This,Yunqin saw it at once,The original child did not have a pain,Still open your eyes。Just at this time, the little boy should be very painful.,The crystal of the eye is going out,Dead, bite his lips,It seems that I am afraid that I have the same voice.。 This is Yunqin’s first time I saw such a strong child.,I was attracted to my eyes.。Little boy is on the forehead,It is clearly hurting a thin layer of slender。
“Yo,How to make this?This is already in,Still?Swelling is so powerful!”
Doctor for 30 years in village,Ge Qing quickly gave an initial simple handling。Directly handed a lot of Ge Ming,Going outside, playing the basin cold water.,Handed a quick towel to the middle-aged man,Let the man give the boy cold。
“This child can be,Swollen,I didn’t cry yet.。”Ge Qing took medicine,Sigh。
Middle-aged man sighs,road:“Yes,This child is sensible from a small。It’s very pity.。”Say,Stretch and knead a small boy furry head。
“correct,Why haven’t seen you before??Partner?The person of this Gas Village,I haven’t I don’t know, I don’t know.。”Ge Qing also took some cotton and tweezers,Gauze comes out。
No,This neighboring village,From time to time, I will find Ge Qing’s illness.,A lot。
“Hi,We just moved to Gejia Village。This is not,First day,Moving things,I accidentally smashed my feet.。correct,My name is Sinang,This is my little grandson,Su Shixin。”
Sun Hope is a new feet,Answer。I can tell,Cold compilation does have effect,Little boy Su Shin new tolerance,Squeezed a little。
“Oh~Yesterday heard the village head said a sentence.,Today, the empty house opposite,Someone will move in,It’s you.?”Ge Yiming opened a face。
“Yo,You are next to the road,Milane-white tiles two layers of small buildings?”Sour smile。
Visit the clinic,Can also see opposite neighbors,Let Sinang amazed a moment。
“right,That is our home。My name is Ge Ming,This is my lover and little daughter。In the future is a neighbor,I call you a very uncle.?!”Ge Ying smiled and introduced。
“Of course!”Suwen laugh。
‘Opposite neighbors’?
Yunqin, blinning, rolling, big eyes,Backward‘Ge Yunqin’Memory,I found a fragment of this matter inside.。
‘Ge Yunqin’Five years old this year,Their home is indeed moving a neighbor,Only grandfather lives with grandson.。At that time‘Ge Yunqin’Because I stayed at home all the year round,Don’t dare to go out‘Look at the wind’,Also because of curiosity,Go across the opposite,I have seen it several times.。
only,‘Ge Yunqin’It’s just that I have seen it twice.,It’s very blurry。Later until‘Ge Yunqin’Sick,I haven’t seen the little brother of this neighbor.,Speak。
Now it’s because she smashing a blanket last night.,Leading her sick,I saw this new neighbor like this.?!
“You have really fate.,Today, come together.,Still,Adjacent!”Ge Qing smiled and hopped。
Identify Su Shi Xin’s feet just hurt.,No injury,Ge Qing applied to Su Shixin,I have a few snows.,Let the Southern Su Shi have returned.。
Yunqin’s bit,Finally, the patience of Yunqin is about to be warned.,Emotional time is over。
Take the finish,Ge Yimang held Yunqin,Take Ge Yunying back home。
Follow‘Mother’Holding a feeling,Also feel‘Father’Yunqin that is holding the feelings,Really like‘Ge Yunqin’Same,Performance is well-behaved,葛 一 明 怀 怀,Lazy。
This feeling,The feeling of the father with the old emperor,Little is different。Yunqin can’t help but sigh。
A home,I ushered in Ge Grandpa,Ge Grandma two people‘bombing’,Ask Yunqin’s condition?。
Ge Yimang said that it’s okay.,Two old talents are in peace。
Gejia five brothers,Every result,I’ve divided home.,Have your own house。‘Ge Yunqin’House’s,It is the foundation of the newly played foundation in the original old house of Gejia.,Re-capped house。
Because the house is large,Gejia old couple,Just live together with Ge Ming。so,‘Ge Yunqin’Occasionally,It will be sleeplely taken by Gejia’s old couple.。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS45chapter Qingmei is feeding Zhu Ma to eat sugar.03
Determine that Yunqin has no big event,After lunch,Ge Yiming said with his home.,Just busy with your business。Ge Yunying stayed at home,Take care of Yunqin。

