State Administration of Foreign Exchange: Carry out high -tech and "specialized new" enterprise cross -border financing facilitation pilot pilot compliance with qualified enterprises can borrow foreign debt independently within a certain amount

Reading volume: The State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued the "Notice on Supporting High -tech and" Specialized New "Enterprises to Carry out Cross -border Financing Pilot Pilot" stating that it was decided to carry out high -tech and "specialized new" enterprises in some areas. Financing facilitation pilot.

The notice is implemented from the date of release. Xinhua Finance Beijing, May 31. According to the information on May 31, the official website of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. In order to support the high -quality development of the real economy, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange released the "Regarding the support of high -tech and" specialized new "enterprises to carry out cross -border financing The notice of convenience pilot "said that it was decided to carry out high -tech and" specialized new "enterprise cross -border financing facilitation pilots in some areas.

The notice is implemented from the date of release.

For the Shanghai Branch, Jiangsu Branch, Hubei Branch, Guangdong Branch, Beijing Foreign Exchange Management Department, Hainan Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Ningbo Branch Bureau under the jurisdiction of the pilot of the pilot And "specialized new" enterprises can borrow foreign debt independently within the amount of $ 10 million.

Tianjin Branch, Shandong Provincial Branch, Sichuan Provincial Branch, Shaanxi Provincial Branch, Zhejiang Branch, Anhui Provincial Branch, Hunan Branch, and Qingdao Branch. Examination of foreign debt is self -borrowed within a limit of 5 million US dollars. Edit: Shi Ke declare: Xinhua Finance is a national financial information platform undertaken by Xinhua News Agency.

In any case, the information posted on this platform does not constitute investment advice. Xinhua Finance Statement: The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.

Investors operate accordingly and risk themselves.

Summer two faces have already swollen and not adult。

Eyelids,Several teeth have been knocked out,I am so painful。
Summer picking your eyebrows。
Then,No signs again。
This Donkey,Three minutes a whole,All are playing a painful position。
Boxing to meat。
Summer two less painful roll,I can’t even make it up.。
As long as he just happily,Fist will inevitably fall in ribs and belly,Hello。
Three minutes later。
Summer is like a good buddy,Sit on the ground,His shoulders,Smile,“Say soon.,What two summer home,Big summer home,I am very curious.。”
Devil!demon!this moment,Xia Qi is less fear to the extreme。
He does not doubt,Continue like this,I will definitely be killed by life.。
Not just him。
Sitting on the seat,And people around,It’s even more cold.。
This guy……This guy is a sick madman.。
Especially good sound,She is indeed unusual person,Sansha City layout for many years,Indeed。
But look at the summer in front of you,Still in my heart。
Her energy is very large,Intelligence system is also very developed,Summer identity has been presumed through various information and spider silk horses.。
She originally thinks of using some。
But at this moment,I have completely cast all my careful thinking.。
If you are in this metamorphosis……Think here,She can’t hit a cold war。
“do not hit me,I say,I say……”Summer screams,I can’t see the previous proud and self-contained,“Others call us for two summer home,In fact, it is not wrong.,But in fact,Sansha City is a summer home,However, we are all pangines of big summer.……”Now now,He said anything.。
He knows that he has provoked a role.,And it is a metamorphosis,If the real is killed by the other person,That’s too embarrassed.。
“What you said is true.?
The second summer home is just a pang system,From nothing to ask business?”
“True……”Summer 2nd absorbed,“But every year,Big Xia Jia will send people to check the physique of the family’s middle-aged disciples,If you find that your physical fitness will be taken away,After coming out,There will be changes in the sky.……”Different summer family and big summer home,In contraction to the relationship between the retaining time。
to be honest,Just a money,Tools for providing resources。
Every year, Daxia will send people to check the physique and basis of the back of the pang.,If you pass,It will be taken away。
Xia Qi is less than a child.,But his potential is limited,Just stayed in five years.。
So as soon as,After returning to the family,He is still reused,More than his brother。
“It turned out to be like this……”Summer touching chin,Psychic,Follow-up,“This big summer is still very important……”Think here,He laughs two times.,Summer shoulders,“Nice,You are very honest,Right,Do you want to revenge??”
Summer two less,War,“Varied……What?”
“I am so miserable.,Is equivalent to the face of summer home。”

Foreign media: 2 million children in Africa are facing the risk of starving to death

According to Reuters Geneva reported on April 27, on the 26th local time, the United Nations Deputy Secretary -General Martin Griffith in the United Nations in charge of humanitarian affairs said nearly 2 million children in Africa are facing the risk of starving to death.

Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia have encountered the worst drought in more than 40 years.It is reported that assistance agencies are trying to avoid the recurrence of famine ten years ago.Hundreds of thousands of people died of famine at the time.

(Compilation/Jin Jinlong) Reference News Network reported on April 27. According to Reuters Geneva reports, on the 26th local time, the United Nations Deputy Secretary -General of the United Nations Martin Griffith said that nearly 2 million children in Africa are facing the corner of Africa are facing the corner of Africa.The risk of starving.

Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia have encountered the worst drought in more than 40 years.It is reported that assistance agencies are trying to avoid the recurrence of famine ten years ago.Hundreds of thousands of people died of famine at the time.(Compiled/Jin Jinlong).

The people in the North Military Academy must have preparations.,Which is so simple, you can put all people all,What’s more about Zuo Luohuan seems to have begun to immune?。

Anying Scenery has turned a few ideas,But the face does not change,Slightly:“So after the blue side won,It is also the biggest contribution to the biggest contribution.。”
Trucks:“It’s so simple.。”
Compared to below,Red team atmosphere is also flat,Although the people of the Northern Military Academy is straightforward,But at this time, there is no quiet quiet.。
“Look like,This music town should have been abandoned for a long time.。”Jianghong looked at the surrounding environment,Weeds,Not far from the collapse of half of the building,Footing is not weed,It is a moss。
Oki’s low-end removal feet,Pick up a leaflet of the soil from the ground,Is the event flyer of the 10th anniversary of the music mall。
He put the mud on the flyer open,Look at the bottom of the line:Shangmin Street, Yueye West District190No。
Far in the distance of about about a building,Oki’s Holding Flyers:“Let’s go there。”He needs to confirm the direction of this place first。
A group of people walking towards far away,Close to discover the huge signage above the building over half,Blocking the door of the mall。
The words on the signboard are just right and the mall flyer in the hands of the coming.。
Cut snow looks at the signboard:“Leye Shopping Mall……Will there will be eating this?”
“Go in and see。”Rosau was just looked at the steps,Suddenly stopped looking back to the coming,“First said,Our North Military Academy does not do your cannon gray,Win everyone to win together,Don’t want to consume us first。”
Ocean will pass the order,Throw into the discarded trash can,Didn’t answer Luo Shao Yuan,Instead, I went in.。
This high-rise building should have more than ten layers,Is the highest building nearby,Everyone went in and found that there was not much better than the outside.,There are a lot of wild grass to face the floor.,Someone is high。Original air conditioning pipe now flows sewage,A bad smell。Various expiration commodities fall to the ground,There are also sporadic foods on the shelf.,But most of them have been bloated.。
Yan Yan reached out and took a snack without a swelling bag.,When the tear open, the face is a smell.。
The Yan Yan inhaled the smell in front is not yet reacted.,The Qian Mao, who has passed byyueNS,Eyelid。
“What is this??”Qian Mao lies his nose,I feel that my sense of smell has fallen.。
“Smell。”Although Yan Yan feels stinky,But not to endure。
Qian Mao has been away from Yan Yan.,But don’t know what to think of,Remove again and retreat again,I took a few packs of snacks that have just been Yan Yan on the shelf.。
Yan Yan:“……Be stinky,Do you still have to eat??”
Qian Mao uses the deep eyes to watch him:“In case, in the event of an interior release.,I will attack him with this。”
ogaNelet sense sensitive to taste,He didn’t believe in Anying Sands,Will not vomit as yourself。
Yan Yan wants to think about it:“Senior,You said it is very reasonable.。”
Two people are here to find the most smell of snacks,The previous Oki and others have come to the mountaineering area,Found a good mountaineering package。
“one、two、three……Fifteen,It’s enough one.。”Cut snow will hang all the mountaineering bags.,Number。
The mountaineering bag is full of ash,The only lucky one is,Here is more dry,There is no long moss on the bag。
Zuo Luohuan looks at the Ji Yong station,He has already stared at the shelf for a long time.。
She went over and asked:“What is wrong??”
Oki’s no answer,It is close to the shelf.,Reach your hand to touch the bottom of the shelf,Pull out a structure of a structure from the inside。
“Qian Mao。”Ji Yue makes him come over。
“what is this?”Qian Ma will look at it carefully in his hand.,Suddenly look up,“It is something that appears in the file.?”
Note,He has no money to work on weapons,But now it is not to sit down and write the file.,He needs to understand the current environment.。
“Look for food first,The organizers may also put food here.,Then we go to the top floor。”Ji Yue Command,They need food、Need to take advantage of the field of view。
Although there are more than ten layers,But only six floors of the goods are really placed,Again is the office area of the mall,They quickly swept from the first floor,Gradually go up。
Yisheng expects is correct,The organizer really hides the food in this.,not much,But it is also enough for them a day。

