absorbs the body’s protein and promotes metabolism. It ensures the body.Growth, breeding.

Common protein-containing foods, including eggs, lean meat, fish, shrimp and other meat proteins, also include plant proteins such as soybeans.

You can’t think that eating meat will cause too much to eat, and you should combine meat protein with plant protein.

By absorbing these proteins, it can supplement amino acids, promote supplemental secretion, and control energy by longer energy.

Vitamins and vitamins are also essential nutrients: Vitamin A is good for promoting eyesight and maintaining normal visionThe wound has a rapid healing effect; vitamin C can resist oxidation and delay aging; vitamin D can promote calcium absorption and promote bone development.

The body can’t synthesize vitamins. More often, it needs to be taken from food.

For example, vitamin A deficiency can be absorbed from dairy products, animal liver, celery, and pumpkin; vitamin B1 can be absorbed from coarse rice, whole wheat bread, peanuts, and sesame; vitamin C can be obtained from red dates, cherries, and spinach.

Multi-mineral absorption of mineral-containing foods can promote bone development and maintain dental health. Inorganic salts can promote enzyme activity, which is very good for synthetic hormones. In addition, mineral absorption can maintain electrolyte balance, effectiveMaintain cell osmotic pressure.

When iron deficiency is caused, it will cause anemia. Lack of zinc ions will affect mental development, and lack of copper ions will cause coronary heart disease.

The same can be supplemented by diet, spinach, lean meat can supplement iron ions; animal liver, fish, shrimp can supplement copper ions; kelp, seaweed can supplement iodide.

Although salt is an indispensable substance for life, excessive intake of salt is also harmful to the body.

Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure, myocardial infarction. At the same time, the food that is eaten is too salty, and it may cause hardening of the blood vessels, causing a burden of high blood pressure and edema. It is best not to consume more than 6g of salt per day.

When you eat more than three, you can say so much. I hope that you can know more and stick to more than three and one less diet, which can promote your health.

No time to exercise, keep your fingers healthy

No time to exercise, keep your fingers healthy

For many people, it may be really busy and have no time to exercise, while some people are not exercising because of laziness. In fact, if you want to exercise, you don’t have to go to the gym or need a lot of movements.Variety, hand movement is one of them, easy to operate, can be done anytime, anywhere, even sitting in the office can be, as the saying goes: “big fitness training, small fitness practice”, often with finger health careIt can achieve the effect of health care.

  [捻指通络法]The fingertips and fingers of a person are a channel of the meridian, and the acupuncture and moxibustion of Chinese medicine is called “Shijing Point”.

It is a starting and ending point of the blood circulation of the hand six.

Using the twirling method, rhythmic rubbing fingertips, fingertips, fingertips, can adjust the balance of the six blood and blood, promote the smooth flow of the meridian, enhance the vitality of the body.

The order of operation: use the thumb belly from the little finger through the ring finger, middle finger, index finger.

Going back and forth, both hands can be transported at the same time, sitting, standing, walking can be carried out, starting at 9?
21 times, slowly increase, feel comfortable, very interesting.

  [pressure finger anatomy]Because people enter the middle-aged and old, the tendons of the knuckles, the ligaments have some degenerative changes, long-term inactivity, the knuckles will be hard and stiff.

Therefore, when there is nothing to do, first stretch your fingers, then press the thumb back to the root of the ring finger, then press the index finger in the first section of the thumb, the middle finger in the second section, and the ring finger in the palm of the hand.The little finger is pressed on the line of the human line, use a little bit of strength, then stretch the five fingers, and then press the pressure, for 5 consecutive times?
7 times, I feel that my fingers are comfortable.

Comrades who often do indoor work, practice this method during rest, and clear the knuckles and tendon ligaments.

  [Plug-in and blood-activating method]The posture is sitting, the eyes are closed, the hands are pressed on the navel, the whole body is relaxed, then the hands are ten fingers open and gently crossed in front of the abdomen, the fingers and the palms are rhythmically opened, feelingIt is light and comfortable, and the number in the mouth counts from 1 to 21, 36, and 49.