He is fascinating,It seems to have a dream,Dreaming that the beautiful girlfriend in the past is laughing at him。And her father,That man with a point of neurotic,I always like to be immersed in the quirk story of the emperor.。If it is not Gao Bo Yi, I have always played with her father.sgame,This pursuer is more beautiful than a beautiful woman.,Will not be so easy to take him。

A black shadow drilling into the greenhouse,Say quiet,Like a thief。
Suits slipping to the ground,Body slowly immersed in the bath,The sound is very soft。
“Silang,Your move is really slow。Come,Our brothers have two tiger batons。”Gao Bao closed his eyes and muttered。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS55chapter You don’t know Lanling King
A soft body hugs himself from behind,Gao Baoyi’s wine is all waken.!
Because that person is a woman!
With his experience with his girlfriend with girlfriends,This woman is not only young,And the body is quite good。
“It is Silairo let me accompany you.,He is afraid that you are embarrassed,So choose here。”
This woman whispered,Take a little trembling,May be scared,It may also be excited。
and many more,Why is this voice a little familiar??
“Who are you?”
“I am a woman who is responsible for waiting for the house.,High door,Such a woman。”This voice is very soft,Gao Baoyi thought about it with chaotic brain,Didn’t you listen to who?。
“no need,You go.,I do not need this。”
No need,In fact, Gao Bo Yi has been stimulated to sway.。
“You said nothing.,How is Silang not take you?,But I can be miserable.,Speaking that Sanglang wants me to punish me to the clothes that I don’t sell.。”
The gentle voice does not say,Holding the power of Gao Baoyi and tight a bit。
“do not worry,I am the most letter,I will talk to Sanlang。”
“You said that it is useless.,He promised him,If you say that your feet have been buried.,Who will tell??You can’t take me away?”
have to say,The soft voice is very reasonable.。Gao Bi felt the violent heartbeat of the other party。
Stop,Although there is a flower willowa in this year(Hua Yi is clear15Treatment of flowers),But Gao Biyi does not believe that Sanlang will hurt him.,And rich people do not lack,Take care of this。
Flowers are blooming,Gao Baoyi bite tooth,Sudden turn,Dim light,He saw the beauty of the blowing bomb, like the giant fox demon in mythology,It is difficult to refuse。He won the opponent’s face,狠 的……
After a hearty battle,Gao Baoyi is weak in the bath,And the beauty puts his head on his shoulder,The satisfaction of the pretty face can not cover。
“I said with Sanlang,Let him give me me.。”
Gao Bao said closed his eyes.,A pair of long-lasting look。He is not pullingXRuthless person,Receive a maiden warm bed without pressure。Well,Era characteristics,Understand,Do not understand, should also be adaptable。
This beauty is just a sigh.,Nothing,Tough from the bath,Dry your body,Put on the clothes and escape.。
And Gao Biyi opened his eyes.,I still don’t understand what happened in the fog in the cloud.?
who is she,Why is she come here?,What did I do with her??Why do you feel that she seems to know me??
Although I entered it“Sage model”,But he still can’t understand。
“Boish brother,I am coming.。Sorry, I just fell asleep.。”
Sairo’s voice outside,Drunken,I will smell a big branger.。
Silang’s wine is really not good,A drink is like a different person。

Could Lord Mangya rob the altarAt least it was impossible before this Ming Daojun failed。