Member of the CPPCC National Committee of the CPPCC suggested: taking innovative literacy education as an important content of intelligent education in primary and secondary schools

People’s Net Bank of China, March 9th (Liu Feng, Zhao Moyu) Talent is the foundation of innovation, and education is the source of innovation.

At the Fifth Session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, the members of the CPPCC National Committee of the National Committee of the National Committee submitted to the conference "Proposal on taking innovative literacy education as an important content of intelligent education in primary and secondary schools". Students ‘innovative personality, innovative thinking, and innovative methods to improve students’ intelligent education. Children and adolescents are important enlightenment periods and key growth periods for the development and development of innovative literacy. Take innovative literacy education as an important part of intelligent education in primary and secondary schools. Work. The members suggested that the concept of "innovation starts from children" must be firmly established, the pace is accelerated, the efforts are increased, the innovative literacy education runs through the entire process of education activities, and students are encouraged to be good at thinking and hard work. To carry out innovative literacy education in the education of intelligent education in primary and secondary schools, based on the current national curriculum plan, integrate innovative literacy into various discipline teaching, combine the characteristics of various disciplines, improve classroom teaching methods, improve the evaluation system, and cultivate students’ innovative personality and innovation. Thinking and innovative methods to better implement the "five education" requirements and improve students’ intelligent education level.

In 2016, Ningxia issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Pilot Education of Innovation in Education (Trial) in the segments below junior high school", which focuses on the three elements of innovative personality, innovative thinking, and innovative methods. Preliminary hands -on ability is mainly based on the focus of attention and encouraging children to be curious, cultivating hobbies and hands -on ability. The junior high school is to cultivate the innovative literacy education and cultivation goals that dare to question the spirit of difficult thoughts and responsibilities. In the past six years, all primary and secondary schools in the district have actively explored and practiced in terms of changing classroom teaching methods, enriching curriculum teaching resources, and establishing scientific evaluation orientation, forming a number of preliminary results, and have been widely recognized by teachers and students and parents. Practice has proved that innovative literacy education has a great promotion effect on improving the level of intelligent education in primary and secondary school students, and it is also practical. The members pointed out that Ningxia also encountered some difficult problems in the process of promoting innovative literacy education. For example, innovative literacy education lacks clear top -level design, and it is not enough to integrate national courses and textbooks. The teaching content and innovation practice activities reflect insufficient innovative literacy education; educational evaluation is affected by the middle and college entrance examinations, the evaluation methods and methods of evaluating students’ innovative thinking and innovative ability need to be improved, and so on.

To this end, members suggested that the Ministry of Education take innovative literacy education as an important part of intelligent education, and guide localities to conduct in -depth innovative literacy education for primary and secondary school students. Through deepening education and teaching reform, it explores new mechanisms, new models, and new paths for innovative literacy education. More prominent innovative literacy evaluation orientation, improve the "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Compulsory Education", incorporate innovative literacy into the "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Kindergarten Conservation Education Education", guide localities to deepen the reform of the middle school entrance examination and high school academic examination, and give play to the role of examination evaluation and command sticks. In addition, members also suggested that the Ministry of Education can set up innovative literacy education general courses in ministerial universities, and cultivate teachers’ professional ability to implement innovative literacy education from the source. Innovate innovative literacy education into the "National Training Program" in primary and secondary school teachers and strengthen the training of on -the -job teachers. At the same time, combined with regional development factors, a group of cities, counties (districts) were selected from the east, middle, and western regions as the innovative literacy education pilot zone in primary and secondary schools, and professional guidance of expert teams in all aspects of education and scientific research. Copy experience mode. (Responsible editor: Zhao Moyu, tolerance) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

