fist、Arms http://www.0335net.cn colliding together,Make a sound like two beasts colliding together。
Lin Shuangwen backed away seven times、Eight steps is to stand firm,My arms are so painful that they can’t help shaking。
Chen Xiu thought he could knock him down with one punch,I didn’t expect Lin Shuangwen to catch it,It was also unexpected。
Since he has practiced the simplified version《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》,The current strength is almost the same as that of the subversive Wei Kai,Although the punch just now was not full,Is enough to knock down the original self。
Lin Shuangwen actually caught his own punch,I’m afraid I didn’t practice the simple version《Nine http://www.paulblack.cn Turns Cultivation Record》prior to,It’s not his opponent just by strength。
“You are very good!”
Chen Xiu is sincerely admired,Hearing Lin Shuangwen’s ears repeatedly seems to be the biggest mockery。
“Punch me!”
Lin Shuangwen ignored the trembling of his arms,Step forward,Hit Chen Xiu with the first punch。
Chen Xiu intends to compare strength with him,No tricks,The same punch。
Double punch,A loud noise。
Lin Shuangwen took two steps back,Chen Xiu doesn’t move,I always keep a smile on my face。
“Come again!”
The same two fists collided,Add a bit of strength to Chen Xiu’s fist,This time Lin Shuangwen stepped back five steps in a row,My chest is even more http://www.cunyiwifi.cn astringent,Can’t breathe。
But he refused to admit defeat, stood up and punched again,Chen Xiu added another bit of strength to his fist,Used seven points of his own strength。

So the geeks have no kills at all.,The Heroes Association seems to be able to resist the attacks of people.,But that is just temporary.。

Ten thousand steps,Even if the geeks can complete their tasks,Be“God’s will”He has so many years,His strength is also completely recovered.。
At that time, regardless of those heroes and how people are tenacious,Can you still resist the will of God??
As long as you wake up in another awareness,Clean all humans,Another conscious, even if you wake up,I can only open my eyes.。
And the plan of the secret,I should also follow this rhythm.,But he didn’t think of it.,Night 哉 异 异 异 人!
Time to fight before the tackle,The will of God,Night is different from other human beings。
His strength is powerful to all like human intensity,And the will of God is indeed true discovery,Night is really a common human。
And this discovery,Also let“God’s will”I started to secretly observe this name“Night”Humans。
Until that day, he was discovered.,The atmosphere of the night is suddenly disappeared on this world.!
The other party is not dead.,Because even if it is dead,As a consciousness of this planet,He can also induce the trajectory of the other party。
But the other party is completely disappeared.,Just like leaving this world.!
When God’s will also think is another conscious of the planet to help the night,But when he found that the other party did not wake up,It is a doubtful。
Although it is a for some time,God’s will discover the breath of the night,Also appeared on this world,And the atmosphere is more powerful.!
Dark witnessed the will of the god of the night with Qi http://www.zgwjjdgw.cn Jade,Even a question mark,It has always been,There are so many powerful humans on the planet.,He didn’t know at all.!
Even if the night snake is even,After all, I know the extraordinary of each other before.,But what is the fantastic bald head??
The other party actually can be with that name“Night”Humans have to have a back,This is simply incredible。
Because the night with the kind of fighting of Qi Jade,Obviously surpass the strongest geek roundabake before。
If the original snake appears on the battlefield of the two,Although it is not killed by a punch,But it is also the difference between two punches with a punch.。
Is it because this bald head is too common?,So I have been ignored by myself.?
After witnessing the night with Qi Jade,The will of God is finally anxious.,Qi Yu is also forgetful,Although the other http://www.egxrm.cn party is strong, it is a bit awkward.。
But after all, only one ordinary man is,Even if the power is strong,It doesn’t have the ability to hurt your own。
As a consciousness of this planet,God’s will itself has a natural advantage,Let him be in front of ordinary human,Always stand in an invincible place。
He is itself a consciousness of this planet,Instead, Qi Yu is still a night.,It’s just just the life of this planet.。
So the future will,When you find that the night’s strength is far more than ordinary people,Also said that he is not panic。
But this time returned night,The will of God found a different breath on the other side.。
Although the current night looks still or ordinary human,But he can be on the other side,Feel two power to bring threats to yourself。
One of them is like the sharp sword of the http://www.qcypcg.cn sharp man.,It’s enough to make God。
Another breath, with a strong destruction,As if something material is in front of it,Will be destroyed by it,Even if my body is the same as awareness。
Although the will of God does not know,Night is such a power,But the other party,Indeed that there is a certain threat。
If your strength is completely restored,On this planet,The will of God naturally has confidence and night war,But now is not bad.,Although he is completely recovered,But now you need some time。
And the other party’s strength,I have recently started searching for my existence.。
Don’t look“God’s will”Mock up black sperm them,In fact, he is now。