Even if Ming Dao Jun fails,If a master-level master who is good at formation wants to hide a treasure,It’s hard for him to find out。
As for sharing opportunities,It’s his Mangya ruler and the practitioners under his command that can use this altar。
In fact,Whether it is the ruler of Mount Ya or the ruler of Underworld,I didn’t even plan to play that secret attention while Li Ming was alive。
How long can Li Ming live,How long can the treasure of chance hold。
After all, Li Ming is Daojun,Sadness。If he fails and falls,Naturally, that treasure cannot be owned by the Three Realms Palace—Unless the Three Realms Palace gives birth to a master of the holy city or even a master。
right now,The three masters just want to take the lead。
“Ten billion cubic meters of Chaos Essence,It can also be replaced with equivalent treasures,As long as our ancient practitioners have treasures,Value below,Convertible,”Master Minglan said with a smile,It’s more decisive than Mangya,“As long as you tell me the secrets of the birth of many of the most powerful Dao Monarchs in your Three Realm Palace,All these treasures belong to you。”
Master Mangya glanced at,I think this master of Underworld may be pitted。
“Deal~”Li Ming smiled:“Let’s make a natal vow,I will tell you the secret afterwards。”
First9chapter invite
No need to let them avoid?”Master Minglan frowned,That expression is pitiful,But the powerful Dao heart is firm,Won’t be the slightest heartbeat。
And Li Ming played with a bracelet in his hand,This bracelet is a magic weapon,There are 5 billion cubic meters of Chaos Essence and rare materials worth 5 billion cubic meters of Chaos Essence.。
This treasure,No less than the wealth of some weaker holy city lord,The underworld ruler is just to get to know the secrets of the birth of a large number of powerful Taoists in the Three Realms Palace.。
but,After Li Ming accepted the treasure,But I plan to tell her this secret publicly,I didn’t even plan to avoid the other Domination Powers。
This makes the master of Minglan a bit murmured。
After all, if it’s really a very big secret,Even if he wants to make it public,It must be dominated from Mangya、Wind and rain dominate that to get benefits。

Shen Yingjie adapted the story,Call southwest to northwest,Except for the protagonist Li Tianzhi,Other names and some plots are now edited,She actually talked about it for two hours,Li’s father and mother can’t help but exclaim,Even the younger sister and the younger sister-in-law followed,In the end, even Shen Yingjie himself doubted,If you retire in the future,Can you try to tell some stories?

Chapter six hundred and forty Mantis catching cicada
Seeing the old man finally feel relieved about Li Tianzhen,Shen Yingjie was also relieved,From the speech, it can be seen that the family in Zhang Zhiqiang’s hands is not only frightened,,Didn’t suffer,The other party is still polite,So mental intervention focuses on resolving and guiding,She will find a doctor to find out,Come every day anyway,Not in a hurry,What I’m thinking about is Li Tianzhi’s helmet,So goodbye and left。
And Shen Yingjie also discovered a neglected situation,perhaps‘Mane rat’Not mentioned,Or maybe the instructor didn’t care about it,Is being held in detention for more than two weeks,Li Tianzhu’s family has never seen Song Xiaotong,no doubt,Two groups of people were kidnapped,Should act separately,As for whether they are locked in the same place,Very hard to say,‘Pigeon’Staring at Iveco,So far no news,Very reassuring。
Thought for a while,Shen Yingjie still decided to follow‘Mane rat’Tell the instructor after you confirm,At least remind interrogators,This clue can be a breakthrough。
It was eleven o’clock in the night when I came out of the hospital,It seemed inappropriate to be so late,But I can’t rest assured,Shen Yingjie still went to the evidence room,Look for the guy with the high surname in Sun Zhiling’s mouth.。
The temporary physical evidence room is located in a small building behind the compound of the Municipal State Security Bureau,A small courtyard alone,Highly guarded,Away from Yijing Street10Not far away,Shen Yingjie’s temporary dormitory was also arranged in this compound,It’s just the building in front,Kind of like a guest house,Is separated from the office area behind。
The evidence room is a small room less than ten square meters on the second floor,Most of the physical evidence extracted from the lockdown zone,After being disinfected, they are temporarily concentrated here,Obviously not enough,It’s too late to hand over。
The light in the small room is still on,But Shen Yingjie was surprised to find that the locomotive Li Tianzhen had driven that day was quietly parked next to a banyan tree downstairs.,Covered by a large transparent plastic sheet,Can be seen by the faint light,The helmet is hanging on the left side of the locomotive。
This is too sloppy?Shen Yingjie is not happy to find the helmet,But complaining about the responsibility of the staff,I wanted to go over and grab the helmet in my hand to see what happened,But it’s not good to think about it,Although under the banner of an instructor,But I can’t do too much,The seriousness of the material evidence is beyond doubt,But this is not appropriate,Somehow get it in the room,So she rushed to the second floor without hesitation。
Unfortunately no one is here,The man on duty doesn’t know where he went,It’s not known if it will be the higher surname,Shen Yingjie went downstairs and waited for a long time,I can’t bear it,The helmet is close at hand,It should be no problem at first glance?No seal,Do not take away。
Shen Yingjie is a very capable and decisive person,Once you have this thought, you can’t control it,Took the helmet,I looked for a long time by the light and didn’t see any doorway,Normal,Very beautiful helmet,But she is from a field job after all,Guess from experience if there is nothing unusual about the helmet,There must be some small items hidden in it。
This time you guessed it right,After groping,Shen Yingjie found a foreign body on the right side of the helmet,And the inner sponge protective cushion can be pulled apart,Took out a stack of very soft objects,Dark and can’t see clearly,She hid in her pocket without saying anything,A thumping heartbeat,Quickly organize the inside of the helmet,After seeing that there are no exceptions,Hung the helmet back on the dragon head。
The moment I turned and left,Shen Yingjie has a very bad feeling,Like being a thief,I always feel that I will make a big mistake,At least the procedural violation made her panic and guilt,Especially because it is under the banner of an instructor,At least Sun Zhiling knows,In case there is any problem,Doesn’t it make the instructor tired??
But I have done it,There is nothing to regret,Shen Yingjie turned to look at the locomotive,Then quickly leave the small building。
“She didn’t hold the helmet。”In a dark corner far away,A female voice is very low。