Under the mountain,Two cars go outside the scenic spot。

Heating in the car,Several people who have been wounded before, have already opened the upper zipper。
Zhou Zhihe Liu Shu、Mr. Jiang, a car,Mr. Jiang went down the mountain road.,Knee is all mud,He is a passionate,Take the wipes and polish。
While rubing while erase Liu Shu:“Liu Shu,You have no childhood,Unhappy,Simply find you to find a relaxed job……How much is our ancestor?,I will talk about it later.,Make a better。” “Not good……”
“You are afraid that I will die.?”
“no no……”
Zhou Zhi quietly listening to them chat,Head steering window,Glass is blocked with his own face。
He just gave Nan Ge information。
no reply。
It is already late at night,This is also normal。
Not for a while,Mr. Jiang said that he wants to help Liu Shu, then discuss a wife.,Let the blood of the sixth blood circulation,Liu Shu is embarrassed.,Connected,Don’t dare to scream。
Zhouzhi:“I will not go back to you.,I just bought a ticket.,Looking at my girlfriend。”
“this late!”Mr. Jiang was surprised。
“Um。”Zhou,“master,I will send them to the airport.。”
“If you have time, you can go to the airport.。”Mr. Jiang not advised。
“Time is very。”
Zhou Zhi from the hump airport to rent a car to the way,Because the road is far away,I was knocked down.,When he reaches the way,It is halfnight。
Knock on the door,No one responded。
“Xuan Qing Master?”
Unmanned,Just from the hospital,But even if the dog is so noisy,No one will open the door to him.。
Zhou Shen Shen:“Group of people?”
Light 声 声,It seems far away。
Zhouzhi deep breathing:“Group of people,I am back,Help me open the door。”
“You are a big wolf?”
“I am a week。”
“Help me open the door。”
“The group is unable to open the door。”
“The big people will open the little cats.。”
“Are you locked outside??”

Suggestions of the Ningxia delegation: With the help of "East Digital and West Calculation", Ningxia takes off

The opportunity in western cities is here! On February 17, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued documents, agreed to start the construction of national computing power hub nodes in Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, Chengdu -Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia, and planned 10 national data center clusters.

The "East Digital West Calculation" project was fully launched. The representatives of the Ningxia delegation quickly seized this opportunity and submitted the "Suggestions on Supporting the National Hub Nodes of High -quality Construction Computing Power Networks in Western Regions such as Ningxia and other western regions.

"Whoever takes the first step in the optimization and upgrade of ‘computing power network’, who can occupy the commanding heights of future development.

"Li Yuhua said that" East Digital and West Calculation "is known as" Western Qi East Losses "," West East Transmission "and" South Water and North Diversion ", and another major project. The investment will be more than 400 billion yuan each year. It will exceed 8 times the investment.

What is "East and West Calculation"? Li Yuhua explained that the number refers to the data, the calculation is the computing power, that is, the calculation processing capacity of the data, which is popular, that is, the transmission of the data in the east to the west is calculated and processed. It can be understood as the digital economy era. "South Water Diversion" project. "Our district has been included in the major productivity layout of the national integrated computing power. It is the opportunity period and improvement period of the economic structural adjustment, industrial transformation and upgrading, and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. ! "Li Yuhua said, accelerating the construction of a national integrated big data center coordinated innovation system, starting the construction of national integration computing power online national hub nodes, and promoting the development of the western development in the new era, implementing carbon peaks, carbon neutralization requirements, and coordinating and west parts Coordinated development has a significant and far -reaching impact.

"The" East Digital West Calculation "project is the optimization of the national productivity layout. For Ningxia, it is a rare strategic opportunity to change the way!" Representative Yang Yujing said that we must make full use of this rare historical opportunity to improve the "inland inland inland inland The province must have a large pattern ", establish a consciousness of" in small provinces and districts must have a big responsibility ", strengthen the courage of" unsuccessful development must be achieved ", resolutely implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, give full play to the location and climate of the climate , Resource advantages, accelerate the construction of computing power hub nodes, better participate in the "East Digital West Calculation" project, seize new opportunities in the new development pattern, shape new advantages, and achieve new development. In December 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments issued guidance, proposing to deploy the construction hub node nationwide; in May 2021, it was clearly expressed in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Greater Bay Area, Chengdu -Chongqing, and Guizhou , Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia and other places to build a national integrated computing power network national hub node; in December 2021, they agreed to start the construction of the national integrated computing power network national hub nodes in Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Guizhou and other regions. Among them Ningxia hub planning to establish a centralized data center cluster, the starting area border is the western cloud base of the Central Standard Industry Park. Why is it in the central defender? Representative Wan Xinheng said that this is due to the favorable conditions of the centralized construction of a national integrated big data center hub. "Zhongwei is one of the three Internet exchange centers across the country. The distance from major cities across the country is within 2,000 kilometers. It costs the lowest data exchange costs with Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Greater Bay Area, and Chengdu -Chongqing.