The finger movement can make the blood between the fingers smooth, dredge the meridians, and adjust the balance of yin and yang.

  [Impact refers to the belly method]The posture is mainly sitting, the eyes are slightly closed, the hands are pressed on the navel, the whole body is relaxed, then the hands are slightly bent, and the hands are struck in the rhythm before the chest and abdomen, and the number is counted from 1To 2l, 36, 49, at the same time with the interdigitation exchange.

Because the impact refers to the strengthening of the finger force, opening the “Xijing acupoint”, a method of regulating yin and yang, which plays an important role in adjusting the body’s qi and blood, especially the comrades working in the organs are more reasonable.

  [Scratching the wrist]The posture is mainly sitting, the eyes are slightly closed, the hands are pressed on the navel, the whole body is relaxed, the hands are first grasped in front of the 3, 9, 21 times, and then the chest and abdomen are swung.Grab the air, make the fingers, palms, wrists, elbows, shoulders and organic activities, from l, count to 21, 36, 49 times.

For the prevention, treatment and prevention of related diseases such as knuckles, wrist joints, elbow joints and shoulder joints.

However, it should be gradual, and feel comfortable in both arms after exercise.

  The above methods can be selected in a targeted manner every day?
Two implementations, both interesting and practical.

Every time I finish, I have to collect the money. The method: blink of an eye, farsightedness 2?
3 times, rub your hands, use your palm to transport your face, use your fingers to comb, use your hands to push, use your hands to loosen your chest and abdomen, push your arms with your palms, and use your palms to rub your legs 6?
9 times.

Old people want to eat more colorful fruits

Old people want to eat more colorful fruits

Recently, the “Best Doctor” in the United States, director of the Human Nutrition Center of the University of California, Los Angeles, and David Heber, Chairman of the Herbalife Medical Committee, launched his book “Colorful Alternative Health Decoding”, which has been developed by Peking University.Publishing house.

  Dr. Herb’s book in the book “Delicious Diet Health Decoding” uses a profound language to explain the relationship between body genes and food, and proposes a scientific “mix and match” of various colored fruits and vegetables.

  “The color of fruits and vegetables is roughly blue, purple, green, white, yellow, orange and red. The color is like rainbow after rain, and the fruits and vegetables of different colors provide the body with its unique phytonutrients, which are antioxidant in the body.It can protect human genes (DNA) and body type cells, help the body clear environmental toxins, delay aging and improve health.

Dr. Herb, after proposing a healthy seven-color food selection system theory and a diet plan for eating for genetics, also collaborated with Herbalife to develop a series of idyllic fruits and vegetables that allow people to “eat” rainbow life conveniently and scientifically.

  In addition, the book also tells people how to use the “DNA compatible diet plan”, “the ten best ways to solve daily health problems”, to avoid the excess aunt and improve health.

In response to the cancer of modern cancer, Dr. Herb said in the book that most cancers are not hereditary. Through DNA analysis, many diseases can be prevented by changing the diet.

“The human genetic code was set 5,000 years ago. It doesn’t even know that you will eat french fries today.

“In addition to chicken and wild fish on the table, you should eat more colored food.”

  Finally, Dr. Heber said that the elderly have more obvious effects on eating more colorful fruits and vegetables, making the elderly more healthy and longevity!

Tips for cooking salt

Tips for cooking salt


The cooking system will release salt at the end of time: cooking meat, boiled pork, fried cabbage, fried garlic, fried celery, when the fire is hot, the hot pot oil is high, the dish is placed, and the dish is served with the pot.The sound of the sound is good. All the stir-fry is salted and the amount of salt is tender and not old, and the nutrient loss is reduced.


Pre-cooking salt water: When steaming meat, because the object is thick, and the seasoning can not be placed in the steaming process, the seasoning salt before steaming, the seasoning is placed once.

  When roasting whole fish and frying fish, use a small amount of salt and marinate before cooking to help the salty taste penetrate into the body.

  Cook the fishballs, meatballs, etc. First, add the proper amount of salt and starch to the meat broth, stir evenly and then eat the water, so that you can eat enough water, and the cooked fish balls, meatballs, fresh and tender.