Growing up, knowing that only money is the most important。

I can’t do anything without money.。
“Um!Or Ya is the most embarrassing。”
Light looks at daughter satisfied。
Ya Ya is the most his heart。
Li Shuya did not look at Liuxu,“dad,I have already checked it out.,They are the relationship between men and women,The most important thing is that this man is Blue Xin’s profous.。”
Liuxu’s heart,Instantly sink to the bottom of the valley。
Li Xingchen was also shocked to look at Liuxu,“Bamboo,you”“Big brother,Do you also believe in her??
What kind of person is she?,Don’t you see it more clear than me??”
“What kind of purpose they are??
You are not very clear in your heart.,What she said, what do you believe?,Don’t you believe me this sister??”
Li Shuyi knows that the big brother is worried,She and she still broke up six years ago.,Now the two have not yet good,She is not deceived。
“Bamboo,Not good。”
Li Xingchen flashed and stunned,Li Shuya,Two ladies,Li Xingyu’s mind,He is of course very clear。
They want to put their brothers and sisters.,Mom’s shares。
Li Shuya flashed with anger:“dad,You see big brother and big sister,They say this like this,Can you manage it??
What is what I am what I am?,What is I doing??”
Li Shuya said,Quickly give your mother a look。
“Unhappy,Ya Ya is also good for my sister.,If you really marry a disabled,There is also a face of our Lega。
Then,Ya Ya is awesome is mistaken,Is this not cold in Ya Ya??”
Two ladies have made out,Shenyi for her daughter,Today, she will let Liuxu angry,Then being taken out of this home。
The equity transfer, she has already sneaked it.。
Just go to their female women,Other people have to get。
The eyes of Liuxu took a high-profile madman.。
This mother and two people have always sing it. I want to deal with her.,She has been used to it.。
there is always a solution to a problem,She can now withstand my father’s anger.。
“Bamboo,You are in relationships in the sister,You don’t want your sister’s good heart and lobe。
Apologize for your sister,Then immediately and this man,He is a disabled,It is a big brother of Blue Xin,Blue Xin is Lu Hao Cheng’s woman,Even if this man is normal,You can’t get together,As long as I am still alive,You will never be possible。”
He knew that the brothers and sisters had a lot of visits to him in her mother’s things.。
But the marriage is still the master.。
Liuxu:“Dad only believes in what you see.,Why can’t I believe that I have heard my ears??
Li Shuya hugs such a pile of photos here without middle,Dad indulges her,I said a few words.,Is the relationship between sisters。”
“Is there anything that Li Shuya?,Not in the relationship between our father and women??
There is something that has something to do, she wants a lot.,How did Dad don’t ask her what is my heart??”
I want her to apologize to Li Shuya,Next life。
“dad,You look at the big sister,I am obviously for her.,She actually speculated my mind。”
Li Shuya’s grievous tears。