On the other hand, the Ningxia Cloud Computing Industry has started early and founded. After nearly 10 years of construction in the western cloud base, more than 30,000 total installation cabinets have been formed. The home Internet and cloud computing big data companies settled in the central defender. The cloud computing big data industry showed a good development trend. It promoted the construction of the Ningxia hub construction with basic, conditional, demand, and support. "We found that the US computing power infrastructure was’ clouds and electricity." In the past 20 years, Phoenix U.S. Phoenix has used abundant power and network resources to develop the cloud computing industry, and has grown from desert town to the sixth largest metropolis in the United States. "Wan Xinheng admits that the initial strategy of the development of cloud computing in the development of the central defender wants to achieve the effect of" one geese leader and the wild geese flying "by introducing the international cloud computing giant Amazon AWS. It can give full play to the role of the computing power industry ‘economic engine’ and ‘one industry with hundreds of industry’, expand accurate and effective investment, and drive the formation of new growth levels. "Wan Xinheng said.

However, we must also face up to: Ningxia’s level of economic development is relatively lagging, the foundation of financial resources and industrial innovation is weak, and shortcomings such as information talents, innovative thinking, technical capabilities and capital markets are obvious. Accelerating the construction of national hub nodes also requires national support.

To this end, the representatives put forward three specific suggestions in the proposal of the delegation: First, the recommendation of the establishment and improvement of the national hub node construction promotion mechanism, regularly held joint meetings, guide Ningxia, Gansu, and Inner Mongolia hubs to strengthen collaboration, establish a collaborative promotion mechanism, and establish a collaborative promotion mechanism. Find the positioning of their respective development, join forces to create the "Golden Triangle" of the Western Contest, and achieve a win -win situation in the cooperation. The construction of direct connection points, optimizing the data center cross -network data interaction; third, it is recommended that the state to accelerate the introduction of relevant guiding documents such as data standardization, data security protection, and classification of data, explore the establishment of a comprehensive mechanism for promoting the distribution of data sharing of government and enterprise The data value sharing mechanism for meeting, algorithm model meeting "provides common services for enterprises to use government data, government collection enterprise data, and shared transaction data between enterprises, and fully release the commercial, political, and civilian value of data. (Reporter Shang Lingbin) (Responsible editor: Yan Mengjie, Jia Ru) Share more people to see recommended reading.

only,Going to Jinyang in this bone,And not to go with a high ocean,Some people are difficult to understand,Or look at the idea of conspiracy,昭 君 不 不,Very likely to be“Oversight”。

