After that, the little Guizi is also careful.,Remind everyone,Be a good life tonight,Tomorrow morning……Things entered the Office of the Office,I believe that I have received a message.,When you arrive, you will be ambush in the front yard of the House of House.。

In fact, you don’t have to have a small Guizi.,Almost no one in the night inn sleeps,One is all successful interest calls,Strust adjustment to the best state!
Early next morning,Canton is coming,I also followed a young juvenile with his age.。
Murong Jiu saw this person,I don’t consciously.,At the same time, the whisper reminds the Chu Deirers.:“This boy is extraordinary,Fixed……A very high person。”This is still very sensitive in this regard.。
No other people guess,This person is actually exposed directly.:“The hero is coming for the death of you.,Grateful,After that, you will also take it.,With the dog thief!”
Dare to claim to be in Beijing“I”of,Obviously only one。
And this emperor,It’s really big、Can’t put down the body,What is afraid that it is modesty?,Also strict self-proclaimed“I”,Like it is in Song Ting,The emperor is when you want to ask,Call“I”,Usually one one“I”Claim。
This time,Many people look at his eyes,It’s hard to be dark.,Little Guizi on the side is also a bit nervous……
Don’t say more,I want to be connected present.“Dog emperor”Say and slaughter,I am afraid it takes half of it.!
But the emperor doesn’t seem to see anything.,Found in the crowd,After the precise lock, Qiao Feng,Go front of the handwalk:“Xuan Zang meets the emperor!Uncle,Xuanzang heard your business,Just angry you,Just the worship of the dog thieves too much,I usually avoid my eyes and ears.,I really don’t dare to lead the uncle.……”
Kangxi is also the book.,Although there are many words between words,Spect over a while、I don’t have to say it for a while.,But it can be seen,He has already played as much as possible,It may even be a grievance,At this time, the eyes are red.。
Qiaofeng also did eaten this set,Help the little emperor:“Cry?Men’s Han husband,Today, we will be worshiped.!”
“Humph,But we are for the world,But not for your Manchuri Jiangshan。”Zongwei, one, no look at the little emperor。
And the emperor also said:“good,But no matter what you are for,I have to thank you today.!Will be with you,Go to my own eyes, watching the dog thief!”
“Amitabha,Your Majesty,Why do you have this risk??Not as good as……”Shenshan said this,It is also within the people of the family.,No one can identify,Qingliang Temple is already a Qing court。
Small emperor breaks the road:“Do not,Everyone can live in the world,Take this risk,Do you have a master of Daqing Society?,Did you dare to hide behind??”
Be said to be said,Fond of,In the psychological plan,Can you even kill this dog emperor?,I can’t help but sigh,Give up this idea。
It’s not really three, and the two are said to be stunned by Wang Ba.,But……
After all, this dog emperor is looking for himself.,Planning opportunity、Scheduled,After that, I will be relieved to others.,Or the real man、It is to look at the worship of the past.,People are actively actively acting with themselves……
At this time, I took a dog emperor.,Lost master identity!
Chu Deirers also see,Now think about these people in Kangxi,In addition to or dark、Interest involved,Others are basically the water and lake.“Heroes”。
This is also a time to eat.,Will“righteous”Put the forefront,Otherwise, it will be a heaven and earth meeting.、Mu Wangfu,if it is possible,Whether you don’t talk about the rules,I have to slaughter him first.!
The only exception is Duan Tianya,Chu Deirers feel,Big in-law,Should not be“Jianghu Road”Put it in your own behavior,only……Duan Tianya has no killing at this time.,Obviously God has not given him a similar task。
Qiao Feng saw this little emperor is quite bone,Open mouth:“well said!Can you bear a community?,But male husband,It is necessary to have such a bone!You and small Guizi,Just side。”
Chu Deirers also found,Qiao Feng is getting more and more,I don’t worry about it.,What will be misunderstood?。
However, Qiao Feng boasted the emperor.,The other side also secretly reminds each other,Yord name!
at the same time,Just in the small alley of Beijing,Simple easy to dress、Laudno shaved,Just playing the drop of the goods of the town,Preparing to go,Suddenly neck,But a sword blade is placed behind the neck.。
“Laudno,You are let your teacher find it well.!”Yue Yue’s voice sounded,However, it is equally easy to accompany。
“division、Master,Disciple is confused,This only……”Laudno still wants to edit one。
“Hey-hey,You can not be confused,Do you have to follow you for so long?,I really can’t think of the teacher.,No wonder the sword spectrum will not see it after you have been there.,It turned out that it is not hidden in the dart.,It is hidden in the darts of the Zhenyuan Dart Board.!how,Still not planning to be a teacher??”