“Uh……”Quiet!Extremely quiet。

Ten Ling Taiwan is full of faceting each other,I saw the horror and embarrassment of each other.。
“cough,let’s go。”
“Yeah,go,Be careful。”
“Ha ha,Yeah yeah……”Dull,Rapid flight。
Half half,Zhuang Hongcai sighs,“I am more and more look not to our Xia Master.。”
“Same,So strong strength,Still Siwei Refinery,Just now,It is the gods’ strength.。”
……the other side,Summer fly out after thousands of miles,I farmitate to see a sea demon army.。
Let him be surprised,A distance,There are always dozens of Linghai levels of the sea demon,Crazy flush。
So,Continuously low-level Haichi wants to get from the team,Number is getting less and less。
These types,Have a very high-profile sea demon,All is not stupid。
I will also get a message.,Fengpaic City will help the external。
These dispersed sea demon,Go to the hill,Also in order to contain the power of field forces。
At the end,This original is still a huge team,There is only a hundred demon of the sea.,And a big demon in the early days of life and death。
Summer dark thinking。
Finally decided to work。
He takes out the big bow,Double wing stretch,Under the blessing of the 诀 诀,One moment is very far away。
A tremor,A light sword formed on the bow string。
When he let go,Out of a god,Expired,The naked eyes cannot be captured。
The god bow was upgraded by him.,Power multiplied increase。
Even if you aggregate with the truth,Also played an extremely terrible power。
“call out”When this bronchillary is filled to the sea,I have passed an extremely sharp harsh.。
But this sound falls in their minds.,Like a thunder,Bombard。
“Hen”“what……”A punch, blood, splash,A voice is screaming,An arrow,In the cave, wear three pendulum。
“Enemy attack!!”
“Have human beings in the dark!”
The sea demon group is instantly chaos,Facquakered the secret treasure,The contest is crazy in all directions。
“咻咻 咻咻……”Summer is ignorant,Directly open the big bow in a few kilometers。
Like a bright meteor, it is empty.,Fall in the world。

No one quotes to kill the enemy,All stood in the ground,Wan like a petrified statue。

A cave,Wife repair Chen Ting by summer,Also end closed。
Proud her millennium level,Be broken in one fell swoop,Heaven and earth energy is in vivo。
Her strength improved in sharpness。
Hool!She takes out the derivation of the big array,Hanging in the cave wall and activating,Then hold a long sword,Full blow。
Bamboo!A white light is awkward, and it suddenly spreads.。
60Draft70Draft80The derived diameter is last stopped.83Draft,Ripple。
Chen Ting himself is not a matter of confidence,Exclaim,“83Draft,I,I am surpassing the brother.”Her situation is a thickness of thickness,Refining is the fire system,Just in the summer,One step,Entrus the real power。
Chen Ting is a happy and jumping again.,So semi-talence。
Spin,She quickly rushed out of the cave,Looking for a brother’s shape。
After coming out,I only see many people on the edge of the cliff.,I don’t know what it is looking.。
Chen Ting’s doubt,It is also quick to get the near,Then I saw the scene that made her extremely shocking.。
Cliff under the cliff,Bloody sea。
Black pressure infinite chaotic demon floor,Four shadows is like an ancient God,Amused killing。
Millive Golden Rays Constant Bloom,Run through the world,Insert in the void。
Chen Ting stayed at once,Heart 怦怦 怦怦 跳。
She saw the brother Yin Tianfeng,I saw Qingxuan and Li Chong.,I also saw the summer。
They are so dazzling,Such more attention。
Especially in summer,Black big bow in hand,Lighter,Case the wind thunder,Photographing eight side,It’s like a war.。
Splashless,Life blocked the chaotic magic。
“Have he already achieved the Holy King??”
Chen Ting is thinking。
Cliff edge,More than 100 tricks were shocked,jealous,Anxious and fanatical,Anger and tangled。
Various emotions rise in the heart,It’s simply letting them crazy.。
Half half,A hard voice coming。
“It turns out that there is no big saying in the summer.,We are a clown.,This kind of kill,It is that all of us add it to one of them.”No one responded。
Only unable to describe complexity。
They look to Qingxuan、Li Chong、Yin Tianfeng’s eyes,Full of extreme desire and envy。
The intestines have repented。
I do not know how long it has been,Summer on the blood sea low,“God Diffusion Yin Yang,go back!Repair whole moment。”
Qing Xuan three people in excitement,Not too hesitant,Rapid array,Slowly rise,And backward。
Far away,Triple body transitions,Join together,Form a junior light。
Another example is the gyro speed rotation。
Hold all hinders completely strand,Protecting summer in the blood in the blood,Step by step。
Along way,Still countless chaotic demon being killed。
When they returned to the critical point,Countless chaotic magic query,Evergings in the eyes and cruel。
Among them, some parts are completely blinded.,Still chase it up。