Because at the same time as the prince is sealed,There are two important appointments。
The first one is Gao Bo Yi is sealed as“Gyeonggong”,Total troops。
The second is that Duan Zhao is transferred from Yucheng.,Responsible to the town of Jinyang。
Zhao Zhaojun does not return to Yucheng,What does it mean here?,In fact, it is obvious.。
Some people,Take the son-in-law as yourself,For example, Li Zuqi will take Gao Baoyi as yourself.。But in some families,Son-in-law is always outsiders,For example, the family of Zhaojun。
Don’t mention her or fresh polar people。
She will put Yang Yu asself?nonexistent。
“I really went to Jinyang.?”
“Truly,Awards,I went to the city。Next to Yicheng is a pot,Pot off is the last level between Jinyang and 邺。Mother in Yucheng,No, where is it going to Jinyang??”
Why is the Rob International give Cui Ji Shu,This is also a very good thing to solve Yang.。However, it is not yet roller family.,When the situation is not clear,I have never pressed my own bet.。
This will not rule out that it is the main official of the Roller’s home to sell.。
“Before,I just worried that I am punished.,It is already confirmed now,Disorderly,It is difficult to avoid,Ugh!”
Yang Yu is deeply sighing,This understands,Don’t look at the prefillation of the prestige,At a critical moment,It is not a hammer role.,Can do,It is nothing more than maintaining the normal operation of the court.。
“Uncle, Cui Ji Shu,You come today,Just squeeze me?”
“It certainly not,I am looking for you today.,Of course there is something。Today’s situation,Everyone ignores an important person,Because he is not in Yucheng long before,So getting from everyone’s sight。
However, at this moment,He is outside the outskirts of,Zai Yan Yang,As long as this person supports,Stable,Waiting for the city,Half point is not。”
Cui Ji Shu Lu,Anxious,Yang Wei is more understanding and admire。
I heard Cui Jihu said.,Yang Wei asked slightly:“What you said is Zhao County Wang Gasu?”
“Not Zhao County,But Zhao Wang。You look at the new king of Your Majesty.,Chu Wang Gao Biyi,Jin Wang Duan,Zhao Wang Gao Rui,This is in the layout。
Zhao Wang Gao Rui is the chess pieces between Gao Bao Yi and Duan Piety.。
Let’s go to Gao Rui now,Chen Yan,Let him be at a critical moment,Can stabilize,Everything is waiting to return to Yucheng,Do it again。I believe there is something like this,Zhao Wang is still acceptable。”
Gao Baoyi and Duan Yu,It is obvious that the water is not allowed,Or can say this,The ocean must be Gao Baoyi and the sea water is not allowed.,so,He can guarantee the paragraph to obey。
And now the rumors of the vital cruise in the Gaoyang Tong,邺 邺 生 生,This is not a hole in the wind。There are signs of weight indicating,The Jinyang Xiangyang, the Queen and Behind,Are cuddling。
Changshan Wang Gong,Changguang Wang Gao Zhan,It is not a lonely event.。
“So good,Let’s go together.。Zhao Wangzhi’s deputy was sent home to harvest field,Many of them have been resident,It has been organized.。There are also a million soldiers in your hands.。This key force,It is indeed a steady center role。”
In fact, there is still a key force in Yucheng.,And still banned,That is the banned army“Next five army”One。only,Deriva,They are people who will only add flowers on the brocade。
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NS693chapter People in the arena involuntarily
“Triple,Please ask inside.!”
Make a good fortune,Deadly grabbed the high of the horses,Home name“Baihua Court”Green building,See Gao Baoyi and Kang Tiger a burst of missed。
People like eating this bowl of rice,Eyes are poisonous,Just look at it,Just know who is leading,Who is the class,Even if the clothes on the high ocean,Pushing very simple。
“Then,Sitting inside?”
Like smile, staring at Gao Baoyi。
“Uh,All come”
“Then there is no need to say more.。Old man,Call the most beautiful girl here to accompany you,Best vegetables,Best wine,I just as long as the best thing!”

For more than 7 months, they carried out thousands of wheat "medical examinations" to escort and harvest

  Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, May 26th: More than 7 months, they carried out thousands of wheat "physical examinations" to escort the bumper harvest Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Peng and Jiang Liang "tens of thousands of ears, scion grains, thousands of grams, according to the real, according to the actual realization, according to the real doubles, according to the fact that it is real. Received, it is expected to produce more than 602 kilograms per mu. "In the standardized production base of green food raw materials for 10,000 acres of national green food in Dengzhou City, Henan Province, watching the" physical examination "data collected from the golden wheat field from the golden wheat field, the agricultural technology of Dengzhou City The center director Ji Hong Ce was very excited. "Although it encountered severe waterlogging last year, it was better than last year.

"This is a scene where the agricultural technicians of Dengzhou City have predicted in Xialou Village, Yaodian Town. Prior to this, grass -roots agricultural technicians have performed 152 wheat prediction production" medical examinations for more than 100 predictions of Dengzhou City. "And as the harvest is looking at, the grass -roots agricultural technicians who are still active in the field will also usher in the final" duty "of the wheat season -actual income measurement." At present, the forecast production is higher than last year than last year. About 2%. "Harvesting in the ground, Ji Hongze could not hide the joy of harvest, and counted the experience of escorting the harvest of this wheat season.

"In 2021, Dengzhou Winter Wheat was broadcast on a large area. However, under the broadcast of the city, Dengzhou still planted 2.2 million acres of wheat to ensure that the planting area of ??the disaster was reduced.

  Wheat that was broadcast late was weak.

As a "health career" of wheat, in order to protect the growth of wheat at each stage, the "physical examination" has become an indispensable link.