  Some explosions, fry, fried precipitates, before the paste paste sizing, add salt in the raw materials and mix well, so that the paste and the raw materials are dense and tight to produce a robe.


Let the salt before the food: cold salad or salad lettuce, cucumber, excessive salt, will lead to juice spillage, loss of crispness, such as can eat salt before eating, slightly marinated to drain water, add seasoning, eatMore crisp and delicious.


Put salt when you cook it: make braised pork. When braised fish fillet, the meat is simmered. After the fish is fried, the salt and seasoning should be added, then boiled and simmered.


After cooking rotten, put the salt dishes: broth, bone soup, leg claw soup, chicken soup, duck soup and other soups. After cooking, put the salt in the seasoning, dissolve the protein in the meat, and dissolve it slightly in the soup to make the soup moreTasty.

When stewing tofu, it should also be salted after cooking, and it is the same as soup.

How does the old man’s heel pain self-massage?

How does the old man’s heel pain self-massage?

Older people often get out of bed in the morning or sit up for a long time. When they start to take off, they feel heel pain is heavier. After a while, they will recover. After walking too much, they will be aggravated. Manual pressure will make the pain point on the bottom or around the calcaneus;The hospital took X-rays, sometimes showing the growth of the calcaneus.

This is the most common heel pain in the elderly.

  Older people do not have to be nervous when there is heel pain, because this can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Most of the pain is not required for surgery.

Chinese medicine massage techniques are easy to heal and can effectively alleviate this heel pain.

  Specific massage treatment: 1, after a warm bath, use a short short massage stick or forefinger joint to repeatedly push the top of the heel tender point, the strength from light to heavy, to be able to endure.

The patient can gradually feel that the feeling of uncomfortable on the heel is slowly disappearing.

The direction of pushing is first to push in the direction of the toes and then to the opposite direction.

  2. Press the thumb and your abdomen to push the heart and push 6 toward the toe.
8 times.

Press the Yongquan Spring Point.

Pull each toe in turn.

Try to extend the toe fork backwards so that the fascia can be pulled.

Or lift the heel and the toes to the ground for a while, you can achieve the same effect.

  3, take the sputum, pinch the calf and Achilles tendon.

Use your thumb and the other four fingers to repeatedly press the calf and the Achilles tendon.

Squeeze with your thumb and forefinger and press the tip of the squat to the front and back depressions.

  4, you can also find a golf ball under your feet, take a seat, slowly rolling between the foot and the heel.

Qingming Health is healing the liver, so don’t miss this diet!

Qingming Health is healing the liver, so don’t miss this diet!

“There are rains in the Qingming period, and the people on the road want to break the soul.

Not long after the Ching Ming Festival, Ching Ming Festival is one of the most popular festivals in the 24th Festival (because of the holiday, O(∩_∩)O hahaha?

Of course, Ching Ming Festival is also the most important solar term in spring health, so how to maintain health before the Ching Ming Festival?

The following small series will recommend a recipe suitable for health before the Ching Ming Festival: Tremella lotus seeds.

The nutritional value of Tremella fuciformis is not only a valuable nutritious and nourishing product, but also a tonic for strengthening and strengthening.

The royal aristocracy of the past generations regarded the white fungus as “the product of prolonging life and longevity.”

Tremella is not toxic, it not only has the effect of replenishing spleen and appetizing, but also has the effect of clearing the intestines. It can also nourish yin and moisten the lungs.

In addition, Tremella can also enhance the body’s immunity, as well as enhance the tolerance of cancer patients to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Required ingredients: Tremella, longan, lotus seeds, lily specific practices: 1, first the white fungus with cold water, after the hair, go to the roots, tear into small pieces.

2, then put some water in the pot, put the white fungus on the fire for an hour and a half, then add the lotus seeds, lily.

3, after the lotus seeds and lily are cooked to soften, add the shelled dried longan and cook for another 15 minutes.

4, after the fire, turn off the fire, then add rock sugar.

How is it, is it very simple? If you want to raise health in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and like to drink white fungus, then do it quickly.

However, Xiao Bian’s warm reminder: After cooking, the white fungus soup is refrigerated and then tasted better.