Nano pensive moment,Raise hands:“I am coming next!”

President,Strong calm。
“When I was a child, I was waiting next to the village.,It seems to be a place called Caijia.,A person……”
Social head is slightly changed! Deputy president is more ugly!
After a few minutes,Nan Ge’s story finished,Also pull the horror atmosphere in the classroom to a new height。Next, many people have started spontaneous telling that they are ready.,And the deputy head of the head is big.。
Directly leading to the story of the story。
Fortunately, everyone is very happy.。
Especially in the sequin。
Until the ghost story will end,President said:“I feel good today.,Such stories we will open often,If you think that a person is a bit embarrassed or scared,You can also call the roommate or a good friend.,it’s OK,We welcome any people who like terrorist stimulus to play with us.,Is it the same?。”
“in addition,We are ready to make a pen fairy,You can come over,We will guarantee safety。”
“Break,Be careful to go back。”
Did you open the light now,But let everyone leave in the darkness,Help more lasting。
Nan Ge came out of the classroom,Start to laugh。
“Fortunately, I am smart!”
“You see the expression of the deputy society……”
Zhou is too lazy to make her,He looked around,It seems that there is no order to come up.,Twist,I found that in the classroom,At this time, the classroom has already left the president and deputy society.——
This old monster stands in front of the light,Pinch the wick。 laugh~~
Candle is fired。
The lamp in the classroom is blunt。
Suddenly destroyed。
Zhou Zhijing is good,See the president and the deputy residents,And the focus on the face。
槐 回 周 周 周,I didn’t take anything.,She even turned her eyes,When I saw the President and Deputy Social Summit from the classroom,She exposed an interesting expression。
I don’t know when the sky is floating.。
Next day,Friday。
Still is a cool weather,Wet on the ground,Occasionally there are several sunshine wear clouds。
There is only one lesson in the morning.。

“When is it??”

“Does your hand are not tired??”
“Do not!tired!”
“This way.”
There is no painful color,I even have a loss of pleasure.,He said he said:“No wonder others say that your girl is strange,You look like you so much.,I don’t have such a big reaction.。”
“Are you more than me?!!”
“Ah yeah.!”
Nan Ge continued to practice boxing on Zhou。
It turns out that she will be tired.,It may also be too many people on the road.、I am sorry to see her.,I have given up this line for a long time.,Strogenous,I don’t know if I am born, I still have a week.。
Zhouzhi bought a bottle of ice water,Then two people came to the military training site.,Ready to enjoy the new military training。
There were many old bacon like this last year.。
Chapter 366 What you have eaten will let others taste others
It’s cloudy,windy,cool。
Very suitable for walking。
Cool premise is to walk,Best a person walking,Because the hand is holding the hands of Nange,Has been slightly sweating。
The new students of military training are hotter.。
Their face is a party,Girls have talented their trousers,Out of a tender raw calf,Or small foot neck,The instructors are also very humanized.。
That’s awkward,There is only a fans,See which good look,But Nan Ge is very high last year.。
“嘿 周 离 你 看!”
Nan Ge suddenly pointed to a direction,The eyebrows are all。
Zhou Zhiwang,A female teacher standing in front of a square,Skin is a bit black。
It seems that it is a journal of Nan Ge.?
He didn’t make a mistake。
I aim at the eyes of the eyes,It should be。
These instructors don’t know where,In short, it is a fixed military training instructor.,Every year, they call people to give new military training.。
Nan Ge and her instructors were played.,This instructor seems to be called
Zhou frowns。
At this time, Nan Ge has pulled him.,Snewing the female teaching body,But there is no sound。
About a few minutes,The female tutor finally found someone behind him.。
She turned and looked at the eyes,I flash a little doubts in my eyes.,Obviously, Nan Ge is so tall and beautiful, and the recognition is still very high.。Subsequently, her eyes were inert-to-see.,Doubt suddenly smoke。
“Li Nan!!”
“Haha fragrance!You also recognize me!”Nan Ge laughed。
“Of course I recognize,You are the most beautiful squad leading my military training so many years.!”Female teacher,Dental white,Laughing very nice,Actually there is a little bit of small and sweet taste,“And you will hang”
“Not very common?”Nan brother’s call。
“I seem to have an impression.”The female instructor also looked at the turnover,“I remembered!It’s a bit not recognized by the clothes.!”