At the ground under the scorching sun of "Summer Summer", Ji Hong Ce held his fingers, "Seeding period, seedling, wintering period, extracting period, taboos and flowering period, grouting period, each period, we must conduct about 600 sample points of sample points. Monitoring, survey, and classification guidance. "" In addition, at different points, we have to sample more than 1,800 times of wheat field soil, the quality of cultivated land, agricultural remote sensing, agricultural damage, agricultural information and other investigations To ensure that agricultural information can keep up, technical guidance is more accurate. "Ji Hongze said. In thousands of wheat "physical examinations", grass -roots agricultural technicians "run" with legs "run" with technical guidance to millions of households and applied to the vast wheat fields. In addition to escorting the harvest of the earth for a season, these precious data and experience running out are the key to entering the seed "chip" to the seeds.

  Located in the southern part of Henan, the temperature and light resources are unique, and Dengzhou has innate advantages in wheat breeding. In terms of wheat breeding, Dengzhou City takes the "two legs" of regular wheat breeding and hybrid breeding, and Henan Province Wheat Warbers Anti -Disease Reproductive Breeding Engineering Technology Center is also established here.

In response to the call of "Tibetan Grain", in April this year, Dengzhou City integrated technical forces such as the Municipal Agricultural Technology Center and established the Dengzhou Seedling Laboratory.

  This gives the grass -roots agricultural technicians who run in the fields all year round have a vast world and see hope.

Since the beginning of this year, Dengzhou has four new wheat varieties and a hybrid wheat variety. Even more gratifying changes are the younger agricultural technical teams. "Previously, more than 60 people with less than 10%of the agricultural technology center of Dengzhou City, and 15 college students had arrived in the post this year, and 22 people joined immediately." Ji Hongze said. Like Ji Hongze, tens of thousands of grass -roots agricultural technicians nationwide nationwide escorted the harvest in the field.

Regardless of the heat of the heat and cold winter, running around the ground, dealing with crops every day, boring and busy is the true portrayal of grass -roots agricultural technicians.

"But every time we see farmers’ harvest, we still feel more happy than ourselves." Ji Hongze, who worked for more than 30 years. (Finish).

Xia Jian knew very well,Although Hu Huiru is a female stream,But in terms of business,It’s really amazing,And the six relatives don’t recognize,So he dare not say much,Just smile:“President Hu!You have to decide this according to your actual situation”

“I know this。It’s just that someone within the group has already proposed,If you want to move the project,It can only be done from Pingdu first。But i think,These projects in Pingdu,Long-term projects,Further back,The greater the gain,I can’t bear it”
Hu Huiru said,Took another sip of red wine。
Xia Jian took a breath,Looked up at Hu Huiru。I saw a trace of blush on Hu Huiru’s fair face。
Xia Jian poured the last bit of wine in the bottle into his glass,Then he took a breath and said:“Sometimes,Some things are not what we think。Time to house,Have to give up,Isn’t there a saying that says that??“There is something to do””
Hu Huiru stopped talking,Two people just sit quietly,They were silent for several minutes。Hu Huiru then asked softly:“If I want to cut down some projects in Pingdu,Do you want to take over?”
“This is hard to say,First we are a small company,Not so much money。It depends on which item you cut down,Second is whether we can accept your asking price”
Xia Jian let out a sigh of relief,Logically,Hu Huiru’s current projects,All developed by him。Now back in his hands,Deserves its name。
Hu Huiru is ready to open the second bottle of red wine,But Xia Jian took it down。He sighed and said:“Since it happened,Then face it,You’re all drunk,What can you do with these people??”
“Ok!Be here tonight,I wanted you to be drunk with me,But Luohua intentionally,Ruthless,I’m giving up。this Wednesday,We are going to open an auction,Sell all projects in Donglin Township”
Hu Huiru said,Chong Xia Jian smiled sweetly。
Xia Jian asked in a daze:“Are you sure it is this project in Donglin Township??Wouldn’t it be after the bad items are sold out and then other good items are sold?!”
“What do you mean?Why don’t you ask Dongsheng Group if it can sell?”
Hu Huiru suddenly became angry。Xia Jian realized that there was something wrong with what he said。
Xia Jian glanced at Hu Huiru,Thought for a while and said:“You misunderstood me,Donglin Township, you don’t invest much,Can this one project solve your current dilemma??”