Two humble,The previous mature charm is more than half.,More than a few points,But this play is not let her temptation discount.,Instead, more points——It’s easy to make people feel that it is easy to find‘I can’t get this woman.’,I have dropped some in the segment.,But will give a person‘I can’Illusion。

“That is!”
“Skin is good,very nice……”
“I have already worked hard.,Otherwise, how much do you want?。”The old demon is donned,“But Zhou said。”
“He knows a fart。”
Zhouzhi twice,I can’t see it.,He moves his eyes to other things:“Don’t touch it anymore。”
One person turned to him and see him。
That expression seems to be said——How is there anyone here??
Half minutes later。
Under the strong demand of Zhou,The old monster has changed a set of normal clothes.,The large skin of the original exposed air is covered,No longer tainted,Can still cover up,Plus the beautiful face and a big wave,The tempting taste of the strand is still slowly penetrating,Such as spring rain is immersed in the earth,It’s still difficult to block。
If she is alone on the road at night,I am afraid that even if there will be people in this rule of law.。
Of course, insurance is also true,Will be drowned by the river。
The old monster went out of the room and naturally went to the circumstances.,Sitting on him,No more demon 贱,Only random lifting two lang legs,Behind the body, on the back of the sofa:“Is there a self-confidential feeling every time I see new??”
“If you, if you are going back to the street,Can go to be an anchor。”Zhou Saicheng completed the sentence,“Like you,Don’t sing dancing。”
“But I will sing dancing。”Old monster。
“Do you want me to jump??”
“No need。”Zhou turn over and doesn’t look at her。
“Still just like this。”Nan Ge is worthy of her,A little thinking,She turned her head and accused,“Your person,Follow those reports、What is the difference between the magnetic chain and the color chart!?”
“Magnetic chain??”Zhou。
“You do not understand。”Nan Ge posing。
Unfortunately, it has been a foregone,Time can not be reversed,And the consequences of the branches of Nange,Zhou can only recognize。
26No,Lantern Festival。
Xishan bamboo garden。
Zhou has finally reached the red dyeing sister,At her meal,It’s too not easy.。
Ding dyeing after meals sit in the gazebo and wigs chess,The next is the five sings。Because Zhou Zhiwei will only lower five daughters and chess,Red dyed here only Go,Just used to use the five sons。
Zhouzhi pinned white,Left look,Be careful。
Red dyeing is a black child,Her body pretends near stone table,Lazy pestle,Still on the desktop,That is also flashing,After a tail, a tail is slow.,Set off a skirt。
Something, the weather is getting hot up.,More people who wear single clothes are more and more,Red dyeing is also thin,The rising chest skirt of the light gauze is not conservative,Neck to the chest to expose the snow white skin。Red dyeing sister is a woman who has a gully.,The woman who is predepending a few days is not bad.。
However, the opposite Zhou leaves only on the board。
She is the first next five sons,But she became a master of five sons almost listening to the rules.,While lazy:“This chess is too simple.,If you don’t have other rules, you will win.……”
“Regular competition has restricted。”
“I just said。”
Red dyeing next to a pastries,Only bit a bit,Put in your mouth slowly,The eyes are still going upstream on the board——Zhouzhi, this little thief is very,There are many lines,Always designed to move her eyes to the most obvious line。And this chess is obviously a lot of fixed routines,She is a newbie after all.,Sign, you will lose。
This little child is really,She is very tired,It’s hard to let go of heaven,I have to toss her so.。
Chessboard is full。